Today, the Moon is moving through the sign of the water-bearer, the star-walker Aquarius. Divine in the crystalline strata of the heavens, she arrives at the well of inspiration. She calls to you, something is completing now. She holds the power of higher vision, the ability to see into and beyond the present moment glimpsing the larger picture of the cosmos.

From her lofty perch, she is aware that all is not as it seems in the present moment. There is always more to the story, a bigger picture only viewed from aligning ourselves with higher vision of Eagle. Moon squared Venus and sextiled Jupiter this morning, take the hopeful visions you receive today and hold them close to your heart, we can be grateful for whenever they arrive

Blessings and Stardust,
Zoey Wind

Artowrk: Collage Infinito by Mariano Pecinetti