What a week of energy shifts- ancient passages have completed and found their endings. No more moving karmic ships in the night- we will cast new sails in the light.

And then there were lessons which could not be bridged. They had to be lived. And those were Saturn. But those that could be bridged- those were Uranus. They could be ignited and released- like two ships passing in the night. They needn’t be seen- only felt, to be real.

And so the courage it took to blossom came- and it was not that the flower never had to struggle to bloom. She did struggle and persevered through faith that her scent could be shared with the world, her sweet nectar tasted, and eventually receive the kiss of sweet wings to impregnate her into the next seed containing all the rest of the roses of time within it.

It was in this way that she became the Universe, it was in this way that she always was. And in an instant know that all life is life unfolding of itself.