This Moon- Maybe its because its on my Mercury but feels so potent- laden with opportunity and optimism. Steeped in the watery compassion and inspiration of Neptune in Pisces trining the optimistic and aspiring student/teacher Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter has been seeking an understanding of the depths of what it means to be alive and an intensely feeling human experience. This moon seems to be offering us new insights, opportunities and teachings for the taking. Galloping onward in full Horse-Power into this beautiful Summer. The astrology this summer will likely test the systems in place that govern this world- we need new leaders, thinkers and inspirers to take lead, to be a voice, example, teacher and student for what will replace the old order that no longer serves.

Any intentions around seeking guides, teachers, higher education, inspiration, integration of lessons, rising from the ashes of the past year into new heights of understanding, compassion and inspiration for art to express your ideals- these are well supported right now.

Set your Aim Centaurs and prepare to be inspired

I know I have some exciting announcements coming soon so keep tuned- We are the ones we have been waiting for✨😘🌈

Blessed Ceremonies Stardust Siblings!
Zoey Wind