Cosmic Spiraling- December 9th-16th, 2018

by | Dec 9, 2018

Time moves In and Out-

Mercury and Chiron stationed direct this past week signaling the time to move forward with plans and healing. We have had 5 months to review our healing crises, fears, patterns and potentials as we quested for the wounds that need addressing. Sometimes enough is enough though, and what a sigh of relief it is when it feels like we can just let it all go and get on with it. Even if its still scary, don’t be afraid to take action if images once forgotten arise from their murky lairs. Reach out to those you trust for your support and know, this is a time of release, reset and integration. Move the body and let it go! There is much energy waiting to be freed up for the next stage of the journey.

It may feel like we are finally returning from deep inner journeys and beginning the spiral up and out again. This will especially ignite as Mercury moves into Sagittarius on Wednesday Dec 12th. Venus is still sliding through Scorpio in the shadow of her retrograde until the 17th which allows the Heart to be peering inward still, but with outward spiraling. From this place, we can allow warming insights to rise to the mental fire for illumination. Don’t be afraid to reach out for intimacy with those you trust.

Venus will be moving into a sextile with Saturn Sunday Dec 16th but we will feel it throughout the week. Here is an opportunity to crystalize the lessons learned through October’s retrograde. The cleansing she has had in Scorpio and her rise as Morning Star in Libra has been full of new beginnings for women and the feminine. This past year has seen a lot of deep shadow work for many, this year we integrate through harmonizing our relationships with ourselves and others. Venus sextile Saturn can mean an exciting achievement or crystallization of what is truly important to us.

Do we honor the unseen forces of nature that unify this seemingly separating world? Do we have knowledge and experience of them through exploration? The center or navel of the Universe has been honored in symbolism and monuments at the center of many great kingdoms throughout time. Often marked by an obelisk or stone, these places were seen as the center-point of the kingdom or the omphalos where the kingdom drew its power. These were erected by those with the knowledge of the power of the Unifying Forces of Nature, and we can do the same. If we wish to see more Unity in the world and in the face of grave crimes against humanity and this planet we call home we must do more than fight against what we don’t want. We must rise and kneel in honor of the power of Center and the Unifying forces of the Universe.

The images for the 28th degrees of Pisces and Scorpio where Chiron and Mercury sit both reference the full-power potentials of Nature. One depicts a vegetable garden in abundant bloom under a full Moon, the other the image of a Fairy king entering the center of his kingdom. Creating a perfect circle at the time of its culmination, the Full Moon illuminates the abundance of food can almost be interchanged with the image of the Fairy king whose kind are said to govern and tend the elemental power of Nature. Representing the integrating principle of Nature, the Fae have been honored in gardens for thousands of years. On a Full Moon their powers are said to be at their height, as well as that of the vital force contained within crops, signifying the best time to harvest your bounty.

This is an invitation to give reverence to the powerful forces of nature which, in spite of Human arrogance, continue to function according to their design, bringing balance and re-unifying the energies of Nature for dispersal into new cycles throughout time. In turn, we can observe and take note of this powerful lesson provided to us. Scorpio, like its tail implies, intends to pierce through the allegories of everyday experiences in order to discover the deeper truths therein. In trine to Pisces, the vast primordial ocean from which these allegories arise, we can see how these energies support one another in their quests.

Mercury in Scorpio, the Fairy King is in trine to Chiron, the Great Shaman of the ethers this Sunday, December 9th. At this time, the mind is keenly attuned to pierce through the images that the Great Shaman Chiron is conjuring from the waves of the dream-time. A powerful week for inner work, we may be granted deeper vision into the formulating patterns of our psyches if we can broaden the horizon of our vision to observe the patterns unfolding all around us.

Mercury entering Sagittarius on Wednesday December 12th will aid the integration of what we discover. As the sign following the investigatory archetype of Scorpio, Sagittarius seeks to integrate those discoveries into Truths represented as Laws of Nature. As I was reading about the power of Galactic Center in his book of the same title, John Major Jenkins says, “Time does not move ‘up and down’ (as in forward progress vs. backward regress); rather, it moves us in and out of intimacy with our source and center.” (p.54). Sliding towards Galactic Center located at 27º of Sag, the Sun is approaching the throne of Cosmic Power. He will reach the throne room on December 18th, opening a portal with the very center of our galaxy and the nexus of power for every single star in it.

Be aware of the information that is beginning to stream in at this time, this is a space through which vital knowledge passes that must be brought to consciousness in order for the necessary and precursory evolutionary process to unfold. There comes a point when, despite whether the child is ready or not the birth must begin. Planets in and around these paces will often channel information that, even if the masses are unprepared, must emerge to catalyze shifts in consciousness. This portal will be open through Winter Solstice and the Full Moon taking place the same day.

It serves to attune ourselves to the undulating nature of the ebb and flow of consciousness to avoid feeling as though we are spiraling out of control. First, we must identify it, which begins by the mere observation that is reflected over and over again in visible and energetic form around us. The pulse of the heartbeat, the rise and fall of the breath receiving and exhaling prana, the rise and set of the Sun and celestial spheres, the waves of emotions and their own invisible yet palpable processes.

Even just a momentary yet honest pause and reflection upon the universe and its nature will show that all life moves in cycles and not straight lines. More careful observation reveals spirals in place of circles. At times, we feel as though the motion is spiraling inward, and others outward. And other times it feels like we are spiraling out of control. If you are seeking answers or wishing to come in deeper alignment with your own access to The Sacred Center you can practice The Crystal Chakra Meditation to help anchor yourself there, for if we know where we are, we can then decide which direction to go.

Blessed Spiraling,
Zoey Wind

Artwork: Michael Divine; Only Love can Reign Over Me

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 56' 11"
Moon 15° Taurus 43' 25"
Mercury 11° Libra 12' 25"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 41' 44"
Mars 24° Libra 20' 30"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 18"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 51"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 55" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 17" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 22"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 15" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 14" R

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