Aries New Moon- Joyously Alive                               Sunday April 12, 2021                     8:31pmMT/10:31pmET

Aries New Moon- Joyously Alive Sunday April 12, 2021 8:31pmMT/10:31pmET

Artwork: Joshua Mays

May your hearts burst open

Like the swelling spring buds

Beyond space and time

Does her heart song go

Her fragrance swept

Through every universe

It’s ok  to heal.  It’s ok to do better, feel better, live better and better each day.  It’s ok to keep climbing, playing, striving, and desiring.  It’s ok to wish for something more, greater and that has never before been seen.  The luminous planet of Mars is our sacred will, our sacred desire, our sacred calling that keeps us striving to stay alive, like the heart strives to beat another beat.  

An Aries New Moon is cause to celebrate.  It gives us the passion for living.  It ignites our spirit and minds with life force, just as the Earth’s life-force begins to pulse, ever louder at this time in the Northern Hemisphere, and begins to dive deep into the Earth in the Southern.  The veil is thin in these weeks leading up to Beltane.  Good thing the Ram’s energy is here to ignite our senses once again.

Being alive.  This is the essence of Mars.  It is the spark of life, the prima vitae, the secret fire, the great will and the freedom to seek and continue to seek your truth, your destiny, your essence of being.  Into the dark of this Moon plunges the Ram in search of our path at all costs.  For what is life if we don’t have risk? It is our mortality that creates our sense of aliveness.  This is the season where the first little baby birds break through their tough shell and awaken to a whole new life awaiting ripe with possibility.  This is when the blossom had courage enough to break open.  

The beauty of challenging ourselves is alive in this New Moon, with a beautiful essence of Mercury and Venus to make sure it’s still sweet, tender and teaching us something.  Sun and Venus square Pluto so there is even more shamanic initiation afoot.  Be ready to learn something new, love something newly and hopefully love yourself in ways you never dreamed imaginable.  Mars, ruler of this lunation is applying to a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius- meaning that we can expand beyond previously held beliefs and borders created by the mind to  categorize and analyze.  These can be stretched open and new space to breathe is found.

Squaring Neptune, Mars must learn to keep his focus amidst the mystical realms.  Deep dreaming and visioning are heightened if we can keep focus and intention upon that which we are seeking.  The ancestors are calling to us to remember them, and to realize that when we choose to work on ourselves, we do it for our entire lineage,  the entire collective of the species and all of consciousness, everywhere.  So whatever we are ‘working on” within ourselves, we are working to heal for all beings.  

Both this New Moon and the culminating Full Moon in two weeks are ruled by Mars.  This one being Mars’s day sign of Aries, and the Full Moon being in Mars’s feminine sign of Scorpio.  The shamanic energy of Mars is the power to move through old or stuck energy and seek fresh life force one again.  It is the power of renewal through life, death and rebirth.  It is the source of vitality.  It is the Phoenix that rises again and again.  It is the young sprout, ready to take on the world.  It is the joy of living.  Go enjoy being alive.

Colm Holland wrote, “‘When we connect with our innermost passion we possess the secret fire to create the change for good that we seek.’  The Secret Fire of the alchemists, or kundalini energy takes the form of the Serpent for Scorpio, and the Ram for Aries.  The serpent is traditionally associated with kundalini energy that slithers up the spine and activates all of the chakra systems which are actually found to be clusters of neurons where information is organized to be applied somewhere and in some way. In Aries it takes the form of the horns, spiraling consciousness up towards the heavens, spiraling in the golden ratio that channels life force into life itself.

It was the addition of the mental principle, or mind that allows us to form judgements about good and evil into the human being that tipped the balance of our stay along the plane of the great garden of Eden, creating the dreaded “fall”. But what if it’s just the next phase of our evolution?  The mind creates our ability to judge our experience, therefore creating experience.  We are creatures capable of being both one with our environment, a pure being of the senses, and a thinking, discerning consciousness. Aries is about the merging of these forces- the animal and the mind, as represented by the horns of the ram that spiral up towards the heavens, and inward to regenerate, rebirth and renew the self along the journey of life.

Mercury- is with the Sun, Moon and Ceres during this New Moon.  How are we telling the story to ourselves about who we are and where we are going?  Is it with a passion for life?  Purpose? What we are passionate about is our guide along the spiritual path.  What lights us up ignites the secret fire within, with which we can direct mind, life and our experience.  Let this moon guide you in how to direct your life force energy more divinely inspired to create yourself anew this spring, in your highest and best experience of life. 

May the swelling of spring buds soon burst forth in all of our hearts as a beautiful song.


Zoey Wind

Libra Full Moon- Rebirth of the Goddess                       March 29th, 2021                                 11:48amPT/12:48pmMT

Libra Full Moon- Rebirth of the Goddess March 29th, 2021 11:48amPT/12:48pmMT

This Libra Full Moon is ruled by the planet Venus- the Great Goddess of the sky who is in the heart of the Sun right now with the centaur Chiron in the sign of the warriors, Aries.  This is the middle of her 584 day cycle that began in Gemini last June.  This is her moment of initiation, from the sacred Androgyne of the Alchemists, the perfect unification of the primordial self being reborn now as the alchemical Warriess.  It’s time for an upgrade for all of us regarding our values, beauty, relationships, worthiness, love of beauty, wealth and prosperity.  

The Goddess- Too long her face painted as unidirectionally meek, mild, tender, nurturing is raging out of these confines.  We honor this face, and we evoke her many faces now.  As they may serve the highest and best good for all beings and the evolution of consciousness in the Universe. 

The mysteries of the Divine Initiation of the feminine are as old as time.  They were celebrated in the ancient world and performed annually as the story of Persephone, queen of hell and goddess of spring resurrected every year in the ancient world.  The recent Venus cycles of the past 3 years have been aligned to reignite this tradition, honoring the past, and evoking our birthright as divine creators to infuse our evolved essences into new ritual and rites of passage.

This is the story of initiation of the feminine.  A story that was forgotten as well as suppressed over the centuries.  But be not mistaken, no one, and nothing could remove the power of the feminine, they could only try and make us forget it.  But knowledge is stored deep within the DNA, and cannot be erased, only suppressed.

Here we dance for the Underworld Goddess- for Hecate, the Crone, Persephone, Innanna, Erishkegal, Hell, Durga, Kali.  Venus currently is the Aries Goddess being re-initiated- we dance for the courageous, fierce, powerful, sovereign, sexy, embodied goddess- Durga, Joan of arc, Diana, goddess of the hunt, Athena, goddess of Wisdom and War, Kali, she who brings justice, she who leads warriors into battle, she who knows what she believes, she who quests for the truth of her own soul, who wants and needs no other approval than which she receives from the Divine within her. She who does all of this, that she may restore justice and balance to the whole.

The rise of the warriors feminine was seen through the last cycle of Venus which was the Aries cycle as shown through the collective representation of her in films like Wonder Woman and the rise of women to positions of power.  This cycle continues her forward, as it began with the Gemini goddess, reborn as the Aries goddess.  The fierce feminine is alive and strong right now.  The goddess of initiation is awakening.  Will you heed the call of ancient stories begging telling, of beauty and pleasure, of brilliance and metaphysical awakenings, of the mythic and the mysteries longing to be heard?  

The Gemini Goddess whose grand cycle we are in now is the Hermetic goddess, the Androgene to the alchemists.  She holds the keys to the union of opposites, the riddles, rhymes and mysteries, the story of primordial unity that must be separated before it can attain reunification.  

The rites of the ancient alchemists are being reborn again in the goddess now.  She has had her undoing in the primordial waters of Pisces, where she was obliterated, to be purified in the sign of Aries- the Warrior priestess of initiation and honor, and she will rise again as evening star around May 3 in the sign of Taurus, near fixed star Algol- the embodied priestess of passion and intensity, she who is here to reclaim her relationships to her body and the Earth through story, magic and myth.

The Underworld Goddess begs your integration now.  She who is wrathful, fierce, rageful, resentful, courageous, proud, righteous, protective, sexual, shrewd, cunning, fiery, intensely burning to be seen.  Just witness her.  She serves your highest evolution when you are able to fully integrate her.  She need not be feared, this was the story of the past.  Remember that the Goddess was worshipped the world over for millennia for her cunning, strategy, wisdom, intuition, integrity as well as her love, fertility and abundance long before the patriarchy sought to contain her power.  

The sacred womb of the feminine was seen as containing the whole of the Universe within it, a literal stargate through which the Cosmos are born and reborn again and again.  That womb lies within each of us, a cosmic portal to our future destiny as a species, as a cosmic ray of the Mind of the Creator.  Listen closely to what is asking to be born.  It will be made visible around the 3rd of May.

What is longing within you to be healed?  Within your Sacred warrior soul?  Is it your sense of self love? Freedom? Courage? Heart? Action? Wisdom?  The key to healing for this year and half period is to RE-WRITE THE STORY.  Change your perception, your perspective.  It may require conscious meditation and re=programming of the subconscious mind, but If we can do this, magic will happen like never before.  

What part of your old self are you truly ready to let die at this time be it greed, vanity, self-deprecation, denial of your higher self, fear of love or being loved?  What old stories are attached to her? They cannot come with you into this new birth now.  Where do you seek personal healing that you can then share with the world as your highest gift?  In the Underworld the Goddess meets Chiron, great alchemist, healer and mentor.  She asks him for a key to her healing now- and if you wish, you may do the same.  

Aries is about our sense of self, our identity, our self-image and Venus in this sign is about our self-love, worthiness and dedication to our souls journey for awakening.  It is reflected in the light of the Libra moon this Sunday- honor those around you as sacred mirrors.  Reflect love and beauty and healing to those around you.  

No one wants to be torn apart in order to see themselves.  Let this cycle do that for them.  Let’s reflect our truth with courage and directness if needed, cut or release relationships that you can’t speak your truth to and welcome in those that have enough self-reflection to open to healing with the courageous force of a dragon.

Lay your altar, place your feathers, light you candles and say your prayers.  This day, this Full Moon is a powerful portal for us as individuals and a collective.  It shows us that when we do our own inner work, we do it for the world.  And when we show up for others, we are healing ourselves.  Pray that your deep knowing of your divinity be restored, that you may remember what you have always known deep down inside- that you are worthy of true healing, vitality and to stand courageously, boldly, beautifully as yourself before all of the world.  You only have to choose it.

This lunation holds Mars in gemini on the North Node in a trine to Saturn and the Moon.  There is a sense of destiny tied to the work we are doing now, especially when we have the courage to think for ourselves, take up our pens and write our own chapter in the Book of Life.  The Mind is a direct portal to the Divine, and the Heart is the compass.  When we bring these into coherence, that is when the magic happens.  

This is a moon of setting our course with conscious intent.  Do we choose love, even when love and beauty seem so far away?  Do we choose beauty, even when we are surrounded by those who choose fear?  Do we choose kindness and compassion in the face of anger or rage?  Do we surround ourselves with people to support us in advocating for ourselves and our needs? 

There is a deep healing of the heart awakening now, one that can only be found in the face of our darkness, individually and collectively.  For the stars only come out at night, and love is only known, only truly appreciated, when we have known loss of it.

The warrior’s path is not easy, but it is righteous and true.  And its rewards are far greater than gifts that are just handed to us.  Be grateful for your challenges, find their beauty and how they give you strength, fight and inspiration.  And most importantly, engage the inner work that allows you to know what your heart truly stands for, or else all is truly lost.

Blessed New Beginnings,

Zoey Wind

Pisces New Moon March 13th 23’03 PISCES at 2:21amPT/3:21amMT- Venusian Dreams

Pisces New Moon March 13th 23’03 PISCES at 2:21amPT/3:21amMT- Venusian Dreams

Tuco Amalfi- The Invisible Path

Pisces is the vast collective subconscious.  The mysterious 5th element of Ether.  The great Cosmic Void, Womb of creation.  The numinous space between Dawn and Dusk, when the veil to the Spirit realms is thin and blurred.  Pisces is the veil itself.  The substrate upon which sound and light move like waves.  It is the undulating current of the ethers that all of creation forms upon.  And while it is numinous, we can still affect it, and even tune it through the frequency we cast with our hearts.

Imagine a vast 3D array of points equally spaced throughout all of the Universe and Multiverse, like the points on a piece of graph paper, extended in all directions.  This is the field of Pisces.  Each of the other signs are a sacred geometric pattern within this vast field, but Pisces is the field itself into which all else dissolves.  The thing is, we can tune this field to a particular frequency which then helps define the channels that open to flow of the myriad possibilities of frequency.  The trick is accessing our collective subconscious, and making the unconscious, conscious, actively reshaping and reworking it with the frequency of the heart, and releasing it back to the field.

When we work with Piscean dreamwork, we are accessing realms across time and space.  Therefore, work we do through this archetype can influence many other lifetimes, dimensions and timelines.  It’s no wonder this sign can create overwhelm within this dimension which has been densely attached to the mechanistic, cause and affect based method of understanding. But this overwhelm serves to show us where we need better boundaries, new perspectives and greater mystical perspective on this life.

The ancients remembered the field of Pisces, and the modern physicists working in the Meta and Quantum realms are re-remembering once again.  As we embrace the Mysteries of Pisces, we unlock the very mysteries of the Universe as held within the collective unconscious.  We also are reminded of the lessons of deep letting go of what we do not understand, of deep, deep surrender to what we cannot control, and are called into a cultivation of faith in the Natural Order of the Cosmos.

To access this realm we must access our inner knowing through our emotional bodies as a channel to the higher realms.  Pisces is the realm of the Akashic records, where all information and events are stored.  To move through the numinous waters of the fishes, we must have streamlined focus, intention and clarity of that which we are seeking, coupled with a surrender to the flow of the current we find ourselves in.  This is why it requires us to become intensely intimate with our emotional waters until they settle enough for us to see clearly the island ahead we are seeking.

We attain this focus and clarity by balancing the Piscean frequencies with consciously directed thought of the mind, our consciousness as it channels through our material bodies held within the sign of Virgo.  This past Virgo full moon illuminated so much of where we want to work harder, do better, be of greater service and cultivate mastery within ourselves, our lives and our crafts. Keeping our space and bodies clean, detoxing, exercise, dreamwork, traversing natural altered states instead of substance induced ones can be balanced paths to accessing Piscean magic.

This new moon opens the channels to recognize that the work is not only in the physical, but also in the unseen realms of emotions, the heart and our understanding of ourselves within the greater Cosmic Whole.  This New Moon is so much about love, relationships, relating with others and opening our hearts and minds to others.  Venus is deep in the underworld, at the midpoint in her great cycle with the Sun and Earth where she is in full surrender and abandon to the greater cosmic forces transmuting her according to grand cycles.

What is the new Venusian Dream evolving at this time within you?  Where are you feeling a deep release of old values, relationships, ways of relating to others, your body, addictions, escapism, codependence, avoidance, overwhelm, toxic emotional patterns? Where is your world view or perspective on a situation needing a shift?  Where are you needing more structure and healthy boundaries?  Where do you need to release old beliefs and ideas that are holding you back from breaking through into living your best life?

 Divination is especially charged under a Pisces Moon. If you want to get more in touch with your muse or your intuition, I encourage you to spend at least 20 minutes each morning this week with a cup of tea or coffee, a pen and paper or an oracle deck, the I Ching or any other divination method that speaks to you.  And just be present with your emotions.  Open to write, be present with yourself, draw cards and contemplate your emotions, meditate and journey through them.  Refrain from drawing too hard of conclusions until the 20th and then the Full Moon on the 28th, but if there are clear boundaries or things to be released, offer them to this New Moon, and then let them go.  We can use this time as opportunity to practice being in flow with, surrender to and honoring of your emotional state.

The modern world keeps trying to rush us towards some great mountain upon which we are sold lies the illusion of success, happiness or accomplishment.  The truth is, behind that mountain is another one, and another one, and another one.  Instead, Pisces reminds us that in sitting still, closing our outer eyes and opening the inner, we can climb all of those mountains, and gain a perspective far more vast and timeless than with our eyes open.

The Goddess is in a great transformation, dreaming a new dream, deep in the cosmos, aligning with Neptune, channeling the higher essences of Agape Universal Love and upgrading her frequency.  Let her metamorphosis happen within you and learn to identify it without this month to understand better. 

How we do relationships is getting a much needed seeding into its next phase of evolution at this time.  And collectively we can certainly see the need for it. Let us truly release what is no longer serving us from the Old Earth in terms of our values, emotions, love, relationship woundings, our psychic abilities, our interconnectedness and emotional bodies as we step into the New Earth.

You may shock and surprise yourself with upgrades in how you relate to others- especially looking for the ability to create healthier boundaries while being more open, available emotionally and heart centered than ever before.  These upgrades have been long coming, so they may trickle in in sequence with work you’ve been doing, or flash in like lightning if we have been resisting them.

So this Pisces New Moon, we consciously tune our frequencies to that of love, compassion and understanding for ourselves and others.  Creating boundaries and healthy decisions of who, what and where we place ourselves, knowing that we will be more easily tuned to the vibrations around us, and that is ok.  It is ok to be affected by the world, it means we are in tune with it.  It is also ok to feel overwhelmed by what is around us, for this teaches us where we need to create boundaries and new ways of relating with life.

May we refrain from blaming those around us for how we feel, but still recognize that we can shift our frequency by shifting our environment and where we put our energy.  Also remembering that others’ feelings cannot permeate us unless we have well worn grooves in that frequency, and there is no need to judge.  We can simply focus on shifting our frequency by bringing in sound, music, art, song, color, creativity, movement and joy.  Perspective shift and avoiding stagnation and toxic buildup are keys to success in the Piscean realms.  

Blessings and Venusian Dreams,

Zoey Wind

The Saturn- Uranus Cycle- “Don’t Go Back to Sleep”                 Closing Square Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Saturn- Uranus Cycle- “Don’t Go Back to Sleep” Closing Square Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Gyuri Lohmuller

‘The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.’

Jalal-ud-din Rumi

In the past month, we have been building slowly towards the first of three hits of the Saturn-Uranus square this year. The first one is on February 17th, followed by the second on June 14th and the third on December 24th 2021.  These three passings are a part of the closing square, or rather the fourth episode in a four-book series that began in 1988.  That chapter, interestingly enough, began at Galactic Center- where the major alignments of the Mayan Calendar for 2012 were, and where our Winter Solstices are still aligning to.  Meaning, this cycle’s impact is not just historical, it is epochal.

The Sabian Symbol for the 29th degree of Sagittarius is “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street.”  Well, it doesn’t take much to understand how this image represents so many of the problems of modern living as defined by the western world, the American Dream have gone sadly awry.  Here we have the maintenance of appearance, the ‘keeping up with the jones’s,’ the presentation of ‘social respectability’ as a representation of good moral conduct.  But if we look deeper, and with what we know now about the woes created by such a dream, there is quite a lot to this image. 

The young boy is overweight, his health is in question, but it is sure he has more than enough financially to attain it.  The lawn is a symbol of presentation to the community that they keep up appearances. However, there is no true sustenance in the lawn.  It does not produce food, medicine or floral beauty.  It does not feed livestock that gives back to the community. It has no trees to produce oxygen.  Instead, it requires unnatural amounts of water to produce something that may or may not be in its natural habitat.  It is actually a stressor on the community.  And nothing in this image actually promotes the true sustainable wellbeing of the people. It is a symbol of each person’s autonomy to provide for themselves, needing nothing from each other or the earth.  But it is in fact a lie.  This is a symbol of constructed reality that is detached from both its greater environment, culture and cosmos, but creates a façade to keep the society happy. 

For in the reality outside of this image, there are people farming the Earth for the food that boy eats.  There are people working in factories to make the lawnmower he is using.  There is a total lack of symbolism marking from where that boy came- the cultural roots and traditions which gave his family the ability to buy such an elegant, suburban home, the greater environmental context that bred him, the values his ancestors held, other than perhaps progress. 

This image neither progresses us forward, nor holds onto what is rich in heritage.  It is profoundly related to this Saturn-Uranus dance between the old and the new.  The 1980’s were the height of the manifestation the American, capitalist dream.  Where the new standard was set from the old vision of progress, and it was also the beginning of the decline.  Only the illusion of the success of that dream was short lived, for it was lacking in moral compass and a resonance with natural law as the seeding of the Saturn-Uranus cycle in the sign of Sagittarius was a sign of.

We know this because also in 1988, three days before first Saturn-Uranus cycle began that we are in the final stretch of now, Climate change first made front page news.  On June 23 of that year the Greenhouse Effect was officially presented to the US Senate as having clear cause and effect relationship with the burning of fossil fuels.   Now we are at the third quarter square and wrap up finale of this image.  One where we must ask- what has this dream of modernism really given us?  Where and how MUST we re-vision the values and ideals that set this ball in motion? Or perhaps, the lack thereof.

The power of this transit is to illuminate exactly that.  To look to the archetype of Sagittarius which represents the Earth, natural law, philosophy, education, our beliefs and seeking the meaning of life, adventure and truth now lensed through the signs of Aquarius and Taurus where the two gas giants now reside.  We are now integrating this lesson along the lines of technology, human rights, elitism, our food systems, how we relate to our body and our senses, our self-worth and creating a space in this world for all of these things in greater balance and harmony.

This is an absolute crucial time in history.  One where we are tasked as a civilization to truly examine the depth of our beliefs- on all levels.  From where we are too rigid and stuck, to where we are too quick to forget the lessons of the past.  To truly witness ourselves and our decisions with keen, analytical minds that are open to something so radically new, it might frighten us at first.  We are asked to be both pioneering, and wise.  Radical and discerning.  Human and God-like.  To review history in the name of progress.

This is a time of reconciliation for humanity- on so many levels.  As the species of the planet die off at mass, our food sources compromised by scientific experimentation without moral regard or consideration, the mass corporatization of health care and the human genome, the capitalization of the human psyche and desire body; now it is the human race that is experiencing the threat of extinction.  The seed set at the 29th degree of Sagittarius is evident everywhere we look- are we simply presenting as good moral citizens, or have we tended our own inner gardens in context with the greater whole of the cosmos enough to be prepared to find new solutions held in a truly holistic vision for the future of humanity and the planet?

As we progress the planets urge that we MUST ask “is this morally sound?” “Have we considered how this will affect the collective, the earth, all species, future generations, future planets?” Perhaps it is wise to go slowly and truly observe what the potential outcomes of our actions will be before making huge decisions from which we cannot turn back.  Uranus is progress, technology and breakthrough, and Saturn is the consequences of our actions.  If our decisions have been sound, wise and responsibly made, then the consequences are usually more like rewards.  If not, they can be devastating.

A square is always a time for a decision or action and the closing square is time for psychological integration.  With a Saturn in Aquarius we are looking specifically at our decisions around technology, flight, humanitarian concerns, larger groups and the elite, progress, revolution and that which is alien.  It is time to look at who we are considering heroes and who we consider lost to the past.  If the world leaders have allowed the destruction of the majority of the species on Earth and lost touch with how to care for our bodies and each other in the face of a pandemic for example, is it truly responsible to be taking their advice on how to solve these problems? Or looking to colonize other planets? 

There is no clear right or wrong answer, but there is a great cosmic calling to use our wisdom, discernment and visionary intuition to truly integrate the conundrum of the modern world and all of its woes.  One thing is for sure, science has not given us the dream life it promised.  Perhaps we need to consider why more deeply.

This is not to say that we have completely lost how to care for each other.  There are so many communities whose hearts still beat strong, who have not forgotten how to heal with plants and food, how to regenerate the soil and soul simultaneously, how to heal a broken heart or reconnect to meaning and purpose in life.  How to make innovative change that is wise and just.

These are the beating hearts of Uranus in Taurus and the strong social structures of Saturn in Aquarius.  Of the awakening that comes from within the beating heart of humanity.  Of our ancient future.  Of the remembering that the future generations are just us being reborn.  Of the beauty of embodiment and its sacredness worth fighting for.  Of the awakening potential within each human, each stone, each flower and sunset.  Of the power of sharing a meal with another, connecting with the very thing that we all share- our humanness and its tie to our bodies.   Of remembering the most innovate solutions are simple ones.

The seed of this Saturn Uranus cycle being at the final degree of Sagittarius says that the meta-theme of this alignment, which will be the defining major aspect for all of 2021, is our overall philosophy on the meaning of this whole thing we call life.  If, perhaps we consider this life to be a one-time shot, devoid of higher or deeper meaning, without soul or consequence, then perhaps the current trajectory of mankind is just fine.  But, if we believe there is some greater meaning, some more profound illumination to be had after this flesh is gone, that our actions send out ripples into space time that bounce and merge and undulate into further energies throughout the multiverse, then perhaps this year will produce real change.

In past Saturn-Uranus alignments, this change has come about in the form of riots, civil wars, revolutions, reformations and new world orders.  We are in the midst of 4 major outer planetary alignments that have signaled whole shifts in the world stage of power, prosperity and philosophy and we are certainly in the midst of a great transition in this time.  It may not be for another 11 years that we see the full outcome of these changes when we begin a new Saturn-Uranus cycle in 2032.

This particular alignment asks that we thoroughly assess- what is truly of value from our past?  What can we learn from our elders before they go?  What can they teach us about our humanity?  They are the last of the generations on this planet who grew up without technology.  Certainly, they hold codes of humanity that are precious beyond our knowing.

And we must be ready to step forward as the next generation of elders.  Seeking to finish the work our ancestors did not complete.  Every generation will leave behind work for the next, and we will be included in this.  May we pick up that work with dignity and honor.  May we choose to progress forward while declaring to do our best not to repeat the mistakes of the past.  May we find and choose leaders who have done the inner work to know what is of true value in this world.  May we study and learn from the wisdom of natural law and ourselves as a part of it once more, that our next phase of advancement can be in accordance with it and thus lead to true miracles of science and spirit.  And may we see this as the highest form of advancement our species can take at this time.

Each one of us holds a shining key of this next stage in our evolution.  What door will your key unlock?

Blessed Turning,

Zoey Wind

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Aquarian New Moon                                                     Thursday February 11, 2021 at 24’ Aquarius                                    11:06PT/2:06pmET                                                                      A Baptism of Starlight

Aquarian New Moon Thursday February 11, 2021 at 24’ Aquarius 11:06PT/2:06pmET A Baptism of Starlight

Imagine the four planets, Sun and Moon in Aquarius are pouring the iridescent, pearlescent, luminescent light of inspiration upon us.  The image for Aquarius is the water bearer, but just what exactly is in the vessel this star being holds?  Is it the nectar of immortality from Saturn?  The light of inspiration from Venus?  The vaccines to save lives from Mercury?  The awakening to our already innate immortality from the Sun?  The genius spark within each of us from Jupiter? Whatever gifts or blessings are showering upon you now, may we all open to receive them and be prepared to set powerful intentions to honor them this New Moon.

Inherent in all of these images is the connection of our human selves to something humanity has deemed to come from above- be it in the form of lighting, starlight or a burning bush high on the mountaintop; this powerful Aquarian Age, ushered by the Saturn-Jupiter alignment on winter solstice is a ripe and fertile plot for the planting in the dar of this New Moon.  May we open ourselves as clear, heart centered channels for the truth and inspiration to flow for the highest good for all beings.

Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius is in the Earthly sign of Taurus which reminds us to honor the sacred senses of the body, pleasure, beauty, the Earth, Cosmos and our humanity.   To activate the gifts of this Aquarian stellium we must move our bodies.

Aquarius as an archetype is sometimes called the ascended human or cosmic human in its light, in its shadow it can be the cyborg or dictator who has disconnected from their humanity.  With Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius in the sign of Taurus for the next several years, we are being asked to anchor our ascension as “inscension”/awakening to include honor for our human form and the Earth it is actually a part of.  We are being reminded that as we advance as a species not to leave the body and the Earth behind.   May we remember what it is to be human in these times.  May we remember the importance of connecting with the people we love- in these times that can change in every moment. Forgive your family and loved ones where you need to, the gift of our togetherness is the greatest gift we have in this life.

Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius currently is asking that we review everything we think we know about ourselves as modern humans and the modern life we have become complacent within.  Aquarius is the sacred rebel, here to challenge, tear down and upset the status quo in service to the highest evolution of the species as a part of the Earth and Cosmos. Bless the inclinations of your sacred rebellious heart at this time as it serves the highest good.

This is without a doubt, the moment of the great transformation of society.  Or at least it must be, if we wish to awaken to our highest potential as both Cosmic and Earthly beings.  This lunation offers a profound opportunity for the great activation of new communities, groups, allegiances and ideas that promote humanitarianism as well as honoring the Anima Mundi- the world soul.  To take this to the next level we must address the shadow of Aquarius as elitism and exclusivity within groups. May we also address where we can have an identity and a community that does not place itself above others, but ensures its vision and mission is inclusive of any who want to be a part of it and are aligned with the vision and purpose.

These groups and their structure may require us to draw upon the examples of our ancestors who were closer to remembering their humanity than the majority of the westernized world in the past 300 years.  Who did not see themselves as separate from one another, or the world.  Who remembered our interconnectedness not only with one another, but with all living and non-living parts of this great giant organism we are a part of, called Earth, and the heavens above, called Cosmos.

Perhaps it was the steady separation of humans through modern thought that has inevitably lead us to this forced separation that we may remember our way back to our true selves.

The modern mind, as it has progressed since the Copernican revolution and the last Enlightenment is now facing its shadow.  It is time to evolve with the Earth, or the Earth will evolve us out.  Like an organ found only in ancient, prototypical stages of development in a species that eventually outlived its purpose.  Or rather, that became utterly confused on what exactly that was and tried to destroy the rest of the organism.

Jupiter is with Venus for this New Moon- it is a highly positive, loving and spiritual aspect, but they are in square to Black Moon Lilith in Taurus.  The hopes, visions and new dreams we are seeding now cannot be experienced without honoring the reality of how our disconnection from our bodies, one another and the earth are fueling them.  The rage, pain and mistreatment of the Earth, the species of this planet and the human body must be acknowledged in order to find new solutions.  In order to truly find gratitude for what it is we have with one another and in this life that is so very precious.

The more we become clear about how true wisdom is knowing what you don’t know, the easier it will be to step through the illusions of the past, gather the pearls of wisdom they produced and move into a New Age with values and philosophies intact, albeit malleable, that will pave the way for a world that we truly want to live in.  Let love guide you, let yourself dare to think differently than the status quo.  Your specific creative intelligence is being activated now, and it is a crucial part in this chapter of humanity. 

Use this New Moon is aligned very closely with the asteroid Pallas Athena- Goddess of wisdom and creative intelligence.  It is a huge opportunity to open to receive as well as set intentions around your highest and brightest hopes, dreams, visions, inspiration.  If something has been calling to you for some time and you just can’t seem to shake it- listen.  This is the moment that genius is born out of.  If you haven’t been clear enough to hear, this is an opportunity to open to receive the vision.

Suggested Ritual:

The following practice has transformed my life and is an offering as a ritual you can use on this New Moon and into the future:  Spend 30 minutes visualizing the version of yourself that you are committed to becoming.  Sit and visualize until you can see yourself clearly, how you look, feel, dress, your habits, diet, routine, schedule, partner, who you surround yourself with, where you live, how you spend your time etc.

Now bring that person into yourself and merge with them.  Feel all the feelings you feel as your highest self- your joy, gratitude, peace, contentment, excitement or whatever emotions you feel.

To really anchor in your Aquarian Vision Manifestation, write out your vision and read it out loud every morning followed by the 30-minute visualization daily.  You will be amazed at the changes that emerge.

By the dark of this New Moon, may we find the endurance to soften.  The courage to develop our gifts and visions.  The clarity to open to receive the channellings form the heavens and the grace to give the deepest thanks for the connection, togetherness and loved ones we have in our lives <3 This can change all too quickly in this time.

Blessings and Cosmic-Earthly Visions,

Zoey Wind

Capricorn New Moon and the Astrology of 2021- Root To Rise

Capricorn New Moon and the Astrology of 2021- Root To Rise

Artwork- Emily Kell

New Moon is January 12th/13th 9pmPT/12amET

The First New Moon of 2021 lies at 24’ Capricorn aligned very closely with Lord of Transformation, Pluto.  This is the fertile void of seeds cast for this entire year, and asks of us to dig into our depths if we want to rise to the highest heights.  If we are tired of the status quo and wish to challenge it the stars say “heck yeah”, and make sure the vision that you hold is aligned with truth, beauty and love.  Most of all, make sure that you are ready to accept the challenge of looking at and evolving yourself along with it so you can raise the collective frequency and attract others who are doing the same,  since this is how the Quantum laws are activating in this New Age. 

Whenever we speak of the Capricorn mysteries, we speak of the striving for excellence, for the peak of the mountain, for the highest level of integrity and wisdom we can stand.  We also must remember the watery depths from which this half sea dragon originates, in the softness of the opposite sign of Cancer which sings of tenderness, understanding and nurturing.  Both signs are about security, and interestingly The Sabian Symbol for the 24th degree of Capricorn is about the transcendent security of spiritual striving. 

The very nature of spiritual practice is paradoxical.  We cultivate discipline only that we may attain freedom, if we want to transcend our emotions, we must first dive into their deep waters, if we want to keep something, we must also be ready to let it go. 

The Capricorn myths display this through the symbolism of the serpent (pure, raw, unrefined life force energy) being cultivated by the goats climbing the mountain to attain spiritual enlightenment and share it with the world.  Saturn, ruler of Capricorn also rules the spine, a 33-step ladder to spiritual awakening through which we channel our kundalini energy, or upon which the serpent climbs. 

The Capricorn mysteries therefore are about the wisdom achieved by channeling our pure, spiritual life force energy through the structures created by this dimensional, material realm.  In ancient art and myth, the Capricorn and the goat are often depicted with the tree of life, or the world tree, which bridges the three dimensions and another symbol of climbing and the nature of truth.  We are being asked to reawaken to the power held within these mystery teachings.  That through our spiritual discipline, we achieve freedom. Once this is achieved, we bear the fruits of civilization, or at this time, a new civilization. 

Being as the sign of Capricorn is undergoing great transformation at this time, it is of value to look to where we can rewrite this story once again.  Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn is in the sign of Aquarius, saying it is time to evolve this archetype forward.  Let us reclaim once more the innovative, progressive and freedom oriented nature of the powerful discipline and self-mastery this sign carries.  Let us look at where it has become distorted as control structures, government and law without heart and universal truth.  If we climb the latter of matter with life force devoid of love and values of the heart, then what are we really gaining?

Capricorn is activated when we activate our inner wisdom. When we rise to the occasion and put ourselves aside for the greater good, in service to the collective. It is where we share the gifts we have acquired along our journey with the gentle firmness of a grandmother. It is the unshakable knowing of self wrought of deep introspection and committed action towards a goal. It is the honoring of our watery depths and our tenacity to keep climbing.

Perhaps most importantly, we are being asked to rewrite our story of self-mastery to include our humanness as well as our higher selves.  To take back the power of remembering our watery depths along with our sights set for new heights.  To honor our heart and our mind, our emotions and thoughts so that as we seek to achieve, we do so with wholeness.

Have we made some peace around the challenges we are facing as a species with both spiritual and practical understanding?  We are graduating out of an age where it was ok to blame such events as terrible acts of God or as some inevitable consequence based on scientific statistics.  From the failures and successes of both systems, the new vision is being born.  The Astrology asks for one with more heart, beauty and personal power at this time. May we embrace inspiration even this challenging time to continue to strive for higher ways of living in this beautiful world.

This Lunation and the astrology for all of 2021 screams for evolution, innovation and progress while simultaneously dropping into our bodies, humanness and pleasure where we can.  It begs that we not become complacent to the status quo or the way things have been done in the past, or rather, we may as well start embracing it since this year is sure to shake it up more.  It asks that we look deep within to see where we have become emotionally stuck and stagnant, rigid of mind or routine and revolutionize that sh88.  The Full Moon in Leo in two weeks promises powerful manifestations in real time, let’s get really clear on what we want that to look like.

Why?  Because in the darkest of moments, there is everything to gain.  In the face of the greatest tragedies comes the most beautiful sunrise you will ever see.  And so down and into our depth we must go if we want to grow.  Dare to ask yourself questions like- where have I been wrong in my convictions?  Is it ok for me to change?  Is it ok not to conform?  Is it ok to challenge the status quo? To challenge my own status quo? Is it ok to be optimistic?  What is the power of holding vision that is true?  Am I ready to step into this new age and be a contributing member of the future of creators and visionaries that will lead the way to something better?

Uranus stations direct two days after the New Moon and Mars is with him in square to Saturn, ruler of this New Moon.  This means it’s time to get ready to rock and roll in this new Aquarian Age.  Let’s get really ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that were keeping us stuck, to become like interstellar love-space beings care-taking this beautiful planet we call home who are truly ready to consider all available options for positive growth, change and balance.

Utilize this time to set goals and visions higher than ever before.  Maybe some old stuff is coming up that you thought was long gone, this is the time to look at it and let it go where you can. Call in the tribe that will support you in it.  Surrender into the shadow work that is calling for attention.  Along this mountain goats climb, perhaps success and struggle are not mutually exclusive.  But are each given meaning and purpose by the other. 

May we embrace the moment before us with bright eyes and restored faith in human ingenuity and the miracle of the human spirit.  May we embrace one another in our times of need.  May we make it ok for all humans to have whatever experience they are having, while continuing to strive towards living as our highest selves.  And may we heal and begin to vision what a true, whole and activated version of ourselves really looks like.  Aim high loved ones, shoot for the stars, but keep your feet firmly rooted in the Earth.

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Cancer Full Moon- Deep Water Magic Tuesday Dec 29 7:28pmPT/10:28pmET

Cancer Full Moon- Deep Water Magic Tuesday Dec 29 7:28pmPT/10:28pmET

Artwork: Autumn Sky Morrison

The Cancerain waters beckon us to their shore 

What we crave in this moment

Is the lush and lapping frothy milk

Of the Divine Mother’s breast

Where shall you drink it? 

Perhaps in some deep slumber,

Or upon a bed of moss,

Or inside a cave of crystals 

If you seek Her She will come

Open, tender and surrendered

 To the purity within your seeking heart

Leave Her offerings of shells, coins and incense

Fall to your knees and kiss Her feet 

She is the creator of all things,

And Her loving keeps all of creation in being 

Notice the perfect, round edges of Her form 

Notice how they repeat in your own body 

Love Her and love yourself,

 love yourself and you love Her 

Admire Her beauty, and you admire your own

Admire your own beauty, and you admire Hers 

She is the Multiversalizing principle,

and you are the Multiverse

Give Her the tenderness you would your own daughter,

 And give that tenderness to yourself 

Truth always goes in all directions

 And your consciousness is the director

Direct with love dear one,

 Direct in love as She has done.

This Full Moon is the culmination point of the total solar eclipse that opened a portal for a wide birth of the Age of Aquarius two weeks ago.  What is coming through for you?  What new has revealed itself from the shadows?  Hint- the answer lies in the mysterious caverns of the heart.

With Venus in aspect to the outer planets that were in Capricorn all last year in the new moon, she is now almost at the South Node where the eclipse took place last week.  She asks- how are you doing with holding space for the shadows that others around you are working through?  How about for yourself?

The holidaze were either spent away from family when we were used to being with them or with them after, and in the midst of the greatest collective trauma our generation has known.  Perhaps war, like older generations experienced in the 60’s and the potential for draft was a rival in the threat to personal freedom, but this pandemic is beyond what anyone has seen in at least a century.  Either way it is bound to have brought up emotions around what family means to us, those who are there for us no matter what, those who we call tribe.

Whatever emotions are coming up for you around this moon, use them as a compass towards your truth.  When you find it, visualize a thread running through you and your mother or father, and their mother and or father, and their mother’s father’s, father’s mother etc… See just how many generations of ancestors this patterning has been alive.  We each hold the key that unlocks generations of pain that can bring healing through our courage to look at it, feel it, thank it and let it go.

There is a huge call form the heavens to unite with our tribes right now.  Ancient allegiances still sound and those that need to break may be resounding.  In the light of this moon, may we surrender to what is, what we know to be true because we feel it in our hearts.  Express yourself in poetry, song, dance and creativity. 

This Moon will illuminate emotions around the collectivization of repressed personal expression, individuality and freedom in regards to our desire to be both strong for others and for ourselves.  Let’s remember to be patient, kind and caring for ourselves so that we may continue to show up in all the ways we desire.  The wise mother knows most deeply her own capacity and how to regenerate it, like the moon moves through all of her phases each moonth.

There are deep emotions in this moon.  Do not be afraid, they are here to allow you to move through the energy of the collective and be a bit reflective of what it all means to you.  If we are still rejecting others for having deep tenderness, it is time to look at where you deny yourself the tenderness you deserve.  If we are still criticizing others for being in fear, it is an opportunity to take a warrior’s spirit quest to Great Mountain and face your own, that you may carry codes of how to do so to those around you.

If we are so afraid we are paralyzed, it is time to pierce through the veil of the illusions of our own fear and face our true power.  For it is said that what we truly fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, and this is what the great alignment of Jupiter and Pluto all of 2020 was teaching us.  The shifting of that alignment to Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius should feel like a graduation.  If it does not, this lunation is potent for tenderizing the heart and letting the light in.  For no matter how disempowering this year’s events may seem, we always have power over ourselves, and this is the beauty and the healing of Chiron in Aries squaring this Full Moon.

How do we take care of our community while maintaining boundaries and caring for ourselves in these unprecedented times?  These are the questions we should all be seeking to answer for ourselves, through the exploration of our deepest values and innovative thinking.  Bandwagon thinking is out of place in the Aquarian Age, and maybe even downright dangerous; for the shadow of Aquarius leads us down paths that separate us from our own humanity.

The new Uranian/Promethian/Lilith archetypal forces awakened this the past two weeks are pushing us to find new solutions to new and old problems by igniting our inner genius, revolutionary and rebel.  It asks that we stop rejecting the pain and trauma that is the result of the past 2,000 plus years in the process, but to face it with deep compassion and resolve to create true change in response to it.

Uranus in Taurus beckons us to become more human than ever and to deeply reside in the body and the heart.  While showing up for others is important, showing up for ourselves is just as important.  In fact, they are on a polar axis which is inseparable, and must be maintained at the fulcrum point of tenderness, care and responsibility. To be responsible is to be able to respond, and we maintain this ability through self-care.

But don’t be fooled, the mother archetype as expressed through the crab is fierce and protective of her tribe.  Most of 2020 we were working with Cancer/Capricorn eclipses beckoning us towards our true tribe.  In this sign, we learn the beauty of standing up for those we love, protecting the weak and being a voice for those whose voice has been pushed down or trodden over.  Compassion doesn’t always look one way, but it always comes from a heart of love.

May this Moon find you in the arms of those who can love you just as you need to be loved and are willing to listen to your hearts song.  May you offer the same gift to those around you, and most importantly, to yourself.  True warriors of love only seem to seem to stand alone on the mountain, those who know, know we are never truly alone, for the Divine Mother and Father are always just below our feet and just above our crowns.

Blessed Diving,

Zoey Wind

Winter Solstice, The Grand Conjunction and The Age of Aquarius

Winter Solstice, The Grand Conjunction and The Age of Aquarius

Artwork: Danielle Noel

Solstice- December 21st 3:02am MT

Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn- December 21st 11:20am MT

Lightning Bolts, Eagle Vision and the New Renaissance

December Solstice brings a powerful day to our planet.  The day when the Sun stands still for 3 days, hung on the cross of our milky Way galaxy and Celestial Plane.  Mercury leads the way into the sign of Capricorn, heralding the birth of the divine child within us all.  Uranus is with Black Moon Lilith- the primordial mother.  Deep, provoked feminine power is united with the Lord of the New Age of Aquarius.  Saturn and Jupiter are aligned for the Grand Conjunction and grand Mutation, or should we say Transmutation. 

For these times are without a doubt here to teach us the power of our DNA, Spirit and Mind to transmute -which literally means to “change across”, or upon the cross of matter from which we all swing in this Earth Walk. Let us prepare to truly embody our power as Divine Beings having a Human experience and awaken our true power, our birthright to be creators of this dimension, the keys of which are contained within our very DNA and accessed through studies of the sacred sciences as well as through the feminine inner knowing of the heart and womb.  The secrets lie in the nature of light and dark.

If 2020 showed us what limitation and stagnation felt like this chart shows it was only to help raise us to higher heights of our consciousness on all planes.  Uranus in Taurus has been the steady pacemaker of this past year.  Reminding us that how we relate to this body and this Earth determines our ability to channel in spirit, awakening and enlightenment.  Re-orienting how we relate to one another on all levels- physically, spatially, energetically and through the heart, Uranus, Lord of Thunder and Lightning and the Great Awakener is the sign of the sensual feminine essence grounding this Aquarian revolution.

It has been proposed by Richard Tarnas that the proper name or mythological correspondence for Uranus should be Prometheus.  He was the God who stole fire (spiritual insight) from the Gods and bestowed it upon humanity.  In this way, he represents reclaiming our birthright as divine beings, our power to create this reality through the mastery of our consciousness and also our embodiment.  For Taurus is the great teacher of Sacred Sensuality. 

Last time Saturn and Jupiter joined in Aquarius was in 1408 heralding the dawn of the renaissance Uranus was in Capricorn, indicating that the last renaissance was ruled by the awakening systems of government, the revival of ancient wisdom traditions, the transfer of pagan spiritual practices into government control systems and reliant upon the patronage of those in power.  The last Renaissance was like an early echo of the Aquarian Age that would come in the future, a time of innovation and progress, but with its roots in the traditions.

This time around Uranus is in Taurus- igniting our inner value systems, beauty as the highest aim and awakening to the intuition of the body and sensuality through the divine feminine energy as the guiding force of this New Renaissance.  The ways in which the previous Renaissance focused on a revival of the classics and ancient wisdom, this one is surely doing the same but is a bit more focused on the futuristic, scientific and quantum.  I dare to call this the Quantum Age or Quantum Renaissance.  The result of which will be beyond what we can envision and see, for its very nature will be progress at a rate unsurpassed or ever seen in modern history.

It is of note that the Constantine XI, the final Emperor of the Byzantine empire was born the year of the last Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius.  This is profound as his birth heralded the end of an empire that had reigned for 1,500 years!  The Star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi to the manger where Jesus was born has also been theorized to have been a Grand Conjunction. His birth heralded one of the greatest shifts in religious and political power that would last thousands of years.

There may be an indication that great kings, or Queens or “Theens” are born in times like these.  We can only wait and see, for this re-birth can also happen within each of our hearts at any moment, and is certainly blessed by the heavens at a moment like this one.  In this time, we see a strong philosophical transpiration, where the patriarchy which has reigned over the world stage in its many forms is beginning it end at this time.  Perhaps the birth of all beings into their higher self, in true resonance with Aquarian-Leonine energy is the royal power that we will see rise in this time.  One that fosters a world of peace, equality and justice for all beings.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction will occur aligned with the fixed star Altair, one my favorites, in the constellation of the Eagle.  The Eagle Aquila was a companion of Zeus and carried his thunderbolts for him into battle.  He was also sent to carry the young boy Ganymede, who Zeus had fallen in love with, to Olympus to be the cup bearer for the gods.  He was of famed beauty and intelligence, and he became immortalized as the constellation Aquarius.

Just as Aquila carried the Aquarian boy to the heavens to be bearer of life and divinity to the Gods, this conjunction holds strong energies of carrying all of us to elevated states within ourselves and with the Cosmos.  It is as if the great Eagle is here to give us lift into this New Age.  There is no doubt that a grand door is opening that may lead us into greater heights, whether or not we step through it is up to each of us. 

Aquarian upliftment looks like honoring the true freedom of every individual to express their truest, most authentic selves. It is honor the freaks and the outcasts for their sacred role in human evolution. Its honoring all the ways that things different from us, grotesque or exciting cause us to have to pause and expand our consciousness. it is letting discomfort rise into contemplation and broadening understanding. it is cleansing the temple of the body and soul in order to channel higher truths. Allowing us to rise above the mundane and embrace a life that is truly extraordinary. It is in doing this that we create a world of peace, justice and equality.

May we uplift one another in reaching for our highest dreams, selves and visions.  May we support and love one another as we all seek to embrace and heal our shadows and our fears.  May we rise on Eagle’s wings in remembrance of where we have come from and revelation toward a higher order, an organic template that is universal, divine and perfect in nature.

Blessed Flight,

Zoey Wind

Sagittarian New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse- Ourstory of Reculturation

Sagittarian New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse- Ourstory of Reculturation

Artwork: Michael Divine- Only Love Can Reign Over Me

Monday December 14, 2020


Visible from Southern Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, Southwest Africa and Antarctica

There are pages and pages filled with History.  The stories and myths we tell that keep the flame of the human story alive.  And yet, have you personally written any pages? 

The stories we tell create the world view we have of ourselves.  It creates the view that others have of us.  It not only speaks to the past, but lays pavers for our future selves.  The question is- who wrote the stories we were given anyways?  And have we questioned the stories that we have chosen to carry?

As we look around this world and tried to make sense of it as children, how many of us were actually given the space to explore freely what this life meant to us?  To listen to our soul’s howling and our hearts yearning.  To explore life like a true adventure, as children of the divine cosmos, destined for our own personal greatness? 

In most of our realities, we were all indoctrinated into culture, families and education systems early on.  Not that any of these systems are inherently bad, but this new moon is asking us to re-wild ourselves, that we may create a new culture that includes all the parts of our humanity and divinity.

The Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse takes place at 24’ Sagittarius, just 3 degrees away from galactic Center.  Galactic Center is literally, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  The GC is to our Sun what the Sun is to the Earth.  The central axis, the emanation of our cosmic consciousness and evolution. 

In order to make space for what is wanting to come through this super-charged point in the sky, this lunation asks that we get really in tune with our personal beliefs and values.  That we question and dare to give new meaning to the stories we have been given about our past, our ancestors, what they stood for and the meaning of their stories. 

It asks that we willingly surrender the programming embedded in our own psyche that perpetuate toxic patterns in our lives and the world around us.  For Solar eclipses reveal something from our subconscious that has actually been guiding and directing our present experience of reality, and this eclipse in particular allows us to re-program our subconscious.

Through that same portal, we can usher in new truths, eternal truths through the compass of our own hearts.  As we prepare to build a New Earth in these emergent times we can engage in a powerful ceremony in the lens of this Eclipse.  There is a new culture asking to be born out of the deconstruction that the Saturn/Pluto conjunctions brought this past year, lets embrace this as an epic adventure.

As we prepare for the Great Conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius, completing an 800-year cycle; the way this past year has dissolved old structures can be seen to make way for the new actualization of the species.  This cycle has been linked to the greater societal changes throughout time.  What will we do with this clean slate?  How have we engaged in the deep pause we have been required to take?

This is a South Node eclipse, meaning that it is about releasing the old, stagnant, shadow aspects of the Sagittarian essence.  Shadow of Sag includes righteousness, religiousness, hubris and a tendency to feel like anything that threatens our current world-view might actually kill us.

Mercury is on the south node and so this portal specifically asks us to cleanse the mind, friendships and communication patterns.  To question where we have held onto steadfast beliefs because that gave us a sense of security and safety in the world but were actually limiting us.  Where having all the answers made it so we didn’t have to question or surrender into the unknown while simultaneously imprisoning us from higher realization of truth.  

This portal invites us to feel into the beauty of the unknown.  To engage with the excitement of curiosity and beginners mind.  To gaze into the Great Mystery and feel the compass of our hearts directing us towards beauty, truth and the freedom to explore. 

There is so much to learn, the mind can expand beyond our wildest dreams as life is truly an adventure to the Sagittarian mind.  Let’s ignite this passion once again through surrendering the things we hold onto for security that are preventing life from being truly wondrous.

Also, being a New Moon- this portal clears the way for intentions around new learning, travel, mental expansion, broadening world-views, spiritual exploration and engaging life with passion and adventure as it brings in new communities and friendships that support these endeavors. 

With Venus in Scorpio sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn it also requires that these communities and re-culturation endeavors include space for shadow work and be grounded and practical.  As we seek to reculturate for the sake of human evolution, we need to make space for processing our shadows, trauma and the taboo.  These aspects of self exist in everyone, and there are ancient and future cultural tools for working with them in a productive, positive way. 

Our greatest pain becomes our greatest gift when we learn the secrets of the alchemy of the soul.  And eclipses align out souls with our consciousness. May this Eclipse bring you to new teachings, teachers and ignite the teacher within you.  Because the world needs all our gifts as we forge the New Earth Vision and Creation.

A word on the power of this particular moment in time. When working with Galactic Center we can channel in information that comes from the future, that leads us towards our galactic evolutionary point.  Often what comes in is a bit head of its time and needs some time to be integrated.  So if you are channeling at lightning speed, be mindful of how you share that information, so as not to spoil it!  It also asks that we be willing to question what what information comes through through the lens of our current beliefs.  Having insights into the future doesn’t always mean we know what it means, or that those around us are ready to hear it.  Use your intuition on how to best cultivate the precious wisdom seeds that come through this powerful portal.

To learn more about the mystery of this eclipse tune in to my transmission Monday, December 14 at 12:15pmMT through the Whole Person Convergence.  Connect through

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Monday November 30th 2020 1:42amPT/4:32amET                                                         Mental Seduction

Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Monday November 30th 2020 1:42amPT/4:32amET Mental Seduction

Artwork: Jake Baddeley “Gemini”

Gemini is the sign that reconciles opposites.  That performs the miracle of knowing ourselves to be both mortal and divine beings and to activate the magic of these two things becoming one again.  The mystery of a Gemini Full Moon Eclipse ruled by a Scorpio Mercury is to find the deep, rich and fertile potential of the shadows we are each here to transmute.  To illuminate the dark reaches of your soul, through the mind. 

It is alchemical, magical and the awakening of our individual magicians.  The embracing of our magical, sexy, seductive and awakened selves.  This Full Moon is here to illuminate the mind and allow us to use our voices to inspire and uplift those around us, while honoring our differences and the depths of our all of our beings.  It requires great integrity and knowledge of the self.  It asks of us a purification of our intentions in alignment with the wish for peace and healing for all, that through our liberation, so too may the whole world be liberated.

This eclipse ignites the understanding of the power we hold to be the magicians of our own lives.  It asks we ground into our practice of getting to know our minds and hearts more deeply.  To release all the stories, biases, prejudices, hatred and fear that keeps us stuck.  To break free of routines and patterns that are keeping us in suffering.  To make room for our minds and hearts to open to infinite love for all beings everywhere.  To open to higher truths, anchored in our magic and the power we hold to transform it.

Neptune stations direct days before the eclipse.  The power of our dreams, visions and creativity as a direct channel to source and collective unconscious is potent right now.  Entering the Age of Aquarius is going to be about breaking out of the addictions escapism and quick fixes of Pisces which Neptune rules.  She is asking us- how dedicated to your ascension are you?

 And I don’t mean ascending out of this reality in order to escape it.  Although if that is your spiritual path and you have more work to do in the astral realms then bless it!  But Aquarius wants us HERE.  Want us to be the kind of spiritual warriors that rise to the mountain of our own spiritual heights to gather the star juice and bring it back down to the people as the water bearer- bearer of truth.  Take this moment to pause and release all the ways we reach for quick fixes, escape and avoidance.  The great divine, effulgent and juicy bliss and freedom is only found in the present!!

The stationed and potent Neptune opposite a Virgo Vesta squares this eclipse.  We are asked to change up our routines and see where we are devoted in a way that is actually controlling.   Perhaps our routines or spiritual practice have actually become something that’s keeping us in bondage and preventing our hearts and minds from singing!  Science shows that changing our routine and doing things differently increases neuroplasticity in the brain and is super effective at healing depression and suffering in our lives.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter, Pallas Athena ad Saturn activating our ability to pull from the deep wisdom traditions of our own lineage and the Earth in order to create something brilliant with them.  Wrapping up their time in Capricorn, the sign of the elder and of structures, Saturn and Jupiter are joining with Pallas Athena to activate the divine feminine genius once again.  The heart and soul of community, our ancestry, our elders and their gifts want to be worked with actively in this New Earth birthing now. 

Take a moment to honor and thank what these traditions have taught and preserved for us, because the coming Grand Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius will be asking us to evolve these traditions forward in ways currently unimaginable.

Begin your deep and present wrap up of the lessons of this year.  This eclipse is aligned to the royal stars Aldebaran and Antares.  Two stars that bring forth riches, prosperity and destruction so that new energy can be released.  It is a powerful moon to do manifestation rituals dedicated to the love in your heart, for yourself and for the love of all beings everywhere, without exception.

The coming movements of the Cosmic energies promise change beyond our wildest imagination.  Anchor your highest self here and now, without fear, without reserve and without judgement for others.  To each one their own, and may each one teach one.  This New Earth birthing is going to take the gifts of each individual light <3

Blessed Brilliance,

Zoey Wind

Scorpio New Moon -Nov. 14/15, 2020  9:07pmPT/12:07amET                                                                On Life, Death and Rebirth

Scorpio New Moon -Nov. 14/15, 2020 9:07pmPT/12:07amET On Life, Death and Rebirth

Artwork: Gyuri Lohmuller

What happens when we let our hearts break open?  When we let our heart song be heard with all of its joy, hope, idealism or utter defeat in the face of the world’s problems?  What happens if there’s no one there to catch us? To hold us and give us exactly what we need? Perhaps this is what happened before, but perhaps this is the moment when someone will be there once again to heal it all with unconditional love.

Scorpio season brings us into our deepest feelings and fears, especially with the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of the year.  This is the aspect that brought us Corona and a year of fears exploding.  If we want to look at the immune system as a faith based system (it is after all ruled by Neptune the planet of our faith in what is beyond the visible realms) then this year has taught us about the power of what we believe.

The warrior planet Mars is teaching us something deep and true about our courage at this time.  Courage is useless when everything is going great.  It is only called upon when we must face our fears.  This is why Mars rules the sign of Scorpio, the sign of confronting our fears that we may know more deeply our own strength, courage and power.

We have all been left at the altar in some way shape or form.  Bared our soul and tender bellies only to have them scratched out in anguish.  The warrior planet is rising each night as the midnight star to remind us to never let these experiences deter us from continuing to dedicate ourselves to love, truth and the protection of that which is sacred.  If you desire courage, I encourage you to step outside and receive the light of Mars and ask that you be shown yours once again.

Mars and Venus opposed one another this week asking that we take a hard look at where we think the masculine and feminine principles cannot exist harmoniously. That to be deep, receptive, forgiving and feminine is contrary to our warrior strength.  In fact, they are but two sides of the same essence- Source.  For the divine masculine and feminine principles are but the primary division of the One, Truth, Source, God as you understand it.  Therefore, we cannot be truly strong if we are not flexible, tender without courage, directed without openness.

Moon joined Venus on the 12th,  marking the ignition of the Gate of Personal Power, the Solar Plexus, the center of our will and focused energy.  It is like the Mars center of Venus.  Aligning with the same day that we have the final Jupiter-Pluto meeting the heavens seems to say “Let your heart be cracked open and allow that deep effulgent, primordial power of love to ooze from every pore of your being.  Sit inside it a while.  Relish in the power of knowing your true, ineffable self. Now direct that through the Heart.”

Mars, traditional ruler of this lunation stationed direct Friday the 13th after nearly 3 months of retrograde.  This aligning with the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction carries a deep message around how we use our energy.

This year has been most vastly characterized by the Jupiter-Pluto meetings in Capricorn, and this final one is asking us to seek closure.  The first time they met in January, our fears (Pluto) were expanded (Jupiter) as the media told the story of a virus that was killing a frighteningly large amount of people.  We heard reports of a virus unlike anything ever seen before.  That we should sanitize everything all the time or else this unkillable, phantom virus would surely take our lives and the lives of those we love.

Being in the sign of Capricorn, manifestations were seen in the expansions of government control, mandates and lockdowns.  The coming Jupiter-Saturn joining may see more of this again.  But most importantly our desire to be responsible, integitous members of society was activated as we were told to wear masks, to distance ourselves from the people and places we loved and sanitize like our lives depended on it.  We were left in a room, looking at a screen to tell us what life was and all that was happening instead of being allowed to participate in it. 

Two months later, just when we thought maybe things would improve, it got scarier, and the story of our fears got bigger once again.

Now, we have all had quite a bit of time to see more clearly what is going on for ourselves.  Hopefully, with the help of Mars retrograding in Aries, now recently direct, we have done some inner work, spirit questing and thinking for ourselves.  Observing and looking beyond, a little bit deeper and more truly at what is happening. 

Now is the moment, inside of this New Moon, to get really real with the deep lessons that this year has brought up for us.  The fears, whatever they have been are no longer as hidden, shocking or deniable. 

Whatever they are for each of us, this lunation is the portal to place them in for transformation.  To truly let them become our greatest super powers, for when we embrace our deepest wounds and direct them with determination towards being of service to love and healing, this is the promise- they will change the world.

This Moon holds some deep codes for healing, if we are willing to do the deep work.  For isn’t that were the true healing truly comes from?  Deep work like having connected, inspiring conversations.  One where we tell our stories, our deepest truths and reflect on how we have grown spiritually from them.  One where we appreciate how far we have come in spite of the challenges, and without discounting the ugly, uncomfortable parts of what got us here, because we know that it is this deep turmoil that has grown into our superpowers.

This is a time of looking starkly at our fears.  Of lovingly releasing judgement around them.  Engage the Cancerian mother’s love of acceptance and understanding and bring emotional connection to your fears.  Embrace your little child and give them understanding for why you had those fears.  Mostly. It is due to a lack of connection with source as divine and pure love that keeps us stuck in. 

When we look at and surrender our fears into love, we can then take practical action towards sustainability and progress. 

Allow this rendering of fear and hatred to dissolve into peace and love.  The polarity created by “right and wrong” is designed to keep us apart.  The outer world of politics and social struggles does not represent spiritual truths, only the struggle to reach them.  No one side encompasses this at this time.  But if we return to our hearts to embrace and develop this right now, we can then create from a full heart, filled with the love of source and help to co-create the world that reflects our hearts truth.

Pallas Athena holds a special key within this lunation to unlocking our personal power.  She reminds us that there is always more than meets the eye, and that embracing wisdom within all of our actions grounds us to be the change we wish to see in the world. 

Pallas Athena represents the part of the feminine that survived the rise of patriarchy.  In order to survive, she turned against her sisters, and against parts of her feminine nature.  She is also being reborn again in the Pluto-Jupiter sauce. 

She is asking us to look at the parts of our own nature that we have denied in order to gain security and control.  What sensitivities, tenderness, trust, community have we forsaken for safety and security?  And actually look to see- do you truly feel more safe and secure as a result? 

Or is there a falseness in this grasping?  Where would you actually feel more whole, embodied, alive and complete in your life if you embraced your community, heart-connection and the joy that comes from being an active participant in the exchange of ideas in physical landscapes with other humans.

This lunation asks for us to truly process the wounds of separation that we have all collectively experienced this year and to make a final resolution as a result.  Dig deep friends, for the power rendered from exploring our fears at this time may be the foundation upon which a new future is built.  Seek and hold the vision of utopia within your heart as you dive into this potent New Moon.

Blessed Rebirth,

Zoey Wind

Taurus Halloween Full Moon            -Breaking the Mold                           10/31/20  7:49amPT/10:49amET

Taurus Halloween Full Moon -Breaking the Mold 10/31/20 7:49amPT/10:49amET

Artwork: Autumn Skye Morrison

This Full Moon lands on Samhain and is also a blue moon- the second full moon in one month.  Marking the half-way point between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice, this is a time when the darkness overtakes the light for the Northern Hemisphere. 

As the darkness grows, may we remember what the ancients knew- that the darkness is not evil, but the vast quantum field of potential out of which all possibility and matter are born. 

This time of year, holds rich potential where we can bravely face our fears and embrace the things that frighten us and find that they aren’t so scary after all.  In fact, it is in doing this that we tap our true power- confidence in who we are and what we believe, a knowing of the self that cannot be shaken by any outside force.

Saturn and Jupiter are in their final dash out of the sign of Capricorn, so this is wrap up time for all of the lessons they have been emphasizing and making you work for over the last year.  Likewise, the Taurus Moon asks us to relax and find some pleasure in our lives.  Let’s all pause and give ourselves and one another some credit for how well we have done this year in spite of the fear that is being fed almost everywhere we look.

The Taurus Full Moon is with game-changer Uranus.  This can be a grand moment of awakening, or a moment of crisis.  The choice is ours.  The illumination of the Taurus Moon by Scorpio light begs us ask- what deep, unconscious collective fears are manifesting into the material realm right now?  How are they affecting the material reality we live in? And if you can see this- then you can change it!

We can choose what information we take in, expose ourselves to and give energy to. Mercury squares Saturn from Libra during this lunation.   We can choose again to dig deep for the stories that keep us stuck in old patterns, prevent our awakening and from living our true potential.  We can choose fear and control, or we can choose to see and believe in the harmony and beauty all around us. We can believe that there is no possible resolution or we can take a fierce and valiant heart to the table each moment of every day.

Only a free mind, questioning and thinking critically can have any hope to see through the mess that is mass media at this time.  Stay informed, but make sure to be informing the world with what you feel in your heart of hearts- cultivate your joy and gratitude actively.  You are equally as much a creator of this world as anyone else.

The Taurus Moon is also with Black Moon Lilith, amplifying the voice of the scorned feminine within all beings and most importantly, the Earth herself.  The Great Mother whose voice calls to be heard, whose mysteries ask to be explored like a tender lover.  Let’s stop fearing the anger and rage born of oppression, but instead honor and hold it tender and dear and sacred so that it may be suddenly transformed into rich fertile soil.

For it is through our greatest failures that the determination to thrive and obtain abundance is found again.  This moon allows the sudden up-leveling out of our stuckness around our self-worth, abundance and pleasure.  We are leaving the age where self-sacrificing our magic, joy and worthiness to receive makes one admirable.

Instead, Uranus is calling us to radically embody our higher selves NOW.  Not wait until a, b, and c are in place.  But to act according to the highest version of you that you can imagine.  Watch and see how you blossom.

This means we are also being asked to hold space for others to radically transform.  Perhaps we can approach old relationships with a fresh curiosity.  Venus, now in Libra is opposing Chiron in Aries is emphasizing how the intelligence of the heart has been wounded by proposed selfishness.  Meaning, when we learn to truly listen and honor the truth within our hearts aligned with unconditional love, not what others tell us to think or want us to believe, we are actually serving the highest good for al beings.

 This will naturally lead to peace and harmony in our relationships, but we must be willing to let go of where we have been taught this is selfish or wrong.  Allow your soul to embody your temple fully and do not fear, we are each rising into our true power as healers and individuals through this Mars retrograde.  If it feels lonely, seek more deeply your connection to source.  The unconditional love that is always surrounding and inside of you.

Blessed Liberation,

Zoey Wind

Libra new Moon Friday October 16, 2020 12:31pmPT/3:31pmET           24’ of Libra                                            On Faith and Humanness

Libra new Moon Friday October 16, 2020 12:31pmPT/3:31pmET 24’ of Libra On Faith and Humanness

Artwork: Collin Elder- The Mind of an Elder

Sometimes faith is like a fledgling bird- or like Venus moving in to oppose Neptune.  She sits and cries from her nest, she teeters on the edge of imminent death contemplating her existence.  She asks for help, but no one can do it for her.  She has to believe that she can fly. 

And in a moment, it is all realized, as her wings truly hold against the lift of the wind and she takes her first regal soar.  And she realizes that she never had to do it alone, for the wind was surrounding her all along.  Only she could make the choice to trust in what she couldn’t see, but only feel, deep inside her bones. 

Profound moments are created by focusing our attention upon them.  Each moment holds deeper meaning and unfoldment when we are able to hone our mental powers and observe the intelligent design of the universe moving through all things.  Libra holds the keys to observing this intricate patterning and appreciating the perfection of a well-tuned image. 

Scorpio Mercury retrograde from October 13- Nov. 3rd will dip back into Libra asking that we dip deep into the intimacy of relationships and have a little faith in the love and harmony available between all beings when we open ourselves to tender moments with others.

This Libra moon is not as light and fluffy as most of them.  It is in square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn asking- what in our current paradigm of social mores keeps us from connecting more truly and deeply with those around us? 

Perhaps there is a hard conversation to be had.  Perhaps we must reveal some vulnerability we would almost rather die than share.  Yet Libra asks for faith in the ability to find peace and resolution in all things.  That even when it seems impossible, and everyone and everything we have been taught says NO- that we actually CAN all be provided for.  That even when life has shown us that love is out of reach, if we simply choose to believe in it, we can give it wings.

Mercury stationing retrograde opposite Lord of Revelation Uranus two days before the New Moon speaks volumes to the potential for rapid manifestations right now.  But we must first reconcile the limiting beliefs that say it’s impossible.  The beliefs stored deep within our subconscious. 

The fears of not having enough, of not being worthy, of losing our security if we aren’t always happy and self-sacrificing.  The belief that if we can’t see it, or it doesn’t subscribe to logical mainstream thought it’s impossible. The notion that the Earth is too polluted and the people to divided to ever know another Golden Age.

 It’s time to shatter these- not just for ourselves, but for the sake of the rising consciousness of the entire planet!  Oppositions represent the nature of duality; whose product is the sacred child- the thing born of the two.  What will be the child of the deep inner workings of our minds and the rapid evolution of the planet at this time?  Hint- whole world abundance and prosperity consciousness are just some of the options.

Venus just passed through the 5th gate in her Gemini cycle on October 13th.  For the next month, she is activating the Heart chakra and asking that we find balance between the selfless service we offer and opening our hearts to receive.  There is no better time than the present. 

Communicating our needs with the courage to be vulnerable is emphasized within this lunation, along with holding space for what others may be going through.  Listening.  Actually listening to others and giving them the space to be giving in spite of what they are going through as well just may soften your heart a little more. 

Mars is at his closest approach to Earth for 15 years- let you anger offer you space to contemplate why?  Perhaps it will reveal the things that you hold most sacred in this world.  Perhaps when released it will help fuel a long-awaited change in your life. 

The warrior is retrograde along with Mercury until November 3rd, election day.  Utilize these next few weeks to make a deep and long time coming commitment to yourself and your freedom in the world.  The Warriess is there, sword in hand to cheer you on!

We come alive when we courageously witness one another’s’ humanness.  Have you had this opportunity lately?

Quarantine or not, try and find safe ways to engage intimately with others- meaning sharing your feelings, fears, failures and humanness along with your hopes, visions and dreams. 

The worst thing that could happen in these times is that we actually lose touch with our humanity.  May we use this experience to become MORE human, more seen, more willing to see others and remember our common origin and destiny as a species.

Blessings and Humanness,

Zoey Wind

Virgo New Moon                  Sept 17th, 2020 4amPT/7amET     Out of the Wheel and into the Dance

Virgo New Moon Sept 17th, 2020 4amPT/7amET Out of the Wheel and into the Dance

Alchemy- by Serpent Fire

Virgo reminds us that we are Children of Earth.  That there is a Divine Order in all things.  And of the deep gratitude we can tap for all that this beautiful planet provides each of us through sacred service. 

If we feel overwhelmed, we can look to create more order in our lives.  If we are stuck in resentment or judgement, we can offer selfless service to whomever we are frustrated with, and if this is not available to the Earth, which benefits us all. 

Service comes in many forms- and through Virgo it is in the offering our Sacred Work. All of us have experienced a shift in our plans for the future- has it provided you the space for some new desire or soul urge? Some gift within you that you have always wanted to share with the world? Seeds of this may be planted in this New Moon with supreme potency.

There may be tendencies towards criticism and judgement when in the Virgo essence- because she is seeking always to find divine order and spot what is out of place within that.  This is why she makes such a beautiful healer. 

But if this sense of analysis is out of balance, to heal this, we move into the opposite sign of Pisces- where we remember that chaos both precedes and follows order, it is the birth place of it and where it is always going. 

It is from chaos that new things are born, and it is from Order that we return to peace again.  It is in the imaginal realms that we dream new realities into being and order maintains these realities so long as they still serve. Evolution requires both and all of the stages of the dance. And they are all a part of the Divine Order, if we have eyes to see.

These Virgoan themes of discernment vs. criticism may likely show up in our relationships with Mercury in Libra as we are learning collectively what equality and balance feels like as a species. 

There is much to heal before all of the pain is moved and soothed by love- but Venus is square to Uranus reminding us that when we move out of self-centered perspectives and into honoring the entirety of the planet, the magic of the age of Grace can transcend us into a more beautiful and equal world in but an instant.

With the New Moon in square to the Nodes of Fate, we are collectively making choices to honor the many perspectives, instead of holding to religiously held beliefs that no longer serve the highest good for all. 

Moving towards the South Node, this Moon asks us to actively analyze what old programs are running that keep us from being able to connect with those around in an authentic way.  Surrender them to the Earth, scatter them to the Wind- they know how to transform them.

These old beliefs, when we analyze them through the Virgo lens, are revealed as wounds, and will be highlighted for healing in the coming Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron.  We are in an age that celebrates individuality, but there is a shadow to this. 

It is loneliness. 

If we are seeking to differentiate ourselves and our gifts so much that we feel isolated or without a sense of belonging or service, we have fallen out of balance. 

This Moon asks we offer to the darkness that which keeps us separate, so that we can be wholly ourselves, but not totally alone in it.  That our beautiful unique light may still serve the collective, drenched in luscious meaning within the soul.

The age of the karmic hamster wheel and the entrenchment of spirit in matter is transforming via the Gods in the sign of Capricorn.  The Age of Grace is upon us.  Anchored in love, the values of the heart and with clear aim of new and fluid morals; we can co-create this new world that honors all equally.

This Virgo Moon is about healing, feeling our pain, identifying it and, just maybe, surrendering some of our self-centered perspective in order to rise up and out into Eagle Vision with Jupiter who has just stationed direct. 

This signals to me that true social responsibility must include a set of clearly defined values that move beyond ourselves, and into the sacred.  Ask the darkness to reveal to you the sacred within your own heart tonight. Perhaps it grows up out of the Earth and into your body.

Virgo clearly views the sacred order knowing there is magic at work that is inside her, but that is far greater than her simultaneously.  In this truth, she offers her humble service to the highest good of all beings. 

If we are stuck in resentment, judgment, frustration or anger with the Aries retrograde planets, may we remember the power of selfless service in honor of the Divine. 

May we leave gifts for the birds and the squirrels.  May we thank the Sun for shining and the rain for cleansing.  May we remember the power of ritual as focused intent that is real magic and alchemy.

In Humble Service,

Zoey Wind

Pisces Full Moon                                     Control and Escape                                        or Allow and Heal                                Tuesday Sep 1st/2nd, 2020 10:22pmPT/1:22amET

Pisces Full Moon Control and Escape or Allow and Heal Tuesday Sep 1st/2nd, 2020 10:22pmPT/1:22amET

Abdo Hassan


Go forth into the mystic

What dreams do you dream?

Weigh the proportions of symbols

And wipe the lens clean


For it’s now or never

The child does cry

That we must learn to dream

Or else we die


But be not so morbid

Or sad or forlorn

For it is this space

From which life is born


For to live is to die

And to die is to live again

And the Ouroboros turns


Without end


There seems to be no truly “easy” lunation of 2020.  A year that is beyond transformative, beyond words to describe it, as we are yet inside of it.  But there is always the Pisces Moon- the one where poetry and dreaming brings healing again, if we choose it.  If we choose to become conscious dreamers, where the dreamer and the dream become one. Where we can touch upon the true magic of our eternal selves.


Emotions are high with a Piscean Moon, but the waters are rich and fragrant.  What will you place in your stew?  Is it the stewing anger and frustration of a soon to be retrograde Aries Mars?  The deep relational underworld Persephone torture of Venus opposing the Capricorn stellium?  Where does the tortured soul get to be birthed bearing a golden egg?


Jupiter, ruler of the expansive waters of the Fishes lies in the Realms of Saturn close to Pallas Athena- Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy and healing.  Uranus joins the Wise Goddess, Sun and Moon to liberate us from the heavy, material based work we have been entrenched in this year.  Sun in Virgo offers us lift when in our liberation, we maintain reverence for the Earthly realm of the Mother, the Earth and our body as home and temple.


It is said nothing can exist in the imagination that is not real.  Interdimensional reality is but reality.  Reality is but a being we can sit and have a cup of tea with.  Negotiate terms, write new story lines, hold each other and cry and dream a new world with.  How will you dream your new reality asking to be born now?


Whatever addiction, illusions and delusions that have weighed us down this past year- be it in the form of control or escape, this Lunation illuminates and offers propulsion out of them through deep forgiveness of ourselves.  For this world can be harsh, and our souls are sensitive.  For all is one and one is all and we can be in compassion for ourselves and others to heal it.  Here we create change through allowing and dreaming, not forcing or avoiding.


Pisces is the realm of vibrational frequencies.  Just as in the ocean the fish feels the presence of other beings through the currents of the waters, in this Moon we can feel and sense more than just the material realm.  We swim with heightened awareness of the potency of healing modalities that are seemingly “invisible”.  Song, sound, energy, light, water, reiki and communication with other realms are all heightened under Pisces.


As Mars prepares to station retrograde Sept. 9th, the Warrior’s quest for space to swing his sword will be turned inward- into the vast expanses of the inner Self.  What will he find there?  What demons to slay?  What goddesses to serve and protect? What dreams to liberate?


The intentions set to know ourselves more deeply in the Leo New Moon two weeks ago gain vision now. This vision may be held as the grail we seek through our inner Martian realms in the coming months. The seed of our own potential is awaiting, pulsing through our veins.  Like all seeds, it must die for the sprout to be born.


As we are collectively rewriting everything that is structure, power and control in 2020 it’s easy to see on the macro scale- but has your gaze turned inward?  The Virgo priestess Sun discriminates- but Pisces breeds compassion.  Healing cannot happen if we are only approaching it on the physical plane.  Soul work for now, is the name of the game, and bless Pisces for making the possibility of healing more palpable.


However you choose to engage with this lunation, may you be offered a moment to stare into this Moon’s light, let your vision soften and open to the Mystic Vision awaiting you.  Perhaps she sings you a song, channels a poem or opens your extra-senses to new vibrations.


May we surrender sweetly into the strategic dreaming that allows propulsion out of escape/control patterns- both within and without.  The propulsion out of whatever “stuckness” we have been feeding into may be fueled with tears, cries, songs or rage. It is all OK.   Find the hearts that will courageously and sweetly hold the vision with you, of which beautiful New World you wish to land in.  Hope to see you there.



Dream Sweet,

Zoey Wind


Leo New Moon – “Know Thyself and Know The Universe”  Temple of Apollo at Delphi                                               Tuesday Aug 18, 2020    6:42pmET/9:42pmPT -27’ of Leo

Leo New Moon – “Know Thyself and Know The Universe” Temple of Apollo at Delphi Tuesday Aug 18, 2020 6:42pmET/9:42pmPT -27’ of Leo

Art by Daniele Noel


Like the light of the Sun, each one of us lights up this world.  Each one brings a gift.  Each shift is a gift.  Leo sparks our power of manifestation, and the Leo New Moon each year is a powerful time to set intentions around how we want to shift our relationship to ourselves, our ability to share affection and gratitude for others in our lives and how we want to express ourselves, sharing our divine light with the world.


Mercury, trickster and messenger, story-teller and merchant sits with this New Moon.  He is on the far side of the Sun right now, channeling from deep space at lightning speed.  Disseminating wisdom of the Leo variety into our hearts and minds.  He supports us in playfully re-writing stories about ourselves, our hearts, how we give and receive love and play in this world.


The New Moon and Mercury take the place of one of the wings of a kite formation, the other wing being Mars, the south node as the rudder giving direction to the north node in Gemini that leads the flight. Life may be offering us opportunities to better channel our anger, drive and frustration in the face of whatever challenges we may be experiencing, inner or outer, align with our heart and be willing to reassess our beliefs that we may rise into new flight with innocence, curiosity and learning.


We may be presented with opportunities to express ourselves and receive others’ expressions of their truth in new ways. Perhaps we can express ourselves by saying not that “this is the way it is, “ but “this is how I have experienced this“. Then, if we wish to experience things differently, we can support one another in shifting our stories and lenses.  Leo and Mercury invite us to make it light, playful and innocent.


Leo validates the truth of our own hearts as reflection of the truth of the whole Universe. Leo deepens us into our self-love, reminding us that we are a reflection of the sacred all in every single moment.  This Moon is an opportunity to set new intentions for how you want to experience yourself, love yourself and share the riches of your soul with others.


The battle of right and wrong has been well and alive lately, but the stars seem to be saying that this is an age of awakening to the validity and truth of each individual‘s experience. It may be challenging if we are on a spiritual path or any path that can easily appear as righteous, or get caught up in the belief that there is a right and wrong way to respond to things, feel about things or experience them.


Perhaps anger, depression, sadness, pulling away from life are not the wrong responses, but just simply the ones that we have available to us either through modeling, programming or lack of other ways. We can both accept and love ourselves, and seek to find the gift in the shift that manifests life feeling more full, beautiful and honoring of ourselves and others.


Uranus stationed retrograde in Taurus days before this New Moon until January 13/14 20201.  The Lord of Lightning speaks to our ability to radically transform within to find new ways to respond.  The kind of transformation that is not a change of behavior cultivated through self-discipline, but of revelatory realization within ourselves of what is truly important to us- that leads to outer changes effortlessly.  The birth of the New Earth and Paradigm begins within.


Coupled with the wisdom of Leo this says that if we are stuck in patterns of response that were given to us from the outside, perhaps it is time to look inside for new ways.  This lunation opens a portal out of the intense eclipses of the past two months and asks- what have you learned about yourself, and what are you willing to do with it?  The vastness of the Universe lives in each of us, and new creative ways of expression are available to us now. The art is in letting go, while holding the vision of where we want to go.


Venus is still in Cancer wanting tender reception.  At her maximum elongation as Morning Star she may be illuminating relationship work, deep wells of emotion or creativity that are ready to be seen.  She is releasing any blockages to the third eye in her current dance with the Moon.


Engage practices that help clear your mind, engage in meditations with visualizations, see what images have been blocking your clear vision, paint new ones.  Perhaps conjure visions of what deeply secure and satisfying relationships might look like in your life- surrounded and held by the support of family, friends and tribe.


Mars preparing to station retrograde in early September and applying to a square with Saturn may mean the expression of or personal truth lies in forming gentle boundaries, but sometimes boundaries look simply like replacing old responses with new ones.  It may mean opening our hearts to give and receive truth and love in a way that does no harm but still honors our truth.


May we take the opportunity to shower ourselves and those around us with love and appreciation for all that we are, for all that we have come through and how well we are doing in spite of the great challenges we are all facing at this time. In this beautiful New Moon, may we celebrate each other’s’ beauty, celebrate each person’s celebration of themselves, celebrate ourselves and power of knowing ourselves.


The Light in Me Honors the Light in You,

Zoey Wind


Aquarius Full Moon  12th Degree                        The Choice is Yours and Ours                                   Aug 3, 2020  8:59amPT/11:59amET

Aquarius Full Moon 12th Degree The Choice is Yours and Ours Aug 3, 2020 8:59amPT/11:59amET


Artwork: Joshua Mays “Union”

As we climb the proverbial Jacob’s ladder towards the ascension of humanity, we must, if we are to include humanitarian values as a part of the destination look down and extend an open hand to those just below who may be struggling to get a leg up. If the hierarchical analogy makes you uncomfortable, perhaps a more complex vision is suitable and undoubtedly more true.

We can imagine a stream branching through the forest. There are logs and leaves blocking the flow where the river cannot pass. There are side streams that seem to lead to nowhere. Yet there are bears and birds and beavers to help clear the flow for the passage of the water. There are gifts given by water diverted from the main-stream. New ponds lending to new life. There are lakes fed and springs replenished. There are swimming holes and beaches.

There is no wrong path in the river. But there are at times great man-made dams, blocking flow and stagnating life. Flooding ancient canyons once resplendent in beauty and sight for sacred ceremony. And these too may be washed away by the sands of time themselves. But there is a common thread in each and every being and element that shapes the flow of life- consciousness. Have you tapped yours lately?

An Aquarian Full moon calls for the illumination of the consciousness of our interconnection. While we are certainly Earth-beings, here to walk and live a truly human life amongst the plants and animals, we are also children of the stars. Capable of directing the flow of our own consciousness. This does not make us “Gods” in the controlling and dominating sense of the word (although many would choose to believe so) This actually makes us each an integral thread in the great tapestry of creation. We are not powerless, and yet we are not all powerful. Not even those sitting on millions, or trillions of captured energy in the form of hoarded money.

The dance of life is a sacred dance. Aquarius sees the sacred in the Cosmic vision- the ability to transcend being just Earthly beings, into being star-beings. For even the Earth was born of stars. And even those who are struggling, depressed, feeling broken or lost are worthy and able to burn bright enough to illuminate the heavens. To honor this moon, we must honor that we each have something to offer.

There is truth in Oneness and there is truth in separateness. It seems we must honor both that all beings are interconnected and that we also have individual sovereignty. We therefore cannot wait around for the greater “collective representatives” to make decisions that control our individual freedoms, and we cannot as an individual control the outcome of life. It is a dance that is as complex as nature. The grand-cross in this Full Moon chart encourages contemplation of these ideas, stimulating us to form a new relationship to them.

“Each one must teach one” is an African proverb that encouraged African slaves in America who had learned to read or write to teach others that they may rise into their own power. Saturn in Capricorn, ruler of the New Moon sits opposite Mercury in Cancer in the midst of a grand-cross requiring that we face the strategic manipulation of information and education in order to control particular groups. Modern slavery is not a suggestion, it is a fact. And it beings in the home and the places of Cancer- the Mother. This opposition highlights oppression that has its roots in the home and its structure in the government- from media propaganda and education based on district income to the generational trauma that handicaps women and mothers to even be able to empower their children.

The subtle power of words is not to be underestimated. Oppression is woven into our language, memes and catch-phrases. To become aware of this and take back the power of words is being brought to the surface as one of our greatest tools for change and empowerment by the North Node’s journey through Gemini for the next year. Words hold power, for when we speak or write words we spell spells into the web of reality. This Moon may illuminate the spells we have been unconsciously casting for generations.

This work may not be easy, but it is beyond necessary. Social responsibility begins with the individual and feeds into the collective. How can we support those around us and ourselves in choosing love, when we have been programmed to choose the self over all else? This is not to say we abandon ourselves, but that if we seek love as the highest aim then when we make decisions in this world we consider the larger web of which we are a part of. This includes choosing to care for ourselves as an act of caring for others, not as an attempt to beat others to some delusional prize.

Mercury in Cancer begs that we begin rewriting our ancestral stories from the inside out. This beings around the dinner table, the hearth fire. We can choose to tell and retell the stories that entrench ours or others weaknesses or those that honor our strengths, triumphs and our ability to grow and transcend. It is also true that the impacts of trauma can make it feel impossible to even begin to rewrite our stories. This is where we need one another- supporting and loving and compassionately showing up, lending a hand and encouraging one another’s growth.

Venus sits wit the North Node in an in conjunct with Saturn- She asks that we make adjustments in the hard rules ad structures in order to attain a world of peace, harmony and beauty. The ancient practice of storytelling is a cultural tool which we are being asked to reclaim. Let’s make it beautiful! Let’s use some discernment. We can look at the stories we follow through news, entertainment and the many forms of modern myth we partake in that solidify the current power structure’s agenda. We are not just receivers, we are also creators of these stories. When we gather around the fire, may we rewrite and spell a world of equality and harmony amongst Earth and all of Her children into being.

We each have something to teach in these times that can help free one another from the grand oppression and control systems that stand in the way of the freedom of humanity today. Be it the stories about our own privilege, oppression, growth, the way we have found forgiveness or compassion, or simply of our own experience so that others may have the opportunity to understand another’s struggles. We can both speak to the truth of our reality and see that we can shift our perspective on it in order to create a different one. We must also consciously cultivate the values of a world we want to live in within ourselves and daily lives in order to responsibly create this new reality.

The Sun in Leo is in square to Uranus in Taurus, modern ruler of Aquarius. They are saying that if individual power means the destruction of harmony, the Earth and sustainable relationships then something is greatly out of balance. But the realization of our ability to suddenly transform our relationships to both Earth and other humans can heal and bring the awakening of the human spirit and the truth of Oneness and interconnection. These values must be chosen and will require humility, courage and strength of community. I pray that we each can tap into our soul family that will make this transformation as beautiful and graceful as it can be.

Blessings and Stardust,
Zoey Wind

New Moon in Cancer, Annular Solar Eclipse and the June Solstice                 June 20th 11:40am PT          June 21st 2:40am ET 2020       0’ Cancer – World Axis

New Moon in Cancer, Annular Solar Eclipse and the June Solstice June 20th 11:40am PT June 21st 2:40am ET 2020 0’ Cancer – World Axis

Artwork by Jahbulani Ori- “The Ndebele Creator”

To see more of his beautiful art visit

To have three major astrological events aligning like this is truly powerful.  I do not have to use astrology to show you that.  Just pick up any media device and you will see the collective upheaval of emotion, rage and pain being brought to the surface.  But have you felt this coming for some time? Cancer mysteries are about the knowing beyond the mind. The knowing that comes from deep within the belly and chest.  Just as a mother knows what her child needs, even if they can’t speak it. Did something inside you always know that we would see great changes in our lifetimes? 

The possibilities of potential outcomes surely frighten us all.  When I look for comfort right now, it is in all of the beautiful people, hearts and minds I know who are tirelessly fighting for justice, truth and equality for all in their own ways.  It is in the vision I hold and cultivate for the future. I want to thank each of you for doing your part.  I commit to using my privilege, gifts and strengths to help foster a world where all beings are treated as equal to other beings, worthy of respect, security, safety, reparation, freedom, justice, access to resources, abundance and the ability to rise into their highest potential and share their unique contribution to the world supported.

The chosen ignorance and avoidance of the brutality of the current system seems to be coming to a head, something that astrology has seen coming with the current Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter placements in Capricorn for some time.    We live in unprecedented times, and many who would not see before are beginning to see now why there has been so much talk of this time in our collective story. Venus retrograding in Gemini has opened the channels for voices and minds of the oppressed to be heard now. But it is by the action and courage of those actually doing it that the collective heart pulse can be heard.

This New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse is at 0 degrees of Cancer is on the June Solstice.  It occurs at the same time that we have our solstice points aligned to the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy (roughly 27’ Sagittarius) and the Galactic Edge (roughly 27; Gemini). This occurs only twice every 26,000 years. 

This is the alignment that astrologers like Daniel Giamarrio of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery school have pinpointed as why the ancients predicted this time as one of the most critical moments in the shifting of the great ages. We are shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.  But far more significantly, we are ending a 26,000-year cycle and beginning a new one.  This is why these times have been spoken of as the end of time, a time when we literally watch an old world die and a new one be born.

This eclipse squares Mars in Pisces, revealing the rage that can emerge when the truth of others’ experiences is shoved under the rug in an attempt to escape what frightens us.  Fear is absolved by awakening to the truth that we do not have to suffer if we are willing to seek our own empowerment.   Sometimes we have no other choice. Cancer says it is OK to ask for help.  She speaks to the truth that we absolutely need to honor our interconnectedness if we are going to make it through these wild times and into a world we actually want to live in. For we truly cannot do something to another without doing the same to ourselves.

While those in power may want to control the outcome, we hold the power of being the great majority of the people.  Let us pray that the vast majority seek to vision a world that is just, whole, regenerative, loving, safe and humane.  Not one based on seeking and maintaining power and control through greed.  The eclipse occurring on solstice and in the sign of Cancer begs us to honor the sacred feminine in all her forms- mother, child, Earth, hearts, community, education and the right to feel safe and held on this beautiful planet- the same we would want for any child.

The upcoming eclipse on July 4th/5th is with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.  Seeking to control and maintain power will be futile with aspects like these, but they can still create great suffering.  Natural law proves that old structures that are not regenerative must break down and give way to new ones in order to support life in its evolution.  Nature shows us consistently that systems which do not do this will ultimately fail.  But when they do, energy is released for growing anew.  We must be prepared to utilize the energy that is being released now, and in the coming years, to consciously and co-creatively activate a new future that we want to live in.

The nodes give us clues as to how to do this.  This eclipse occurs on the North Node, opposite the South node in Sagittarius.  Old philosophies that do not honor truth will continue to be spotlighted in order for their release and transformation over the next years.  The way into new philosophy is to return to being a student.  Learning, researching, liberating knowledge, freeing our minds.  The internet has become increasingly censored over the past months, have you noticed?  If we are to progress on a collective evolutionary level at this time we must preserve our access to knowledge and information like never before.  This may be through creating a library, using alternative browsers, gathering and sharing knowledge, voting, protesting, enrolling in classes and teaching what you know.

Additionally, the New Moon in Cancer with the North Node can bring in visions and manifestations of the New Earth for the next year and a half.  Cancer is about protection- of our homes, loved ones, food security, the Earth, family, the young and women.  The astrology of now and the coming years speaks to further destabilization in order to transform us out of the ways that have bred sickness in the world.  Cancer shows the way towards security is through safe emotional bonds, thinking of the collective and nurturing a relationship to the Earth.  Like the mother who tirelessly grows soil, medicine and food, preserving it for her people.  Like the father who hunts and works to provide for the family’s long term security of resources.

The wise mother knows she must also care for herself if she hopes to be able to care for others.  May we listen tenderly to our needs so as not to deplete ourselves.  Water heals and moves emotions.  So too do your tears.  They cleanse the world of suffering through feeling- a powerful magical tool.  We are like teardrops of centuries of pain.  Be free.  Be alive.  It is our destiny to be here at this time, otherwise it would not be so.  If we are here, we have what it takes.  May we embody the heart of the Great Mother and all of her joy, pride and hope for her young sweet ones. 

It is only together, with hands and hearts united that we can co-create a world that is just and free for all.  It takes all perspectives.  The one and the many are in fact but two sides of the same truth.

In Love and Solidarity,

Zoey Wind

Sagittarius Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 6/5/20  12:25pmPT/3:25pmET

Sagittarius Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 6/5/20 12:25pmPT/3:25pmET

Lohmuller Gyuri- Through the Time

The Holy Mountain…and the Gentle Wind

Truth is on the move

Try and catch it

An empty hand

But the owl sits on your left shoulder

Calling out the parts unseen

A full heart

And the people stand

Together on the holy mountain

As the winds speaks messages

Who will listen

To her gentle song

Sung out from the Sun?

That the whole truth

And nothing but the truth

Honor the many

And the One

Old claims to righteousness are falling away now

They may expand in a grasp for power

But now is the time of honoring the power of truth

The many make the whole

Peer into the Sun and see Venus

The Terrestrial and the Celestial hearts

United as one

And hear the secret of ages

That as above, so below

As below, so above

Sagittarius is about truth.  Represented by the symbol of the arrow, it is the questing and penetrating passion to know the closest truth of this reality one can know.  The sign of teachers, philosophers, morality, law- both natural and human interpreted, religion and faith- the eclipses that will be highlighting Sag, along with its polarity of Gemini for the next year and a half, will surely enlighten and enthrall, challenge and surprise. 

This is the first of many eclipses that will take place in Sagittarius/Gemini, so it is wise to pay attention to what arises now to foresee where the collective evolution of humanity is driving in the coming year.  Take notes, journal and reflect in order to prepare the inner work that will allow the highest potential to stream through the dragon portal eclipses. 

Make some time if you can to sit with the peak of this eclipse and ask Venus, who sits with Sun and opposite Moon, to see more clearly the truth of your own heart.  The truth of the world you wish you live in, your role in it and particularly what ideologies we have been spoon fed that have made us sick.  They are ready to move and open space for what will be streaming in during the big eclipse coming up on the Summer Solstice in a couple weeks.

Venus is at the heart of her retrograde in Gemini- the sign of words and the mind.   The voices of those long silenced are rising.  Information, once hidden or ignored, is revealed.  Gemini as the sign that speaks and names things, cries out now from the heart- to speak the names of those human lives taken through deceit- be it through covid, systematic disempowerment, genocide, prejudice or other. This year is a breaking point for the lies and deceit used to steal the parts of our vast human potential and sequestered to a few in their attempt to consolidate power through violence, psychological manipulation and greed.

Those long silenced who are courageous enough to speak the names, call out what they see and fight for the right of the human heart to be honored as sacred in each and every single individual that ever takes a breath on this planet have reached their moment.  We must expose the old beliefs that served the few and not the many that were the seed of our present fruit if we wish to grow something that is not rotten before it can ripen. 

But do we see the seed that grew them?  Do we see the planter?  This lunation is amping up our vision to dig to the root of the beliefs that have been lodged in the subconscious of the people through media, brainwashing and secret agendas.  Just as when we grow a garden, we must decide which plants we wish to cultivate and which are detrimental to the vision we are seeking to grow.

First, we must seek a vision.  Find and hold it.  Nurture and water it.  Eclipses promise that while they may take out things that no longer serve, something new will surely move into its place.  May we hold true to the vision of our highest hearts.  Anchored in love and peace.  This is not to say there is not a need for weeding out the noxious ideologies of the past, but if we do not re-plant that soil consciously, something just as terrible may move into their place.

This work is not for the faint of heart, but luckily there are many roles to play in this drama.  We need peace-keepers, farmers, mothers, children, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, those in service, nurturers, healers, teachers, warriors, artists and more.  Cultural artists heed the call now.  There is more than one way to use your voice, reclaim your power and be the change you want to see now.  If astrology teaches us anything, its that every single part of the whole is a vital activation of the one human heart/mind that we collectively stream in and out of. 

As Venus sits in the heart of the Sun- ask her to reveal to you what sacred role you are to play in this pivotal moment in herstory.  Perhaps we should call it Ourstory. Ask how your voice and your heart can be more closely aligned.  Ask to know your inner truth gracefully, that you may use your voice more authentically.  Seek to understand the perspective of others more truly.  Ask what are the fierce delusions and inertia are ready to go through this eclipse portal that you may rise into your true purpose.  We can stay in the nightmare, or we can wake up, analyze the symbols and use the information available to make the choices most aligned with our hearts.

For if we continue to dis-clude any humans from the whole of humanity our future will continue to fragment until our species falls apart.  But if we can see the whole within each individual, and honor each individual within the whole as equally sacred, perhaps and just maybe, we will glimpse something of the great peace we can create together. 

In Peace and Solidarity for All,

Zoey Wind

New Moon in Gemini                    Thursday May 22 10:38amPT/1:38pmET                        For All the Beautiful Flowers

New Moon in Gemini Thursday May 22 10:38amPT/1:38pmET For All the Beautiful Flowers

Artwork: Plenty by Autumn Skye Morrison

With the season of Gemini comes the time of the pollinators.  Those that fly, hum, buzz and chirp with delight at the variety of fresh nectars to taste of and behold in natures Queendom.  To flirt, play, joke, question, learn and be ever curious are the past-times of this sign. 

In a time when our ability to move around is limited, we must look to new ways to engage our Mercurial senses.  To feed and nourish them with the variety of inputs they require, to hold to the social responsibility needed at this time for sure, but oh so much more.  This lunation asks us to open our Hearts and Minds and unite as one as she reveals new levels of integrity and consciousness within the human community

With Saturn and Pluto aspected by this New Moon more information is coming in that may return us to a perspective of love and understanding through our heart-mind faculties as a species.  But this information should be questioned against the bell of truth in the heart and tested by the logic of the mind as Neptune is at play.  We may have to give time for the function of this information to become clear- look to the coming Full Moon is Sagittarius for illumination. 

For now, La Luna asks that we clean our lenses, wipe our brow and enjoy the company of loved ones safely- and with a watchful eye for the relationship patterns emerging now.  Set intentions for the shifting perspectives as they stream in.  Where can we communicate with more honesty, integrity and de-personalized perspective?  Align yourself to that which you value most and watch as the Universe responds. 

Set powerful and meticulous intentions for how you want to re-dream your daily routine, relationships, values, communication and your sacred connection to the All- the Mind.  Mercury listens when we open our minds, cleansing and purifying the lenses that we may receive vision true and bright, to live the best lives we can- for ourselves, for others.

To understand our multiplicitous reality requires the skill of Mercury’s home sign Gemini.  Mercury is very close to Venus marrying the Heart and the Mind and asking of us the same.  To see beauty more clearly as the aim.  To remember our ancestors are not to blame- for perhaps they were us, and our children’s children will be again.  Remembering that the study of the multiplicity must also contain the truth of oneness. 

As Venus’s backwards sparkle into the Sun bodes that relationships be revised, visions and dreams may hold information- but the key is always in the heart.  Purify your heart space, allow it to be cleansed with compassion.  For now is the time when humanity stands shoulder to shoulder in the great endeavor of building a new Earth.  What do you see?

Cities and states around the U.S. are relaxing their rules around Covid lockdown measures.  This time has been much like the cocoon phase of the Butterfly’s lifecycle, an animal closely akin to Gemini.  Yet, we cannot rely on governmental structures and lawmakers to guide the development of culture any longer.  We each must decide what feels truly safe and how best to honor the health of our at-risk loved ones.  This require gathering safely in our communities to decide what is best for us, always thinking of the greater whole simultaneously.

The South Node of the Moon has moved into Sag and the North Node into Gemini- old philosophies and religiously held beliefs that have become stale in the new era are ready to dematerialize into the spirit realm for transmutation.  It is time to focus on the details, the small thoughts and beliefs, the rudimentary structures of the universe and our perspective of it that create the sacred geometric field through which we gaze into the material realm- and through which we manifest.  If you are human, your perspective is valid and your magic is potent.

As we begin to step out into the world more and more, notice how you have changed.  How have your values shifted?  What is now imperative to your heart’s mission and desires that was not there before?  Nurture it.  Feed it new information and most importantly have fun.  With 4 planets retrograde this is a time for reflection, but Gemini wants to play so try and honor that need as best you can.  We are emerging with glistening eyes, bright and shiny and innocent like the child and yet can access the wisdom necessary to keep strong cultural protocol to protect that which matters most to us and cultivate it consciously. 

We have all suffered a great loss of our elders and loved ones from this physical plane.  While the world is different for many, it is laden with greif for others. Laughter is an ancient medicine, celebrate the lives of those who have passed on during this time together.

Perhaps, as the ancients knew, those that transition from this world are not gone but transformed into a new state into which we can still peer and receive messages, their love enveloping us and guiding us.  The collective subconscious is asking to be heard, worked with and remembered once again.  Messages may come in plant, bird, insect or animal form.

Remember that your soul is ancient.  It knows things that cannot be explained with cognitive faculty alone.  But this skill must be tested, scientifically cultivated, through evidence and experience to reveal a new type of sight.  To see with the third eye- the inner eye and REALeyes new and ancient magic that has been lying dormant in the Earth for centuries, awaiting our remembering.  Clue- the Trinity holds the key.

We are all undergoing a collective initiation that we may not have seen coming, but it is an opportunity for us to rewrite our stories as a species, as families and as individuals.  This may be the first time we have lived through something like this, but it is not the first time for humanity.  To be human is to know how to live in harmony with the Universe, how to be resilient and adaptable to the new.  There are cultural protocols, solutions, lessons to be learned, new information to gather and distill and above all- a great opportunity. 

This is the time to honor and cultivate that ancient human sense of knowing that is beyond the artificial limitations placed by modern science upon the brain.  Once we break old beliefs, we free up energy to shift our reality. Perhaps as we learn more about how the Heart and mind are meant to function in unison we shall see a new humanity born, or reborn , or both.

May this be a Moon of conscious visioning, of the seeding of the little things that make up the big picture of the world we wish to re-emerge into, a world we can actively co-create together. For the Magic of Mercury is knowing the magic of the Mind. Right now Mercury asks, which flowers will we choose to pollinate?

To the New and Beautiful,

Zoey Wind