The Moon has been aligning with the Mars Saturn meeting in Capricorn. As the Warrior and Father Time discuss plans for moving ahead with new structures for our lives and cultures, The Moon brings in the compassion of the Mother. Venus trining these three in succession activates our heart fields to this meeting. Maybe today we can bow our drive, our ego and our ambition, our subconscious even- to the Heart.

How can we do this practically? Venus in Taurus denotes the supreme expressions of embodiment. Be physical, be in nature. Engage your physical practices but today see where you can align them more deeply to your heart, to your feeling nature, to what brings you pleasure. Drive and ambition and success and goals are essential to accomplishment and progress, but if we leave our hearts behind, if we forget about the “why’s” of progress then is it all just meaningless?

The Moon reminds us that we all come from one another, we are all interconnected. Just as She reflects the Light of the Sun to us, she reflects the subconscious motivations behind our ambitions and drive. Allow Venus to soften you, to open your heart to those around you. Where have you neglected your body? Where have you forgotten your values ? Have you spent time in Nature recently? An open heart of receptivity can allow illuminations of this today.