The Moon is moving through the final degrees of Capricorn this Monday morning, a nice time to finish up any unfinished work from last week. She will join the south node of the Moon and form a kite with the Mercury-Chiron trine that perfected yesterday. Moon carries us messages about healing and the mind, creating a portal through which we can send old baggage. Release and relax. Sometimes ambitions are just illusions of grandeur. The real work is often done in the unseen places, so subtle that we may not even realize we have done it until we see how much we have grown when a new opportunity to show up differently arises. Maybe that opportunity is today.

Moon squares Uranus just before entering Aquarius this afternoon/evening. Be open to receive that which inspires you today. Notice how the structures of your life support or do not support your freedom to explore. This whole month is about clearing that which blocks our channels to the Divine Brilliance of Spirit. What is one thing that you can clear from your life today to make space for your own brilliance to shine? If it is an old story you have been telling yourself, remember we can rewrite our own mythic selves at any time.
Blessings and Stardust,
Zoey Wind