Quantum Coaching

Program Structure:

Commitment: 12 weeks

The 3 month program includes:

– 6  one-on-one Quantum Coaching sessions with Zoey – 60 minutes each

– 3  90-minute in depth Quantum Leap sessions customized according to your Cosmic Connection.  This can include Theta Healing, Spirit Guide communication, Ancestral Healing, Movement, Breath-work and more from Zoey’s diverse knowledge of spiritual traditions.

– Email, voice message and text support within business hours so you feel supported, held and uplifted!

– Access to Zoey’s vast knowledge of wisdom traditions and modern science to support you in your spiritual awakening and stepping into your highest self now.

– A customized support system and intuitive guidance based on your personal Astrological chart and transits

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Learn How To:

-Discover and Activate your Superpowers and Soul-Purpose

-Deepen your connection to Source as your ultimate strength

-Ignite  and develop a deeper relationship with your personal Intuition

-Develop your connection with your spirit guides and ancestors

-Let go of suffering and old stories

-Break patterns that seem to be following you no matter what you do

-Heal and balance on a mind, body, soul level

-Crystalize your vision of your highest life

-Live from your Heart as your center

This program is for you if:

-You feel yourself on the brink of a spiritual awakening or are currently in one and you need support in your unfoldment.

-You have been super connected to Spirit and your Soul work in the past, but this year has brought you to new levels of growth and you’re ready to rock it!

-You are ready to anchor your highest self NOW and need people around you to hold and maintain that vision and support for you in transforming your life

-You can see the patterns you have been stuck and cycling in and you are ready to transmute them into your greatest fuel for self-discovery and growth

-You want to activate your highest potential and live from your truth and life purpose now

-You are ready to welcome miracles into your life

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Zoey’s knowledge base includes:

  • Shamanic, Evolutionary and Ancient Astrological theory and practice
  • Quantum Meditation and Metaphysics
  • The art of ceremony and holding space
  • Psychic training tools
  • Manifestation and Quantum Jumping Secrets
  • Intuitive Guidance and how to tap into yours
  • Esoteric and Mystery School Teachings
  • Spiritual Practices from traditions around the world
  • Meditation techniques
  • Ancestral Healing and Soul-recovery
  • Plant-Spirit Medicine
  • And more…

 2020 has been a year of transformation and catalyzing people’s spiritual awakenings.  For most of us, this is out of necessity, as the celestial happenings have stirred up our shadows, fears and security to activate our spiritual evolution at higher speed than ever before.

2021 is ushering in the Age of Aquarius at new levels and will bring about rapid change and revelation for the entire planet.  I have seen how this past year is preparing to catapult us into new spiritual heights, where spirituality means living from our true center, our unique and personal connection to the divine and evolving into future humans.

Through this past year I have discovered how tapping into the Miracle space of the Quantum field, deep personal practice and re-wiring the mind and its stories can radically transform people’s life, health and sense of joy and fulfillment.  

Using the birth-chart, we will adventure into the wild unknown, catalyze the potential of the infinite and anchor in your highest self here and now, no matter how challenging this year may have been.  Our greatest failures can become our greatest fuel, and often are a sign that we are about to have a huge breakthrough.

The Great Awakening of Humanity is here to birth the New Earth, and it will take the unique and brilliant gifts of each and every individual to make it happen.  

I want to mid-wife your spiritual rebirth by holding the frequency of unconditional love and acceptance and sharing with you the miracles of the the Quantum, so you may gracefully have the awakening that will align you with your highest self, living your life purpose and deep connection to source as your eternal fuel.  

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What people are saying about Zoey:

“Zoey Wind is a powerhouse of information & a phenomenal astrologer. Do not miss an opportunity to experience working with her, she is like none other!

To be clear, I hold camps in both parties: a natural believer & a natural skeptic. While my soul knows to believe my brain insists on it all being logical, making sense, being scientific. I’ve dabbled in astrology, numerology, tarot & though I’ve found great truths in these escapades I’ve always insisted those great truths were found in self reflection more than in actuality.

This is not the case with Zoey Wind. Her innate ability to read charts revealed more to me about myself in just 90 minutes than decades worth of other experiences with (and self reflection about) divine energy & information. Zoey’s energy is spectacular: clean & luminous, her character lovely & compelling.

The time flew by with so many details & so much relevant information. Zoey is simply THAT knowledgeable & thorough. She is intuitive & dialed in, affable & passionate; I could feel her drive to share as much of her vision from the chart as she could and I experienced a gentle warmth as she spoke with me about the darker pieces of my chart & my history. The experience was absolutely spectacular & undoubtedly life changing.

In the time since working with her I’ve shifted focus, re-prioritized & begun to capitalize on previously neglected strengths – I  find myself more enthusiastic & hopeful about my future, now brightly lit with confidence in myself, my path, that I previously lacked.

Thank you Zoey, you are a gift!”  -S. C.

Are you ready to quantum leap with me?

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