Daily Cosmic – March 24, 2018

Saturn’s Day and A Call to Action

Moon in Cancer-1st Quarter Square

Well, it might be more like a scream. With the first quarter square of the Moon, Moon opposing Mars then Sun squaring Mars and the Moon opposing Saturn this afternoon it’s a day that might have us feeling the fire lit under our asses to get up and make some things happen. Some of these things might be tasks that we have been putting off for some time, and the newfound motivation to see them come into being may be quite welcome. This evening allows for some serious reflection as to what practical steps we need to take to make this happen. With the Moon in Cancer much of this planning may be around things like health, home, diet, Inner work and should be mindful of the natural cycles and rhythms of life.

Guidance- Catch this call to action with a pair of cradling arms. Hold it near and dear to your belly and rock it to and fro. Don’t criticize and chastise it for not being done yet. All things have their season and cycles. We cannot be and do all the things at the same time. Each thing a season and a time. It will never happen though without a plan. Take a little time to sit and write out what you need to make this happen. It need not take very long. Maybe consult a wise woman in your life. Then relax and gather the nourishment you need to begin such a task.