Sun squares Chiron as Moon eloquently glides through Taurus making a sextile toNeptune, trine to Pluto and sextile to Mars today.  From her place of exaltation, Moon has something to say about our self-worth, especially as the Sun and Chiron make an aspect that challenge us to take self-love one step deeper.

Take dreams of beauty and water and tap into the transformative power to do something with it.  Nothing moves the soul or inspires art like beauty.  What do you hold as the highest form of beauty? Now see that thing is you, otherwise you could not recognize it.  Look at your beauty today and look at all you have to offer. 

You are more than your money, accomplishments, clothes or other status symbols.  You are an expression of the beautiful essence of the Divine.  You deserve all the good things.  You deserve all the love.  You have so much to give and offer. See if you can open yourself to truly accept your worthiness today.  This comes from a sweet place within us that says “I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am whole”.  From this space, we truly give.

Blessings and Love Yo’Self!

Zoey Wind

Artwork- Oleg Osipoff- Untitled