“There is so much depth to this work and Zoey is a truly gifted storyteller, passionate, clear, and eloquent in how she translates the stars into digestible/relatable content for your everyday life.” -M.G.

“She holds such profound ancient wisdom within her, and delivers her messages in a precise & illuminating way. You are promised to receive an in-depth, authentic, activating, and awakening reading.” -R.B.

“Her innate ability to read charts revealed more to me about myself in just 90 minutes than decades worth of other experiences with (and self reflection about) divine energy & information. Zoey’s energy is spectacular: clean & luminous, her character lovely & compelling. The experience was absolutely spectacular & undoubtedly life changing.” -S.C.

“In the time since my reading I’ve shifted focus a bit, re-prioritized & begun to capitalize on previously neglected strengths – I find myself more enthusiastic & hopeful about my future, now brightly lit with confidence in myself, my path, that I previously lacked. Thank you Zoey, you are a gift!” -S.C.

“I got to join Zoey in one of her women’s circles which was profound. It was intimate, meaningful and I know we all felt closer to each other by the end. Zoey is great at creating a safe space for being and helping you see your truth. I highly recommend that anyone who wants a powerful and accurate reading come to her. I have so much love and gratitude for Zoey.” -A. A.