Astral Musings- Poison and the Nectar of Life

by | May 3, 2018

In the wake of a number of challenging aspects this past week we have a break with this beautiful waning SAGITARIAN moon leaning into a trine with Uranus this evening. Today is an opportunity to ground heaven and Earth through meditation, youga, prayer and reverence for however you conceptualize the Divine, the Sacred, the Sophia, the Beauty- that which gives this Life Meaning for you.

Sagittarius seeks the Divine through its connection with Nature. It is in Nature that we can be most easily reminded of the higher Divine Order of things- and from your own personal experience develop your personal philosophy of life. The Gnostics called it the Sophia- root of the word philosophy, meaning Wisdom and the Love of it respectively.

I am sure we all felt the intensity that came along with the Mars Pluto conjunction last Thursday and its reverberations throughout the world cannot be denied. It was highlighted further by their sign Scorpio holding the Full Moon on Sunday. In square to the Nodes, Fate and judgement have been themes highlighted and it is easy to see the Above and Below co-flection in the media with the fate of some major players of sexual and power misconduct front and center, riots in Spain, some violent and tragic events, bombings and a recurrent theme of poison-literally and figuratively.

It is said that the greatest venoms are expelled before the finest nectar can emerge. If I could state a theme to define this year astrologically it would be just that- Poison and the Nectar of Life. This is a fine explanation of Jupiter spending the year in the sign of Scorpio and making a series of sextiles to Pluto in Capricorn. Scorpio is the archetype associated with purging, the organs of elimination and the burning off of the detritus or dead parts of things so that from the ashes may rise the Phoenix of Higher Knowing. Jupiter being spiritual gifts, teachers, philosophical illumination and expansion- this year offers great potential for the Nectar of Life that follows the great poison.

We have seen the expelling of corruption around the obvious themes associated with the serpentine archetype- sexuality, power, shadow, fears, manipulation etc… and is emphasized by the aspects to Pluto in Capricorn themes like authority, government, patriarchy, law and ambition. Thus, we have a global scale purging of the blights of the abuse of Power and Authority; particularly highlighted by greed, manipulation and sexual misconduct.

There are a number of examples of this theme in mythology, history, science and the natural world. In the Hindu myth of the churning of the ocean of milk, just before the Amrita Puri (the Nectar of Immortality) emerges from the sea, the greatest poison ever known springs forth. This is assimilated into all the venomous snakes, scorpions and other creeper crawlies of the Earth. When cleansing the body into optimal health it is common to have a “Herxhiemer” reaction, where the body become excessively ill with flu-like symptoms as the toxins being released overload the liver and the body struggles to expel them in mass. And I am sure many have experienced, the fated “dark night of the soul”, where all life seems to lose meaning, yet becomes ripe for the greatest spiritual awakenings of our lives.

When we are in these moments, it is the very nature of them that we cannot see out of them. It is these very moments- all alone in the darkness of our own emptiness that we find emptiness is not nothingness. It is here we have choice- the choice to plant that fertile void with something of intention. For if we are expelling poison in an urge for purification, we should seek to be clear on what we are purifying towards. The Moon today asks if we have spent enough time developing our own Inner Knowing, that we may consciously plant where venom has been expelled. For if we expel the poison but fail to cleanse and tend the wound it may scar badly, or worse be prone to reinfection.

In Nature, when clearing the land, we must be sure to mulch or plant immediately or else the most challenging of “weeds” will grow back. In modern agriculture, we use chemicals to kill unwanted plants, but now many people are sick from these poisons and we are having to cleanse them from our bodies. A return to traditional farming practices has reminded us of the importance of always planting bare soil- for bare soil only does one of two things- erodes away or grows the gnarliest of weeds. We are remembering that weeds actually move in to replenish the soil and bring the ecosystem back into balance, even if it does not appear this way or move in our ideal timeline. If soil is left bare and there is no rain to nourish it- well, we all remember the Dust Bowl. In Nature “weeds” are the better of the two options- for bareness may be the worst fate of all.

Maybe today we can give pause and reverence for the poisons which cause us to pay attention and tend the wounds. Reminding us to plant into the fertile void left after a great cleansing, that we may tend the seeds of that which is most Sacred to us in this time, that which is in our Highest Ideal of Beauty.

Blessed Beauty,
Zoey Wind

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