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"When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.” ― Dane Rudhyar
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Full Moon in Pisces- September 13/14th 2019 9:33pmPT/12:33am ET- The Mystic and the Word

Artwork: Daniel Mirante- Chanting Down Babylon This is the Harvest Moon, the time of reaping the rewards of hard work, which turns out to be the hardest work of the season.  From our great effort and planning we are sustained the winter through. It is the time...

Cosmic Weekly: Monday August 5th-Sunday Aug 11th 2019 Alchemical Integration

Artwork- Michael C Hayes There are times when we fly, times when we dive, times when the fires seem to burn hotter than we can stand.  And yet, amidst the flames there is something unwavering.  Like the heart of flame.  Stand still and steady, like the heart of flame...

Love is the Meditation: A Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: 7/16/19 at 2:38pmPT/5:38pmET

Artist: Danielle Noel, The Starchild Tarot- Temperance Mercury began his retrograde with Mars in the sign of Leo last week.  Sometimes the fire gets hot.  So hot we are running in circles trying to keep from getting burnt.  And yet sometimes running just fans the...


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About Zoey

Zoey Wind has been a student of Astrology, Herbal Medicine, Alchemy, Metaphysics and the Mysteries for 15 years. She does readings, writes and holds ceremonies through the ancient art of Astrology to serve in the Great Awakening of Humanity.

She is dedicated to sharing the vast knowledge she has synthesized in service to those who feel drawn to this medicine. With her roots in starry soil she fuses Earth-based spirituality with the magic of the heavens.
She believes that through rooting into these ancient traditions we can regain hidden and lost wisdom to help us awaken into the highest potentials for a better world in the present and for the future. ]