Cosmic Weekly- Ancestral Wells and Alchemy of the Heart

by | Dec 27, 2018

December 27th-January 3rd 2018

Dec. 27th-Mars Trine the North Node

Dec 28th -Venus Sextile Pluto

Dec 29th– Mars Conjunct Chiron

Dec 31st– Mars enter Aries

Jan 1st– Moon Conjunct Venus- Second Gate

Jan 2nd– Sun conjunct Saturn

The shift out of 2018 and into 2019 is a welcome one for many that is coming with some astrological aspects to help paint a picture of what is to come.  Though I focus more on the Winter Solstice chart or even the Spring equinox charts to forecast for the year, Venus meeting with the Moon on January first indicates beauty focused in our communication may be a major theme this year.

New energy moves in this week with Mars entering Aries following the Sun’s shift into Capricorn, it’s time to get down to business, but don’t forget to keep having fun as Mercury and Jupiter still move through Sag cooking up plans for our greatness.  Mars visits Chiron to learn some lessons, Venus sextiles Pluto visiting the underworld and entering the second gate of her journey releasing blockages to her Third Eye chakra.  Sun meets with Saturn for the hard lessons and realities that we all must confront next week making for a week of practical hopefulness- a fabulous time for Alchemy.

Mars in Aries is full of the spark of excitement for its own personal potential in the world.  Our executive power to take action and make things happen will be flowing in our veins, this can be a powerful time of self-transformation if we embrace it. Aries needs a challenge and a goal to strive towards to properly channel its fiery energy.

Its helpful to get our goals and ambitions in alignment with our energy as Mars enters Aries giving our drive and focus a super charged rebirth out of the dreamy waters of Pisces and into his home-sign of the Warrior.  Our desires have been moving in flow through mystical realms sometimes unfathomable.  With Mercury out of his retrograde shadow we may finally be able to start visualizing a solid (albeit flexible) plan for the next year.  After the intense and sometimes brutal accounts I have been hearing about 2018, I think we are all due some hopeful forward visioning at this time.

With these shifts we may feel less ruled by our emotions and dreams and much more grounded and empowered to get some things done, but not before the spiritual Warrior Mars meets with Chiron for the last time in Pisces for another 50 years.  The opportunity is here to visit our relationship to our inner child as a cosmic spiritual being who may still have some fits to throw about it, but who is determined to cut through and release the invisible baggage we carry in our subconscious. 

Our desires for the past month plus have revealed to us what is most important to our subconscious to be healed, and now is a time to open to the teachings we are instinctually drawn to.  We can embrace our feelings and learn from them as indicators of truth, while also knowing that emotions have cycles and lives of their own, each one dying to be born again and worthy of some non-attachment. 

Meeting with Chiron and both trining the North Node, this gives us a collective fire to begin the work of embracing our desires for comfort, security and family.  Mars changing signs shortly after carries this energy with power into our personal lives.  Look for healthy ways to express your Mars energy- channel your drive into caring for yourself, exercising enough and creating a healthy routine of cooking and caring for yourself.

The North Node in Cancer supports us in all ancestral work this year and is being called upon as Mars trines this point on Wednesday and further emphasized with the upcoming eclipses of 2019.  This ignites our desires for destiny, security, comfort, nourishment, identity, roots and how this shapes our ability and drive to be responsible collective agents in the creation of society for all beings to thrive. 

We all need to feel that we belong to a human community of some sort to be a healthy, secure person. Themes around tribe will be up all year and post-holiday processing is a great time to start some inner work around this.  If there were any collective family stories that keep echoing in your head (for better or worse) from your family time this year, take a moment to write them down.  We will have a deeper look as we approach the eclipses in January.

Working through the eclipses this year will require raising our sense of tribal identity and how we formulate the core of our Earthly essence into our consciousness to work with it actively.  Mars meeting Chiron in Pisces on Saturday Dec 29th beckons us to do our work in our spiritual castle, knowing it is truly inner work, even if for the good of all.

Venus in Scorpio still is teaching us a lot about power and our attachments to our feelings, our loved ones and the grander structure of society and she makes a sextile to Pluto on Friday Dec. 28th.  A deep call to visit our emotional and financial security stories, we can ask questions to get to know them better.  What is this attachment really to? Is this an attachment to my desire to have something in order to feel safe and loved?  If I have that thing, does it really ensure that security anyways? 

Can you bring beauty and grace into the way you embrace your own shadows? Embracing the shadow often looks like admitting to ourselves our own faults and fears.  To do so gracefully and honestly means not sugar-coating it or avoiding the deeper truths, but actually just looking at it and saying “oh, hi there”.  If our greatest fear is that those faults actually define us, then they will.  Its when we finally admit them to ourselves that they dissolve and we see them for what they are, fear based devices we created for protection, but whose usefulness has expired.

This week invites us to tap into the deep sense of peace and solace available in any quiet moment. We can cultivate access to it through better structure in our lives and processing of a sense of powerlessness vs. powerfulness. Have we done the work to create a philosophy on life that supports us in feeling like we are enough, have enough and that is truly rooted in what is most important in life?  Are we feeding our stories of fear and torment, or are we cultivating a dialogue of hope and positivity?

We all struggle to maintain this, but imagine entering a magical flow state where you can transcend every fear and limitation instantly with your mind.  We have a week and half more of Mercury in Sagittarius to spark our mental fire with hope and optimism before the winged messenger moves into Capricorn and asks us to actually do something about it.

If fears arise, allow there to be a moment when, instead of painting the rest of picture based on your greatest fear, you embrace a more ideal outcome.  Just imagine it. Imagination is the creative power of the mind, and for most adults it has to be practiced. 

When teaching people how to communicate with plants and nature spirits I always begin by asking the person to just imagine what that flower or tree would say.  Sometimes that’s an easy idea to accept, other times they wrestle with the typical determinism placed on the imagination in modern times as false, fantastical or “made-up”.  But the reality is, science has proven that our entire perceived reality is “made-up” by a series of projections of our minds and imagination is the creative principle of the mind.

Studies are showing that great accomplishments have been made by those who learned this sacred truth.  This does not circumvent Natural Law however, which is why of course you are reading here about the power of Sacred Geometric alignments of the largest forces in all of Nature; the Sun, Moon, planets and galaxies. 

When we learn to work in harmony with Natural Law, respecting its power and embracing our own power as creators we begin to draw in others who do the same.  This year is about embracing our roots as well as calling in our global tribe which will be activated by this year’s eclipses as the Nodes transit Cancer/Capricorn.

We may not all be enlightened wizards yet, but the more we practice the closer we become.  Allow the inner alchemy to take place where we fearlessly look at what is up for transformation, then let it burn, hot and bright and white until it is purified, releasing the Godly essence back out of it. 

Venus meets with the Moon on January 1st, signaling Inanna at the second gate of Hell, where she removes the crystal symbolizing the release of blockages to the Third Eye chakra.  This is the time to start shifting our perceptions radically and fearlessly; identifying old filters that have gotten rusty and cleaning up those that are perhaps underused.

The Pineal Glad is the body’s organ associated with the Third Eye at it is responsible for the release of DMT in the brain which has been studied extensively lately being called the “God Molecule” and the “Spirit Molecule” among others. It is believed that this center of ht brain is the point through which spirit enters the body. When it is active and healthy we can access altered states of consciousness and visioning easily through meditation, lucid dreaming, psychic channeling and communication with others dimensional beings.

These may be fantastical ideas to many but this is because most adults in the Western World have a fully calcified Pineal Gland due to Fluoride in our water and pharmaceutical drugs like Prozac (which is 98% Fluoride). As Inanna releases the crystal mounted at her third eye, she releases the pineal gland for cleansing. Some powerful agents to aid our physical bodies in this process are Zeolite clay and butter oil. Drink plenty of clean spring water if you can and avoid tap water unless you are sure your town’s water is not fluoridated.

If you have been resisting embracing the creative power of your mind this month offers beautiful opportunity from the goddess to let that resistance go. Clear the old stories that keep you trapped in old patterns. Really, take a hard look at them- old, tired, dirty, ragged, redundant. We dont have to keep manifesting that reality anymore, and we can start by knowing what we dont want to keep repeating as we embark on a new year ripe with opportunity.

 We are all supported in writing new stories right now for our futures with Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Sun meets with Saturn on the 2nd and this can be a challenging aspect to stay positive through so we are lucky to have the positive confluence of two planets in Sag and the Moon with Venus.  This is an opportunity to really flex our muscles of the heart and mind to maintain a balance of practicality and positivity.  

Energy may be critical or diminished.  Allow yourself to rest and stay grounded for a few days even though the drive will be to accomplish way more than humanly possible.  This is an opportunity to take a sober and realistic look at our goals based on the energy actually available to accomplish them.  This can be channeled positively as a time of planning and preparing, but honestly if you can, just relax and go easy on yourself.

Blessed Transmutations,

Zoey Wind

Artwork by- Nicole Palapoli

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 54' 50"
Moon 15° Taurus 27' 05"
Mercury 11° Libra 11' 36"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 40' 19"
Mars 24° Libra 19' 36"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 17"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 49"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 58" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 19" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 21"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 18" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 17" R

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