Daily Cosmic – March 28, 2018

by | Mar 28, 2018

Daily Cosmic- Mercury’s Day – March, 28 2018

Hello Brave New World! If your life has been full of New Beginnings lately then be assured its right in alignment with the energy of Spring that Aries represents. If you have been stalling or delaying action, today may offer some breakthrough energies.

Venus will join Uranus today in an alignment called a conjunction at 5:47PDT. This basically means these two planets align with the Earth in a way that we can draw a straight line through them. Venus is channeling Uranian energy to the Earth- filtering the urges for sudden breakthroughs, humanitarian efforts, downloads, urges for freedom and doing things differently than before through the lens of beauty, values, money, relationships and of course love.

It’s a good time to be open to unexpected and maybe un-conventional experiences and exploration of new values and can be tested by which feel good. Be open to what others can teach you today. Be open to downloads of new visions of what it looks like to be an actualized individual who is also a valued member of an egalitarian society.

The Sun in Aries will square Saturn in Capricorn at 7:15am PDT tomorrow morning.

Capricorn is represents the current governing bodies maintaining the status quo- So we may see some illumination around the tension that imbalanced social orders have created for humanity both on personal and global scales. This can be the current patriarchy, or the council of Elders including our matriarchs if we so choose.
Capricorn is called a culture-bearer sign in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and is mostly concerned with what must be preserved to ensure a culture that can be a foundation for future generations. This Aries Solar warrior in service to the tribe is experiencing a call to action and yet simultaneously a great hurdle to cross before he can proceed with the cultivation of his goals.

You may be challenged to look at if your goals align with creating a new paradigm for the future of yourself and your tribe. AKA are you thinking of more than just yourself? One thing I’ve learned is Saturn in Capricorn doesn’t have patience for Ego driven action. Even if the mission is good, he will block us if we are barreling forward without consulting our own inner circle of Elders.

If you’re feeling the harshness of this aspect try and allow yourself the gift of humility. Humility has been defined as remaining teachable, but there seems to be a higher essence to this energy. For me I have found humility to stem from a grounded perspective of my role in the mission of the highest good for all. It is a balanced perspective of the self in relation to others, not deeming myself unimportant but in alignment with what is truly important.

If you are struggling, try re-aligning your vision with what is best for the tribe, not just yourself. If we look deeply, we can usually see how in seeking what we deem worthy of our energy is supportive of the greater good. And if it is not, maybe it is not a worthy cause. And if you fail, be gentle with yourself. For failure it is the only way we truly learn. And after all, humility is not an easy task in the modern world of separation and struggle.

If however, we can reclaim our tribal lineage, the roots of the human tradition founded on community, interdependence, sharing and compassion; we just may see a cultural rebirth that can support healthy and vibrant future generations. Venus helps us receive this vision today!

We can rise to the occasion triumphantly! The biggest victories are sometimes the smallest and seemingly “invisible”. Like the release of long-held judgements on the self that have been the true barriers to our success.

Blessings and Stardust,

Planetary Positions

Sun 02° Aquarius 06' 09"
Moon 20° Virgo 21' 02"
Mercury 04° Aquarius 58' 22" R
Venus 12° Capricorn 08' 49" R
Mars 28° Sagittarius 17' 24"
Jupiter 04° Pisces 59' 15"
Saturn 14° Aquarius 18' 51"
Uranus 10° Taurus 49' 26"
Neptune 21° Pisces 08' 41"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 37' 46"
Chiron 08° Aries 56' 32"
TrueNode 29° Taurus 23' 54" R

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