Aries Full Moon-Seeing the True You

by | Oct 20, 2021

Full Moon in Aries Wednesday October 20th 2021 7:47AM PT/ 10:47am ET

Controlling or forcing others to change or obey rarely works.  And even if it does, we end up with someone who has been broken by shame or guilt into submission.  This is not healing.  This is not true transformation.  But to offer a space of total love and acceptance, this allows the barriers and defensiveness to fall and the soul to blossom open.  A human who has been embraced in the totality of their existence can open to spiritual awakening and truths that effortlessly alter the outer behavior we were seeking to control in the first place.  This is the way of soul-healing called for by Eris and Pluto who are integral in this Full Moon taking place Wednesday.

Eris is calling that we no longer dishonor and skirt Natural Order, both within and without.  Pluto in Capricorn squaring to Eris in Aries requires that our transmutation be alchemical, soulful, true and lasting.  Pluto in Capricorn since 2018 has been challenging our societal conditioning.  Confronting where we had structures and labels placed upon and possibly beaten into us through our insecurity and fear that were not our truth, or took away our power.  This is the moment, after 5 Pluto-Eris squares, that we have entered the spaces of inner alchemy and now stand joyfully in our personal authority.  

An Aries Full Moon is a call to action.  Fueled by inner alchemy, we will likely face real life monsters or giants as the heavens square off.  But we are entering the moment where we now know what to do.  Within our inner screaming and rage, we have cultivated a sense of peace and stillness rooted in self-knowing. The alchemical child is ready to be born out into the world. Our true Nature is what is called for now.  And Eris will stand for nothing less.

This is the time that we are meant to be plunging forward to create ourselves as a society insisting that we are the world.  Jupiter stationing direct in the sign of the water-bearer calls us into our highest and most lofty dreams that structures and authorities in the world have said we dare not try.  Dream that dream dear one.  Dream it with your brothers and sisters, grandparents and children.  With the Moon and the stars and the trees and moss all cheering you on.  Dream it together and know- we make the world, not the structures that govern.  Now, where are you being called into participation?

Venus is in Sagittarius moving towards her maximum elongation on the 29th of October.  She is wild, free and ready to abandon old chains that she used to cling to for security.  True security for her is freedom, inner freedom to enter her state of feminine flow.  The ability to adapt to change at will.  The excitement in embracing each challenge with a sense of adventure along our epic heroic journey.

We are completing a major cycle with the 5th of 5 Pluto-Eris squares.  The gift is knowing how we can break old conditioning to stand in the true power of wisdom.  As the coming months will continue to bring great change, notice how far you have come in your ability to trust in the Divine order and in your capacity to rise and rise again like the Phoenix.  Embrace your freedom to seek and find all that you need within, and express it into the world at will. After all, its rather exciting!

Venus in Sagittarius is akin to Horse medicine.  Horse is the teacher of the power of wisdom.  It is said that no wisdom comes from the abuse of power.  Instead, when we are carried by wisdom, we carry the weight of responsibility to participate in the totality of the journey of this Earth-walk.  To approach others with a higher perspective and carry our wisdom into the world is a great honor and responsibility.  If you have found some illumination, share it. But remember, we do not own the wisdom we have, but are humble carriers of a collective jewel of Earth-walking.  Sharing is the only way to keep it alive.

To balance Sagittarian energy we are called to embrace Turtle medicine.  Turtle is the carrier of deep Mother Earth medicine.  She speaks of grounding.  The Full Moon trines Galactic Center at 27’ Sagittarius where new visions, downloads and inspiration come from.  It can feel like fire in your throat.  Remember the wisdom of Turtle to bury our eggs in the sand until they are ready to hatch into the world.

Aries is a sign of passion and purpose similar to Sagittarius, but more focused on the knowledge of the self and our courage to be it.  You are being called to address core issues that are becoming relevant now and take action to resolve any problems coming to light at this time.  Pluto is squaring the Full Moon and Mars driving us into action.  The warrior is in the sign of Libra where he is masterful at creative solutions and social architecture.  If we need to take space to let our inner fires purify, beautiful.  But this is a time for confronting core issues so that we may find creative solutions that become the architecture of the New earth.

This beautiful Moon is the blossoming of knowing who we are.  There is an old Zen story about a lion cub who was brought up by a flock of sheep.  One day an old lion saw the young lion thinking he was a sheep and took him to a pond where he saw his reflection.  The lion roared out in pride and joy for the learning of who he truly was.   Who told you that you were a sheep?  You are a lioness.  You are a wild Stallion.  You are the wolf that howls at the Moon.  The Mountain Ram atop unreachable peaks.  Aries is calling us forth to cry out our true nature.  To be brave enough to stand apart from the flock.  To look into the mirror and see the true you.

Blessed True-ing,

Zoey Wind

Planetary Positions

Sun 05° Sagittarius 08' 41"
Moon 01° Virgo 19' 34"
Mercury 04° Sagittarius 01' 15"
Venus 18° Capricorn 04' 40"
Mars 18° Scorpio 45' 12"
Jupiter 24° Aquarius 53' 47"
Saturn 08° Aquarius 40' 48"
Uranus 11° Taurus 53' 59" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 24' 29" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 56' 41"
Chiron 08° Aries 39' 58" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 41' 52" R

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