Sagittarius Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 6/5/20  12:25pmPT/3:25pmET

Sagittarius Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 6/5/20 12:25pmPT/3:25pmET

Lohmuller Gyuri- Through the Time

The Holy Mountain…and the Gentle Wind

Truth is on the move

Try and catch it

An empty hand

But the owl sits on your left shoulder

Calling out the parts unseen

A full heart

And the people stand

Together on the holy mountain

As the winds speaks messages

Who will listen

To her gentle song

Sung out from the Sun?

That the whole truth

And nothing but the truth

Honor the many

And the One

Old claims to righteousness are falling away now

They may expand in a grasp for power

But now is the time of honoring the power of truth

The many make the whole

Peer into the Sun and see Venus

The Terrestrial and the Celestial hearts

United as one

And hear the secret of ages

That as above, so below

As below, so above

Sagittarius is about truth.  Represented by the symbol of the arrow, it is the questing and penetrating passion to know the closest truth of this reality one can know.  The sign of teachers, philosophers, morality, law- both natural and human interpreted, religion and faith- the eclipses that will be highlighting Sag, along with its polarity of Gemini for the next year and a half, will surely enlighten and enthrall, challenge and surprise. 

This is the first of many eclipses that will take place in Sagittarius/Gemini, so it is wise to pay attention to what arises now to foresee where the collective evolution of humanity is driving in the coming year.  Take notes, journal and reflect in order to prepare the inner work that will allow the highest potential to stream through the dragon portal eclipses. 

Make some time if you can to sit with the peak of this eclipse and ask Venus, who sits with Sun and opposite Moon, to see more clearly the truth of your own heart.  The truth of the world you wish you live in, your role in it and particularly what ideologies we have been spoon fed that have made us sick.  They are ready to move and open space for what will be streaming in during the big eclipse coming up on the Summer Solstice in a couple weeks.

Venus is at the heart of her retrograde in Gemini- the sign of words and the mind.   The voices of those long silenced are rising.  Information, once hidden or ignored, is revealed.  Gemini as the sign that speaks and names things, cries out now from the heart- to speak the names of those human lives taken through deceit- be it through covid, systematic disempowerment, genocide, prejudice or other. This year is a breaking point for the lies and deceit used to steal the parts of our vast human potential and sequestered to a few in their attempt to consolidate power through violence, psychological manipulation and greed.

Those long silenced who are courageous enough to speak the names, call out what they see and fight for the right of the human heart to be honored as sacred in each and every single individual that ever takes a breath on this planet have reached their moment.  We must expose the old beliefs that served the few and not the many that were the seed of our present fruit if we wish to grow something that is not rotten before it can ripen. 

But do we see the seed that grew them?  Do we see the planter?  This lunation is amping up our vision to dig to the root of the beliefs that have been lodged in the subconscious of the people through media, brainwashing and secret agendas.  Just as when we grow a garden, we must decide which plants we wish to cultivate and which are detrimental to the vision we are seeking to grow.

First, we must seek a vision.  Find and hold it.  Nurture and water it.  Eclipses promise that while they may take out things that no longer serve, something new will surely move into its place.  May we hold true to the vision of our highest hearts.  Anchored in love and peace.  This is not to say there is not a need for weeding out the noxious ideologies of the past, but if we do not re-plant that soil consciously, something just as terrible may move into their place.

This work is not for the faint of heart, but luckily there are many roles to play in this drama.  We need peace-keepers, farmers, mothers, children, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, those in service, nurturers, healers, teachers, warriors, artists and more.  Cultural artists heed the call now.  There is more than one way to use your voice, reclaim your power and be the change you want to see now.  If astrology teaches us anything, its that every single part of the whole is a vital activation of the one human heart/mind that we collectively stream in and out of. 

As Venus sits in the heart of the Sun- ask her to reveal to you what sacred role you are to play in this pivotal moment in herstory.  Perhaps we should call it Ourstory. Ask how your voice and your heart can be more closely aligned.  Ask to know your inner truth gracefully, that you may use your voice more authentically.  Seek to understand the perspective of others more truly.  Ask what are the fierce delusions and inertia are ready to go through this eclipse portal that you may rise into your true purpose.  We can stay in the nightmare, or we can wake up, analyze the symbols and use the information available to make the choices most aligned with our hearts.

For if we continue to dis-clude any humans from the whole of humanity our future will continue to fragment until our species falls apart.  But if we can see the whole within each individual, and honor each individual within the whole as equally sacred, perhaps and just maybe, we will glimpse something of the great peace we can create together. 

In Peace and Solidarity for All,

Zoey Wind

New Moon in Gemini                    Thursday May 22 10:38amPT/1:38pmET                        For All the Beautiful Flowers

New Moon in Gemini Thursday May 22 10:38amPT/1:38pmET For All the Beautiful Flowers

Artwork: Plenty by Autumn Skye Morrison

With the season of Gemini comes the time of the pollinators.  Those that fly, hum, buzz and chirp with delight at the variety of fresh nectars to taste of and behold in natures Queendom.  To flirt, play, joke, question, learn and be ever curious are the past-times of this sign. 

In a time when our ability to move around is limited, we must look to new ways to engage our Mercurial senses.  To feed and nourish them with the variety of inputs they require, to hold to the social responsibility needed at this time for sure, but oh so much more.  This lunation asks us to open our Hearts and Minds and unite as one as she reveals new levels of integrity and consciousness within the human community

With Saturn and Pluto aspected by this New Moon more information is coming in that may return us to a perspective of love and understanding through our heart-mind faculties as a species.  But this information should be questioned against the bell of truth in the heart and tested by the logic of the mind as Neptune is at play.  We may have to give time for the function of this information to become clear- look to the coming Full Moon is Sagittarius for illumination. 

For now, La Luna asks that we clean our lenses, wipe our brow and enjoy the company of loved ones safely- and with a watchful eye for the relationship patterns emerging now.  Set intentions for the shifting perspectives as they stream in.  Where can we communicate with more honesty, integrity and de-personalized perspective?  Align yourself to that which you value most and watch as the Universe responds. 

Set powerful and meticulous intentions for how you want to re-dream your daily routine, relationships, values, communication and your sacred connection to the All- the Mind.  Mercury listens when we open our minds, cleansing and purifying the lenses that we may receive vision true and bright, to live the best lives we can- for ourselves, for others.

To understand our multiplicitous reality requires the skill of Mercury’s home sign Gemini.  Mercury is very close to Venus marrying the Heart and the Mind and asking of us the same.  To see beauty more clearly as the aim.  To remember our ancestors are not to blame- for perhaps they were us, and our children’s children will be again.  Remembering that the study of the multiplicity must also contain the truth of oneness. 

As Venus’s backwards sparkle into the Sun bodes that relationships be revised, visions and dreams may hold information- but the key is always in the heart.  Purify your heart space, allow it to be cleansed with compassion.  For now is the time when humanity stands shoulder to shoulder in the great endeavor of building a new Earth.  What do you see?

Cities and states around the U.S. are relaxing their rules around Covid lockdown measures.  This time has been much like the cocoon phase of the Butterfly’s lifecycle, an animal closely akin to Gemini.  Yet, we cannot rely on governmental structures and lawmakers to guide the development of culture any longer.  We each must decide what feels truly safe and how best to honor the health of our at-risk loved ones.  This require gathering safely in our communities to decide what is best for us, always thinking of the greater whole simultaneously.

The South Node of the Moon has moved into Sag and the North Node into Gemini- old philosophies and religiously held beliefs that have become stale in the new era are ready to dematerialize into the spirit realm for transmutation.  It is time to focus on the details, the small thoughts and beliefs, the rudimentary structures of the universe and our perspective of it that create the sacred geometric field through which we gaze into the material realm- and through which we manifest.  If you are human, your perspective is valid and your magic is potent.

As we begin to step out into the world more and more, notice how you have changed.  How have your values shifted?  What is now imperative to your heart’s mission and desires that was not there before?  Nurture it.  Feed it new information and most importantly have fun.  With 4 planets retrograde this is a time for reflection, but Gemini wants to play so try and honor that need as best you can.  We are emerging with glistening eyes, bright and shiny and innocent like the child and yet can access the wisdom necessary to keep strong cultural protocol to protect that which matters most to us and cultivate it consciously. 

We have all suffered a great loss of our elders and loved ones from this physical plane.  While the world is different for many, it is laden with greif for others. Laughter is an ancient medicine, celebrate the lives of those who have passed on during this time together.

Perhaps, as the ancients knew, those that transition from this world are not gone but transformed into a new state into which we can still peer and receive messages, their love enveloping us and guiding us.  The collective subconscious is asking to be heard, worked with and remembered once again.  Messages may come in plant, bird, insect or animal form.

Remember that your soul is ancient.  It knows things that cannot be explained with cognitive faculty alone.  But this skill must be tested, scientifically cultivated, through evidence and experience to reveal a new type of sight.  To see with the third eye- the inner eye and REALeyes new and ancient magic that has been lying dormant in the Earth for centuries, awaiting our remembering.  Clue- the Trinity holds the key.

We are all undergoing a collective initiation that we may not have seen coming, but it is an opportunity for us to rewrite our stories as a species, as families and as individuals.  This may be the first time we have lived through something like this, but it is not the first time for humanity.  To be human is to know how to live in harmony with the Universe, how to be resilient and adaptable to the new.  There are cultural protocols, solutions, lessons to be learned, new information to gather and distill and above all- a great opportunity. 

This is the time to honor and cultivate that ancient human sense of knowing that is beyond the artificial limitations placed by modern science upon the brain.  Once we break old beliefs, we free up energy to shift our reality. Perhaps as we learn more about how the Heart and mind are meant to function in unison we shall see a new humanity born, or reborn , or both.

May this be a Moon of conscious visioning, of the seeding of the little things that make up the big picture of the world we wish to re-emerge into, a world we can actively co-create together. For the Magic of Mercury is knowing the magic of the Mind. Right now Mercury asks, which flowers will we choose to pollinate?

To the New and Beautiful,

Zoey Wind

Scorpio Full Moon- For Those Who Howl at the Moon Thursday May 7th 2020 3:45amPT/ 6:45am ET

Scorpio Full Moon- For Those Who Howl at the Moon Thursday May 7th 2020 3:45amPT/ 6:45am ET

Artwork- Susan Seddon Boulet

On the tails of Beltane- the celebration of Sun at 15’ Taurus, we find ourselves at the Scorpio Full Moon.  Taurus is like the fresh breeze in spring.  Scorpio is the rushing stream.  Intently subtle as it surges unto everything and nothing, unto the ocean, the deep waters of the primordial where it may return to itself.  He is the Green Man, yearning in our bones for love, for truth, for the eternal penetrating below every surface that he touches.  For him, quiet hours can only lead to deeper contemplation and hidden truths are revealed. 

Taurus is the breeze.  She is the lush magnetic force of plants.  The florescence of flowers fully blossomed, singing out to their winged lovers to taste of their nectar.  She beckons us into comfort, into stillness, into Beingness.  She is content to receive the gifts that Scorpio has dug up from the deep dark secret places in exchange for her sweet scent.  Hers is the magic of manifestation and the Earthly Realms.  The scorpion knows of magic, a knowing beyond the mind. 

We cannot explain the things we know without knowledge or experience.  Deep within our psyche lies a serpent that is wise beyond anything a mortal life could attain.  The serpent holds a deep and penetrating knowledge, some would call it the knowledge of Good and Evil.  A knowledge of unseen, of dreams and visions, of things some would rather not see.

But the serpent reserves all judgement. To her still gaze the mysteries of the cycles of time have been revealed.  First, as a single thread of time.  Then, as many strands woven into a braid, and then braids woven with layers upon layers of time cascading, as if across a great tapestry.  Revealing the turning of ages as the masterpiece of a great weaver in the sky.

The serpent holds the secrets of how life force moves through the threads of the Great Tapestry.  She radiates this pure creative life force.  She undulates with the rhythms of time, knowing them to be cyclical, not circular.  And she basks in the warmth of the seemingly still Sun, knowing all of the secrets of its inner fire. 

The Sabian Symbol for the 18th degree of Scorpio is


KEYNOTE: The exalted feeling of a work well done and a truly consummated life.

The person who has lived with faith the transpersonal life — the life through which spirit radiates creatively — can experience blessedness and peace, even though his or her cycle of experience nears its end. It has been a life full of seed. The seeds are hidden perhaps, yet they are filled with the power to overcome cyclic death. The soul is at peace. The clear autumnal sky silently intones the great message: “Well done, little man!”


                           -Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala

To know of the deeper secrets of this reality belongs to the Scorpio Mysteries.  The sign signifying Mystery itself, and the deep yearning within each of us to know it more closely. Taurus is what makes us go “Mmmmmm.”  Scorpio is what makes us howl.  What sends jolts of ecstasy through our being so strong we think we might die, and don’t care.  For it is in these spaces we can glimpse something of the other side, and can take inspiration in the small and great deaths that remind us of the forgotten truth of what lies beyond this dimension.

The coming week is full of major shifts with 2 planets changing signs and 2 planets turning retrograde.  Most significantly Venus, retrograde on May 12/13,  is spending months in the sign of Gemini and in a square with Neptune.  With the North Node of Destiny recently in Gemini, this Venus retrograde will have a lot to teach us about what the eclipses of the next couple years will be about.

How we relate is in a deep process of transmutation.  This includes how we communicate, gather and engage in groups, express our deepest feeling of fear and love, how we relate to the Earth, our embodiment and our divinity.  On this Moon, intentions around knowing our creative life force and cultivating the will to direct it are amplified.  First, we must contend with our duties to the collective, and reflect on our personal philosophy on the right use of that power.  Pluto retrograding until October will afford us plenty of time.

We may be confronted by delusions of things seeming too good to be true or like a nightmare come to life.  We may feel tempted to swing in one direction or another, to latch on and then detach. Maintain focus on what is truly important to you.  Cultivate compassion for everything and one that you see, most of all yourself.  Feel into your heart for truth. 

In a time of budding trans-humanism we need not reject or cling to our humanity, nor our divinity.  We are both and both must be honored.  The collective evolutionary up-leveling we are experiencing right now does not require our participation, but can be shaped and directed with our consciousness.  Like the serpent we can see the deeper truths spiraling.  Like the human, we can cherish and celebrate this life and all the things that are dear to us in it, and live in a way that honors and protects it, while knowing that all things have their time.

We can all help anchor the new celestial visions streaming in by grounding into our bodies, hearts and minds. Wolf is said to be symbolic of the balance between our instinctual natures and pack mentality.  It is the attention to our inner knowing in balance with the highest good of the tribe.  It is independent and loyal.

Call on Wolf medicine this lunation as you feed your senses and your soul in whatever healthy ways you can but most importantly- maintain a true heart connection with those you love and the things that light you up.  Social responsibility and the power of the individual to affect the whole is a powerful lesson for all of us right now.  I know we are in varying circumstances and I send my prayers out to all who have lost loved ones in these times, I share in your pain.

This is a dawning, and a setting.  Decorative visage is not cutting it anymore.  We need a truth that is unshakable, for it is malleable and adaptable to being.  It is a new expanse upon which our gaze must open to seeing something new.  It’s discovery is apparent only in the search. It is a Full Moon rising.   It does not come of surrender or controlling, but of assuming our own authority, purifying the will, aligning with love and directing the serpent fire within.  The valor that rises is like a brilliant sun amidst dawn’s grey-scale sky. 

Through inspiration and inner-reflection may we rise in a collective howl to the Scorpio Moon- Moon of power, moon of the mysteries of life, death and rebirth.  Whatever is birthing in you, I wish you the most beautiful opening and unfolding <3

Zoey Wind

Taurus New Moon and the Rainbow Bridge                  April 22 2020        7:26pmPT/10:26pmPT              4’ of Taurus

Taurus New Moon and the Rainbow Bridge April 22 2020 7:26pmPT/10:26pmPT 4’ of Taurus

Artwork- Danielle Noel- Empress (Starchild Tarot)

What makes life rich and luscious? What brings grace into a moment so pure and innocent it gives meaning to any and all suffering?  What is life if not a constant reckoning of the primary division of the one, into the two.  Dark and light, masculine and feminine, mortal and divine.  Love and beauty reign supreme when it is Taurus and Venus at the center.  The grace of innocence amidst chaos, the freshness of inquiry, the child’s mind rising us out of entropy into beauty and truth.  These are the themes of this Taurus Moon with her ruler Venus in playful Gemini.  These are the depths into which we may plant new seeds into the fertile void of the Great Mystery.

The Sabian symbol for the 4th degree of Taurus is “a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.”  The rainbow has long served in mythology as a symbol of hope and of the connection between heaven and earth. Gold is the supreme substance of Earth and is linked with Divine consciousness, the Sun, the Heavens, the heart within the human and the heart of the Earth.  The rainbow is a symbol of grace and blessings that flow when the sacred connection between the cosmic and the Earthly, our human and divine nature are illuminated. 

In the Condomble traditions of Brazil and Africa is honored a rainbow serpent God called Osumare who directs the forces that control all movement and activity.  His other symbol is the umbilical cord, the very bridge that connects us from spirit into our humanity through the mother.  It is spoken in esoteric traditions the world over that the sacred function of humankind is to serve also as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, a director of the forces of activity and motion through the function of the mind.  This sacred duty can and has been misused, forgetting the interwoven threads of all beings. As Venus reminds us during this New Moon, this function is most complete when it restores and regenerates harmony for all beings. 

The New Moon is conjunct Uranus- lord of lightning, beringer of the new age, progressivism, humanitarian causes and universal consciousness.  The symbolism between the archetype of Taurus in her Earthly splendor and Uranus, lord of cosmic consciousness echoes strongly the image of the rainbow linking heaven and Earth.  There is a powerful message in this lunation of claiming our birthright as both Earthly and Divine beings, and seeing, once again and with new eyes the sacred function of being human.

The Taurus Moon trines the South Node of fate which is aligning to Galactic Center.  This is the arrow shooting from 27’ Sagittarius into the heart of our galaxy.  This is the point aligned to Winter Solstice in these times which denotes the great turning of the ages form Pisces to Aquarius.  From this place stream downloads of future visions and clarity of that which is not aligned with truth.  The Cancer-Capricorn axis and particularly the first degrees of these signs where the nodes lie, speak of new chiefs claiming power and new flags being raised.  From our united vision of heaven and Earth, where will our new allegiances lie?  Who will be our new leaders? 

The Achomawi tribe of Northern California tell a legend of the first rainbow.  It had been a long and endless winter, and the animals and people of Earth were becoming very frightened that spring would never return again.  They had tried to cry and sing and dance to Great Spirit, asking for the Sun to return, but Spirit did not answer.  Then, all of the animals, bugs and humans of Earth united together in song, dance and ritual to send spider to Heaven and ask Spirit for a sign that the winter would end and Sun would return again.  When they arrived, Spirit was so joyed that the beings of Earth had work together to reach him, that he created the first rainbow to give sign to Earth Children that Sun, or Gold, would again return to the Earth.

It has been lost and almost forgotten that humans can live in harmony with one another and with the Earth and Stars.  It has perhaps been abandoned that it is in fact a sacred task we have incarnated to master; weaving our many facets into bridges of light, as the rainbow warriors who are here to restore the sacred balance at this time.  Venus in Gemini, trining Mars and squaring Neptune says it is only through true inquiry, like the innocence of a child who is still learning Earth laws that we can truly receive new answers.  We may have to peer into the collective unconscious realm of dreams and symbolism to face our fears and what has gotten us to this point in history.  For if the old illusions are not willingly challenged we may stagnate culturally, environmentally and spiritually. But if we unite our many colors we can collectively build the rainbow bridge that restores harmony, balance and peace.

We can make choices and we can stand back and observe.  We can think we know the truth, and we can question yet again long held beliefs.  We can observe corruption and do nothing or we can make choices that bring greater harmony.  The New Moon squares Saturn, challenging us to take greater responsibilities in helping lay the foundation of a new Earth emerging now, aligned with our highest hopes and dreams.  Luckily, the stars reflect and hold rich symbolic territory to explore and more clearly see how to do this.

Taurus asks- is it beautiful?  Is it pleasurable?  Does is make you say mmmmmm?  Gemini asks- do you want to play? Have a conversation?  Contemplate the multiplicitous meanings of all things simultaneously?  Mercury’s sister Iris is the rainbow messenger Goddess and personal messenger of Hera, Queen of Mount Olympus.  The Rainbow sends messages of the divine feminine nature through the Taurean archetype to remind us of the incredible beauty of this Mother Earth, to remind us that beauty reigns supreme, to remind us that we are rainbows, a myriad of colors woven with Golden and Silver threads.  Separate each is beautiful, but together we are spectacular.

It is in human nature to doubt ones-self, to question the value of our thoughts or ideas.  The heavens cry out for us to anchor and honor our worthiness as Rainbow Bridges between the Celestial and the Terrestrial.  As the human Bifrost of Norse legend connecting us to the realm of the Gods and Goddesses.  To be human is to be worthy of this function.  To breathe is to be worthy of asking questions and proposing new ideas.  No color of the rainbow distracts from its beauty, they only each enhance the next.  And in fact, they are just an “illusionary” prismatic raying of white light, sunlight, or Gold- the secret promise of the rainbow.

May this Moon lead you to your pot of gold, to whatever it is that brings you pleasure and joy.  May it remind us that the rainbow and the gold are one. 

Blessed Rainbow Love Light,

Zoey Wind

Libra Full Moon-The Cultivated Collective          Tuesday April 7th 7:35pmPT/10:35pmET           19’ Libra

Libra Full Moon-The Cultivated Collective Tuesday April 7th 7:35pmPT/10:35pmET 19’ Libra

Artwork: Autumn Skye Morrison -Beloved

In a time of redefining how we relate with those around us it is not surprising that the stars reflect and illuminate the Earth dance we are in.  Even if it may be a more distanced, new and strange dance here, we are nevertheless dancing together under the same great night sky as we spiral around the Galactic Center and outward into spirals unknown. 

With all of the Gods and Goddesses, ancestors and guides watching, Libra offers the great gift of balance of mind and relationships, fiercely dedicated to equality and justice.  In square to Pluto we are collectively working through power dynamics, authority and freedom karma.  Much of what we face today is not ours personally, but a collective inheritance of humanity.  We are the ones who have the choice to either seed a new world, or let others do it for us.

The Aries New Moon two weeks ago planted within us with a mission of personal autonomy, of diving deep into our own shadow, self-cultivation and exploration.  Now what has been revealed there is illuminated through our relationships.  With Juno, asteroid of committed relationships with the Moon in the sign of balance, this Moon may illuminate which relationships are worthy of our commitment, or not.  Vesta and Athena are also powerfully at play.  The creative brilliance of the feminine as wisdom keeper and culture bearer is ripe for expansion.  The sacredness of the home and hearth receive blessings when cultivated with beauty, pleasure and harmony. 

Venus in Gemini asks that we question everything.  Assumptions and things taken for granted are shifting on all planes collectively now.  It is wise to remember that we find truth by asking the right questions.  Even then, to see the truth we must have clean lenses looking both inward and outward.   May this Moon offer the great truths that lead to greater freedom through the facing of our fears.  Perhaps we cannot avoid pain, but we can choose not to suffer.  The key is in letting go.  The way forward is with courage and dignity, beauty and of course, each other.

In the facing of our fears we have the opportunity to seek deeper truths perhaps long buried.  In this truth lies our personal power, for our truth is something no one can take from us, but it is something we can give away.  The choice is ours, and then we can play.

What will the power-control elite do in these times with so many people quarantined to their homes?  We have the gift of technology to stay educated and informed, to keep the flow of questions and ideas open.  We can use this to our advantage in these times to continue to be active participants of the new emerging culture.  The nodes in Cancer and Capricorn ask if the voices of Earth, place and tribe are still informing these conversations. 

The reality is no one really knows where this virus came from.  It is unlike anything we have ever seen before in the natural world.  The consequences of tampering with nature through genetic modification, chemical based agriculture and a-moralistic science is perhaps becoming more present than ever.  Venus in Gemini asks that we question everything.  Assumptions and things taken for granted are shifting on all planes collectively now.  All of the myths of humanity are alive, playing out in their myriad forms and asking for authors.

It is wise to remember that we find truth by asking the right questions.  Even then, to see the truth we must have clean lenses looking both inward and outward.   May this Moon offer the great truths that lead to greater freedom through the facing of our fears.  Perhaps we cannot avoid pain, but we can choose not to suffer.  The key is in letting go.  The way forward is with courage and dignity, beauty and of course, each other.

With our elders being so vulnerable now we must ask how the systems that govern the world we have been living in have failed to honor the crone archetype.  If we are to sadly lose a great number of our elders at this time, we must have those ready to take the torch, perhaps earlier than we would hope, of wisdom, integrity and leadership through love and joy and beauty.  Pluto is performing his great alchemy with Jupiter- the underworld and the heavens unite in this great work.  In rebirth there is innocence, and yet through purification an ancient essence is distilled, returning us to source, the place of all things.  We all come from the stars, and to the Earth we belong.

The eclipses happening in Capricorn and Cancer offer us new ways to understand how we collectively identify with our cultural rituals that honor the ancestors and where we come from.  It is from the knowing of ourselves as a part of a group that we can move into the world with security.  But we must actively cultivate culture, and a new culture will emerge regardless of our participation or not.  When we have lived this consciously, marrying experience with knowledge we birth the wisdom that gives rise to eldership, and elders are the keepers of cultural structure.

This lunation points to balanced communication as the key.  Knowledge must precede freedom.  Venus in Gemini rules this Moon, beckoning us to share ideas from a more non-personal viewpoint, rooted in deep self-knowledge and truth. Venus is close to her highest and brightest part of her cycle, regaining her throne as High Queen of Heaven.  All Venusian endeavors are favored right now.  Sing songs, say prayers, perform tests, make music, dance and write.  The arts, one of Libras greatest pleasures is as purely human as a child, and just as sacred.  With Venus in Gemini we can embrace also our playfulness, communication, relating, moving through contracts, ideas, money and goods.

The Jupiter Pluto conjunction which perfected on the 4th has been expanding power dynamics on the world stage and at home.  Freedom we once held is being composted into maturity as we collectively choose to stay home in order to protect our elders and at risk populations.  New ways of relating are emerging, and though the internet is a powerful tool, returning to our Earthy humanness is equally as important at this time.  How can we vision a world where the modern human is married with our ancient humanness?  How can we carry forth wisdom traditions that will serve us in this new time?

The Libra mysteries teach about balance brought through willingness to compromise.  We are initiated into bounteousness when we see sacrifice not about losing something, but about giving something to another. Rising sacrifice into service brings greater abundance in ways we may never know.  This is the magic of cooperation rather than competition to meet both collective and individual goals. At the center of all humans is the heart, Venus’s domain.

In these crazy times may we find the deeper meaning of life through the coming together, uniting as one people and honoring the many that make up the whole.  For if we are to move forward, our connectedness and willingness to compromise to live as a more active whole will be key in the new emerging culture.  May this Moon make the dearness of human relationship more profound, beautiful and meaningful.  May this inspiration light the torches being passed now to each and every one of us.  May that fire light your heart, home and hearth.

Blessed Cultivating,

Zoey Wind

New Moon in Aries Tuesday March 24th 2020                       5’ of Aries                         Healer Heal Thyself

New Moon in Aries Tuesday March 24th 2020 5’ of Aries Healer Heal Thyself

Tides turn

And what once flowed in

Now flows out

Everything rests in the eye

Time unknown

Images reflected

It all turns inside and out

Out and in

For what is a breath

But a returning to


Beginning and ending

In the same moment

It is not the same

And yet always is

Time remembered

Is just now

And all the unknown

Is just as well known

Is and never was

And always will be

I hope this day finds you and your loved ones well and healthy in these times. I can assure you I am healthy, safe and working hard in the garden and so that’s why this article is late.  Also, I find myself at a loss for words more than usual these days with Mercury swimming though Pisces again, clearing his retrograde shadow until the 29th.  April will be a full steam ahead kind of month for the projects that we can still engage in safely.  Along with a New Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and Lilith we are in a time of profound beginnings and endings in a coming reflection with the Libra Full Moon where the work we have been doing to heal ourselves will be reflected in our ability to relate with others.  For one never comes without the other.

This New Moon is square the nodes of fate in Capricorn and Cancer where the eclipses have been for the past year.  We are being asked to make major adjustments in our selfhood and sovereignty in sacrifice for the greater good.  We are also being called to heal the wounds of trying to be ourselves in the past and being oppressed or injured for it.  Like Chiron we can self-educate in order to find our own paths to healing, but Lilith will require us to feel and process some of the rage that may be pent up. Give yourself time to get wild and disciplined. To receive support and offer it to others.

The North Node in Cancer has been pulling us into our home spaces, asking we connect with the land, our roots, tribe and home for some time now.  Now we are offered an opportunity to do this even if we weren’t planning on it.  There is so much to give thanks for in the human heart- compassion, love, tenderness, support, loyalty, trust.  May this time offer us an opportunity to cultivate these things more deeply in ourselves and to witness them in others.

Marking the first day of Spring, the Sun entered the sign of Aries on March 19th.  Followed by a New Moon this time is potent for planting seeds of all kinds.  Pay attention to the ones that take courage, confront our fears, beckon us into the unknown.  Certainly, we are all healing the collective wound of the individual as Mother Gaia has grounded us to our rooms to reflect on how the way we live on this Earth is working and is not.   To sit and contemplate how we have been born into a social structure that separates us from interdependence with the Earth and other humans on a new level. 

Aries is about identity and strength of character. This is a powerful time to reflect on how we see ourselves as a part of the greater whole, not just the human whole, but as a part of a giant, conscious, living planet.  With stores closing and resources threatened from our daily lives we may be realizing more ways we can provide for ourselves and one another by living more closely with the Earth and local resources. 

Saturn has entered the sign of Aquarius orienting our integrity and work towards Cosmic Interdependence. It is time we reflect inward on our values regarding Earth and her resources and how our health and the Earths health are completely interwoven and reflective of one another.  From consciously contemplated value systems we can then make decisions as to the most righteous way we can live as interdependent beings.  Do you have a clear set of values regarding health, tribe, nature and our many interdependent communities?

Venus trines Jupiter this week lending warmth to even physically distant interactions.  Take stock of the resources you have for yourself and your loved ones, see where you can share, trade or barter with your community.  Building conscious, co-creative relationships with our human and nature communities is the greatest source of security we can establish at this time.  True abundance rises up through the Earth and into human communities.  Venus is the facilitator of its exchange through warmth and love, Jupiter is abundance and expansion.  If you have been feeling too isolated, this week may reveal safe and responsible ways for you to feel uplifted and supported through community.

May this Aries new Moon afford us all the strength and courage to reach deep into our core and find strength and character to make these times the most transformative, healing experience we can.

Blessings and Great Health to you,

Zoey Wind

Full Moon at 20’ Virgo Monday March 9th 10:48amPT/1:48pm ET 2020 Revealing Inherent Perfection

Full Moon at 20’ Virgo Monday March 9th 10:48amPT/1:48pm ET 2020 Revealing Inherent Perfection

Artwork- Joshua Mays

In this time of shifting perspectives Mercury has taken us through muddy and inspired waters into non-attached yet fixed Aquarian vision of cosmic consciousness.  Venus, having taken time for self-cultivation in Aries, now sinks into the plushy sheets of Taurus.  But a meeting with Uranus awakens the goddess to new ways of relating- to her lovers, friends, body, sensuality, beauty.  How will she create with pure authenticity yet maintain regard for her fellow humans? 

Mercury’s backwards dance through Pisces has most likely illuminated some delusional tendencies we have been holding on to.  Perhaps their revealing was gentle and sweet.  Perhaps it was brought to us via some great loss or tragedy.  While hopefully the former, Mercury’s entry into Aquarius invites us to reach out to our friends and communities for support in activating the vision of a new dream emerging now from whatever has been laid to rest. In spite of all the Capricorn that has been urging our integrity and discipline, this lunation offers a chance to strike a balance between our dreaming and our striving.  Between the cultivation and inevitable disintegration of all things we cultivate.

But what is the vision to be?  Only you can know- there are answers in the dreamtime.  Be it sleep-full dreaming, meditation, the trance a song takes you into, the way your body moves with another.  In these spaces new things are birthed.  Dream yourself, your life as more than who you previously thought you were.  Let lines blur that you once sought to define with cement.   Our dreaming now illuminates some new image of perfection, one unwavering in authenticity and breakthrough.  One that births and seethes with the tides of time, carved of alabaster, laden in lace. 

Virgo-Pisces is about our relationship to spirit and matter and the balance of not moving into total escapism or control seeking.  How about making some room for all of our sloppy, hysterical, raging, juicy needs? How about that mystical ravaging awakening available in every moment of our day as ritual and practice?  Ritual and practice become just as imprisoning as avoidance and despair when they keep us from living, instead of attuning us for it.  And is this not a life for living? Astrological aspects need not bind us to a particular fate, but can rise us up to meet new growth with enthusiasm and zest.  When we have established a practice that liberates us we can meet life boldly, centered, embodied and attuned to life as quest in each new moment.

We can engage with this lunation by making the mundane mystical.  Enlightenment dripping from every corner of our minds, actions and daily routine.  How can we get more in touch with our daily practice, not as something to regiment us, but to open space to draw in the fantastical, mystical, magical experiences of enlightenment in everyday life?  We can idolize some exalted symbol of the perfect yogi, devotee or astrological chart, but what about the perfect, unique, boundless and a little bit messy version that is the true self?  This is nature’s ultimate creation- each unique expression of itself.

The Pisces New Moon that seeded this lunar cycle was with Mercury, asking that we take a gentle look at what stories are founded in truth, and which are fantasy adapted for safety or escape.  Stories about our spiritual connection, worthiness, our sense of hope and faith are getting an upgrade.  Remember, there is no one perfect archetype of spirituality, health or perfection.  There are only the many unique souls expressing their inherent perfection. 

Jupiter trines this moon and sextiles the Sun.  Let your perspective broaden, your psyche expand into higher activated states of awareness.  This requires both seeking and surrendering.  Being hyper present to the moment can make us neurotic, to be too out of our bodies leaves us washed out, but finding mind, body spirit balance allows them all to expand simultaneously into oneness with all, allowing a fruition and unfoldment like perfect thousand petaled lotuses.

May this Moon offer you illumination of gentle and exciting new ways to engage with your sacred work and its cultivation.  Each of us has some work we came here to do, and the journey through failures is what paves the way for our success.  Let us celebrate one another in whatever phase of the journey we are in, offering hope for those in struggle, and remembering where we came from if we are feeling the blessings.  The laws of nature promise that we will continue to spiral around and around, let’s make this dance beautiful, embracing it and one another along the way to the best of our ability.

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Pisces New Moon- February 23rd 7:32amPT/ 10:32amET @ 5’ Pisces

Pisces New Moon- February 23rd 7:32amPT/ 10:32amET @ 5’ Pisces

Stuart Griggs- Sentient Network

The air is palpable with the mystic

The Sufis in their never-ending

Spiral dance

Poetry dripping from their lips

Like honey into milk

Of the Divine


I am a bird

Raven wings

Shot like an arrow

Through a tiny slit

In the web of reality

Strings of pearls

Connected vortices

Of dew

Like essence of mystery

Take now your tongue

And taste the mist

Of mystic Divine milk

And drink

Sheer intoxication

Will be your chariot

To things unseen

Soon to be dreamt

Into existence

So plunge yourself deep into your ocean

And fly

For where do all the things we see come from

But that great mystic


Of all the places you could go, all the things to ever see or do, the dreamscape holds them all.  Pisces is said to be the place of the collective subconscious.  The place of dreams.  The place of all information ever created through experience in this plane and all other planes of potential.  It is the mist of mystics.  It is the space between death and rebirth.  It is the imaginal realm from which we manifest things previously unseen, unknown, and yet that always were and will be.  It is timelessness and beyond time. 

The Piscean waters offer potent energies for creating, cleansing, healing and releasing toxins on many planes of reality.  It offers us an opportunity to see all things as sacred and divine, down to each and every interaction we have with this reality.  Pay attention to signs and symbols in the dreamtime.  This is a time of finding the gentle courage to face and accept some things that are uncomfortable as we seek to make the unconscious conscious, the mundane sacred. The space created by such release makes room for something new waiting to being born.

To balance so much Pisces we can engage with the opposite sign of Virgo.  The Virgo mysteries are those of engaging with our sacred work, embodiment practices, staying grounded and practical.  If we cannot stay here in the material realm we will not be able to manifest our dreams.  This is why Virgo knows the importance of honoring the bod temple, home temple and mind temple.  Practice and discipline, even when we do not feel like it entrains the mind-body-spirit trinity to be balanced and focused when we need it most.

The Moon and Sun are close to Mercury during the New Moon, retrograding through the dreamscape, beckoning us deep into the unconscious waters of our inner ocean and asking that we rewrite our stories that seek to cement the pathways through which we can manifest in this reality.  The New Moon sextiles Uranus, lord of lightning, electrifying the kool-aid with visionary activation and stimulating our consciousness with the humanitarian heart of the Universal Human.  This moon holds a promise that those who are brave enough to face their fears with courage and dexterity, maybe a little playfulness and compassion, will be revealed a higher potential that lays in waiting.

 This potential may be the power to be both deeply in-tune with our emotional bodies, allowing them to inspire and impassion us whilst simultaneously being able to rise above and beyond them to set ourselves aside for the highest good for all beings.  The nature of this activation for you may be revealed in this new moon February 23rd.  Offer upon the altar of your heart whatever is asking for transmutation during Mercury’s conjunction with the sun on Feb 25th, watch for new visions when he enters Aquarius on March 4th and see the flowering in the Virgo Full Moon on March 9th. 

The pearl of wisdom will be received when he passes the degree of his retrograde joining with the Sun again on March 24th.  Mark these dates for meditation, reflection and ceremony to consciously work with the potential of these energies.  Major decisions are best pondered at this time and not made final until Mercury has turned direct on March 10th and even until he has cleared his shadow on the 29th.  April will have us feeling clear and ready to move forward with the work we have been doing the past month.

While Pisces is floating us into boundlessness the new moon is in sextile to Mars, our sword to cut in Capricorn, the sign of boundaries.  We are asked to release our fierce protections that no longer serve, spiritualizing them into their higher forms.  This does not mean we go into complete surrender and vulnerability that leaves us unsafe, but that our boundaries are asking now to come from deep within our truth and integrity, and not from fear.  Making the unconscious conscious is the inner work that will free us to do the outer work that is truly our calling.

Chiron is with Lilith in Aries right now saying we need not fear facing our pain alone.  There is deep empowerment called for now through embracing our warriess, our warrior spirit ignited by a strong sense of self-worth, integrity and mission.  This chart has a lot to say about connecting with others, being present, loving, compassionate, forgiving.  It is equally as important that we be practicing that love actively towards ourselves.  Embracing and forgiving ourselves for our mistakes and imperfections the same way we would a child who is learning.  And if we fail, maybe we can let another love us anyways.  If others fail, maybe we can give them the forgiveness we wish we had been given.

All of the hurt, treachery, trauma, pain, anger, rage- these can serve as the greatest gifts to our awakening if we take the space and time to peer into the beyond where mystical truths arise.  It is all around us, permeating the air like a milky mist drenched in iridescent morning dew enveloping you with the fresh breath of birth.  May we all emerge from this womb to find love embracing us there.  If we each choose it, it will be so.  And if we do not, may another catch you there and hold you tenderly in the love you deserve.

Blessed Dreaming Dreamers,

Zoey Wind

Full Moon @ 20′ Leo February 8th/9th 2020 11:33pmPT/2:33amET

Full Moon @ 20′ Leo February 8th/9th 2020 11:33pmPT/2:33amET

“To perform for the world is to trust it” –Steven Forrest

The archetype of Leo holds within it the energies that express themselves as creativity, affection, the desire to perform and be seen.  It is a sign that sometimes gets a bad rap for being prideful or self-centered, but this is often a result of the powers that be seeking to take away the righteousness of the divinity of the individual.  Associated with kingliness/queenliness, this divine channel to God was usurped by monarchies for millennia who laid claim to their thrones as divine right.  The truth of the matter is that we are all channels of stellar divinity worthy of being the queens and kings of our own destiny.

Leo, like a star, pertains to our ability to manifest our own reality based on the cultivation and direction of our creative energies.  By shining our individual light purely from our hearts and not based on the desires of others, we become magnetic.  Magnetism refers to the power to draw energy towards us, and nothing is more magnetic than purely expressed self-love.  This is the super power of Leo, and it is a blessing to behold anyone who has subdued the ego enough while maintaining self-worth and love to be able to express themselves from such a place.

Leo is about stellar consciousness, being ruled by our star, Sun. It is about knowing our heart contains the same essence as a star- the self-generating creator of the elements that make life possible.  The source of warmth, radiance and hope for life.  Opposing the sign of Leo is Aquarius, which is about universal consciousness and the vast spiraling connections between all the stars of the galaxy, universe and multiverse.  To bring balance to any sign, we seek to integrate its polarity.  The Leo-Aquarius axis is about the divine nature of the human experience, both as the majestic individual star worthy of shining its light forth into the universe, and the universal human aligned to their cosmic interconnection with all beings in dedication to the liberation of all consciousness.

The Full Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius, igniting this moon with the boldness to live and shine our personal truths.  When Mars is at play we want to seek to make our stand without being forceful or demanding, but by simply slicing through that which is false or superficial.  Leo can get caught in performing to please others to receive the love and affirmation we all want.  The deepest love is always self-love, but this gets a little overused at times I think.  Leo reminds us that sharing our beauty, our brilliance, our majesty has a righteous place in the human experience.  If we lived in a vacuum life would surely lose meaning, regardless of all of the self-love we may generate.

Therefore, this Moon is about embracing our courage to shine.  Just as a star does not question its value or worth, or the Queen her divinity, we too can take this full moon to tap the stardust within us that knows its own divinity.  Like the quote at the beginning of the article, to perform for the world is to trust it, and Leo is about the art and practice of courageously putting ourselves out there with just enough trust that someone, or many will adore us for it.  For who doesn’t admire someone with the courage to get on a stage and sing their heart out?

Just like a star, we may never know ourselves fully without witnessing what is created from what we put out into the world.  True self love is when our light ignites other lights, and vice versa.  For every person, there is a time to shine and a time to stand in solidarity with the people.  A time to inspire and a time to receive the inspiration from others, the stars, Moon and soil.  When we practice this, we cultivate strength over force and can rise into majesty.

Leo rules the heart chakra, and Venus in Aries, who is with Black Moon Lilith and Chiron during the full Moon is regaining her hearth chakra vestments in her journey up to Queen of Heaven this month.  Jupiter is in trine to Neptune and Mercury is Pisces.  There is a lot of soft, sweet, poetic heart opening medicine alive right now coupled with the fierceness of our individual worth and journeys.  There is vast creative energy to be tapped and there are opportunities to speak softly and tenderly to soul and spirit of destiny, hopes and dreams as well as the heart and healing of the feminine.  Heart power heals through facing the fear of our own power.

Mercury in Pisces is trining the North Node of the Moon in Cancer.  Messengers and messages of magic guide the way.  Speak of the transience of things, how they are not what they seem, how to vision a dream, story a song of a new tale, of all the tales of old and how they interweave the great mysterious dream we are dreaming together.  The Great Mystery may be a little more palpable than normal, but we are armed with a quiver of arrows with which to pierce the veil of reality and manifest a life that once felt like a dream.  Mercury’s retrograde on February 16th will give us time to revise any plans that get off-kilter.

The heart of the Leo mysteries is vulnerability.  To lead, as a queen or a lioness requires taking a risk.  Leo is a sign associated with risk taking, and the risk to be vulnerable is at the center.  To know the true capacity of the heart to love we must be courageous enough to take the risk of showing our hearts and all the treachery and grace there never before seen to others.  For if it is never seen, it may never be healed.  Or for Leo- if it is never seen, it may never feel complete.

Blessings Stardust,

Zoey Wind

New Moon @ 5′ Aquarius- Friday January 24th 2020 1:42pmPT/4:42pmET           May Inspiration Move Me Brightly

New Moon @ 5′ Aquarius- Friday January 24th 2020 1:42pmPT/4:42pmET May Inspiration Move Me Brightly

Capricorn season has broken forth into the high, crisp upper stratosphere of Aquarian vision with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all now in the sign of the water-bearer.  We have been collectively sifting through ancestral karma for the past year, and the image for this New Moons speaks to where the strengths and lessons of our past, both personally and genetically lend their support to the new visions being birthed now. 

With the New Moon in Aquarius we have an opportunity to plant the seeds of all we wish to break free from and all we wish to honor from our past.  All we seek to be liberated from and that which we hold in reverence for getting us here are united.  All of the higher visions that we keep deep and quiet within us have their place and now, some vision wishes to be written, heard or spoken.  The conversation is important, both within and without.

Mercury is with this New Moon beckoning the innocent, curious and brilliant child within us to be heard.  Being a New Moon, this is the time for seeding, gently and deeply into the fertile void our intentions around speaking the truth of our own vision and speaking up for those who seek to do the same and are being oppressed or cast out for being different or without privilege. 

In aspect to Chiron in Aries this is a time for claiming our right to be healers and mentors in the world.  It is about letting our freak flags fly and daring to be boldly you, regardless of others’ opinions.  It is learning more deeply the value and worth we each hold to transform this world and that it begins with our own healing first.  Sometimes the most healing thing is to just accept and love ourselves, and give ourselves permission to exist as we are.  This example can heal and inspire others alone.

With Saturn and Pluto nearby, the planets are still reflecting a story about integrity and transformation.  As we seek to live more deeply in our truth, it may not be so much about rocking the boat for fun, although it could be, but more about the deeply resounding truths that we must allow to merge forth from our subconscious. 

This Aquarian Moon asks us to dare to hold space for our highest visions, hopes and dreams and also to honor the traditions that brought us here, the work it took us and countless humans before us to build.  May we be unwavering in our sense of right and wrong, and yet honor the truth that there are as many truths as there are people. 

With Uranus in square to this lunation, new technologies and breakthroughs are being called for as Earth changes are sure to continue to drive us as a species to become more adaptable.  Being a fixed air sign, Aquarius hold the changeability and quickness of air with the steadfastness of mind.  From such a vantage point we can expand our scope of vision in 2020, we can dare to glimpse the impossible, and even though practicality and wisdom are crucial, we must sometimes stretch ourselves past our point of comfort, past the line that society tells us to stay behind if we want to evolve.

Kick the line of chalk into dust and watch as what seemed like a defining barrier becomes like stardust refracting rainbow light potential in the Sun.  This starlight is you and all things simultaneously.  Dare to imagine and to believe in the visions you receive now- those that light your fire of inspiration so bright it could be seen for galaxies.  This is the brilliance of Aquarius, the higher starlight body that connects us like a never-ending grid of spirals- the mind of the universe, the multiverse and all of the dimensions.

Venus is moving in to square Mars in Sagittarius.  Mars in Sagittarius wants to adventure, experience, learn and grow according to our personal truth.  Venus in Pisces seeks sweetness and healing through connection.  The drive for meaning and purpose and the deep nurturing of a sweet embrace can meet now with some effort.  If we look more closely, are they both not seeking to touch the Divine in their own way?  Our sense of independence and of connectedness are seeking reconciliation. We can touch the Divine both through expanding into new personal experiences and surrendering deep within ourselves.  We can be both nurturer and provider, grow together and independently of one another while co-weaving the great tapestry of life.

Venus in Pisces opens the heart into deep spaces of vulnerability, compassion, tenderness and understanding.  She is approaching Neptune at this New Moon- receiving mystical transmissions. There is healing, bliss and creative inspiration in Piscean waters.  There is escapism and distraction too. Channel this into your art, poetry, lovemaking and relationships. Creativity is enhanced as well as intimacy. Boundaries and balance should be minded, as vulnerability is a channel into the soul that must be held with integrity and intention to carry it through.  Choose consciously what you surrender to and what you let go of at this time.

This is not a time to lose hope, check out or give in to pessimism or discouragement of others.  Likewise, support others when and where you can in their own visionary genius.  Be open to witness and experience things that may have previously been shocking to you.  For it is the way of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius to trigger new awakenings through bringing to sight things previously too shocking to look at.  Imagine the power we hold when we can stand resolute in our truth and simultaneously remain open to its transformation. 

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Cancer Full Moon and the Changing of the Gods         Jan. 10th 2020- at 20’ Cancer 11:09PT/2:09pmET

Cancer Full Moon and the Changing of the Gods Jan. 10th 2020- at 20’ Cancer 11:09PT/2:09pmET

Artwork- Heather McClean -The Kingdom of God is Within You

Saturn and Pluto are joining together in the skies, the old God and the Lord of Transformation.  When old Gods are made to transform and new ones require allegiance we must stand resolute in our knowing of self.  What we believe, what we know to be true and what we truly just don’t know all spiral together inside of us. 

In the midst of it all, there is a still-point from which transformation occurs.  This is the core- the most dense, indestructible part of yourself.  This is where we take the wheel.  Where we make firm and resolute decisions to do what must be done, to surrender to that which is ready to transform.  To let go of the old Gods we worshipped and make the most responsible, practical and daring decision about which we will serve now.

Gods do not have to be beings in the clouds, they are our beliefs, values, morals, philosophies.  They are the programming we subscribe to nightly, where we tune our laser attention.  The power of our attention is being brought to the surface.  Where we place it is our decision alone.  Even if it may feel like it is being pulled at by outside forces, we do have a choice. 

Pluto’s promise is transformation and liberation from the illusions of material existence.  Saturn is the reality of this 3D framework and its limitations.  When they come together an alchemy is available that is beyond current comprehension.  For that is what it implies- moving beyond the current state of reality.

The Cancer Full Moon eclipse on the 10th is penumbral- meaning it is barely an eclipse, but it is the closing point for the portal that opened on December 26th in the Capricorn Total Solar Eclipse and therefore a potent Moon for truly looking at what needs to transform and what needs to anchor.  Find which house contains the sign of Capricorn for more information on where in your life this anchored transformation is being activated.

If you can, take some time to sit with yourself on or around the Full Moon.  Cancer seeks emotional connection and security that builds cultures.  For these connections to be sustainable they must come from a place of inner truth. 

Whatever your truth is, it is ready for you to look at it.  It is ready for sober and honest reflection.  It is ready for magic and alchemy and transformation.  These may seem like opposing motions, but these are exactly the energies combining in the sky right now and reflecting to us here on Earth.  This can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly liberating.  This can be a point from which we become the magicians of our own lives.

Blessed Inner Journeying,

Zoey Wind

Astrology of the 2020 New Year’s Chart- The Year of Aligned Vision

Astrology of the 2020 New Year’s Chart- The Year of Aligned Vision

Welcoming in this New Year Astrologically happened on the winter solstice, but for the masses of the Western world our shared consciousness ushered in the year 2020 on the 1st of January. Therefore, it is a worthy task to look at this chart as a signifier of the year of perfect vision. With Jupiter and Mercury together it is as though the sky itself is echoing that 2020 vision is being called for.

The chart shows Mercury conjunct Jupiter and the South Node in Capricorn in trine with Uranus in Taurus slowing down to station direct.  The Saturn Pluto conjunction is within one degree and the sky speaks a powerful message for this year about re-visioning our philosophy around culture, our values, definitions of success, accomplishment, hierarchy, power, speaking our truth, knowing our worth and questioning who we hand our power over to. 

With so much need for boundaries, the Moon is in Pisces conjunct Neptune, expanding into universal loving consciousness and the North Node in Cancer asks for deep rooted connections.  This year offers inspiration as the visionary citizens of Earth may be feeling called to speak their truth on the world stage. 

This chart brings up question like- how do we measure worth?  If we declare something worthy, does that make it so?  If we value ourselves, we must still negotiate against the value of a dollar.  A life has a monetary value, and cost, yet currently the cost is displaced to the owner of the life, and value of that life is handed over to the care and negotiation of a government.  And who is the government?  Have you met them?  Broke bread with them?  Met their children? Heard them cry? Offered your support and value in tangible form?  Then how could they know your true worth?

Uranus in Taurus is preparing to station direct asking us to rework our relationships with being modern humans and children of the Earth.  In an age of tech and screens and glowing lights, have we forgotten the light of our own eyes?  The joy that sharing that light can bring to another?  Have we forgotten how to take a moment to bask in that light?  In the light that each person radiates freely? 

Let us not be fooled that we are fed alone by food that can only be bought with money.  This light of spirit also feeds our souls. This year we continue to explore how radical shifts in the Earth and her foundations will re-weave the people back together again, sharing our light and laughter, awakening us to new possibilities.  The open mind catches the inspiration.

The North Node in Cancer is challenging us to soften into connection. To meet eyes with those we call tribe. To build new foundations and redefine hierarchy into something more holistic and honoring equality. To make commitments to walk in integrity of the light of our own spirit.  Too long has society trashed the Earth, women, children, elderly and oppressed.  Too long has sustainable culture been devalued for the power consolidation of a few.  Ambition and money have become priorities in the quest for security.  Meanwhile there is another way unfolding as indicated by Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Cancer.  There is a way that incorporates the feminine re-visioned.

The Lunar feminine of Cancer is not working for an end goal or success as some number on a screen.  For she knows the truth of the spiral.  It is about making the experience of life richer.  This is the success of the feminine.  The infusion of love into each moment.  The sweet embrace that carries you through a dark night.  The soft bosom of unconditional love.  The practice of forgiveness.  The recognition of cycles of change.  The deep inner knowing detected by the human instrument inimitable by manmade ones.  And yet the feminine is not without structure.  She is a spiraling rose that unfolds in perfect harmony, number and form.  She is the grand spiral upon which time travels.  She is form itself, here to enjoy itself.

The pulse that drives life to grow is the secret fire of the alchemists.  The light of the eternal flame, forever burning, never ignited, never vanquished.  The imperishable spirit is rendered through the soul.  Our power to command that force is our sacred masculine, and should be treated as such.  It is a sacred force we each carry, and we may know it more deeply upon engaging it with the feminine spiral dance of sister and brotherhood which directs the flow into beauty and goodness.  She is the spiral that weaves into the depth of our being and makes bread with the ingredients she finds there. Bread that will feed us when even food is scarce. 

The Capricorn stellium is calling for greater integrity in how we direct our divine will.  Capricorn asks of us commitment and duty.  But this chart asks us to realign our values once again to include the roots and the branches of life.  To have conversations with other humans about them.  If we reach for the stars without firm foundation, all will crumble.  If we use force and criticism to “rule” over others, we will not receive love and appreciation.  To properly rule, one must serve. 

It is time to choose what purpose we each are here in service to.  Are its roots unconditional love and beauty?  Or are they still corrupt by the programming of scarcity and competition?  The portal is open until January 10th to send out once and for all the old programming that is blocking you from living in your highest potential.  The eclipse on the 10th will bring manifestation of the new waters we want to bathe in. It is time for making choices when Capricorn is heavy. What will you water your roots with this year?

May your year be fed with more than calories.  May your cup runneth over with more than wine.  May the richness of this life unfold for all beings of Earth like the flower of life, ever expanding unto infinity.

Blessed Co-Visioning!

Zoey Wind

Cosmic Weekly:  December 19-26th, 2019                    Follow the Inspiration

Cosmic Weekly: December 19-26th, 2019 Follow the Inspiration

Mars sextile Saturn 12/19

Mercury square Neptune- 12/19

Venus enters Aquarius 12/19(20)

Venus sextile Chiron- 12/21

Winter Solstice-Sun Ingress Capricorn-  12/21 8:19amET/11:19amPT

Venus squares Uranus- 12/22

Mars sextile Pluto- 12/22

Sun square Chiron- 12/23

Sun trine Uranus- 12/24

There are a lot of aspects this week along with the Winter Solstice, Venus changing signs from Capricorn to Aquarius and the eclipse happening the day after Christmas.  When things get this complex, there is a great synthesis being called for.  Be present to the things that are asking to be acknowledged in your consciousness.  The lifting of the veil of denial and the great shift of the old hierarchy are in full swing.  Perhaps we can remember the wisdom of the child, who knows how to surrender to the flow so much they find the joy of the freedom of almost being thrown out of the swing.

How we do integrity is deepening to a core level we may not yet understand.  Trust. Trust that when we do the work to look at what scares us, the promise is absolute transformation.  Transformation is inherent to the mind of the Divine, as it is ever present in all that we see around us.  Becoming masters of this dimension includes allowing this truth to permeate us to our cores. 

Mars sextile Saturn and then Pluto this weekend gives us stamina and courage to embrace this.  Mercury square Neptune releases, if we choose, philosophy that is in contradiction to our deepest compassionate hearts.  Seeing through others’ attempts to deceive us arises from a place of intuition.  Sometimes being right is less important than being kind.  Being the teacher means seeing ourselves in everyone around us and leading by example. 

Venus enters Aquarius Thursday/Friday- with a sextile to Chiron and a square to Uranus. Venus in Aquarius wants to channel her own brilliance, to welcome in gracefully new and far out ideas.  To share them in elevated conversations with friends.  To confidently take her time alone to experience her own uniqueness.  She may grace us with some healthy detachment from relationships that have felt very heavy or intense over the past two weeks.  Let her celestial consciousness stream in. Keep your compassionate heart and observe what foundations are in need of shifting.

Wounds that have been long open regarding how we get to show up in the world may be cauterized this week by taking a more objective view that leads to understanding.  Uranus offers an awakening to a new sense of self-worth that comes when we bravely choose to live in alignment with our values regardless of others’ opinions.  When we take time to care for our bodies and personal needs, we are better able to show up for those we love.

Sun squares Chiron on the 23rd and trines Uranus on the 24th.  Sometimes who we were- in the past or to other people, is not who we are becoming.  Make room and embrace the confidence to rise into your higher self.  We are collectively transforming the very core of our societal values and structures right now, any single person who stands for their personal truth with integrity is a beacon of light.

 The total Solar Eclipse taking place the day after Christmas is ready to release the old guard.  But this inherently means the new council is being called in.  And this may mean we feel more inspired and required to be a part of the change we wish to see in the world.  While seeming grand, this kind of transformation must begin at the core, and that is in the most personal of spaces- the home, hearth and belly.  Follow what inspires you, what gives you a sense of hopefulness.

The North Node in cancer says- it may be the mothers and children, the people of the Earth who we turn to for meaning and value in our world right now.  And their importance cannot be underestimated. It is the beliefs and behaviors we feed in our homes and families that form the roots of culture that rise to branch and becomes policy and council.  It’s time to look at how when we transform our culture from the roots- the home and family, we transform the world.  And what a better time to embrace this than during the holiday season.

Solstice Blessings,

Zoey Wind

Gemini Full Moon- December 11/12th, 2019 @ 9:12pmPT/12:12amET   Casting the Net

Gemini Full Moon- December 11/12th, 2019 @ 9:12pmPT/12:12amET Casting the Net

Artowrk: Joshua Mays- Innerfusion

To halt escaping

Like screeching wheels

Against a tide of metal

I’ll welcome it gently

Like the dawn comes creeping slowly

Barely detected

Igniting from within

Some secret fire

Kept sleeping

I’ll wait no more

For life to start

In some dark corner

Expecting dawn to find me there

The dawning comes

To those who seek it

Go out into that great field

Cast with consciousness

Your net into Eternity

Casting The Net-

The Gemini Full Moon offers us yearly the opportunity to see through the eyes of the mind of the Divine more clearly.  Mercury’s sign of the twins is inherently about the reconciliation of the duality of this dimension through the mind.  The two being the primary division of the one, it is the mind that analyzes and perceives details around duality. 

But we should remember, the brain also has two hemispheres- one for thinking and one for knowing.  One for analyzing, and one for creating.  We need both hemispheres in coherence with the heart (one of the derivations of the Holy Trinity) in order to expand into the field of eternity, from which we can find the clarity to create like the creator.

The ever-narrowing conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (exact on 1/12/20) seems to be lifting the veil of denial.  Denial is not disbelieving that something is real.  It is truly believing in it and refusing to look at it.  Denial, therefore puts energy towards the thing we don’t want to be real.  But instead, if we simply sit with the thing, shake its hand, say hello and meet it, we become empowered to do something about it.  This burning of the veil of denial will likely increase until the end of January, and this Gemini Moon seems to be asking us to tune our minds and hearts into the conversation so that we can consciously- co-create the world we want to live in.

Venus is right in between Saturn and Pluto during the full moon- reminding us that integrity is beautiful, self-transformation is sexy.  Mars is trining Neptune, giving spiritual insight and compassion for the penetrating of our shadow selves.  If we are willing to use our minds as the great reflector of spirit, as Mercury is the like the Moon of the Sun, we are well supported in extracting new-found wisdom through conscious self-reflection.  Reflection leads to wisdom, wisdom leads to healing and healing restores beauty to the world.

We may be seeing themes around relationships, boundaries, philosophy and honesty.  But before we get honest with others, we have to get honest with ourselves.  This is not to bash or put ourselves down as failures, but simply to weigh what is, what is not and then be willing to have a conversation.  If we can stay out of the Capricorn tendencies to be too harsh or critical, but soften into Venus’s sweet smile and Neptune’s forgiving nature, we may have some very healing and empowering conversations over these few days. 

We can use this Hermes Full Moon to practice healing/wholing the mind to unleash its true potential. Mercury is currently in the sign of Sagittarius trining Chiron, where he seeks philosophy and wisdom wrought of experience.  Where he seeks to channel the divine higher laws of the universe as our direct link to source, not just be some hindrance to it.  Chiron brings healing to the mind by wholing the mind, unleashing its potential and just maybe, learning something of our own Divine natures.

The mind gets a bad rap in modern spiritual culture as the thing that is causing all of our problems.  It is like we are a victim to it, and meditation is about stilling it to make it shut up. But this is only the left brain- thinking and analyzing mind.   This is to deny the entire right hemisphere of the brain associated with knowing, creating and mysticism. 

Instead of imagining that we are shutting our mind up, we can seek through our meditation to unite our dualistic natures as both human and divine.  Both are equally sacred, and it is through marrying the two that the third thing is born- Love.  Just as when two parents join together, love is born as a child- and thus we have creation.  When we bring both hemispheres of the brain into coherence, it naturally comes into coherence with the Heart- and from this state we can consciously create our lives.

It has been shown scientifically that when a person is in a meditative state both hemispheres of the brain sync up to the same rhythm.  Once this happens, these waves come into coherence with the heart’s wavelength.  This can be seen as the Holy Trinity in ancient religions, as the mother-father-child, as the Thrice-great Hermes.  So, when we practice meditation where we reach our awareness out into the field of eternity and space all around us, that coherence grows, and so does our ability to create.

Quantum Theory is showing that what was previously believed to be empty space is actually something called “dark energy” which is potential energy beyond what we can even currently measure.  Studies have shown that all energy is waiting conscious direction before it takes form as either light waves or particles. 

This confirms what ancient mystery schools have taught for millennia, that is it from the expansion of our awareness into the field of creation that we may create with the same energy that’s waiting to leap from wave to particle.  It’s all about where we place our attention, and to direct our attention consciously takes practice, especially in the modern world.

So, on this Moon that may feel like it wants to move around, may we seek stillness.  May we begin by casting the net of our awareness out into the field of eternity.  May you feel the truth in the union of opposites and the third thing waiting to be born form it.  May you feel empowered to seek and speak your truth.  May your consciousness rise out of the mundane and into the Universal and back again until they unite as one.  The answers lie in the field awaiting your conscious direction.  So go out into that great field and cast your net wide and create with love.

Blessed Casting,

Zoey Wind

Cosmic Weekly: December 5-11th 2019- The Answers Within

Cosmic Weekly: December 5-11th 2019- The Answers Within

Artwork- Itsuko Azuma

Sit a moment and find stillness.  Connect with your higher mind- the voice that is both the Divine and your higher self.  Invite them in.  Listen. Neptune aspects thin the veil and make this reality seem less predictable. There is room to manifest, there is room to accept. Remain centered and keep a lightness of heart. No matter how badly something hits our ego, we can always let it go. In fact, as soon as we do, the pain subsides and the healing begins.

Sun squares Neptune and Venus will sextile the Ocean Sage on Sunday December 8th.  Creativity, beauty and harmony are emphasized. Ego and heart confusion may be as well.  A wise sage once said that “the cause of our sorrow is ego delusion.”  This sums up the potentialities of the lessons that may arise from such aspects- being confronted with the delusions cast by our own ego- ego in the sense of the misrepresentation of our true selves.

Be gentle with yourself and embrace the challenge to change and transform. If the Sun is both our ego and our true light of spirit, this aspect may offer us opportunity to see more clearly the difference between the two, and simultaneously dissolve them back into one. IF, we have the courage to look and see where we need to let go. Take the inspiration here and apply it into your creative and spiritual goals.

Jupiter squares Chiron and Mercury trines the great mentor December 8th and 10th respectively.  Old beliefs around healing may need to be released in order to make room for new perspectives.  Where have we adopted beliefs from others- religion, authority, teachers, gurus, parents-that have actually been damaging to our sense of self? 

If we take things on faith but do not see actual evidence of it being true, then we may be misguided or fooled.  Sagittarius is the space of truth wrought from experience.  Honor what you experience as truth, and accept the challenge from Chiron in Aries to fight for your right to think for yourself and manifest a world you want to live in by being the change.

Mercury is entering the sign of Sagittarius this week until the 28th, connecting our logical mind with higher law.  This world operates according to law, called Natural Law or The Law by esoteric groups.  It is upon the seeking and subsequent understanding of this law that we may master the navigation of this life to create the life we want. 

Signs, symbols, stones, feathers- these are all a part of the language of the Divine.  A language that may be more readable during Mercury’s stay in Sagittarius.  This is the time to pay attention and dive deep into the topics you have been meaning to learn more about.  The topics that feed your spirit, your passion.  The things that turn you on and light you up- move towards them.

Jupiter, who rules Mercury’s new position, is in Capricorn helping us to ground higher wisdom into practical action.  Saturn remember, is the ruler of the Golden Age according to Yuktiswar’s teaching on the great turning of the ages. 

This is Saturn ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, who holds the key to the mastery of this physical dimension.  Will this dimension be a prison, or a liberation?  The choice is ours.  The secret teachings are all around us.  Will we read from books or screens, or from the very lines of branching streams, which hold wisdom greater than any words.

The narrowing conjunction of Saturn and Pluto receive the kiss of love from Venus this month, first from her joining with Saturn on the 11th and then Pluto on the 13th.  She brings heart power to the negotiating table.  She asks for peace, harmony and balance.  She reminds us that in spite of any perceived power or success, the love we make in this world through those things must not be forgone. 

If success is at the expense of others and breeds contempt, it is not truly ours.  And if our power takes power form others, it is stolen and not actually true power.  The relationships that are worth the effort will be made clear at this time.  Set your boundaries with love- be it fierce love or gentle.

The energy of the coming eclipse in Capricorn the day after Christmas is building now.  The Cancer-Capricorn axis being highlighted all year has been deepening the need for ancestral healing and clearing in order to move into the New Age. 

Throughout the remainder of this month we may become increasingly aware of how our patterns and blocks have been inherited through many generations of karma.  Pay attention, the choice is ours which traditions to pass on, and which trauma it is time to heal and cease transferring.

If you feel called to engage with your own ancestral healing, the portals are opening to move karma that no longer serves and make room for a new culture to take root through the eclipse Dec 26th. There are many teachers who carry the wisdom of these ancient practices of honor and healing. 

Seek this month the teachers and teachings that resound the great bell of truth within your chest.  And always, if you wish to explore how this eclipse will affect you with yours truly, you know where to find me.

Blessings and Moondust,

Zoey Wind

Sagittarian New Moon- Tuesday November 26th, 2019 7:06 AM PT/10:06am ET On Purpose and Purposelessness

Sagittarian New Moon- Tuesday November 26th, 2019 7:06 AM PT/10:06am ET On Purpose and Purposelessness

Artwork: Michael Divine- The Apotheosis of Hope

This New Moon is strongly aligned to creativity, art, inspiration and compassionate expression.  It uplifts us with faith in higher purpose restored.  Coming out of the depths of Scorpio season, the light may have felt far, far, away.  The days growing darker and our fears becoming more pronounced.  When we reach our capacity for fear, emotion and pain, this is the moment we learn of our true strength.  As it is only in the death of someone or something that we learn of its true power. 

Therefore, in times of purposelessness remember- these are the very moments that define purpose.  Like empty space defines matter.  They are not separate, though they appear to be.  One is required for the other to exist.  Scorpio ensures we remember our power to transform, and now this lunation offers us some lift beneath our wings as we rise like the newborn Phoenix.  Ride it high brothers and sisters.  Intentions cast into this New Moon carry potency, especially when aligned with channeling our higher calling, purpose and cleansing the mind of the fears that have been blocking our way for the past month. 

This Moon supports our letting go of old limiting beliefs that may have been keeping us stuck in feeling lost, overwhelmed or confused by this past month’s Mercury Retrograde.  This New Moon comes as a much needed restart.  While Scorpio asks us to look at the temporality of this existence, Sag now restores direction, aim and purpose to our lives. 

Jupiter, who rules this Sagittarius new moon is hanging out with Venus at Galactic Center.  This is the very heart of our galaxy, where the heartbeat of the Milky Mother radiates from.   Planets at Galactic Center trigger radical downloads of new information that can come in with spiritual fire.  They require grounding and channeling through gentle sinews of the archers bow.  And as fantastical as this may seem, the downloads may be just as simple.  As simple as that which lights you up, that which makes your heart flutter. 

The heart pulses with intuition.  You are the paintbrush of the divine.  The paint your song, voice, dance, creations, motion across the stage of life. 

Mercury is trining Neptune and will soon Sextile Saturn.  Redefine what purpose means to you, and you will find the freedom to act on it.  Collectively we are healing what it means to be a leader in this world, what it means to stand in integrity, leadership and honor.  Do we gather knowledge to hold it over others heads and achieve false superiority?  Or do we lead without arrogance, seeking humility and understanding.  The work that each of us does internally is what actually transforms the collective in its totality.

May your Aim be True

Your Arm be Steady

And your Heart be Strong,

Zoey Wind

Beautifully Whole- Aries Full Moon 20’ 13″ Aries Sunday October 13th, 2019 at 2:08pmPT/ 5:08pmET

Beautifully Whole- Aries Full Moon 20’ 13″ Aries Sunday October 13th, 2019 at 2:08pmPT/ 5:08pmET

Artwork- Sophie Wilkins

This Aries Moon is illuminated by the Libran Sun and in square to Pluto in Capricorn.  The warrior soul is fully illuminated by the spirit of Justice and steps face to face with the shadows of power and power structures. But how does the individual, illuminated by their interdependency with all of life assert a new proposition for how to reconcile the innate human dichotomy of the individual versus the collective?  Inside the sarcophagus of our own psyche, we are faced with two seemingly conflicting energies, awaiting a grand shift in perspective that will allow for something new to be born.

This Aries Full Moon is like the scout- sent out before the tribe to scope the territory.  Taking poll of the resources, state and condition of the soil, the water and people.  Mars, ruler of this Moon, is in opposition with Chiron- seeking new visions of the masculine, the individual and our freedom to exert our will and power into the world.  Perhaps it is time to rewrite our definition of the masculine.  Perhaps the true freedom to express our will is wrought through discipline and training.  Perhaps each individual victory is a victory for the collective.  For is not the wild-flower simply seeking to grow and thrive of its own innate life-force and in turn provides beauty, nectar and inspiration for the collective?

Our Sacred masculine is required to break new ground.  To pioneer with enthusiasm and cries for justice in the New Earth.  But first, we must seek a vision. Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are quickly revealing hidden truths and agendas, both within and without, to make way for this new vision.  This is a powerful time for deep reflection as the messenger, in aspect to the nodes informs our new destiny, and in trine to Neptune is calling for a vision from spirit and imagination about the road ahead. 

Mercury’s upcoming retrograde in Scorpio beginning on Halloween will certainly give time for deeper reflection, but for now we are moving through deep waters of the soul.  Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus is yearning that we move beyond the material realms in our quest for truth and freedom.  She asks we find our security in something deeper, something more eternal, something more beautifully whole.

Saturn on the South Node moving towards its conjunction with Pluto in January has been slowly and swiftly releasing the very underlying structures of security and predictability for many of us this past year. The North Node in Cancer asks that we seek a new form of sustainability- through tribal, community-focused evolution and culture that arises from the Earth upward. Strengthened by emotional connection and sharing of resources.  True Holistic culture arises from the Earth and is informed by the heavens.   

The upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th 2020 may symbolize the crumbling of the Patriarchy, the dismantling of old ways and structures of government, eldership and societal structuring.  But if there are no seeds planted to grow in its place, barren soil will give way to erosion.  It is up to us then, to begin birthing on a personal level the new thing that will take its place, to look ahead and plan a new future now, sending our Aries intuition out into the unknown to fetch a new Vision.

It is time to birth like Aries, as new shoots from the soil.  Break new ground, foster new ideas, breathe new life, excitement and enthusiasm into the cultivation of a new culture that rises from the Earth, held by justice, truth and peace as the highest ideals. In sitting to do this work here are some questions to ponder further,

How is the individual still in opposition to the collective in our mainstream perspective?

Am I aware of the subtleties of mind-control that media is using? 

Do I have the courage to question them?

To cut them out completely? 

Release the ones you are ready to.

When they are gone, what truth arises from my own knowing?

What community support do I have to grow this inner knowing? 

Where have I given away my power to some authority, government, scientific or religious dogma and social wave that perpetuates suffering? 

Where can I take back my power?

When, where and how do I feel empowered to shift this?

What new truths are arising that bring ease and peace into my being?

What would a Utopian society look like to me?

What would my life look like in this brave new world?

How does this make me feel?

I encourage all to write your own manifesto.  What would this world look like if you could create it in the highest good for all beings of Earth? We are each a part of the whole, and we each have something essential to contribute if we are to build a world we want to live in.  There are countless roots movements we can support who are already birthing visions.  Find those that align or simply learn what you can to make more responsible personal choices.

Through this visioning, know that old things will have to die away.  Embrace your ever changing and morphing being.  Embrace your power to let things die with faith in their return re-formed.  Trust in the power of your evolutionary being and know it is in only death that we know our true power.  Therefore, it is only in the death of something that we can truly understand it.  Give thanks. For it is there, deep, deep within the darkness, the chaos, the fertile void of the womb of creation that all new things are born.  

May you shoot with the fullness of your joyous heart,

Zoey Wind

Full Moon in Pisces- September 13/14th 2019 9:33pmPT/12:33am ET- The Mystic and the Word

Full Moon in Pisces- September 13/14th 2019 9:33pmPT/12:33am ET- The Mystic and the Word

Artwork: Daniel Mirante- Chanting Down Babylon

This is the Harvest Moon, the time of reaping the rewards of hard work, which turns out to be the hardest work of the season.  From our great effort and planning we are sustained the winter through. It is the time when the first bounty of the year’s work was shared in celebration of the ever-giving nature of the Earth.  And what better sign to have it in than Pisces, the archetype of openness and sharing. 

May we each have a moment this weekend to celebrate the richness of life, the bounty of the Earth and the joy of sharing our labors with others.  Pisces teaches us about the all-loving bodhisattvic nature of our souls, the part of us that is infinite; infinitely compassionate, infinitely understanding, infinitely connected to the mystic and cosmic nature of reality.  This is a fine Moon to connect with Spirit and deepen your relationship to it.
The Full Moon conjunct Neptune on Wednesday night/Thursday morning is ripe with imagination, mysticism and fantasy.  The places that can serve both as a portal to creativity and to escape.  So often the allure of the things that take us into these states of consciousness turn on us, leaving us confused and blindsided by reality.  Therefore, it is wise to remember to balance this time with the opposite sign of Virgo, where this lunation was seeded in the Virgo New Moon two weeks ago. 
The serene yet busy meadow of Virgo is where the polarity of Pisces finds it footing, in the Suns crystalline rays she weaves her magic into the web of creation.  I think of Virgo as the crystalline dimensions- the codified information of the Earth.  The geometric patterns of crystals allow the high frequency vibrations of Pisces to be channeled, stored and worked with.  In this time of high spiritual energy we can use crystal grids to clear and anchor these frequencies, bridging them down to Earth as the Mercurial nature of Virgo does.  Or just get outside and be with the stones.
Jupiter in square to the Full Moon suggests the crystallization of a mystical or spiritual essence as a result of some well-invested effort. It could be the reconciling of seemingly conflicting spiritual truths we have wrestled with for a long time .  We may find synthesis of the impossible is within reach, or not.  Regradless, both are valuable creatively. Engaging with our sacred work and rituals can help us to guide these new energies in right now with ease.  Remember to get into the body, and listen, sing, speak and share.
As fires rage in the Amazon, Uranus has been fulfilling prophecies of the awakening to great earth changes in the collective consciousness.  Moving retrograde, the Great Awakener invites us into the depths of our own realizations regarding issues in the body, Earth and money.  It is only through internal re-wiring that we can shift our perspectives to make the decisions that will lead to a better relationship with these things, both in our lives and in the collective.  For are they both not a reciprocal entity?  
This Moon contains codes of the Visionary- the one who sees beyond all available options and known choices.  The one who dares to imagine things never before seen.  The one who dares to speak from their Heart and through the Mind’s eye crystalize.  The answers to the question that have never before been asked will require solutions that have never  before been seen.  Do not fear reaching for the unreachable, it only through this that anything new was ever created.
Mercury and Venus at 29 degrees Virgo are almost exactly conjunct during the Full Moon and standing at the Equinox gate of Libra- one of the four Solar gates of the year that mark the passage of our seasons.  They stand together holding hands as they cross over this gateway from the most potent degree of Virgo and into the world of relatedness called Libra.  

With heart and mind aligned, they have a message of love to share.  Perhaps they will chant down Babylon, or speak with acuity the vision needed to help us return to balance and harmony once more. Now is a time to speak, and to listen.  The codes are contained all around, but it is not until we place the word over a thing that we can command it. 
Blessed Full Moon,
Zoey Wind
If you are interested in learning more about how the ancient art of Astrology can illuminate your gifts, strengths and points of awakening please feel free to reach out for a reading.  You can find this and more at

Cosmic Weekly: Monday August 5th-Sunday Aug 11th 2019 Alchemical Integration

Cosmic Weekly: Monday August 5th-Sunday Aug 11th 2019 Alchemical Integration

Artwork- Michael C Hayes

There are times when we fly, times when we dive, times when the fires seem to burn hotter than we can stand.  And yet, amidst the flames there is something unwavering.  Like the heart of flame.  Stand still and steady, like the heart of flame itself.  Golden white, purest light. Enrapturing night.  To this flame moths and insects swarm.  Like planets round a star.  Content to spiral until fuel is transformed.

In the settling of the ash released from Leo’s fiery, electric New Moon last week we have a week of Astrological aspects which speak to integration, crystallization, or neural-synthesis of recently activated data-banks.   Uranus was squaring the new moon, releasing tension, and long built walls well supported to barricade “forbidden” parts of self.  Made of stone so ancient, by masons so proficient at their craft we never even noticed their presence. 

This is the work of Uranus, lord of thunder and lightning.  Who sweeps the storm-filled sky with spikes of light so brilliant we are utterly enraptured.  Entranced by the spectacle we hardly notice the “destruction” of the storm around us.  Suddenly we realize we are in the eye, awaiting the center where they speak of a calm so pure birds fly backlit by blue skies.  We soar and dive, the Eye open to the peace eternally latent in the essence of the storm. 

Inhale, we find ourselves in our bodies.  Exhale, we find ourselves in the aftermath of broken trees, flooded creeks and valleys, fires smoldering where lightning kissed.  And if we are with sand, crystalized remains of life-force grace grainy dens.  This is the work of Uranus.  Ouranus, Great Wicked Titan who ruled this realm before his son Saturn overthrew, through patience, persistence and time. 

This is the ancient God of primordial enlightenment, before the confines of material-driven civilization took root.  Before buildings and roads, before human interests would deem the “destruction” of a storm inconvenient and the flowing of a river nothing but energy to be controlled.  This is the cosmic perspective granted by the vision of a night-sky.  By the permeating presence of our inter-galactic existence staring back at us from the night sky.  And yet we forget. 

Uranus, ruling the nervous system running through the brain and into the rest of the body can activate forgotten information.  Known as the Great awakener, he rouses us from our slumber like children, once sleeping peacefully, now thrust into consciousness.  As the celestial aspects this week lead us into Alchemical integration of the revelations still pulsing from last week’s New Moon, may we take many moments of pause.  When awakened quickly it can take time to come back into the body, integrate and utilize our newfound awareness.  Take it slow, and enjoy the support this week of Alchemical integration.

Sun in Leo Trine Jupiter in Sag Wed Aug 7

Let yourself expand into the new parts of yourself that are awakening now.  Explore and adventure with them, shift your view around, take in new perspectives.  Measure them each against the canvas of the Heart.

Venus trines Jupiter on Jupiter’s day- Lions Gate Porta-l Thursday, 8.8.19

Venus was with the Moon for Leo’s New Moon last week, inviting us into our hearts and to dance with the hearts of others.  This powerful portal ignites straight into the Heart space, with Aphrodite’s love and jealousy both available.  Keep perspective, as the Sphinx proudly gazes over the sands of the desert into eternity.

The Moon with Jupiter, trine Venus- Friday, August 9th

Seeing is believing.  This Friday evening you can see with your own eyes the luscious affair of Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky.  Love and hope unite.  And yet if we are too caught up in worldly affairs or battles we may miss it.  Or, perhaps we sit reverent with pen and paper, creating the art of the heart in humble offering to the great goddess herself.

Jupiter stations direct- Sunday, Aug 11

As planets wax and wane through direct and retrograde motion they reflect the nature of life in its rhythmic spiral dance.  Jupiter retrograde in Sag has had us reviewing our collected knowledge on spiritual questing, philosophy, cosmology, abundance and expansion through experience. Zeus now prepares to synthesize our new cosmic perspective into action that is aligned with our personal truth a little more closely.  Notice how you move differently through the world with your new insight.

Mercury Re-enters Leo- Sunday, Aug 11

Hermes has paused to gather as much information as possible about the Cancer-Capricorn lunations form last month, integrating our dualistic nature to be both internally oriented and outwardly ambitious in the world.  To do this we must first know where we are rooted.  The Messenger is now ready to move forward into living this “re-forming of the Self-sustaining roots”.  How has your sense of identity, belonging, tribe and family altered this past month?  Trust the wisdom you glean, or at least begin developing a relationship with it as Mercury rapidly moves through Leo, seeking to understand Self through courage of heart, creativity, play and sharing the rubies reveled through your concentrated labor.

Uranus stations retrograde- Sunday, Aug 11

Just as things feel like they are amping up, Uranus stations retrograde to give pause to the inspiration to move forward, directing us again inward to explore the realms of thunder and lightning deep in the soil/soul.  Uranus in Taurus, or Tauranus for short, embodies the radical awakening available through the body, Earth and senses.  Any downloads or inspirations that have been streaming through since April are ripe to begin the work of planning, brainstorming, gathering information and up leveling your personal practice of increased awareness to make these a reality.

Blessed Alchemizing,

Zoey Wind

Love is the Meditation: A Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: 7/16/19 at 2:38pmPT/5:38pmET

Love is the Meditation: A Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: 7/16/19 at 2:38pmPT/5:38pmET

Artist: Danielle Noel, The Starchild Tarot- Temperance

Mercury began his retrograde with Mars in the sign of Leo last week.  Sometimes the fire gets hot.  So hot we are running in circles trying to keep from getting burnt.  And yet sometimes running just fans the flames further.  What amount of courage would it take to stand still amidst fire and brimstone?  What kind of faith, values or conviction would we need? How can transform urgency into resiliency and peace of mind to make the best decisions in such a time? There may be no way of knowing until we are finally there.  But it is certain that the human existence is indeed both fragile and resilient. 

This partial Full Moon Lunar eclipse falls at 24’4” Capricorn.  The Moon is conjunct retrograde Pluto with this Eclipses’ ruler Saturn, currently retrograde opposing Venus on the North Node.  Here we have the resiliency of the human spirit represented by Saturn being re-assessed, and the delicate flower of Venus in Cancer, resplendent in motherly love.  As these ancient forces stand on either side of the Earth we are left here in the center to contemplate such things, and we might even be seeing examples of them manifesting in the world around us.

How can we cultivate resiliency in a new way in the face of the powers that be?  If it requires flexibility, then we must practice stretching.  If it requires determination then me must practice pushing ourselves to our limits in preparation.  If it requires faith, then we must develop a relationship with something worthy.  If it requires meaning then we must seek it until we have rang the bell of truth in our own hearts.  If it requires solitude and discipline, then we must advocate for this in our own lives to the powers that be.

Each person’s method will be different, and yet the function is the same- to bring us more fully into our own power of authority.  There is something in the human spirit that is both fragile, and resilient.  The question is what makes the difference between the two in the end?  Some would say choice, others preparation or even perhaps luck.  In the case of Saturn, he would likely say hard work and determination.  Venus however might suggest love and relatedness.  This is the essential nature ringing true from the chart of this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, the responsibility we have for our own transformation.

We may be asking ourselves during this eclipse how we can set better boundaries in our relationships, where to give and where to stand firm, to compromise or build walls.  We may be forming new relationships to our won power and the powers that be.  They may be transforming as well.  These processes of transmutation are not always easy, but as Venus on the North Node points- Love is the answer.  

Perhaps cultivating love holds more of the key than we always remember.  And sometimes love means setting boundaries.  If we have love in our hearts that is grounded in reality we can be courageous, resilient, flexible and firm, determined and focused because we have set our aim.  Saturn can help ground this love into reality and practicality, if we heed the call. What Venus is being asked to do here is to get really clear on her values and needs, and we may be feeling the same thing too right now.

Mars is in trine to Chiron giving energy towards healing- both ourselves and others.  May those who need healing find it at this time, and may we have the courage to seek it for ourselves, cultivating our own self-love, that it may radiate outwards regardless of the hard decisions we may have to face in the present moment.

Blessings and Love,

Zoey Wind