Cosmic Weekly: Monday March 18th-24th 2019- New Moon in Libra and the Spring Equinox- Aligning our will to the Divine

by | Mar 18, 2019

Happy New Year! Wednesday marks the beginning of the Astrological New Year as the Sun ingresses Aries along with a Full Moon in Libra. This week is ripe for planting in our gardens, setting new intentions and aligning our wills to that of the Divine to amplify our powers of manifestation. When we do this, manifestation becomes more like emergence- summoning from the Divine Matrix that which is already in alignment with the will of the universe.

It takes courage and a little strength to break through the shell of the seed, but the promise is that we will emerge with wings to soar beyond what we previously could see possible from within our old casings. You are the blueprint for an incredible and unique expression of the Divine- May you find your courage to fly and shine <3

Mars trine Pluto 3/20

How can the powers of the will and transformation work together to be most harmonious?  What have you been wanting to change in your life? In yourself?  These two intense planets can work in harmony if we can remember that true transformation begins within.  If we resist, the power of this aspect may just change it for us.

Mercury sextile Saturn 3/20

Focus the mind to gain clarity around the old stories that are being re-written during this Mercury retrograde.  Fantasy and idealism are not Saturn’s favorite things, but the imagination is one of the most highly prized human abilities in ancient mystery schools.  It is from the magical realms of imagination that all new things are born- it is said even in the Mind of God.  Let Saturn help you decipher which new stories are worth holding onto and solidifying before Mercury goes direct next week.  His visit with Neptune next week as he stations direct will allow you one more opportunity to re-imagine where you wish to place your faith in the world.

Sun enters Aries 3/20- Vernal Equinox

Blessed Osara to you all! In ancient times this day was celebrated as the new year in much of the Northern Hemisphere as it marks the time in Earth’s orbit when day and night are equal and the tipping point from the dark into the light part of the year. 

In astrology it is marked by the Sun’s passage into the sign of Aries, the first sign of zodiac, symbol of new life.  Human mitochondria gain two-thirds of their energy from sunlight and this day is sacred for celebrating the blessings of our Star, Sun.  Seen as a time of fertility we can honor this day with the sacred symbol thereof, from eggs to bunnies to planting seeds.

The sun is exalted in the sign of Aries, meaning it has special strength here.  Strength to persevere, energy to spare and courage to shine.  Set your intentions for this season around where you wish to put your energy to make it count most.  Where are you ready to shine? 

Key to this archetype are lessons of integrity, courage and learning how to wisely choose our battles.  Mars, the ruler of Aries is in the sign of Taurus, anchoring our energy into our values and bodies.  He asks that we use our energy for beauty and that which is built to last.  Listen to what feels good in your body.

Forming a grand Earth trine on this day, the Moon, Pluto and Mars seek to work together forming a kite towards Mercury in Pisces.  They give strength and foundation to our effots in re-visioning old stories about reality.  Use it! This gives tremendous endurance, strength, vitality and power to our efforts at transcending worn out story lines about this dimension. What isn’t working? Re-write those stories baby! Now is the time. 

Uranus in Tuarus is shaking things up in the house containing that sign in your chart.  

 As Earth upgrades her frequencies in alignment with the Sun at Galactic Center at Winter Solstice, this turning point marks a square to that space in the sky now.  One quarter turn and we are now being asked to take some big action towards bringing the New Earth we all envisioned in the dark of winter. 

What were the goals that got you through this winter?  What did you hold onto to give you hope?  Now, burst forth with enthusiasm towards that thing.  Some tension will have to be released, but we can do that by focusing on what new things we want to birth into our lives now.  Maybe it is giving thanks to the Sun for shining and warming the Earth once again.  Perhaps it is thanking the Earth for continuing on Her gracious spiral to bring us close again to the light.  Perhaps it is climbing the mountain to sit and leave prayers of gratitude for the trials that have made you who you are and those yet to come. 

Full Moon in Libra- 9:43pm EST 1st degree

The Libra Full Moon reflecting Aries light reminds us to remember the power of beauty and harmony as we strive towards our goals and self-individuation.  The warrior’s job is to protect the cosmic order, which is built upon cooperation and collaboration between the many facets of life.  The perfect balance of the Earth’s distance from the Sun, the presence of water and just the right mix of elements to produce an atmosphere still boggles the mind of scientists.  This perfect balance is the balance of Libra.  The detection of an Intelligent, beautiful and harmonious design behind all of reality is undeniable.  Libra is the master of relationships and teaches us about how to cultivate that within human culture.

The Full Moon in Libra aligns to the balance point of the Vernal Equinox this year brings the fullness of the attributes of beauty and harmony to the Earthly plane.  What has come into balance since the Libra New Moon in mid-October?  Do you remember the intentions you planted then in that fertile ground?  Give thanks for what has grown and reside in the wide-eyed hopefulness this lunation draws forth.

Venus, the ruler of the Full Moon is in square to Mars.  Where have we sacrificed our values for our security?  Where have our desires become misaligned, or even directly antagonistic towards the highest good for all?  At a time when human culture is undergoing great transformation, this lunation can offer illumination of the places where the individual strive for glory and security is causing suffering for the masses. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with seeking success or security, these are rather noble deeds.  But where have we lost our frame of reference?  Where have we forgotten the grand cosmic order that interconnects all beings?  If one person’s success ensures another’s failure, have we truly succeeded? 

Mars is in sextile to the North Node in Cancer.  If we can rise to challenge of re-aligning our will with the higher Cosmic Order we can, with a little effort, affect the collective destiny of humanity.  What will your role be?  Which values will you rest your decisions on?  As Pluto approaches the South node we will begin to see old power structures fade away more rapidly.  If we do not do the work to cultivate new cultural structures the old ones will just transform and continue to rule under new names.

At this time, we have a generation rising who came to gather the wisdom of the ancients once again in order to reconcile the imbalance we have inherited.  Each human has a vital part to play in the revitalization of human culture at this time.  No matter how small that role may seem, it is, like in all of nature, absolutely essential to make the whole.  What will yours be?

Venus square Mars, Venus sextile Jupiter3/21

Just after the Full Moon Wednesday, Venus in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus on Thursday followed by a sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius.  There is an adjustment to be made between the values of the collective and the desire for personal security.  With some effort, this can lead to new philosophies and perspectives as to what is actually possible along social lines. The roles of sacred and Masculine and Divine Feminine have been undergoing intentional reconfiguration lately.

 Major themes alive in this full Moon already, these aspects challenge us to look at where we have become too rigid in our beliefs, viewpoints and ideas, particularly around the roles of the masculine and the feminine.  Sometimes caring for ourselves first allows us to better to show up for other people.  Sometimes we need to place our own immediate needs aside in order to serve the highest good for all.  Let Jupiter bring you some wisdom and flexibility, expanding your frame of vision much higher than you ever imagined.

Mercury conjunct Neptune 3/24

When the stars say its ok to play, why not play?  There’s a lot of work to do, and even less time, but alas, if we do not allow ourselves the time to sit and clear our minds, how can we ever hope to complete it all efficiently? This is the point where Mercury stations direct, with new inspiration, clarity and visions, if we can wisely choose what to take with us and what to leave behind. 

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 56' 38"
Moon 15° Taurus 48' 51"
Mercury 11° Libra 12' 41"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 42' 12"
Mars 24° Libra 20' 48"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 18"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 51"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 54" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 17" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 22"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 14" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 13" R

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