Cosmic Becoming:

On Kundalini, Shakti and the Rod

It has been said in ancient texts that Saturn, representing the spine is associated with this awakening. Yet how, often being considered the most “rigid” and “blocked” of the planets is this the case? Maybe this serves as a lesson of the current state of the Kundalini force in humanity today.

The Feminine has been oppressed and suppressed for millennia. This is the feminine in both men and women. The deep, effulgent and receptive undulating spaces at the base of the spine. If we cannot move the Shakti, if it is blockaded, then Saturn cannot fully resonate with the dual serpent energies.

The Masculine, seeking to move, set out and have its independence, is thus held back because its counterpart, its Shakti resplendent in juicy endeavor is absent, or perhaps she is caged in some recess of the spine.

Some ancient accounts speak of Saturn as Feminine. Perhaps this is why, perhaps we must remember both the masculine central rod AND the twin serpent dance around it for the wings to unite. Thus forming the symbol for Mercury- sHe who must remain forever near to the two in order to see the fulfillment of the Great work.

If we suppress the richness of our being, then, when bursting forth with creative impulse from where is our inspiration? If we wallow in the depths of potential and forget our power as creators, then we risk involution. But if we can unite the two- the muse and musician, we create music, we create magic, we become the magicians.

Blessings to you Creative Beings,
Zoey Wind