Conflict and Wizdom

Moon in Leo
Moon trine Mercury
Mercury square black moon Lilith
Moon square Jupiter
Mars with Saturn
Venus with Uranus

The lovers are in school right now with the higher teachers. Mars is getting a dose of rudimentary lessons, Venus is getting Higher Consciousness downloads. Let the unexpected and iconoclastic sink into your being without fear, let the old and rigid also teach you something about the wisdom of tradition. Relationships vs selfhood is up right now. But perhaps we can see today where these two energies aren’t actually two. As a wise teacher once told me- there cannot be relationship without the individual Self, and there is no way to learn about our individuality without another to differentiate from.

Mercury is in trine with Black Moon Lilith. It’s time to communicate some needs to others that you have been suppressing or allowing others to suppress. Take a look at where and when we were taught this wasn’t allowed. Remember the ones reflecting this to you have had parts of themselves denied too. Extend loving compassion, then rewrite the story and throw the old one away.

Energy is supportive of up-leveling our stories around relationship and values. A part of this is by gently yet powerfully standing up for the right to be different than others. And in turn extending the acceptance we crave to others.

There are many ways of being, but others aren’t going to honor it for you until you teach them how. Building a New Paradigm takes work. We got this, let’s uplift and support each other in this not so easy but ever so crucial endeavor.

Today may we celebrate our differences and allow them to unite us, like the Earth we are all children of.

Blessings and Stardust,