Cosmic Weekly: December 3rd- 9th 2018

by | Dec 4, 2018

The Trickster has been especially tricky this retrograde on my end. Everything is going missing- including my coffee grinder. How is that even possible? Fire sign retrogrades offer us a chance to take a look at the frustration and anger that can arise when things don’t go our way, like being able to have nice tasty fresh coffee in the morning. And if I’m lucky, a moment to pause and observe if maybe I dont need that coffee anymore, maybe its blocking my crown chakra…

Monday Dec 3rd
Monday marks a special point in Venus’s cycle, her arrival at the first of seven gates that lead into the Underworld. If you’re not familiar with the correlation of Venus’s cycles as seen from Earth to the Sumerian epic of the goddess Inanna’s descent into the Underworld this is a great time to look into it as we are beginning a powerful collective journey of the Heart.

Venus began her cycle during the retrograde period that just ended November 16th in the sign of Libra marking what is called the Venus overtone or the Venus Meta-goddess of Libra. This means that Libra is the higher energy frequencies being channeled by Venus for the next 584 days, regardless of what sign she is in (which will change about every 3-4 weeks until she retrogrades again). Following her heliacal rise form the Sun and turning direct, she then begins the journey into the Underworld which she will reach when she has moved as far away from Earth as she gets on the opposite side of the Sun from us. She then goes through a total death and rebirth, to be risen again as the initiated Goddess to then Then she makes her way back around and is reborn again under a new sign. The signs where her rebirths happen are harmoniously aligned to form a five-pointed star, an image you may be familiar with.

As anyone who enetrs Hell must do, Inanna passes through seven gates when entering, and seven gates (sometimes eight) when exiting the realm of the dead. The gates that Inanna descends through are marked in the sky each month by the Moon’s conjunction with Venus, and the first one is today 1pmPDT/4pmEDT. Here we begin the thick of the journey. The past couple weeks Venus has been preparing for her journey, summoning her courage and adorning herself with 7 sacred items of protection and power for her trip. At each gate, she must remove one item until finally she enters Hell naked and devoid of material possessions, like all other souls must do who cross from the material to the spirit planes.

The seven gates correspond to the seven chakras and each Moon offers us the chance to work with our relationship to that chakra. We are now collectively releasing outdated, non-functioning, damaging or negative aspects of our crown chakra. This can include all the ways we connect with source, spirit, the stars and higher frequencies. This is related to our higher mind, our connection to inspiration, the Divine and how we draw celestial energy into our beings. With Venus still opposing Uranus, this is even more emphasized as Uranus is sometimes associated with the crown chakra.

If you feel called, build an altar to Venus and work with her through the 7 gates this year. This can include symbols and tokens of your own Venus sign and additionally to the Libra Goddess who seeks balance, harmony, partnership, justice, beauty and friendship. Adorn yourself in purple or white, place a literal or symbolic crown upon your head and drop in using whatever practice you use. Ask what may be blocking your connection to spirit, what is no longer serving you or perhaps what is holding you back from full awakening at this time.

Perhaps it is some form of technology, over-use of it or distracting with it. Perhaps it is a rebellion against your own nature that has been begging you to listen. What has been keeping you from your spiritual practice and connection? Is it time to maybe let go of old friendships to make room for new ones? Or perhaps we must release some level of self-isolation that keeps us from forming true friendships.

We can so easily get caught up in the images we see portrayed all over social media of what a “goddess” or a “priestess” or a “spiritual” person is. Have we perhaps replaced true spirituality with these images that have been mass produced to sell and propagandize the sacred? Spirituality isn’t trendy, it is isn’t for sale and its not on sale right now. It is beyond this space-time dimension and it is purely and uniquely ours. No one can take it from us and no one can give it to us, for it is us.

If we have lost touch with our own way of connecting with spirit maybe its time to look at the ideals we have set for ourselves that feel unattainable. Spirit is the ever-attainable essence of your being. It cannot be lost or squandered, only ignored. It is not a reaching for something higher, but a clearing of clutter that is stifling its voice.

There is also the question of if our crown chakras are too open. When this happens we can be overwhelmed by the energy were are taking in form others and from the ethers. Too many signals make for lots of static and can prevent us from being able to hear the answers we seek when we need them. Allow yourself plenty of space physically, mentally and emotionally around this New Moon to clear and clean the crown so that the light that pours in may enter unobstructed and pure.

Wednesday Dec 5th
Sun square Neptune- 5:22pm est
Moon conjunct mercury

The Sun squared Mars on Sunday the 2nd and Wednesday the Sun will square Neptune who has recently turned direct and is soon to be visited by Mars. In accordance with Venus asking us to release outdated channels to the Divine we are now given the strength of the Sun to illuminate fears and subconscious programs that may be running and sucking our energy from that channel. Mars in Pisces is doing spiritual battle against the fears of the collective unconscious, fearlessly loving every one and allowing it to transcend into higher states. Today the Sun gives us solar-power to engage with Divine Source Love, remember, Love is a choice over fear and it takes great courage to look beyond the veil into the mysteries of life. The Moon lighting up Mercury who is moving into trine can help us bring the formless into the mind for analysis.

Thursday Dec 6th
Mercury Stations Direct! 4:22pm
New Moon 11:20 PDT/2:20AM EDT
16º Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter, Square Mars and Neptune

The combined forces of this New Moon speak loudly to our abilities to reach for higher versions of ourselves, with help coming to cut away delusions (something must die for energy to be released and re-formed into new life) and to foster clearer vision towards our aspirations, whatever they may be. Sensitive and hopeful, wild and free this lunation opens us into our heart spaces, the only place where we can measure truth truly. If you can, connect with the larger forces of Nature for your New Moon ritual this month.

Mercury stations Direct at 27º of Scorpio Thursday afternoon just hours before the New Moon in Sagittarius. It takes a few days for a planet to pivot and truly begin forward motion so we can take this opportunity to pause in the still point of our minds and dive into this New Moon consciously. Mercury and Venus are both in Scorpio at this time opening us up to look deeper into our hearts and minds. As New Moons are often introspective we can use this to focus our intentions as we plant them this month. Whatever visions and inspiration you have received over the past few weeks, let it rest a moment in silent contemplation before making your big power moves.

This New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, the ruler of the lunation and Lord of Bright Blessings and sometimes unbiased expansion. The Moon is in square to Mars and Neptune reaching conjunction the next day. This Moon seems to have some sort of message for us about faith, hope and inspiration. Sagittarius loves adventure, excitement, discovery and new experiences! Check out which house is ruled by Sagittarius in your chart to see where new adventure and knowledge are waiting to be born in your life.

Astrology guides the energy, but left undirected we are still at the whims of those who are directing the flow around us. Although we cannot control reality entirely (it is after all made up of billions of other conscious humans also co-creating it) when we do not actively participate with life we can feel swept up or left behind. This lunation is aspecting Neptune and mars in Pisces which has many people I’ve been talking to feeling tired, a bit lost and uninspired lately. This New Moon can give us some fire, ignite our passions and give a boost to a new adventure or prospect in our lives. It’s a beautiful opportunity to set intentions along these lines.

The lunation features a grand water trine between Mercury, Chiron and the North Node. The North Node has been in Cancer urging us towards embracing our inner child, our emotional needs and sensitivity towards others. Opposed by the South node which has been releasing old systems of control, patriarchy and structure. This whole year holds a focus of us not needing to appear so “together” but to allow ourselves to have tender moments and share our vulnerability. The winged messenger is diving into the underworld to retrieve some lost message that may help us to unlock some wound from childhood. Chiron seeks to raise us into our mentorship, our teacher-giver selves who, even though he has come through great struggle sees meaning and purpose in all experiences if we can share some bit of wisdom gleaned from it with another.

Friday Dec. 7th
Neptune teaches us to be wary of things not being as they appear, especially with a planet like Mars close by. We may see the slaying of some prior belief that now has been revealed as fantasy. Neptune and Pisces avoid discrimination in the name of compassion, but the warrior is here to protect the cosmic order, so if that belief is not serving the highest good the warrior will lend strength and help us to set boundaries and even remove the dreams, fears, people or situations that are no longer serving. On the flip side, it could mean that we feel a greater sense of urgency in beginning to make some dream a reality that has been floating around our consciousness for too long unattended to.

Saturday Dec. 8th
Shamanic Healer Chiron stations direct in Pisces on Sunday preparing for his final sweep in this sign for over 50 years. The magician centaur has been on a vision quest for the past 5 months to learn the healing secrets of the collective unconscious, the place of archetypes and formless energies that create a framework for matter to form around. Sometimes our greatest fears come true, and all seems hopeless. Sometimes it seems like there is no meaning to this existence beyond suffering, in fact many people believe this.

These are the true tests of faith that all people must face at some point in their lives and sometimes we are well served to hold a bit of Wisdom. We often hold more wisdom than we give ourselves credit for. Chiron is the strength, wisdom and service that the healing of others that gets us through times of great pain and gives meaning to the trials we face and conquer. No matter how much we struggle, we can choose to recognize our victories and emphasize the gifts therein. Chiron is a respected healer and returning from this vision quest will begin to recover his wisdom and spread it around as he moves forward this month.

Sunday Dec. 9th
Mercury is quick to connect with newly direct Chiron offering some wise words to put to the journey ahead. It is always in good accord to speak with as much compassion and kindness as we can when discussing sensitive subjects that have left deep wounds. Even more so when these are wounds old and often unattended to. Both in water signs, let us remember how connected we truly are, for at our core all humans possess the same emotions.

Blessings and Stardust,
Zoey Wind

image: Ascent of Man and the Destruction of Magic by Rebecca Yanovskaya

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 59' 19"
Moon 16° Taurus 21' 06"
Mercury 11° Libra 14' 19"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 44' 00"
Mars 24° Libra 22' 36"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 20"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 54"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 47" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 13" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 23"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 07" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 07" R

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