Daily Cosmic Sunday March, 25 2018

Breaking the Chains that Bind

How can we tap into and begin to map out our dreams? Some say to go for your dreams, others say we must awaken out of our dream into this reality. But isn’t the dreamtime just another reality altogether? Maybe the way to create what we want in our lives is not to dream, but to wake up. In the here and now we can find exactly what we need. In the here and now we can be who and what we want to be in our present reality. Maybe visualizing is a tool we can use in the awakened state to manifest. Maybe the dreamtime is for other work.

Mercury retrograde begins to wonder how and why we might go about manifesting our goals. What is the motivation? Are you sure it’s in right alignment with your values? What do you really value? Does this feel like your highest bliss? You may feel Pluto dredging some shadow aspects of our relationship patterns that may be craving integration and acceptance into our subtle consciousness. It’s a great day to witness the parts of yourself you wish weren’t there with non-judgement. No shame- we are all wounded. Remember the age-old wisdom that what we cant stand in others is just a reflection of something we have the potential to be as well. For we are all one- it cannot be any other way. And yet we have the gift of our individual expression. You have permission to be reborn as many times as you need in the becoming of your highest Self. Just remember to wake up from the dream and be present in this reality to make it happen where it counts most.

Blessings and Stardust,