Aquarius Full Moon – Friday July 23, 2021 7:37pm PT/ 9:37pm CT Answering The Call

by | Jul 23, 2021

How do we express our freedom in a way that keeps all beings free?  In a way that honors the many truths, and the truth of oneness?  If a heart is open and kind can it manifest unkindness?  How can we be light and playful in our crafting of reality? A reality that is simultaneously individual, collective and one?  And what are the patterns through which all these energies flow?  Perhaps if we study them, integrate with them and dance with the lines we can more easily sway them to and fro, like a sweet lover’s hips in a gentle breeze.  She is, after all, a beautiful lover.

This moon illuminates how we are crafting our lives and relationships.  Are we making them beautiful?  Do we hold vision true?  For time is but an illusion and if so then let’s paint it pleasing.  We can hold that which we value as sacred and set it free unto its path of transformation.  We can love and be free.  If you can see it, it is possible.

Aquarius is that crazy idea you never thought would catch on, then the next thing you know it’s everywhere.  It’s the strange, abnormal and seemingly  impossible that lights the imaginations of children dreaming a future with spaceships and time-travel.  It is the vision of someone on the precipice of adulthood believing they can change the world.  It is the reaching for the stars in remembrance of them as home once again, our forgotten past and our ancient future.

Uranus as ruler of Aquarius teaches us how not to just dabble in our dreams, but to dive head first into the stars.  What great and profound light is seeking to shine through you?  What are your biggest dreams?  Ride the waves of inspiration tonight and bask in the unique essence of an Aquarian full moon.  You just might find magic there.

Saturn is trining the North Node in Gemini and sextile the South Node Sag to help crystallize connections and friendships that support the manifestation of our dreams.  It may also help to clear any barriers or foster strong foundations towards a collective goal we have with others.  Goals that support equality, the future and those things that make us feel like we are aligned with our unique soul family and tribe are strongly supported.

Aquarius is about the part of our soul that is seeking to allow the less normal.  To embrace revolution.  To shine our uniqueness as a beacon of evolutionary encouragement to the world and receive others’.  Conjunct Saturn retrograde, this is a moment of embracing our personal integrity in how we wish to be active participants in society and the future, honoring our individuality and our collective destiny.  The year’s major stand-off between Saturn and Uranus activates the potential for us to make great bounds in our consciousness, bypassing the usual barriers.  Sometimes, the quickest way around something is not always the most apparent.  

As we move towards a crystallization of new ways of relating to the world, the power of ancient traditions, indigenous wisdom, stories and art forms are becoming examples once again of effective, wise and potent medicine.  We are called to become radically more human, embodied and present as we progress.  What was old is born again anew, and the ashes of what was burned will fertilize the young seeds and ancient trees of our collective future. 

What consciousness is asking to be planted in your life?  What ancient teachings beckon your devotion?  What dreams and quests does your soul long for?  Remembrance is in the heart, and all wisdom can be accessed there.

Surrender to the creative intelligence of the Universe within and without you.  Seek balance and honor the sacred relationships that are closest to your heart.  Allow these things to give you courage to step into the higher vision you are receiving now.  Venus, newly in Virgo is reborn into her sacred work and practice.  Let her be your guide in the evening skies if you feel you’ve lost your way.

You were not put here to play small, hiding your light from those not yet ready to witness it.  You were brought here to change the world.  To push the edges of complacency, conformity and comfort.  May the Sun’s lion light shining from the Aquarian moon bring courage to the pursuit of your visions that require you to move beyond fear, and step bravely onto the stage of life.

To the Divine Calling in each of us <3 

Zoey Wind

Artwork: Melissa Shemanna

Planetary Positions

Sun 05° Sagittarius 09' 34"
Moon 01° Virgo 30' 40"
Mercury 04° Sagittarius 02' 38"
Venus 18° Capricorn 05' 15"
Mars 18° Scorpio 45' 48"
Jupiter 24° Aquarius 53' 54"
Saturn 08° Aquarius 40' 52"
Uranus 11° Taurus 53' 57" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 24' 28" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 56' 43"
Chiron 08° Aries 39' 57" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 41' 52" R

About Zoey

Zoey Wind is an Astrologer, Ceremonialist and Quantum Coach.  She has lead celestial ceremonies, taught classes and supported others in their spiritual transformation through the art and wisdom of the Heavens for 7 years.