Cosmic Weekly: Monday August 5th-Sunday Aug 11th 2019 Alchemical Integration

Cosmic Weekly: Monday August 5th-Sunday Aug 11th 2019 Alchemical Integration

Artwork- Michael C Hayes

There are times when we fly, times when we dive, times when the fires seem to burn hotter than we can stand.  And yet, amidst the flames there is something unwavering.  Like the heart of flame.  Stand still and steady, like the heart of flame itself.  Golden white, purest light. Enrapturing night.  To this flame moths and insects swarm.  Like planets round a star.  Content to spiral until fuel is transformed.

In the settling of the ash released from Leo’s fiery, electric New Moon last week we have a week of Astrological aspects which speak to integration, crystallization, or neural-synthesis of recently activated data-banks.   Uranus was squaring the new moon, releasing tension, and long built walls well supported to barricade “forbidden” parts of self.  Made of stone so ancient, by masons so proficient at their craft we never even noticed their presence. 

This is the work of Uranus, lord of thunder and lightning.  Who sweeps the storm-filled sky with spikes of light so brilliant we are utterly enraptured.  Entranced by the spectacle we hardly notice the “destruction” of the storm around us.  Suddenly we realize we are in the eye, awaiting the center where they speak of a calm so pure birds fly backlit by blue skies.  We soar and dive, the Eye open to the peace eternally latent in the essence of the storm. 

Inhale, we find ourselves in our bodies.  Exhale, we find ourselves in the aftermath of broken trees, flooded creeks and valleys, fires smoldering where lightning kissed.  And if we are with sand, crystalized remains of life-force grace grainy dens.  This is the work of Uranus.  Ouranus, Great Wicked Titan who ruled this realm before his son Saturn overthrew, through patience, persistence and time. 

This is the ancient God of primordial enlightenment, before the confines of material-driven civilization took root.  Before buildings and roads, before human interests would deem the “destruction” of a storm inconvenient and the flowing of a river nothing but energy to be controlled.  This is the cosmic perspective granted by the vision of a night-sky.  By the permeating presence of our inter-galactic existence staring back at us from the night sky.  And yet we forget. 

Uranus, ruling the nervous system running through the brain and into the rest of the body can activate forgotten information.  Known as the Great awakener, he rouses us from our slumber like children, once sleeping peacefully, now thrust into consciousness.  As the celestial aspects this week lead us into Alchemical integration of the revelations still pulsing from last week’s New Moon, may we take many moments of pause.  When awakened quickly it can take time to come back into the body, integrate and utilize our newfound awareness.  Take it slow, and enjoy the support this week of Alchemical integration.

Sun in Leo Trine Jupiter in Sag Wed Aug 7

Let yourself expand into the new parts of yourself that are awakening now.  Explore and adventure with them, shift your view around, take in new perspectives.  Measure them each against the canvas of the Heart.

Venus trines Jupiter on Jupiter’s day- Lions Gate Porta-l Thursday, 8.8.19

Venus was with the Moon for Leo’s New Moon last week, inviting us into our hearts and to dance with the hearts of others.  This powerful portal ignites straight into the Heart space, with Aphrodite’s love and jealousy both available.  Keep perspective, as the Sphinx proudly gazes over the sands of the desert into eternity.

The Moon with Jupiter, trine Venus- Friday, August 9th

Seeing is believing.  This Friday evening you can see with your own eyes the luscious affair of Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky.  Love and hope unite.  And yet if we are too caught up in worldly affairs or battles we may miss it.  Or, perhaps we sit reverent with pen and paper, creating the art of the heart in humble offering to the great goddess herself.

Jupiter stations direct- Sunday, Aug 11

As planets wax and wane through direct and retrograde motion they reflect the nature of life in its rhythmic spiral dance.  Jupiter retrograde in Sag has had us reviewing our collected knowledge on spiritual questing, philosophy, cosmology, abundance and expansion through experience. Zeus now prepares to synthesize our new cosmic perspective into action that is aligned with our personal truth a little more closely.  Notice how you move differently through the world with your new insight.

Mercury Re-enters Leo- Sunday, Aug 11

Hermes has paused to gather as much information as possible about the Cancer-Capricorn lunations form last month, integrating our dualistic nature to be both internally oriented and outwardly ambitious in the world.  To do this we must first know where we are rooted.  The Messenger is now ready to move forward into living this “re-forming of the Self-sustaining roots”.  How has your sense of identity, belonging, tribe and family altered this past month?  Trust the wisdom you glean, or at least begin developing a relationship with it as Mercury rapidly moves through Leo, seeking to understand Self through courage of heart, creativity, play and sharing the rubies reveled through your concentrated labor.

Uranus stations retrograde- Sunday, Aug 11

Just as things feel like they are amping up, Uranus stations retrograde to give pause to the inspiration to move forward, directing us again inward to explore the realms of thunder and lightning deep in the soil/soul.  Uranus in Taurus, or Tauranus for short, embodies the radical awakening available through the body, Earth and senses.  Any downloads or inspirations that have been streaming through since April are ripe to begin the work of planning, brainstorming, gathering information and up leveling your personal practice of increased awareness to make these a reality.

Blessed Alchemizing,

Zoey Wind

Love is the Meditation: A Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: 7/16/19 at 2:38pmPT/5:38pmET

Love is the Meditation: A Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: 7/16/19 at 2:38pmPT/5:38pmET

Artist: Danielle Noel, The Starchild Tarot- Temperance

Mercury began his retrograde with Mars in the sign of Leo last week.  Sometimes the fire gets hot.  So hot we are running in circles trying to keep from getting burnt.  And yet sometimes running just fans the flames further.  What amount of courage would it take to stand still amidst fire and brimstone?  What kind of faith, values or conviction would we need? How can transform urgency into resiliency and peace of mind to make the best decisions in such a time? There may be no way of knowing until we are finally there.  But it is certain that the human existence is indeed both fragile and resilient. 

This partial Full Moon Lunar eclipse falls at 24’4” Capricorn.  The Moon is conjunct retrograde Pluto with this Eclipses’ ruler Saturn, currently retrograde opposing Venus on the North Node.  Here we have the resiliency of the human spirit represented by Saturn being re-assessed, and the delicate flower of Venus in Cancer, resplendent in motherly love.  As these ancient forces stand on either side of the Earth we are left here in the center to contemplate such things, and we might even be seeing examples of them manifesting in the world around us.

How can we cultivate resiliency in a new way in the face of the powers that be?  If it requires flexibility, then we must practice stretching.  If it requires determination then me must practice pushing ourselves to our limits in preparation.  If it requires faith, then we must develop a relationship with something worthy.  If it requires meaning then we must seek it until we have rang the bell of truth in our own hearts.  If it requires solitude and discipline, then we must advocate for this in our own lives to the powers that be.

Each person’s method will be different, and yet the function is the same- to bring us more fully into our own power of authority.  There is something in the human spirit that is both fragile, and resilient.  The question is what makes the difference between the two in the end?  Some would say choice, others preparation or even perhaps luck.  In the case of Saturn, he would likely say hard work and determination.  Venus however might suggest love and relatedness.  This is the essential nature ringing true from the chart of this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, the responsibility we have for our own transformation.

We may be asking ourselves during this eclipse how we can set better boundaries in our relationships, where to give and where to stand firm, to compromise or build walls.  We may be forming new relationships to our won power and the powers that be.  They may be transforming as well.  These processes of transmutation are not always easy, but as Venus on the North Node points- Love is the answer.  

Perhaps cultivating love holds more of the key than we always remember.  And sometimes love means setting boundaries.  If we have love in our hearts that is grounded in reality we can be courageous, resilient, flexible and firm, determined and focused because we have set our aim.  Saturn can help ground this love into reality and practicality, if we heed the call. What Venus is being asked to do here is to get really clear on her values and needs, and we may be feeling the same thing too right now.

Mars is in trine to Chiron giving energy towards healing- both ourselves and others.  May those who need healing find it at this time, and may we have the courage to seek it for ourselves, cultivating our own self-love, that it may radiate outwards regardless of the hard decisions we may have to face in the present moment.

Blessings and Love,

Zoey Wind

Mercury Retrograde 7/7-7/21 2019- Like Fire and Water

Mercury Retrograde 7/7-7/21 2019- Like Fire and Water

Mercury retrograde marks the time when Mercury makes its turn around the sun and begins to move in between Earth and Sun.  This is the time when the Messenger is closest, most active and accessible.  If the mind is calm, we can access deep wisdom in this time, work with the left-brain, feminine ways of knowing.  If the mind is hung up on analytical thinking we may feel mental dissonance.  The key is letting go of left-brained, ordered planning, and finding some solace in the wisdom that all is flowing as it should.

Mercury stations in the sign of Leo and will retrograde back into Cancer where it will make its interior conjunction with the Sun, so this cycle is considered a Cancer retrograde cycle, because it is with this joining with the Sun that a planet is said to be “reborn” into a new journey.  Mercury retrogrades can be traced over time to reveal a pattern of threes, the number sacred to Hermes.

This year there will be three retrogrades in the three water signs, so we are collectively moving into a more intuitive and mature way of processing our emotions.  Beginning in Leo, this retrograde teaches us about playfulness, honor and creativity married with the deep emotional spaces of Cancer, where we build tribe, community and trust.  Combining the elements of fire and water through Leo and Cancer we can imagine vapor or steam releasing as these two elements combine.  It may be useful to give time and energy towards practices that help us to release steam.

In contemplating the results of the combination of fire and water I imagined how it is the marriage of Sunlight shining through rain that creates the rainbow.  Perhaps something will be revealed about the prismatic nature of reality, the beauty in the complexity and diversity of nature, the magic that is revealed when seemingly opposite elements combine.

Mercury conjuncted Mars three weeks ago in Cancer, and now prepares to meet him again in the sign of Leo.  Our courage to speak and to listen is amplified.  Tempers, ego and frustrations may flare. We can channel this energy through our creativity, playfulness and courage of heart.

 A storm rolls in

Drums of fire in the sky

And I

I sat to watch

The alligators and hippos fight

On the shore

And swim on the horizon

As the belly of the drum


With fire

Leo’s creativity dances like a fire.  Like undulating flames of inspiration through the veins of the creator.  The second conjunction of Mercury and Mars this afternoon may reveal peels of thunder that might be felt in the belly or the chest.  Like a burning sensation to say something or to be heard and seen.  Let us remember to think of others.  To remember that our self-love can uplift and inspire when it is married to honor and humility.

The dance has been between fire and water.  Emotions rise like vapor when pierced by the sun, revealing, if our perspective is such, a Rainbow.  Mercury will carry Mars’s initiation into the flames of the Sun where they will meet Venus on 7/21.  Venus has moved within 15 degrees of the Sun, so close that we can no longer see her in the morning sky.  When a planet is this close to the Sun the ancients would say that they were in the Underworld.  It is here that great initiations are held.  Where we die to old ways of being, to be born anew.

The warrior meets the messenger on his way to the Queen who is hosting a meeting with the Heart in the Underworld.  What will these two planets learn?  What will they teach each other?  The mind and Heart can seem like two opposing forces but perhaps in the dark crevices of shade they will transform into something completely new.  The journey is ripe with allegory, reminding us that our own lives are like fractally repeating rainbows of energy.  May we remember that our power and effort to co-create this reality are never in vain when we keep our perspective aligned with the highest good for all.

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

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Celestially Aligned- New Moon Total North Node Eclipse at 11’ Cancer- July 2, 2019 12:22pmPT/3:22pmET

Celestially Aligned- New Moon Total North Node Eclipse at 11’ Cancer- July 2, 2019 12:22pmPT/3:22pmET

Artwork by: Joshua Mays

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse- July 2nd

Begins- 12:55pm ET

Maximum- 3:22pm ET

Ends- 5:50pmET

This eclipse being in the sign of Cancer, a beautiful afternoon spent in an octagonal library revealed some richness that can only be experienced through this precious vehicle known as Soul.  In honor of the archetype of Cancer and her counterpart Moon, who is said to encompass such a thing as soul, I dove deep into my own today.

Surrendering to the draw of rich descriptions of symbols which have become the language through which I seek to understand the Supreme Reality of existence, I share with you insights from the gifts of this afternoon. Among them the wisdom of David Frawley, Stephen Forrest, Dane Rudhyar and the Sabian symbols.  From it has emerged a deeper gratitude for those who have taken the time and effort to draw forth language through which we can speak of such things as ephemerally fleeting as these.

It has raised opportunities and questions such as these: Can I maintain attachment with conscious bonding to those things which I hold most dear, while simultaneously remaining non-attached to them?  Can my loyalty to my family, tribe and home coexist with a broader humanitarian, Galactic and Universal loyalty? Can the center-point be sweet and lasting?  Or is it the nature of the center that we can only pass it by, taking pause as long as is allowed until the Supreme Reality has been realized?  And once realized, does this experience of reality cease to exist at all?  If so, which do I choose?  Or is there no choice at all, only surrender to or action against further entrenching in karma?  Do I live this life because I choose, or do I seek to transcend it? Or is there a center-point where both exist as one? I need to call my Mom.

The deep longing for attachment, belonging and identity, and the need for freedom from them are not new to human contemplation, and in many ways are at the heart of this coming eclipse. May we cherish the mothers, all the humans who loved and nurtured us as though we were one. And let them go, to seek their own fulfillment of purpose as you do yours. The sweet tender space that is activated in these very words is resounding through the vehicle of the soul. Deep and resonant with the frequencies of the Earth and the Heavens. Give thanks.

Solar Eclipse- Sun and Moon at 11’ Cancer- Sabian Symbol- A Clown imitates perfectly human characteristics

North Node at 17’ Cancer- Sabian Symbol- A hen clucks over her chicks

Here we have two very interesting, implicitly comical images.  The chicken and the clown display natural and instinctual tendencies- both expressed from subconscious patternings as well as imitated in poetic fashion.  Instinct and play- the merging of two seemingly opposite things, at once merged in consciousness.  If imitation of a thing is the same as the thing on some level, then perhaps is imagination the same as reality on some level as well? 

The nodes are said in Vedic Astrology to activate powerful psychic abilities.  Rahu, or the North node, where this eclipse is occurring, is said to increase psychic vibrations of the collective.  Ketu, the south node, where Saturn and Pluto sit retrograde, is said to bestow the concentration of psychic and spiritual powers through liberation itself.

Deep meaning unfurls when we examine the potent language already given to the meaning of grand archetypal energies as embodied through planets and their ecliptic planes such as these, especially when married with an openness to new verbiage sweeping in the newly evolving facets of life that is transcending dimensions at this time. 

Dane Rudhyar speaks of Saturn as the containing principle, visible in its rings, which encapsulates the limits of the Ego or Solar principle through the building of constructs, boundaries and structural frameworks.  Now retrograde, Saturn on the South Node in Capricorn iterate the potentizing of the spiritual powers lying in wait when we re-examine the social contracts we make with state, authority and hierarchy from the context of the soul. 

Are we entering such contracts mindful of our soul’s desires? Perhaps a review of our current socio-political contracts is at hand.  Most certainly this is occurring on a state level, but this eclipse may bring these issues closer to home; taking into consideration such things as family of origin, cultures and sub-cultures with which we identify, soul-family and mother.

Uranus, whose position just beyond Saturn signifies the breaking apart of the structures built around the Sun, or ego principle, is in sextile to this eclipse.  Uranus’s job is to open us up to a Galactic Centered consciousness through swift releases of energy.  We can harness its gifts through expanding our awareness to “collective visioning”.  Combined with the tribe-minded energies of Cancer, we may now be experiencing rapid energy releases that are making way for new models of emotional security, social contracts and the maternal principle.

Pluto’s primary function, Rudhyar states, is purification.  To cast out, cleanse and purge all that is not of one’s essential Nature.  Being the farthest known reaching “planet” of our solar system, Pluto bestows us the “ultimate concern” of the Supreme Reality in which we find ourselves.  Call it Galactic Center, the Divine within or the “center of immovable consciousness”, when a seeker enters this path, they must purge all that is not of their true essence and seek the supreme reality upon which to focus their own Starlight.  Sitting conjoined Saturn, the collective boundaries of higher social structure are blasted into deep space, galactic, or Universal-centered consciousness.

Neptune trines the North node within one degree, ushering us into non-attachment and non-possessiveness in regard to our destiny, while Saturn sits exactly upon the South Node, ready to dissolve boundaries that were built to protect the non-essential parts of the Ego in regard to our ultimate mission in life.   It seems compassion flows in to aid us at this time, challenging us to re-assess that which we have accumulated through drives for righteousness into agape- the universal love of all beings.  For when we truly walk in love, shoulder to shoulder with all beings as co-evolving entities, we are in the knowing that all we may endure, receive or give is for the evolution of all. 

In accordance with how eclipses are, the overall meaning of all of this rich symbolic musing is yet unclear.  For the very nature of an eclipse is to reveal the shadow, out of which can pop anything, and into which anything can just as easily slip. Therefore, many have counseled to remain acutely aware during these moments of peering into shadow, and perhaps, to take a lesson from the clown and the chicken- allowing the dual consciousness of instinct and imagination to be directed with boundaries that maintain our Soulfulness, our vehicle of experience, with a concentration upon and openness to the supreme reality which we seek to experience.

Blessings and Starlight,

Zoey Wind

Summer Solstice- The Ripening of Wholeness  June 21st, 2019 8:54amPT/11:54amPT

Summer Solstice- The Ripening of Wholeness June 21st, 2019 8:54amPT/11:54amPT

Artwork: Jofra Boschart

This reality twists and weaves reflecting the infinite expressions of the Divine, in Soul Expression as experienced through material form.  As we honor this passage of time at the height of Solar presence in the Northern Hemisphere, may we embrace the Solar consciousness of All-One, in the sign of the Soulful Feminine sign of Cancer reflected by an Aquarian Moon- reminding us of our unique brilliance and expression of our Soli-Lunar beings for the greatest good for all.  From their Sacred marriage is born the Sacred child- us.

The Sun enters Cancer marking the Summer Solstice on June 21st at 8:54am PT/ 11:54am ET within hours of Neptune stationing retrograde taking us deep into our subconscious to experience the mystical and ephemeral nature of reality.  This marks the longest days and shortest nights of the year as represented by the grand cross of cardinal signs in the zodiac.  These signs want to initiate, strive, catalyze and push towards what is rising in the collective. 

Cancer, the water bearer of the cardinal signs brings this initiative to the element that morphs its shape to fit any vessel, can exist in various states of matter and can bring both life and destruction.  Interestingly, this is the day that the Sun is said to stand still, offering a deep presence to stand with Spirit, to receive the vision of what we wish to initiate in our own lives with consciousness of its effect on all of creation. Coupled with Neptune in Pisces turning retrograde, it asks us to take a deeper look into the nature of the All.

Ruled by the Moon which is currently in Aquarius and whose next aspect will be a trine the Sun, we have the harmonious flow of the masculine principle, Solar, ascending, the blade; and the feminine principle, Lunar chalice, Soul, descending consciousness into matter.  With a series of intense and oppositional aspect for the past few days we have arrived at the shore.  Where the Sun draws us into the stillness of consciousness, which, embodied in water can be still as ice, or rushing like the sea. 

I am reminded of a poem that I wrote a few years ago around this time of the year:

Longing for Spirit

Like Ocean seethes and swells

Longing for the Moon

Perhaps the other half was waiting to be written

Longing for Soul

Like fire burns and blinds

Longing for the Sun

While we peak of Sun as masculine and Moon as feminine you may know that someone can have the Sun in a feminine (Water/Earth) sign, and the Sun in a masculine or fire or air sign.  We call these, “Lunar Masculine” and “Solar feminine.”  I love how astrology illuminates the complexity of human experience in this way- allowing for a myriad of unique and differing expression of Spirit and Soul.  If Spirit is that which unites everything from one source, Soul is that which differentiates into the unique expression of Spirit through personal experience.  Earth gives us bodies, and so we have the sacred trinity which makes up this reality. For from the two, comes the three, and from Sun and Moon come Earth children.

This teaching keeps swirling in my head, seeking to drive deeper into all three aspects of my own being.  For we all experience the embodying of our inner Mother, Father and Child from time to time. Though society may wish to push us into only one or the other expression, the wholeness of our being wishes to reach a fullness of expression.

This can be reflected in Astrology in a number of ways- it is often said the birth chart represents the Soul of the being, which is a specific channeling of Spirit into form.  The person in question is the child, the chart is the Soul and the source is Sprit.  More simply we can look to the Sun as our expression of Solar consciousness, the Moon as our feminine soulfulness, and our Mercury as the Sacred Child.  I am curious as well about the Ascendant being a representation of the body, or perhaps the child embodied.  For we are the marriage of heaven and Earth, the sacred children who are the Union of Soul and Spirit. 

The archetype of Cancer is considered a culture-bearing sign in the Shamanic Astrology paradigm- the keeper of the culture and traditions from within the home, tribe and family that nourish and sustain in this ever-changing Earth-walk.  The Sun’s next aspects after entering Cancer will be a sextile to Uranus in Taurus and trine to Chiron in Aries.

The Sun electrifies, illuminates, makes visible the brilliance of the Tuarean mysteries.  Breaking apart the rigid structures that have become the bedrocks of embodiment, resources and security.  This is long overdue, as we must now confront the reality that said structures are failing and outdated.  Be present to any new awareness wishing to rise now around how you need to nourish your body, shifting your attachment to that which gives you a sense of security, finding deep connection in tribe that offers emotional security and tapping the deep well of resources both within and without.  It takes work to cultivate emotionally safe and secure relationships with ourselves and others, it takes wise discernment, understanding and courage to allow new consciousness in.  Protect that which is sacred to you.

Trining Chiron in Aries, the Sun illuminates the medicine of Selfness.  Venus completed an Aries cycle last year, activating the Warriess of the feminine spirit.  Now, Chiron brings in the subtle wisdom of the mentor, who, lovingly yet sternly nudges us towards the initiations into our own medicine bags- our Soul united with Spirit.  The centaur, representing the marriage of heaven and Earth through the merging of human and animal speaks of the unified being- whole unto themselves, the Unity of the Sacred Trinity. 

The greatest teachers carry that sense of wholeness within them, able to flow effortlessly between their sacred feminine, masculine and child.   The teacher is ready when they have studied, explored and become one with the medicine they came to express- both in their unique essence, and the Universal Oneness of all.  The greatest teachers emulate their sacred inner child- ever curious and playful, gifted with innocence, unassuming and ever open the possibilities of creation.

May we remember that we are the medicine,

Zoey Wind

Full Moon in Sagittarius -The Channel of Knowing:  Monday June 17th at 1:31 am PT/4:31am ET

Full Moon in Sagittarius -The Channel of Knowing: Monday June 17th at 1:31 am PT/4:31am ET

Artwork: Deep Dreaming by Stuart Griggs

As I write this Jupiter, the ruler of this lunation is perfecting his square to Neptune.  Mercury is opposing Saturn and Moon is with Jupiter who will also square Neptune as her last aspect before reaching full opposition, or full illumination by the Sun.  This is the apex of the Gemini New Moon cycle that began two weeks ago, and with Mercury on the North Node, conjunct Mars and opposing Saturn there is a conversation being stimulated. 

Where do we want to go anyways? In order to hit the mark the archer must first take aim.  Old concepts of control, authority and regulation are readily dissolved right now with Saturn on the South node, spiritualizing once concrete, material things.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even the sensitive ones, but remember the power of maturity, respect and discipline in our speech.  As things dissolve new things crystalize in order to keep the flow of life going.  Fiery new plans and ideas rooted in community, unity and tribe can rise now.

Jupiter in Sag, currently retrograde, who rules the Full Moon in Sagittarius, beckons expansion into our higher minds, the visionary, intuitive and mystical realms, especially with his square to Neptune in Pisces.  The square aspect is one of productivity, seeking to form the corner-pivot point in life where two seemingly incongruent lines join at a single point.  Dreams are certainly heightened and there is a strong sense of reverie, playfulness and freedom at hand.

The Gemini New Moon catalyzed busy, complex movement, now the Sag Moon pulls us up into Eagle Vision to see the “why”.  Both of these signs remind us to ask and explore the regions of whyWhy do we believe what we believe? Why are we here? What is our purpose?  In square to Neptune there is copious access to the metaphysical, the great beyond, the vast ocean of consciousness from which we all emerge to explore these questions and do a bit of our own personal exploration to embody the union between the mortal and the immortal, the animal and the Goddess/God that each of us are a perfect union of.

In honor of the Sagittarian archetype may we each be afforded the opportunity to explore our wildness, our playfulness, our reverie in that which lights our eyes a fire as we gallop, consciousness drawing us into presence for the adventure that is life, love and the beautiful Earth we call home. 

Reminder to the wild beast in all of us, we must cultivate discipline and practice to manage the animal urges that seem incongruent to the higher spiritual aims we adopt, but let there be an honoring of each desire’s source, which, like all that is, stems from the One source which is neither good nor bad.  Hint- the understanding lies in overstanding the Tree of Life. 

Gemini asks, while standing beneath the tree “what are these branches and leaves? Let me study them and understand.”  Sagittarius climbs the tree to sit in her bows and take in the whole being through overstanding.  Together they offer the center-point, neither under nor over-standing, but aligned to the center in true knowing.

Blessed knowing- and may you claim it as your own, and no one’s simultaneously,

Zoey Wind

A Taurean New Moon Journey – Saturday May 4th 3:45pm PT/6:45pm ET

A Taurean New Moon Journey – Saturday May 4th 3:45pm PT/6:45pm ET

Artwork by Joushua Mays

For pleasures sake cries Taurus.  Rich silken gowns drape her curves as she lies in ecstasy,  savoring morsels of chocolate in between bites of figs and red wine.  Her lips are full as her breasts.  She is woman, born of Venus.  And she relishes, bursts and endures, endures, endures.

Ruled by Venus in Aries, this Taurean New Moon with the Goddess at the bendings of the nodes, in a square-off of will and grace, or perhaps a perfect alchemization of the two.  Well and isn’t that just like the feminine.  Marked at the point where the Moon ascends into the above of the Terra-Solar plane, the Goddess is courageously emerging from the Below, bringing new medicine from her recent journey. 

The stories of initiation always speak of the break through moments, where after so much fighting and struggle and strife the heroine suddenly realizes that she has gained something supremely Divine.  Some piece of her eternal soul has been activated.  It cannot ever be taken away, and yet it was previously un-realized. 

It is here that we begin to see with the eyes of the soul.  We reel with an ecstasy of the divine in our senses.  The gold shining in our veins lit by ever single ancestors and element that has ever contributed to the creation of us. 

This is a special New Moon for me, as I have a moon in Taurus.  Every year this moon is supremely powerful for intentions we wish to manifest.  The Goddess has a choice- or perhaps with Aries a quest.  She now gets to choose how to use her creative power- for good or not-good.  The choice is hers, is ours.  How do you wish to love? To make love?  To swim in the ocean of your ecstasy.  To bask in the beauty of another?  Of the sunlight shimmering through the trees?  The scent of the pines.  Of the sweet taste of a ripe, succulent fruit.

In Honor of Venus

Oh beautiful blood

Drip from my veins

From my lips

To meet Earth

From whence she came

Golden in my cells

I will not restrain

My DNA is shining

Light spiraling

Of every ancestor of time

Release the clots

That block the mind

The Soul’s eyes are opening

Divine fruit ripening

Deep in the jungle

Lies a garden

Of everlasting Life

Taste the fruit

Receive true sight

The body swells and bleeds

I expand

I receive

I have the strength to hold it

And to release

This is what I am

Soul and Spirit

Fire and wind

Earth that is Peace

Water feet

Inside the womb water is Life

Fire in the eyes give sight

Wind upon my breast empower flight

To the Earth of my flesh

And so it is

See now the elements

Of Nature’s found

Creation manifest

Creative principle translation

Through which I am Spirit and also flesh

-By Zoey Wind

Blessings of Laughter and Light


Saturn Stationing Retrograde on the South Node in Capricorn- The Lessons of the Elders

Saturn Stationing Retrograde on the South Node in Capricorn- The Lessons of the Elders

Artwork: Autumn Sky Morrsion

This poem is by a Native American Elder

Stand still. The trees ahead and the bushes beside you
Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here,
And you must treat it as a powerful stranger,
Must ask permission to know it and be known.
The forest breathes. Listen. It answers.
I have made this place around you;
If you leave it you may come back again, saying Here.
No two trees are the same to Raven.
No two branches are the same to Wren.
If what a tree or a bush does is lost on you,
You are surely lost. Stand still. The forest knows
Where you are. You must let it find you.

Quoted in David Whyte’s, The Heart Aroused pp 259-60”

I am hearing many stories of the Grandmothers passing away this past week or so.  It is hard to miss or bypass the literal signaling of such potentiality by Saturn (the elders) on the South Node (spiritualizing out of the material plane) in Capricorn (the circle of grandmothers).  We are in a time of great changes- and if we wish to understand where our culture is we need to both look at the health of our elders and our children to see what is really going on.  Having lost my own grandmother a couple months ago, I feel deeply the great shift of energy moving down the matriarchal line, and through the nodes of the Moon (Mother).

It doesn’t take a magnifying glass to see that the health and quality of life of our elders is far from what feels good, looks good or brings peace to many in our final days of caring for our loved ones.  The North Node of the Moon points us towards what is being called into inclusion- the archetype of Cancer, the Mother, Self-Care, Nurturing, Forgiveness, emotional connection and tribal belonging.  The South Node with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, speaks to the rigidity of our social structures built upon power and dominance gives us clues about what may be ripe for releasing.

I am hearing many repeating stories about our grandmothers- they were strong, they lead difficult lives form an early age, they had to grow up young, they lost their mothers or own children young, they became mothers before they were ready, there was alcoholism, poverty, trauma etc..  And yet- they were resilient, proud, caring, resourceful AF, cared for us so well, could fix anything, never wasted what could be used, moved with an essence of timeless grace and dignity, were humble and devoted wives and mothers, endured and taught us how to endure.  There are ways in which we wish to emulate them, things they taught us that we could never thank them enough for, and things we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. 

In many ways, these are just the facts of life- it is not always easy, there will be pain and no matter how much we try and avoid it through preparation, rigidity and perfection, disasters will still happen, pain cannot be avoided, loss will have to be endured.  The generation of grandmothers passing on now, many of which were were children of the Great Depression were pioneers of the resiliency of the human spirit. They were and are some of our greatest teachers in many of the lessons we are facing as a society again, as we teeter on the brink of self-extinction, mass environmental disaster and social dissolution.  Let us remember their lessons now, in honor and reverence.  They would want us to thrive.

The wisdom of the elders- of this Saturn, Pluto, South Node pile-up in Capricorn speaks to drawing upon our ancestral resources and strength in order to move out of a patriarchal, cold and greed-driven system into the arms of one another again.  To remember and revive the cultural traditions of our families, many of which are carried out by the women.  How many of our cultural traditions begin with food or center around it? Cancer represents the breasts, stomach and our digestion.  The very connective tissues that process and produce food.

The New Moon in Taurus on Saturday also highlights themes of resourcefulness, food, abundance and how we live on this Earth.  Marking the celebration of Beltane- the calendrical opposite of Halloween- this is the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest.  The fairies, elementals and nature spirits are active and close.  If you are feeling lost, as the elder’s poem above states- to meet them, simply say here.  The forest knows where you are, you just need to let it find you.

Blessings and Wisdom Permeating,

Zoey Wind

Libra Full Moon- The Unique and the Universal

Libra Full Moon- The Unique and the Universal

Artwork by Devany Wolf

Friday April 19th at 4:12am PT/ 7:12am EDT at 30’ Libra

“The connection to the Universal is through the Unique”- Michael Meade

The symbol of Libra, if you study it represents a setting Sun.  Literally, the coming together of the Sun and the Earth, this archetype represents the merging of Fire and Earth, Yang and Yin, the Active and Resting, the Burning and Fueling.  This archetype urges us not to withhold, to give and receive in balance.

The two lines in the Libra glyph represent balance, the symbol of equals in mathematics and equality as an ideal.  This mystery teaches that transcendence is birthed from balanced coming together.  Balance of perspective, relationships, giving and receiving, burning and fueling, acting and resting.  This is a collaborative life we dance through, honor your partners and yourself in it.

This lunation echoes back to the Libra New Moon we were seeding in September and the one we had at the Equinox last month.  Reflect on what intentions you were setting then and observe how they have manifested in balance now.  Perhaps what we asked for did not show up in flaming glory, but instead the things that needed to be balanced to welcome that gift into our lives have been tweaking, ever so slowly.

The Sun is in late Aries conjunct Uranus in early Taurus illuminating the vision of a New Earth brightly and lensing it through the Libra Moon.  The message is one of Unified Vision.  As the Sun illuminates our uniqueness, the very essence of our soul that we came here to express, it is lensed through the Libra moon to be held as part of a collective vision. William Blake said “A culture is the totality of human imaginative power.”  This requires each of us to tap into our unique vision, cultivate our unique gifts which are our connection to the divine, and then lens that into creative reality through the principles of equality and balance.

 Anchor your energy, drawing up Earthly sensuality from soil around your roots and send it up through the center of your body.  Draw celestial resonance down through your crown.  Amber crystalline fractals, retracing steps not needed.  Erasing scripts is necessary.

Blessed Blue Moon,

Zoey Wind

Cosmic Weekly: Monday April, 8 2019- Sunday April 14th, 2019

Cosmic Weekly: Monday April, 8 2019- Sunday April 14th, 2019

Artwork: Lohmuller Gyuri

Venus conjunct Neptune and Jupiter Retrograde: Surrealism and Idealism

Last week’s new moon in Aries has kick started a powerfully potent first two weeks of April.  There is energy to accomplish the Spring cleaning at hand now, coupled with spiritual energy for whatever creative projects and vision quests we are on.  Hermes is finally clear of Neptune and swimming along nicely recounting the lessons and the gold awaiting him after the deep practice of surrender he has just cultivated a little more.  There is an essence of refreshing idealism and potential surrealism emerging.  To take full advantage we want to stay grounded and in the body.

Venus conjunct Neptune: Wednesday April 10th at 18’ Pisces

Seek your muse, let her wrap you in balmy sheets of nectar, rinsing your brow of sweat and distress.  She wants to love you.  To remind you that you are everything.  You deserve everything you want and all you have to do is imagine it into being and receive. If you can’t focus, this is a great week for clearing out old clutter, clothes, junk, friendships or attachments that block your energy of creativity. 

Venus floating with Neptune may feel like dreams and reality have taken on one form and are playing out your greatest fantasies or illusions.  Wondrous and fanciful as this may feel, remember the tempting of mermaids that lured sailors into their clutches and watery death by screaming.  The world of fantasy is both alluring and an illusion.  Regardless of where our minds may journey, if we can’t bring our bodies with us, there is something missing. 

Relationships, financial matters and values may appear as something they are not, or are they?  It may be wise to stall on making big assumptions or decisions in these areas, particularly in matters pertaining to the house containing Pisces in your chart.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying what is pleasing. But if things start to feel stagnant or smell “off” we can always practice cleaning and clearing rituals that honor Venus.  Take a rose-petal bath, sing and make some art, work in the garden and dance in the sunlight. 

Followed by successive sextiles to Saturn and Pluto, all things Venusian get the opportunity for rapid up-leveling through deep self-awareness and standing in our personal authority.  Pulling the material out of the immaterial realm of Pisces can produce beautiful things- so take some time to practice your arts and create.   

Saturn and Pluto will be spending quite some time together in the sky for the next year and the sobering yet deep awareness available in this conjunction will become easier and more familiar.  What a gift to be able to make manifest and crystalline the deep, transformative and magical nature of Pluto?  This week our hearts get a chance to do that.  Success in this realm requires deep self-honesty and integrity.

Jupiter Stations Retrograde at 24’ Sagittarius: April 10th-August 11th 2019

Outer planetary retrogrades are not that uncommon and do not feel so dramatic as a Mercury retrograde, but rather create a gentle tug to slow down and reflect more than not before acting. As we move through life we experience, adapt and accept various philosophies, beliefs and teachings.  We also reject many ideas.  The next four months is a time to reflect on both. 

To step outside ourselves, to rise high into eagle vision we must be willing to channel in the new information that is beaming in now from Jupiter at Galactic Center, driving our evolution and ready to transform poison into medicine.

Anything that expands your awareness is intensified now.  Plans for travel, writing, education, long stalled projects of inspiration can all be activated in this space.  If there’s something you wish to educate yourself on, this can be one of the highest forms of self-love.  This is the space of all the fabulously rich and juicy moments of inspiration through learning and exploration of life’s mysteries.  The inner alchemy that can transmute is ripe if we are willing to remain mutable.

The Sun in Aries squares Saturn, the north node and Pluto and trines Jupiter

The Sun in Aries makes a number powerful aspects this week- the warrior within us all needs times of initiation where we become more aware of how to cultivate and use our energy and personality to achieve the things we want in life.  How do we shine our light for others- where does that strengthen and empower others?  Ourselves?  Where does it not?  There comes a time when we all have to step up and make those big changes we have felt coming for a long time.  Remembering to embrace the beauty of the perfectly flawed self and the perfect energy source that powers our light.  It takes tremendous self-love and confidence to make positive changes for ourselves and others.  It is such a gift when we can stand back and bask in the beauty of the struggle.

The Spell

Words are sacred

Words are spelled

Each time we speak words

We write a spell which manifest as words and then as life 

Life is like sculptures imbued with spirit, 

A flicker of the Divine

which can be grown into something so special

it disembodies back into light

Before the material, it is just light 

And after, it is something else altogether 

Blessed Inspiration,

Zoey Wind

Friday’s New Moon in Aries- New Moon, New Me

Friday’s New Moon in Aries- New Moon, New Me

New Moon- at 15’17” Aries Friday April 5th, 2019 1:50AM PT/ 4:50AM ET

There is a robust potency awakening.  The spark that fuels the tenacity for life.  To live, to grow, to reach peaks and procreate.  But to create, we must first tap the inner fuel available to each of us- our Divine Spark.  The Moon receives her re-birth in just that spark of Aries Friday, and she sings of potency.  Beginning in the month of April, the time of potential surging forth from once seemingly hidden and shelled sources, the inspiration for our intentions is literally all around us.

Take time Thursday evening to connect with the rays of the Sun, where the Moon will be bathing this Friday at Sunset.  See if you can sense, even see the forces of the natural world at work.  Swirling in ember hues, orange, gold and pink, the elementals are dancing with the vibration to co-create life again.  Perhaps we can learn something from their playful excitement at the new dawn rising in a Spring morning, the potential of the swelling seed, the fiery light of Sol blessing us with his radiance.

The Warrior’s ruler, Mars is in the sign of Gemini in sextile to Chiron in Aries.  Seeking connections, information and understand the dual nature of being an immortal soul within the confines of a human existence.  There is healing available, in forging new friendships, connections and the information that can propel us forward towards rising into our proper roles as healers, teachers and guides.  Pay attention, and follow your intuition.  What are your daily experiences trying to show you?  Intuition is the gift of fire-signs.  Gemini can make sense of daily, practical lessons.  Playfulness and innocence should not be sacrificed on the road to wisdom.

This Moon offers a chance to set intentions around our Self-Concept.  How do you identify?  Are some of these identities worn out? Check to see if they make you feel empowered. How do you see yourself? Talk to yourself? Where do your words dishonor your truth? How we treat ourselves teaches others how to treat us. 

To heal our relationships, we must first heal our relationship to ourselves.  What do you want more of for yourself?  More time for self-care?  Learning?  Time with friends?  Whatever it is, Aries is here to empower you to protect the Comic Order of all that is Sacred in life.  In order to do this, we must first take the time and energy to learn what is truly sacred to ourselves, what feels right in the gut, what sets our soul afire.

For Ceremony- make offerings of fire, bless some water and write that which you wish to have more potency in your life on paper.  Is it self-love?  The courage to follow your heart or to know your heart more?  The will to seek to grow into the best version of you possible?  To stand in your true power? 

The dedication to seek the healing you know you need and to share your sacred gifts with the world is available now. Perhaps you want a fresh start.  To wake in the morning with an exuberance for the day ahead like when you were a child.  Perhaps it is a move or a new project. These things are all very strongly supported, as are finding the right connections and practical steps to make them actually happen.

The Moon and then Sun will be moving into a square with Saturn not long after this lunation, our discipline and integrity will be tested as to whether or not we really want the things we say we do.  If not then let them go.  No use in trying to manifest something because it’s what we think we should do or what others want.  Aries is about being authentically you. 

Dig deep to find what truly resonates in your intuition.  All fire signs hold the power of intuition.  Use your tools- pull cards, sit in meditation, ask your guides, consult your birth-chart and seek that which is truly in your heart.  Aries doesn’t need others’ approval, she is the Warriess in tune with her cosmic vision and that which she is willing to fight for.

All of this masculine energy of Air and Fire is cooled by Venus and Mercury still in the realms of Pisces.  Hearts tender, sweetness in reach and all the dreams and visions of this sign continue to grace us.  If things still feel foggy, maybe try tapping in through the Piscean tools of dreams, meditation, music, poetry and the flow states produced by just being.  This is a special gift as Pluto is with the South Node right, releasing shadow, fears and rules created by our subconscious.  Make the most of it.

Blessed Selfhood,

Zoey Wind

Artwork: Sophie Wilkins- Title Unknown

Re-Culturation Through Conscious Reflection: Pluto and Saturn on the South Node in Capricorn and our Watery Roots

Re-Culturation Through Conscious Reflection: Pluto and Saturn on the South Node in Capricorn and our Watery Roots

The south node of the Moon is inching towards Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.  Dense, icy, deep in the otherworld, this is a time of knowing the eerie strangeness that exists in other realms of reality.  This is the knowing that there is far deeper and bizarre thoughts buried in the human psyche than most will ever dare utter.  This is the things taboo and unrequited.  The desires left unspoken, except perhaps between bedsheets at twilight hours.  The power of persistence along our path to structure and transformation is being activated- both on a grand social scale, and personally.

All of this colored by the energy of the Goat Queen, Queen of pentacles, the horned goddess- Capricorn.  What are the unspoken yet painfully obvious ambitions of humanity at this time? What are those of government and the polytricksters?  We have the ability to see these things materialize, and spiritualize before our eyes.  To see deep into the true motivations of others actions.  To spiritualize is to make un-manifest by extracting the core essence.  This is not disempowering, but making that power a super power, a spiritual power.  We must put in extra effort to bring awareness to these powers, as they can get out of control.

This alignment is signaling that old forms of traditions, rules, structures, power, control and shadow be released in the sign of Capricorn, and balanced in the archetype of Cancer.  Shadows of Capricorn can be a cold and objective attitude towards change, prone to seek authority, criticize without sensitivity and seek perfection, hierarchy and command. 

Right now we have the opportunity to transform the deep psychological underpinnings and underlying structures of our society that place goals, ambitions and maintaining the status-quo  above family, emotional health and personal needs.

The nodes are always asking to find a middle point- the center here is balance between tribal culture and the larger structures that allow the very important responsible actions of society to provide a world where all of our needs can be met.  If you think this is ridiculous, just know, it is already happening more fluidly in Europe and Scandinavian countries where the people have access to healthcare, childcare, paid vacation time and lower work hours.  Studies show that people are much happier in these countries than in the US.

Gathering what is useful from the realms of Capricorn can mean digging deep into our traditions to find what is integritous and practical, honoring the wisdom that can only ripen with eldership.  These energies are being married with a Cancerian image for the future.  A world where children are honored as the future you.  Armed with truth, guidance, positive examples and proper initiations to prepare them for the journey ahead. 

Imagine society built on trust, emotional connection, sharing and gift-economy as a source of true social security and unconditional love?  Imagine if you had been given such an opportunity for unity within your own being and with the tribe you were born into as a child? 

How do we actively engage with these energies?

Luckily, we have the Sun in the sign of Aries to boost our courage and confidence to scout out these new ways that are available to us.   If our society doesn’t run on rule-driving, authority power and hierarchy in an imbalanced way then what does it run on?  Sink into the potential of the abundance available through egalitarian community and gift economy. 

The North Node in Cancer is beckoning us towards our local communities in the form of our family- chosen and biological, our neighbors, our house-mates, tribal gathering around the dinner table, feasting together, giving and receiving emotional connection.  This is where the sacred contracts are formed to support one another’s goals and dreams holistically.  This is where we find the connections we need, both emotionally and practically to make the dream a reality. 

At the center of community is the home.  Is the role of the mother and home still disempowered in your current world-view?  How do you feel in your home?  How do others feel?  Have we lost the home as a center for community gathers and respite for those seeking solace?  The nurturing embrace of someone who is happy to just sit with you until you finish crying. Who is happy to see you and hear about your day.  Who has an incredible meal and the time to share it with you. Maybe we can make more time for these things this month.   

We can seek to honor plans to gather together to celebrate the great markers of the year like the Equinox, Full Moons, Solstices or other holidays.  Open your home to others more and partake in the giving that others offer you.  This is the heart of culture.  Be a part of festivals, parties, celebrations and traditional events where we raise vibrations in joyful energy together, giving tremendous power to manifestations.  We can harness these through conscious gatherings with clear intentions that feel good in our minds, bodies and spirits.

Power to the People,

Zoey Wind

Artwork: R.M. Kavanagh- Reflections

Cosmic Weekly: Monday March 25th-31st 2019- The Tree of Life is Rooted in Me

Cosmic Weekly: Monday March 25th-31st 2019- The Tree of Life is Rooted in Me

The Sun is in Aries and the energy to accomplish is alive again, although Mercury being retrograde a few more days in Pisces will certainly ensure we do not get carried away too quickly. As we seek to differentiate ourselves from the pack, strike out on our own mission and claim our destiny, something back home is calling- roots.  This week is like a huge pivot point in molasses, as Mercury comes to standstill with Neptune, Lord of Oceans.  It may feel like steam needing to be let off until next week when the messenger is fully direct again.  Your yoga mat, journal, guitar, canvas, the gym and all hiking trails are your friend.

Make the most of everyday contact with the Divine.  You may feel the Goddess speaking to you through tears, her graces flowing through you in meditation achieved through whatever practices free your mind.  A sense that its more important to you to act out the things that feel Divinely inspired than your to-do list.  Intuition and dreams are more alluring.  Cleansing takes focus- spring cleaning, liver cleansing, old-story cleansing, emotional cleansing, colon cleansing, relationship cleansing.  The waters of the body, especially the kidneys are implied- drink lots of water and try and sweat, soak and sing.

3/26- Venus enters Pisces and 3/28 Mercury stations Direct conjunct Neptune

Please allow everyone a little extra forgiveness.  It’s a foggy, froggy world out there.  Mercury has risen as morning star, and whatever themes are begging some attention in your life have probably come to the surface of your consciousness.  Pisces might be foggy in one stage, but then there is the Oneness- the eternal access point of prime-order, the source of all order, the origin itself. The place from which all things come, and all things return.

 It’s interesting how all of the mystery schools and ancient spiritual traditions are trying to get us out of this separated reality back to source and oneness, yet in Astrology there is so much focus on Pisces and Neptune being a place of confusion, fear and grief.  True, this is a space we will often have to face things un-manifest, but the magic is that all we do is let go and it simply dissolves.  Suddenly we see that there was no separation between our fears and our loves. The source contains all things, and it is the original source of all manifestation, including ours.

It is the state which lends complete surrender into love.  This is the reason it is considered Sacred.  It is untouchable, yet omnipresent.  It is the essence of all things, including love, Venus, and it is why She is exalted there for the next month.  Venus in Pisces is the one that sees no “other” in the face of a stranger, but the very same as their own Mother, child or self.  It is the washing away of all the seemingly important racket of daily life and replacing it with the very core of what is truly important in life.  Love.  Live Your Love.  Do not be afraid of others taking it.  It was never yours alone anyway.

3/31- Mars in Gemini

Write, craft, create and express through the mind and hands.  Interesting that symbolically the mind and the hands are connected through this sign, and yet it is perfect in reflecting it’s dualistic nature between being a thinking and a doing human.  This is a great time to practice our crafting- like spider who wove creation into being, Gemini weaves stories, like the beads of a necklace, to endure through time a particular thought.

If all of creation is one great Mind, like many philosophers say, then the delicate weaving of this reality is but a string of pearls.  This is what String Theory proposes- that all of creation is held together by invisible layers of strings in geometric pattern.  It is this layer of strings that connects the higher creative realm of source and this Earthly one, where the creations are happening.  These pearls make up what is called the Quantum Gap, and it is accessible through the presence of our minds, when they become still and focused. 

Scientists now say that only 4% of our Universe is matter making 96% of the universe “empty” space, or what is being referred to now as dark energy or dark matter. The same goes for our own bodies.  It is this spacious realm that contains the strings and sacred geometry that connect and communicate the dimension we live in.  This is the Quantum Gap, this is where the alignment between the creative force and the creation itself lies.  This is what we tap in order to truly be co-creators in the manifestation of our reality.

We can tune into this space during meditation by feeling the space between the atoms in our bodies.  It feels like a hum, like a tingling throughout every cell.  This awareness is the potential held in the energy of the archetype of Gemini.  Mars is the piece of Divine Free Will we all carry, and can be powerfully directed towards the conscious awareness of our Divine Nature though being present in all of our daily actions.  Coupled with Venus in Pisces, we have a month that is beautifully charged for spiritual and metaphysical upgrades if we choose to embrace it.

South Node conjunct Pluto

The alignment of Pluto with the South node in Capricorn asks that we dig into our cultural traditions and find what is transformative and empowered from our ancient traditions.  This inherently requires that we be willing to face and confront the parts that are not working.  What makes you feel disempowered in this world?  Is it lack of emotional support?  Is it rigid laws, control or hierarchy that keeps you from feeling free to actualize yourself? 

Remember that we co-create the world we live in and we make this rich by cultivating conscious culture.  No matter who owns the company, it is the employees to make it run.  No matter who is elected into power, perhaps we should be returning to these positions as one of service again anyways, it is the people who should be allowing that position. 

When we delegate our fate to someone else we become victims of their decisions.  But we have the opportunity to take back our fate, through wisdom, knowledge and the power of the key- the tree of life is rooted in each of us, so even in the midst of great trials, we remain free.

The Capricorn-Cancer axis is about culture.  Cancer is the roots, mother, home, security and those we consider family.  Capricorn is the government, hierarchy, rules, order and traditions. 

We are being called upon to grow our roots deeply into that which feeds us.  And do not be mistaken, the forest is stronger than one tree. There are various forms of culture that can form, find what makes you feel a part of, secure and nurtured, and grow together. 

Turn to the Earth, your neighbors, friends and offer your support where you can.  This builds true social security, knowing that in times of need there will be others there for you too.  It is human nature to stick together, like the trees, and in this we have localized sustainable resources that we do not need an authority to access.

If you’ve made it this far congratulations- this has been a transmission of Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune, complete with several rewrites and snack breaks.  I hope you have enjoyed <3

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Artist Credit- Dela Cruze- Inspired

Ostara Equinox-The Sun into Aries and a Libra Full Moon- Today is a New Day!

Ostara Equinox-The Sun into Aries and a Libra Full Moon- Today is a New Day!

Today is a new day.  Astrologically it is the New Year, Spring Equinox marked by the Sun entering Aries.  The first sign of the zodiac, the warrior archetype and all things bursting forth with confidence, excitement, courage to live life! Interestingly it is marked by a Full Moon in Libra, emphasizing the need for balancing the Fullness with a dedication towards beauty and harmony as the highest form of love. 

in honor of the Earth’s reflection of the balance of light and dark, may we take a moment to honor what each serves in this dimensional reality.  The planets reflect this through a grand Earth trine with a kite formation pointing at the North Node.  Mars is trine to Pluto, directing our will towards the desire for transformation of old structures that are dying away now.  Pluto opposes the North Node- directing the energy that is transmuting from old structures into rebirth as a new cultural security.

 This security is reflected through the archetype of Cancer- the Divine Mother, the essence of soulfulness.  Making money to gain power, over-emphasis on the physical and material, these timelines are fading away n ow.  The new security is in tribal gathering and interconnectedness.  It will rely on emotional connection to build trust, as the old systems have lost ours.

These Equinox alignments ask us to look to our social systems based on love for the answers to the new type of paradigm building now.  In accord with the Aries archetype, this will take strength, perseverance and courage, but the rewards are sweetness.  The Moon completes the kite from the sign of Virgo- the high priestess in training.  She seeks to cultivate the mastery of her mind and practice to share her sacred gifts with the world in the highest for possible. We are all being asked to stand more firmly in our own authority, not to bow to others. The High Priestess does not bow, but offers her gifts attained through the cultivation of mastery in reverent service to the Divine Order. 

Whatever gifts you are cultivating, whichever you feel called in your heart of hearts towards, trust it.  Cultivate and tend it like a tender shoot.  Each person has something to contribute to the building of the New earth.  be ready for the transformation of how we support ourselves and seek personal empowerment and self-worth.  We are all worthy of supporting ourselves in a way that honors our worth.  Let this Libra Full Moon illuminate the grand design laid out for you.

If you are interested in learning more about how the ancient art of Astrology can illuminate your gifts, strengths and points of awakening please feel free to reach out for a reading. 

Blessed Blossoming,

Zoey Wind

Integration & Fruition: How to Soak up the magic of this Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon in Libra

Integration & Fruition: How to Soak up the magic of this Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon in Libra

The New Moon on March 6th was at the 16th degree of Pisces, conjunct its modern ruler Neptune and occurring at the degree where Mercury will station direct next week.  The seeds planted during that New Moon will receive a special “go ahead” from Mercury when he stations there next week, and will come to fruition in the Libra Full Moon on Wednesday, March 20th 2019.  Be on the look-out for what becomes visible and bright in your relationships, creative endeavors and the sensitive places you seek healing in your life. Now is the time for integration of those insights into fruition of something more beautiful.

Mercury Retrograde marks a special time in the ongoing spiraling of Cosmic Consciousness when Mercury is closest to Earth and the signal to the Divine is strongest.  It naturally does not favor things on the mundane, physical realm going all with the flow and such, as the Divine intent is often beyond just regular daily tasks, but asking us to look past the physical, into the deeper, richness of what it means to be eternal Spirits embodied.  In a way, the quirks and mishaps typical of this period offer us a chance to learn about our own Divinity, gently or not. 

Libra is an air sign and seeks to integrate understanding of all they see and experience into a harmonious artful masterpiece.  Her Queen, Venus is in Aquarius, engaging eagle visions and seeking the most intelligent plan for the benefit of all of humanity.  This is a beautiful opportunity to take a step back from the emotional waters and integrate our understanding of all that has been revealed these past two weeks.  Here are some ways to take full advantage of the promises offered by the seeds planted in the Pisces New Moon, and the opportunities to move forward with them through this Libra Full Moon of Integration tomorrow.

Comprehend the Vastness of our Interconnectedness:

Libra sees all things in balance, and seeks to bring harmony and beauty to the design she sees.  Pisces effects the unseen things like emotions.  Deep in the waters of this ocean things work a little differently that in the realm of air and earth.  If I move, even just slightly, a ripple of water will be set into motion that will eventually reach or affect you in some way.  If I move suddenly and dramatically, depending on how close you are, you will feel it more powerfully.  This analogy helps teach how emotional and psychic energy works.  If someone near you is feeling something, even if you are not aware of it, it will affect you. This is a powerful time to noticing empathic currents in our lives.  But, always in balance.  If it’s yours, own it, if it’s not, don’t.  Learning to differentiate and decipher energies is a powerful lesson for this retrograde time.  Setting boundaries is a key lesson for Pisces, allowing others their own emotions is Libra’s balance point.

Tap into your Sensitivity and Healing Potential:

Humans have varying levels of sensitivity, but ultimately, we are all deep in the Piscean waters right now and learning to navigate better in a world that is undeniably interconnected yet intentionally disconnected is not easy.  We have the opportunity to intentionally engage with our hearts through opening up to genuine connections with those around us, while practicing having healthy boundaries around that.   Perhaps how we treat others will become more important. Maybe we will be able to feel how what have said affects them. Perhaps we will notice how another is feeling and seek to help or hold space in some way. 

We can be naturally compassionate when we are naturally more aware of how the other is feeling.  Pisces can heal in the invisible realms-Libra integrates this into our consciousness.  If you have been drawn to energy healing of any type, heed the call.  If you already practice it, now is the time to re-vise gaps in your learning and understanding. 

Give and Forgive:

In the realms of recognition of Oneness we find the grace of forgiveness. This retrograde offers us the power of forgiveness- how deeply can you tap into yours? Everything everyone does, they do for a reason.  If someone hurts you, it is likely because they are trying to ensure one of their basic needs without knowing a better way.  Likely they have been hurt in the same way, or feel so desperately that they need something. 

You may find that you are naturally more in tune with the reasons why people are acting how they act.  This is the same for ourselves.  Embrace this gift. This world and culture are not the most sound along the lines of kindness, forgiveness and giving at this time.  Let Mercury and the Moon grace you with the deep resounding echo of understanding.  The soul heals when we forgive ourselves, the heart heals when we forgive others.

Crystalize Visions from the Imaginal Realms:

Deep in sleep, our subconscious reveals things to us that are magical, fantastical, strange, alarming and just plain incomprehensible.  It is a place of visions and other-worlds, it is a home of fears and repressed memories.  It is fraught with anxiety about missing the bus or meeting people we have never known.  It is elusive and contains things we have never seen before. 

Any yet, how is all of this possible?  How can our minds conjure something that it has never seen or thought about in waking hours?  What is this strange place that has a mind of its own and yet is contained within us?  Carl Jung called it the subconscious, others have called it the imaginal realms, astrologers might say its represented by the sign Pisces, the planet Neptune or the 12th house in our charts. It contains the collective memory of every human that has ever lived. One thing is for certain- this is the place where new ideas are born, inspiration is found and all things are possible.  This Libra Moon can crystalize how you can birth this idea into being.  If we can face our fears in these spaces, we may become the midwives of something new to be born through us.

Connect with the Divine through Creative Expression:

Venus ruled Libra want to make everything more beautiful, and Mercury in Pisces draws inspiration from the Divine.  Allow yourself time today to sit in meditation, draw or paint, sculpt or sing, dance or write.  Make a visions board for your intentions for this Astrological new Year. Whatever takes you out of the mind and into the state of “flow”.  The more we practice entering this state the more available it becomes for us.  It is not a time of doing more, but of being so deeply present in the moment that each thing completed floats by effortlessly.   It is not a time of striving and forcing, the fish never forces, it slips and glides through all of its endeavors.  Even if it requires great effort, the fish’s body is not designed for force but for maximum efficiency. The name of the game is decreasing resistance to increase speed.

Blessings and a Graceful Integration

Zoey Wind

Artwork: Miles Toland-Integration

Cosmic Weekly: Monday March 18th-24th 2019- New Moon in Libra and the Spring Equinox- Aligning our will to the Divine

Cosmic Weekly: Monday March 18th-24th 2019- New Moon in Libra and the Spring Equinox- Aligning our will to the Divine

Happy New Year! Wednesday marks the beginning of the Astrological New Year as the Sun ingresses Aries along with a Full Moon in Libra. This week is ripe for planting in our gardens, setting new intentions and aligning our wills to that of the Divine to amplify our powers of manifestation. When we do this, manifestation becomes more like emergence- summoning from the Divine Matrix that which is already in alignment with the will of the universe.

It takes courage and a little strength to break through the shell of the seed, but the promise is that we will emerge with wings to soar beyond what we previously could see possible from within our old casings. You are the blueprint for an incredible and unique expression of the Divine- May you find your courage to fly and shine <3

Mars trine Pluto 3/20

How can the powers of the will and transformation work together to be most harmonious?  What have you been wanting to change in your life? In yourself?  These two intense planets can work in harmony if we can remember that true transformation begins within.  If we resist, the power of this aspect may just change it for us.

Mercury sextile Saturn 3/20

Focus the mind to gain clarity around the old stories that are being re-written during this Mercury retrograde.  Fantasy and idealism are not Saturn’s favorite things, but the imagination is one of the most highly prized human abilities in ancient mystery schools.  It is from the magical realms of imagination that all new things are born- it is said even in the Mind of God.  Let Saturn help you decipher which new stories are worth holding onto and solidifying before Mercury goes direct next week.  His visit with Neptune next week as he stations direct will allow you one more opportunity to re-imagine where you wish to place your faith in the world.

Sun enters Aries 3/20- Vernal Equinox

Blessed Osara to you all! In ancient times this day was celebrated as the new year in much of the Northern Hemisphere as it marks the time in Earth’s orbit when day and night are equal and the tipping point from the dark into the light part of the year. 

In astrology it is marked by the Sun’s passage into the sign of Aries, the first sign of zodiac, symbol of new life.  Human mitochondria gain two-thirds of their energy from sunlight and this day is sacred for celebrating the blessings of our Star, Sun.  Seen as a time of fertility we can honor this day with the sacred symbol thereof, from eggs to bunnies to planting seeds.

The sun is exalted in the sign of Aries, meaning it has special strength here.  Strength to persevere, energy to spare and courage to shine.  Set your intentions for this season around where you wish to put your energy to make it count most.  Where are you ready to shine? 

Key to this archetype are lessons of integrity, courage and learning how to wisely choose our battles.  Mars, the ruler of Aries is in the sign of Taurus, anchoring our energy into our values and bodies.  He asks that we use our energy for beauty and that which is built to last.  Listen to what feels good in your body.

Forming a grand Earth trine on this day, the Moon, Pluto and Mars seek to work together forming a kite towards Mercury in Pisces.  They give strength and foundation to our effots in re-visioning old stories about reality.  Use it! This gives tremendous endurance, strength, vitality and power to our efforts at transcending worn out story lines about this dimension. What isn’t working? Re-write those stories baby! Now is the time. 

Uranus in Tuarus is shaking things up in the house containing that sign in your chart.  

 As Earth upgrades her frequencies in alignment with the Sun at Galactic Center at Winter Solstice, this turning point marks a square to that space in the sky now.  One quarter turn and we are now being asked to take some big action towards bringing the New Earth we all envisioned in the dark of winter. 

What were the goals that got you through this winter?  What did you hold onto to give you hope?  Now, burst forth with enthusiasm towards that thing.  Some tension will have to be released, but we can do that by focusing on what new things we want to birth into our lives now.  Maybe it is giving thanks to the Sun for shining and warming the Earth once again.  Perhaps it is thanking the Earth for continuing on Her gracious spiral to bring us close again to the light.  Perhaps it is climbing the mountain to sit and leave prayers of gratitude for the trials that have made you who you are and those yet to come. 

Full Moon in Libra- 9:43pm EST 1st degree

The Libra Full Moon reflecting Aries light reminds us to remember the power of beauty and harmony as we strive towards our goals and self-individuation.  The warrior’s job is to protect the cosmic order, which is built upon cooperation and collaboration between the many facets of life.  The perfect balance of the Earth’s distance from the Sun, the presence of water and just the right mix of elements to produce an atmosphere still boggles the mind of scientists.  This perfect balance is the balance of Libra.  The detection of an Intelligent, beautiful and harmonious design behind all of reality is undeniable.  Libra is the master of relationships and teaches us about how to cultivate that within human culture.

The Full Moon in Libra aligns to the balance point of the Vernal Equinox this year brings the fullness of the attributes of beauty and harmony to the Earthly plane.  What has come into balance since the Libra New Moon in mid-October?  Do you remember the intentions you planted then in that fertile ground?  Give thanks for what has grown and reside in the wide-eyed hopefulness this lunation draws forth.

Venus, the ruler of the Full Moon is in square to Mars.  Where have we sacrificed our values for our security?  Where have our desires become misaligned, or even directly antagonistic towards the highest good for all?  At a time when human culture is undergoing great transformation, this lunation can offer illumination of the places where the individual strive for glory and security is causing suffering for the masses. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with seeking success or security, these are rather noble deeds.  But where have we lost our frame of reference?  Where have we forgotten the grand cosmic order that interconnects all beings?  If one person’s success ensures another’s failure, have we truly succeeded? 

Mars is in sextile to the North Node in Cancer.  If we can rise to challenge of re-aligning our will with the higher Cosmic Order we can, with a little effort, affect the collective destiny of humanity.  What will your role be?  Which values will you rest your decisions on?  As Pluto approaches the South node we will begin to see old power structures fade away more rapidly.  If we do not do the work to cultivate new cultural structures the old ones will just transform and continue to rule under new names.

At this time, we have a generation rising who came to gather the wisdom of the ancients once again in order to reconcile the imbalance we have inherited.  Each human has a vital part to play in the revitalization of human culture at this time.  No matter how small that role may seem, it is, like in all of nature, absolutely essential to make the whole.  What will yours be?

Venus square Mars, Venus sextile Jupiter3/21

Just after the Full Moon Wednesday, Venus in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus on Thursday followed by a sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius.  There is an adjustment to be made between the values of the collective and the desire for personal security.  With some effort, this can lead to new philosophies and perspectives as to what is actually possible along social lines. The roles of sacred and Masculine and Divine Feminine have been undergoing intentional reconfiguration lately.

 Major themes alive in this full Moon already, these aspects challenge us to look at where we have become too rigid in our beliefs, viewpoints and ideas, particularly around the roles of the masculine and the feminine.  Sometimes caring for ourselves first allows us to better to show up for other people.  Sometimes we need to place our own immediate needs aside in order to serve the highest good for all.  Let Jupiter bring you some wisdom and flexibility, expanding your frame of vision much higher than you ever imagined.

Mercury conjunct Neptune 3/24

When the stars say its ok to play, why not play?  There’s a lot of work to do, and even less time, but alas, if we do not allow ourselves the time to sit and clear our minds, how can we ever hope to complete it all efficiently? This is the point where Mercury stations direct, with new inspiration, clarity and visions, if we can wisely choose what to take with us and what to leave behind. 

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Cosmic Weekly- Monday March 11th-17th : Sweet, Sweet Nothing

Cosmic Weekly- Monday March 11th-17th : Sweet, Sweet Nothing

Artwork: Tola Brennan

It’s a big week for moving emotions and energy through our solar consciousness and Mind.  Emotions are likely heightened and sensitive with the trickster’s backslide through Pisces, swelling tears and anger, stirring waters deep in our souls as he makes aspects to Mars and Pluto.  There is some promise of destiny to be revealed, a test of faith to surmount, but the prize is sweet if we are willing to surrender old stories that keep us stuck in a state of pain.  Something new is waiting to be born from the sweet, sweet nothing, and like all babies- nurture it gently.

Sun sextiles Pluto and squares Jupiter early in the week.  Expect illumination of corruption in government and power structures to continue.  This is fitting as Mercury will offer us the chance to surrender what is illuminated on Thursday.  If its happening on a personal level, let Jupiter, great Guru of the sky offer his ancient wisdom to you.  Perhaps this will require surrendering some outdated belief we are still carrying.

Remember how freely Sun gives his light to all of the Solar System.  There is no hierarchy of Sunlight. Find your calm in compassion.  Relish the sweet simple moments and pleasures that Mars in Taurus reminds us of.  Let your drive towards self-care take you into soft and sensuous spaces.  Practicing self-forgiveness is primary, remembering that to forgive is a gift to yourself as much as the other.  You are worthy of all the good things in life.  All of those around us are worthy too.  Simple kindness as is act of prayer when we remember the truth of Oneness.

Mars trines Saturn on Thursday March 14th giving drive and stamina to accomplish the Great Work.  Marriage of the Above and Below, the Within and the Without is no easy task.  It takes stages of purification, it requires burning off impurities and crystallization of new thought patters.  Give a little extra time for your own processing and some understanding for others this week.  In the Piscean waters we are in, things can get murky and entangled, or more connected and compassionate.  Mars and Saturn lend strength to creating boundaries out of boundlessness in this etheric time. 

Give special attention to your practice of meditation or ceremony on Thursday night as Mercury meets with the Sun.  Known as Kazimi, Mercury goes into the heart of Consciousness.  Here we can surrender what is no longer serving us with total abandon.  Together they unite the subconscious of all creation in the fires of Consciousness itself.  If there is something you wish to know, something you wish to burn- this is the place to do it. 

Imagine placing the old stories, timelines, fears and patterns around martyrdom, helplessness and hopelessness into a crucible inside the Sun.  Allow them to burn.  See them turn white, red and gold.  Release with complete abandon.  If you have questions, big questions, little questions- place them in there too.  Mercury will return to this point in the zodiac after he has turned direct on April 12th to claim the gold they have transmuted into.  When we practice patience in the face of the unknown, we grow the truest of strength.

And with all of that said- make sure and take some time to lighten up, have fun and bliss out.  This is Pisces season after all- so caution against over-use of substances for that aim.  Try getting out into the sunlight, sitting with the trees, working in the garden and listening to the birds.  Messages from the Divine come through nature, not just our computers 😉

Affirmation: I am worthy of forgiveness.  You are worthy of forgiveness.  We are but reflections of the One.  I have faith in the Divine Order of the Cosmos.  I surrender to the unknown.  I release striving for control.  I cultivate gentle practice and perseverance towards what I know to be true, right and in Love inside my Heart. 

Blessings of Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Pisces Full Moon Wednesday March 6th, 2019 at 15’47” Pisces at 11:01 am EDT: Entering Flow State

Pisces Full Moon Wednesday March 6th, 2019 at 15’47” Pisces at 11:01 am EDT: Entering Flow State

Artwork: Hyphaea- The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You

There is almost a fullness to this New Moon with Neptune at 16′ Pisces. Both luminaries and Neptune together in watery waves get a pulse form Lord of Oceans Poseidon, generating tremendous power in water.  Mercury has just stationed retrograde and will turn direct in three weeks at this same point in the zodiac. 

I keep finding myself wanting to take longer showers, wash dishes slowly, drive slow, sit beside the river.  All healing effects of water seem enhanced and calling us for cleansing.  This moon is fertile for planting intentions around healing, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, sound, poetry- all things that evoke a state of flow and all things we wish to release into that flow.

Mercury’s backstroke through Pisces may ask us to feel things again that we thought we were done with.  What an opportunity to heal them.  You may be familiar with the teaching that when faced with an obstacle to be like water.  Upon meeting a rock in the river, the water does not stop and try and destroy the rock, it simply flows around it. Over time the rock forms to the passage of the water and ease of flow is accomplished.  To go around the rock the water speeds up.  With Mars in rocky Taurus our wills are all softened gently with Pisces magic, while being strong and grounded by digging into our values.

Pisces does it’s work in the unseen realms whose products are emotional or vibratory, not physical.  It is easy to perceive this archetype as lazy because of this.  Yet, perhaps there was a time when humanity valued these things just as much as the material.  We may be reevaluating how we accomplish things that are not physical but just as important.  Connection to our inner guidance, following the heart, listening to a friend, offering healing services, processing emotions.  These things cannot be contained or bottled, they are giving and receptive, open and in flow.

If it were not for the movement of energy through emotions, music, healing, surrender, transcendental states- this world would cease to exist.  This period of time offers us deeper insight into the value of these things in our lives, an opportunity to renew a commitment to them.  All things mystical, magical, surreal, etheric, surrendered and free are amplified for intentions and transmutation under this Moon.  Find your flow, or release what stands in the way of it with ease, or perhaps a good cry.  Bathe in music, vibration, healing waters and beautiful things. 

Uranus’s entrance into Taurus simultaneous to this New Moon offers potential to sweeten and stimulate, as electricity flows well in water.  This signals rapid shifts in things like Earth based technologies, money systems, finances, values and beauty.  It will be very interesting to see how things unfold in the next few months, this shift feels much gentler than the first time Uranus visited this degree last April, perhaps its effects will be in frequency.  Perhaps it will take more time to see it clearly.  Maybe some of the psychic visions received during this lunation will wash onto the shore of our modern planetary crisis.  Clean, regenerative Earth based technologies are needed now more than ever. 

Piscean visions are watery.  Seeing under water can be blurry and we may need to blink a few times before the things clear, and perhaps sing loudly in the shower before we figure out what it means.  As with dreams, the true meaning is found within you.  For now sing and write and meditate and bliss out where you can.

Blessed Starry Seas,

Zoey Wind.

Cosmic Weekly: Monday, February 11th-18th 2019: In Glowing Embers and Unseen Places

Cosmic Weekly: Monday, February 11th-18th 2019: In Glowing Embers and Unseen Places

Artist Credit: Charles Frizzell

As the days lengthen and things begin to thaw out (at least some places) in the Northern hemisphere, we begin to feel the water element stirring in the Earth.  The final week of the Sun in Aquarius shows us how much we truly rely on one another to survive the cold of winter. Relationships are receiving upgrades, Mercury is in mystical Pisces joining with the sacred fires of Vesta and no matter how superficial this world breeds us to be, we still feel sacredness. We stare into the hearth of our hearts and find dancing colors upon a tapestry of life. There are demons and monsters, there is gold waiting to be claimed. That which it is, depends solely on that which you place your focus.

This week, the masculine (via Mars) is electrified by Uranus, while the Feminine is grounded and honored by Saturn.  This can evolve through gender relations, but ultimately the masculine and feminine within us all are being activated in major and perhaps very different ways.  The masculine is asked to transform while the feminine is concretized in some way. Mercury is in Pisces seeks to devote itself to the mystical path of oneness, understanding through paradox and symbolic measure. Regardless of outside influence, only you can decide what each symbol means to you.

Mars gets a wake-up call when he meets with Uranus late Tuesday/ early Monday.  This is a chance to rapidly evolve the masculine, if we have the courage to meet the moment with new awareness.  Let Ego rest.  Rise don’t resist. Sun sextile Uranus on Monday the 18th says let your light shine for the sake of all, not just your personal glory.  Still, honor the personal truth that you have been working to evolve and get in touch with.  Now it is revealed how the brilliance that we have discovered inside can serve in the awakening of all. We each hold a golden grain of sand that when joined with others’, eventually grows into a crystal of illumination. Hold yours up for others to see, it just might give another the inspiration to do the same.

Mars enters Taurus Thursday the 14th, and gets to ground down into pleasure and beauty for a while after his growth spurt/lightning strike upgrade.  Moving with steadiness and reliability, try and embrace each task you must accomplish with some grace and ease.  Give yourself some time for self-love and pampering. Seek to touch the present moment more deeply. How fully can you drop into each moment?  Can you find the beauty lurking behind every action?  Can you slow your roll and truly enjoy what you are doing?  There’s always a lot to do, why not find some pleasure in it?

The loving of the Heart is activated as Venus sextiles Neptune on Sunday the 17th, softening boundaries, receiving inspiration and having the power to ground that into organized action.  Make art, be creative and sing songs of the heart.  She then meets with Saturn on Monday, an aspect that can solidify the honor and respect for that which we value.  The feminine is honored, and that which does not honor her is blocked.  Another way to say this is our receptive nature is honored, for it is an act of giving to receive as well. Honor yours through listening to the wisdom of your heart.  Give love, receive love, and be clear on which relationships are built to last.

Chiron enters Aries Monday the 18th, signifying a graduation 6 years in the making of seeking to heal our deepest primordial wounds surrounding our relationship to Spirit.  What do you believe?  How has your faith shifted since 2010-2011?  Compare what you believed in then, with what you believe in now.  Perhaps your approach to faith in general has matured. Perhaps you have begun a journey to rewrite your personal cosmology. When we find the courage to face our fears and our pain with the cultivation of faith, we glean something no one can take from us, something more precious than gold, wisdom as true strength.  Reflect on what you have been healing in the house containing Pisces for the pat 6 years.  Let it reach a point of closure. It has been cosmic and mystical, and it holds medicine that only you can transmit.

Entering Pisces season with a Full Moon next week will take us into a time to embrace our spiritual practices, open our hearts and remember all-one consciousness with solar-fire.  A powerful time to remember the creative power of the imagination, especially after Chiron leaves this sign with new insights.  We have all earned some golden wisdom from the primordial waters of Pisces, now the Sun comes to illuminate.  More to come on Pisces season and the Full Moon next Tuesday. 

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

New Moon at 15’45’’ Aquarius- Monday, February 4th, 2019; 4:04pmET/1:04pmPT -All Together Now

New Moon at 15’45’’ Aquarius- Monday, February 4th, 2019; 4:04pmET/1:04pmPT -All Together Now

Artwork: Daniel Martin Diaz-Alchetron

The Sabian symbol of the 16th degree of Aquarius where this lunation takes place is a big business man at his desk.  The image immediately brings up mental images of the president of the US, fathers and judges and who we think of as holding power and influence in the western world.  It is an image narrow in scope, not including the vast diversity of humanity.  This is an image much under fire recently, and as new moons mark new beginnings perhaps this is an opportunity to expand that image to include women, people of color, trans, younger generations and the not so traditional leaders.

Aquarius shifts perspectives high, seeks solutions through collaboration and organizes at greater levels of acuity.  Aquarius is loyal to their relations, an active member of their community and yet independent unto themselves.  The Moon’s rebirth in the Sun in this sign welcomes intentions regarding working with groups of people, organizing multi-faceted endeavors, responding to the unexpected in life, and our communications and beliefs. 

Are we prepared as a species to begin to work together harmoniously in the face of global disaster?  We may worry about natural disasters, but we are facing collective extinction as a species.  Can we pool our human ingenuity and work together to self-organize and work towards a solution?  If we wait too long we will not have a choice, and the task will be greater.  This New Moon is asking questions like this and is an opportunity to set personal and collective goals around our ability to organize and manage ourselves.

Saturn, currently in Capricorn, rules this Moon and is still in sextile to Neptune in Pisces.  Let the visions you hold or draw down for the seeds of this lunar cycle come in the form of dreams, poetry and music.  Let them be mystical and hopeful yet grounded in practicality.  Aquarius break boundaries and works for the collective vision.  Neptune washes clean and infuses with compassion.  Saturn grounds us into reality and manifests in the material realm.  If integrity is in check, this New Moon is powerful for manifesting some dream you have been nursing into reality that requires group collaboration with organization and crystal vision precision.  

Venus is in Capricorn and nurtures relationships that are practical, reliable and effective at maintaining stability.  Loyalty is bolstered for everyone through these placements.  Are we ready to show up and do our part in the work we are faced with each day? Whether we are a mother, child, employee or manager, we are each an integral and indispensable part of the vast stream of life.  Each person is a cell in a greater body performing vital functions, fulfilling critical roles that maintain the life of our entire species. 

Mercury is recently reborn through his Cazimi (journey to the heart) with the Sun and filled with optimism and new seeds to plant.  He is very close to the new moon and lends the brilliance of the collective mind to this lunation.  What do we need to communicate in our lives? How can we communicate better with the people in our lives? What blocks you from speaking your truth?  Are there beliefs you have that keep you from speaking your truth? And how well do you listen to what others are trying to tell you?  Mercury in Aquarius is a great time to practice not taking things personally, and staying focused on the goal you have in spite of what others are doing, so long as we are not working against others, but seeing where we are always working together, even when on different tasks.

When we practice seeing the world from the perspective of Spirit things begin to shift.  Deep inner and personal work is important, but a complete life also includes purpose found through our service and work in transpersonal realms.  Even if our work is done in private, it is eventually reaching another person.  If our work is intangible, it is affecting other people.  If our work is in nature, it effects the world each human has to live in.  

Aquarius is sometimes called the self-actualized man/woman because this archetype is about work beyond the personal realm.  Leo, its opposite is about the individual creative process, Aquarius is where we share this out into the world if you have a vision of a New Earth, a new idea, a grand undertaking- let this Moon inform your mind with those visions which are based in your personal truths, the quest for freedom, the desire to consciously co-create the world you want to live in.  Aquarian vision does not make the individual less important than other individuals, but it does not forget the whole either.

There comes a time when we become educated enough with ideas new to us and once foreign that we can no longer continue to be the same people we once were.  There is a lot of talk about manifestation and quantum reality, but have we truly absorbed what this means? The Tibetan Buddhists knew long before the western scientists that this waking life is like a dream whose symbolism can only be interpreted by us.  We can choose to go through life gathering evidence to support the reality we were given, or have adopted through survival and trauma, or we can wake up to the fact that only we decide what each symbol means to us.  Consciousness is the force that has manifested all of reality from the Prima Materia, what will you do with yours?

Blessed Choosing,

Zoey Wind