Cosmic Weekly: Wednesday Jan 9th-16th 2019-Becoming Masters of the Unknown

by | Jan 10, 2019

The coming conjunction of the Sun with Pluto can sometimes feel like something scary is coming.  It begs the question of how well have integrated the lessons of Chiron in Pisces this year, where the master teacher has been training us into adepts at mastering the unknown.  This requires letting go of what we think we know. Releasing attachments, forming new bonds. Ironically, in order to gain power we have to let go of control.

This week, let yourself breathe and relax. This time is for illuminating what we keep locked inside Pandora’s box.  Those things we fear because they mean power.  Those things we avoid for they represent the destructive aspects of life.  Remember, death and destruction are as much a part of life as the bright new shiny births we all celebrate.  When seeking to walk the shamanic path, honoring the Above and the Below we must find that space, where to gaze upon both dark and light brings peace in knowing things are in their natural cycles of known and unknown, death and rebirth, endings and beginnings. 

This is not a commentary upon cruel and villainous acts being ok or that we should abolish social institutions that maintain order.  Indeed, this year is very much about order and structure, but what the collective lessons and initiations around that will be is yet to be seen.  Simply, Sun with Pluto requires that we actually see into the shadows, and hopefully create a cosmology of understanding that bring enough peace with it to walk through it instead of crumbling under the distress of its very existence. Perhaps we can even rise through it as transformative butterfly with new gossamer wings.

If you struggle with the notion of death, perhaps remember that you could only live because others have lived and died.  You can only eat if other things live and die.  The very soil that grows our food is made up of the waste of animals and the rotted flesh and bones and blood of matter that once held life.  And it continues to do so.  This is the way of Earth.  Rotting is composting and feeding for other organisms, whose “waste” becomes fertilizer for some, toxic for others.

For some reason, we have become extremely fearful of these facts, and have begun to try and replace organic fertilizers with synthetic ones.  Mostly minerally and chemically derived, they may not seem to be coming form death (at least not within a time frame we can physically see) yet in the end they cause extra death.  Runoff of synthetic fertilizers create major environmental issues.

These synthetic fertilizers, while not coming from recently deceased or defecated parts of living creatures lead to record high numbers of death in the marine and freshwater systems wherever they are found.  And so we see that the Sacred Balance of Nature is always in play.  If we attempt to go around the Natural Laws in place without truly understanding them, we find that the system balances itself anyways.  And in this case, we end up with death in parts of the system that do not continue to feed and sustain the system in a healthy way according to ur own needs.

It is likely that this understanding is what lead the ancients to perform ritualistic sacrifices in order to appease the dark forces (Pluto) that rule the energetics of death.  With Pluto in Capricorn we can expect much of this death to be in systems, controls, ambitions, career, government and the dark things we know exist there but most Americans would rather not look at.  Perhaps if we study the social institutions that systematically die to give way to newer structures, we will see this this is a natural part of time and evolution.  Perhaps we need not perform ritual sacrifice of some living creature, but of some living system that we know is not helping sustain and empower. 

Mercury conjunct Saturn this week is having us take a look at sobering facts such as these and begs us re-frame our persepctive with maturity, rising above impulses and desires and instead looking ahead at what are the most sustainable and practical solutions to our problems.  We can channel the power of this conjunction to bring healing to the structures of our lives, marry our inner child to our inner authority and take a more practical approach to things this week. 

Channel the urge to be an extreme perfectionist into educating yourself on the topic.  Give the mind something to devour and process and integrate, this is a powerful aspect for learning things and not forgetting them.  This aspect is rather grounding for the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune square infusing the month of January with some potentially loopy, trippy and far out energy.

Jupiter and Neptune both contain an ethereal quality, although Jupiter seems to have more to do with the magical frequencies as experienced between Nature on Earth and our spirits whereas Neptune is the connection between the magic of dream realms and our emotional bodies.  Coinciding with the beginning of a new Sun-Pluto cycle this opens the contemplations of power, regeneration, death-rebirth balances and shamanic practices to be ephemerally contemplated and philosophized.  Additionally, both Neptune and Jupiter are in their own signs, making their influence particularly potent.

Both Jupiter and Neptune expand us out of the limits of time-space as laid down by modern science.  Neptune takes our consciousness into the reach-less places of dream, oneness, imagination and creation.  Jupiter takes us into intuition, hopes, philosophy and optimism.  Both are hinged on faith.  If you’ve been waiting for a new spiritual or philosophical outlook on life to birth (or, as we have remembered above to die so something new can grow) then this may be a potent time to activate that magic.  Enough Capricorn energy is alive right now to ground in at least some practicality, and allow the outer planets at play to give your mind some buoyancy and compassion in the process.

It is so important to remember, time and time again that our beliefs are and have been incredibly shaped by the accumulation of experiences and influences of our life.  Humans do not exist in a vacuum and would certainly die if placed in one.  Every single thing we think and believe can be questioned and examined to reveal an origin.  If that origin is found to be deep within the soul it may be worthy of keeping.  Even that idea however, is based on a belief that must be analyzed.  Is the soul infallible? Must we then merge our soul truths with the connection of spirit?

All in all, sometimes it doesn’t serve to over-contemplate even these matters, more important may be just the exercise in doing so.  Believe in who you are and that you are an integral part of this universe, or else you would not be.  Embrace your life as your own, and yet inextricably connected to all other things.  Let your power shine through and your ability to forgive your shortcomings transform you to rise into the dreaming of a new vision for your life. 

The Sun conjuncts the North Node on Wednesday January 16th, bringing those illuminations to touch point with a sense of fate or destiny. 

May you rise on the wings of your dreams and visions.  May your faith be generous and righteous, for the world needs examples such as these today. Not only those of successful entrepreneurs and self-made men and women;  the world also needs examples of compassionate mothers, selfless acts of love, community support and love. May we dream a new system that allows all of its integral parts to be sustained, provided for and thrive in abundance, peace and health.

Blessings and Stardust,

Zoey Wind

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 57' 24"
Moon 15° Taurus 58' 07"
Mercury 11° Libra 13' 09"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 43' 00"
Mars 24° Libra 21' 19"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 19"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 52"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 52" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 16" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 22"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 12" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 11" R

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Zoey Wind is an Astrologer, Ceremonialist and Quantum Coach.  She has lead celestial ceremonies, taught classes and supported others in their spiritual transformation through the art and wisdom of the Heavens for 7 years.