Daily Cosmic – Friday April 6, 2018

by | Apr 6, 2018

Daily Cosmic Freya’s Day April 6, 2018

A word on the sense of Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn with a beautiful Sagittarius Moon that just became Capricorn:

We must at some point surrender to the unknown in life if we are to ever know peace. Free will, technology, human manipulation of the material world still cannot stop spring from coming. Still cannot keep the Sun hanging in the sky at all times. We may be trying, but the more we toy with the processes of existence as governed by natural law without a full understanding of them the more it stings us with unknown illnesses, birth defects and Earth changes.

Here in lies a fundamental question of life- fate or free will? The longer I contemplate the more it surmounts to both. We certainly have the power of the creator within us as humans, yet we still do not understand the entirety of the Consciousness of the Creator that has set in place the Natural Laws that govern this reality. To this design we must surrender. And perhaps in observation – the simple spaces of noticing the patterns that emerge from the Great Mystery we are steeped in- we just might develop some form of faith and trust in this design.

Yes, much can be learned from study and teachers- but the “knowing” will only come from direct experience leading to an awakening deep within your own being.
The result may feel something like dancing or playing, flowing or growing with the Divine energies at play between this realm and our own wizardry.

Blessings and Stardust,

Planetary Positions

Sun 02° Leo 24' 17"
Moon 15° Aquarius 47' 40"
Mercury 23° Cancer 52' 07"
Venus 03° Virgo 42' 51"
Mars 27° Leo 01' 57"
Jupiter 00° Pisces 21' 17" R
Saturn 10° Aquarius 47' 11" R
Uranus 14° Taurus 31' 00"
Neptune 22° Pisces 58' 27" R
Pluto 25° Capricorn 23' 18" R
Chiron 12° Aries 53' 31" R
TrueNode 09° Gemini 27' 46" R

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Zoey Wind is an Astrologer, Ceremonialist and Quantum Coach.  She has lead celestial ceremonies, taught classes and supported others in their spiritual transformation through the art and wisdom of the Heavens for 7 years.