Celestially Aligned- New Moon Total North Node Eclipse at 11’ Cancer- July 2, 2019 12:22pmPT/3:22pmET

by | Jun 30, 2019

Artwork by: Joshua Mays

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse- July 2nd

Begins- 12:55pm ET

Maximum- 3:22pm ET

Ends- 5:50pmET

This eclipse being in the sign of Cancer, a beautiful afternoon spent in an octagonal library revealed some richness that can only be experienced through this precious vehicle known as Soul.  In honor of the archetype of Cancer and her counterpart Moon, who is said to encompass such a thing as soul, I dove deep into my own today.

Surrendering to the draw of rich descriptions of symbols which have become the language through which I seek to understand the Supreme Reality of existence, I share with you insights from the gifts of this afternoon. Among them the wisdom of David Frawley, Stephen Forrest, Dane Rudhyar and the Sabian symbols.  From it has emerged a deeper gratitude for those who have taken the time and effort to draw forth language through which we can speak of such things as ephemerally fleeting as these.

It has raised opportunities and questions such as these: Can I maintain attachment with conscious bonding to those things which I hold most dear, while simultaneously remaining non-attached to them?  Can my loyalty to my family, tribe and home coexist with a broader humanitarian, Galactic and Universal loyalty? Can the center-point be sweet and lasting?  Or is it the nature of the center that we can only pass it by, taking pause as long as is allowed until the Supreme Reality has been realized?  And once realized, does this experience of reality cease to exist at all?  If so, which do I choose?  Or is there no choice at all, only surrender to or action against further entrenching in karma?  Do I live this life because I choose, or do I seek to transcend it? Or is there a center-point where both exist as one? I need to call my Mom.

The deep longing for attachment, belonging and identity, and the need for freedom from them are not new to human contemplation, and in many ways are at the heart of this coming eclipse. May we cherish the mothers, all the humans who loved and nurtured us as though we were one. And let them go, to seek their own fulfillment of purpose as you do yours. The sweet tender space that is activated in these very words is resounding through the vehicle of the soul. Deep and resonant with the frequencies of the Earth and the Heavens. Give thanks.

Solar Eclipse- Sun and Moon at 11’ Cancer- Sabian Symbol- A Clown imitates perfectly human characteristics

North Node at 17’ Cancer- Sabian Symbol- A hen clucks over her chicks

Here we have two very interesting, implicitly comical images.  The chicken and the clown display natural and instinctual tendencies- both expressed from subconscious patternings as well as imitated in poetic fashion.  Instinct and play- the merging of two seemingly opposite things, at once merged in consciousness.  If imitation of a thing is the same as the thing on some level, then perhaps is imagination the same as reality on some level as well? 

The nodes are said in Vedic Astrology to activate powerful psychic abilities.  Rahu, or the North node, where this eclipse is occurring, is said to increase psychic vibrations of the collective.  Ketu, the south node, where Saturn and Pluto sit retrograde, is said to bestow the concentration of psychic and spiritual powers through liberation itself.

Deep meaning unfurls when we examine the potent language already given to the meaning of grand archetypal energies as embodied through planets and their ecliptic planes such as these, especially when married with an openness to new verbiage sweeping in the newly evolving facets of life that is transcending dimensions at this time. 

Dane Rudhyar speaks of Saturn as the containing principle, visible in its rings, which encapsulates the limits of the Ego or Solar principle through the building of constructs, boundaries and structural frameworks.  Now retrograde, Saturn on the South Node in Capricorn iterate the potentizing of the spiritual powers lying in wait when we re-examine the social contracts we make with state, authority and hierarchy from the context of the soul. 

Are we entering such contracts mindful of our soul’s desires? Perhaps a review of our current socio-political contracts is at hand.  Most certainly this is occurring on a state level, but this eclipse may bring these issues closer to home; taking into consideration such things as family of origin, cultures and sub-cultures with which we identify, soul-family and mother.

Uranus, whose position just beyond Saturn signifies the breaking apart of the structures built around the Sun, or ego principle, is in sextile to this eclipse.  Uranus’s job is to open us up to a Galactic Centered consciousness through swift releases of energy.  We can harness its gifts through expanding our awareness to “collective visioning”.  Combined with the tribe-minded energies of Cancer, we may now be experiencing rapid energy releases that are making way for new models of emotional security, social contracts and the maternal principle.

Pluto’s primary function, Rudhyar states, is purification.  To cast out, cleanse and purge all that is not of one’s essential Nature.  Being the farthest known reaching “planet” of our solar system, Pluto bestows us the “ultimate concern” of the Supreme Reality in which we find ourselves.  Call it Galactic Center, the Divine within or the “center of immovable consciousness”, when a seeker enters this path, they must purge all that is not of their true essence and seek the supreme reality upon which to focus their own Starlight.  Sitting conjoined Saturn, the collective boundaries of higher social structure are blasted into deep space, galactic, or Universal-centered consciousness.

Neptune trines the North node within one degree, ushering us into non-attachment and non-possessiveness in regard to our destiny, while Saturn sits exactly upon the South Node, ready to dissolve boundaries that were built to protect the non-essential parts of the Ego in regard to our ultimate mission in life.   It seems compassion flows in to aid us at this time, challenging us to re-assess that which we have accumulated through drives for righteousness into agape- the universal love of all beings.  For when we truly walk in love, shoulder to shoulder with all beings as co-evolving entities, we are in the knowing that all we may endure, receive or give is for the evolution of all. 

In accordance with how eclipses are, the overall meaning of all of this rich symbolic musing is yet unclear.  For the very nature of an eclipse is to reveal the shadow, out of which can pop anything, and into which anything can just as easily slip. Therefore, many have counseled to remain acutely aware during these moments of peering into shadow, and perhaps, to take a lesson from the clown and the chicken- allowing the dual consciousness of instinct and imagination to be directed with boundaries that maintain our Soulfulness, our vehicle of experience, with a concentration upon and openness to the supreme reality which we seek to experience.

Blessings and Starlight,

Zoey Wind

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 58' 06"
Moon 16° Taurus 06' 36"
Mercury 11° Libra 13' 35"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 43' 44"
Mars 24° Libra 21' 47"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 19"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 53"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 50" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 15" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 23"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 10" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 10" R

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