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"When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.” ― Dane Rudhyar
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New Moon in Gemini Thursday May 22 10:38amPT/1:38pmET For All the Beautiful Flowers

Artwork: Plenty by Autumn Skye Morrison With the season of Gemini comes the time of the pollinators.  Those that fly, hum, buzz and chirp with delight at the variety of fresh nectars to taste of and behold in natures Queendom.  To flirt, play, joke,...

Scorpio Full Moon- For Those Who Howl at the Moon Thursday May 7th 2020 3:45amPT/ 6:45am ET

Artwork- Susan Seddon Boulet On the tails of Beltane- the celebration of Sun at 15’ Taurus, we find ourselves at the Scorpio Full Moon.  Taurus is like the fresh breeze in spring.  Scorpio is the rushing stream.  Intently subtle as it surges unto...

Taurus New Moon and the Rainbow Bridge April 22 2020 7:26pmPT/10:26pmPT 4’ of Taurus

Artwork- Danielle Noel- Empress (Starchild Tarot) What makes life rich and luscious? What brings grace into a moment so pure and innocent it gives meaning to any and all suffering?  What is life if not a constant reckoning of the primary division of the one, into...


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About Zoey

Zoey Wind has been a student of Astrology, Herbal Medicine, Alchemy, Metaphysics and the Mysteries for 15 years. She does readings, writes and holds ceremonies through the ancient art of Astrology to serve in the Great Awakening of Humanity.

She is dedicated to sharing the vast knowledge she has synthesized in service to those who feel drawn to this medicine. With her roots in starry soil she fuses Earth-based spirituality with the magic of the heavens.
She believes that through rooting into these ancient traditions we can regain hidden and lost wisdom to help us awaken into the highest potentials for a better world in the present and for the future.