Eclipses: Dreaming, Awakening and Initiation

by | Jan 1, 2019

In times of great change and uncertainty many of us are awakening to new ways of being that break with the status quo and pull us out of a state of sleeping to walk as Awakened beings.  Those who are still living the factory-made lifestyle are beginning to crave something different.  I see it all around me, as I have traveled this country from coast to coast the past three years I see the same thing- a desire for something more.

Throughout time people have observed this desire for more, the desire for destiny, awakening and transcending limitations to evolve towards something new. There are many reasons astrologically why there seems to be a larger collective urge for this at this time than in the past, but something that has not changed is the power of eclipses as powerful portals through which the old is released and the new is activated into reality. Wether or not this serves our evolution is our choice.

The Nodes of the Moon are points in space where the Moon’s orbit about the Earth crosses with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  These are mathematically calculated as we cannot actually “see” them but we do see their effects whenever there is a New or Full Moon close by, producing something we call an eclipse.  Eclipses have many ancient stories and prophecies associated with them throughout time, most of them being harbingers of fate.  Today we do not forecast astrologically with such fatalist perspectives but, as the evolving species that we are, have begun to forecast evolutionarily.  So, what evolutionary purpose might an eclipse provide?

An eclipse intersects the Sun, Earth and Moon’s energies, which esoterically and philosophically represent Spirit (as source, the Sun), Our Bodies (the Earth) and that which reflects spirit into the body (the Moon as soul).  These three factors of existence are represented in the sacred triad symbolism throughout many traditions and are the primary forces creating life.  Mother, Father and child being primary to the equation, there is also Sun, Soil and water to create plants, the father the son and Holy Spirit and Mind, Body, Spirit making up the individual.

Humans have forever sought the understanding of themselves in context of the greater reality and the three has emerged as the very basis of Life in most metaphysical, religious, spiritual, shamanic and esoteric teachings.  When we seek to evolve (that which life is seeking to do) in order to do so we must merge all new understanding, energy and wisdom through the three planes of existence and through the seven heavenly spheres of the planet or deities governing this system we call the Solar system.

This division can be understood in various forms.  In shamanic understanding, they speak of the three worlds- the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds, which also correlate to the Spirit, Body and Mind.  Spirit is the transcendental state of awakening, mind is the psyche of the soul where we perceive through sleep and dreams, and the middle world is the one we walk in as channels of the two.   When one or more of these planes of existence are neglected or ignored our evolution happens in lopsided form and sometimes fails to integrate hence failing to be bade manifest in this reality.  Here we will examine these principles in terms of their astrological correspondences and seek to understand how we use this to better anchor the opportunities for Unity that eclipses provide.

Sun, Source, Spirit and the Father represents astrologically as the One creative power which has created all of us, that all things are.  The Moon is like the mother in that she represents the force which channels the Soul which or the individual slice of source we all carry within us into the body.  The light we all carry in our eyes, that spark of Spirit is held within the Soul which transmits Spirit.  The Buddhists do not believe in the eternal Soul, I feel this is only because they are emphasizing that we all may eventually return to the Source as one. 

The Earth represents our bodies, the physical embodiment of Spirit as Soul in material form.  Together we have the basis of existence.  When there is an eclipse the Sun, Moon and Earth align along the intersection of their three relational trajectories which as you might expect with such a powerful meeting produces a powerful effect.  Eclipses have been associated with fate for a long time, fate which cannot be averted. 

To some degree this is because of the deterministic teaching that dominated religion and state controlled consciousness that wished to render the masses disempowered and at least unaware of their own potential.  To another degree, it represents the will of Spirit that is beyond our control, but is not outside our reach and which does not determine all things.  We can, as we will see, awaken to the various realms of reality outside of the physical, the spiritual and the psychic in order to walk in an awakened state.  This requires both empowerment and surrender, two sides of the same coin which as astrology so often teaches, are two faces of one thing.

The existence of fate in the sense of things outside of our control cannot be denied.  All who are born must die, we all will age, we all will experience things out of our control regardless of how much we practice the Law of Attraction.  We must begin to incorporate a new way of understanding our power as not necessarily “all-powerful” beings with the ability to create anything we want out of thin air as it seems the hype has become lately, but instead take a look at the facts and evidence of what we are really working with and seek to understand it in order to affect it.

In this process of empowering ourselves and also respecting the Natural Law which is greater than ourselves we open ourselves as wizards who can then begin affecting our reality. This power however is only gained through understanding of the laws of energy, time and space which govern this dimension.  And so we begin with Sun, Moon and Earth.

Eclipses happen at either the North or South Node of the Moon.  The North Node represents what we are moving towards as it is where the Moon is said to ascending towards the Northern side of the plane of the Earth’s orbit about the Sun.  North, interestingly is actually the direction that the Sun, and therefore our entire solar system, is travelling around the center of the Milky Way galaxy and is associated with the future or destiny of our evolutionary journey.

The South Node is said therefore to represent the past including past lives, abilities, tendencies and desires.  The South node is the point that seeks to release and dissolve.  The Nodes have been long associated with Dragons, symbolism originating in the East where these creatures seem to have thrived at some time and who are preserved in their mythology and cosmology.  It was believed that a dragon ate the Sun or Moon during the eclipse and this is what caused it.

 In Vedic astrology, the nodes are the head (North node) and the tail (south node) of a dragon who played a major part in the releasing of the nectar of life to both light and dark forces.  Inherent in this story is that the key to Amrita, a word meaning immortality, is released into both the upper and lower worlds, the waking and sleeping states, light and dark, and to attain it we must travel through both realms unlocking seven gates within each, symbolism derived from the seven primary planets. 

In North America it was a Wolf who ate the Moon- both the Wolf and the Dragon are associated with Wisdom and desire, that latter strongly with the vital life force itself.  This may be why we see Eclipses as associated with death in ancient times, as the very pulse of life is shadowed and the three-fold dimensions of life are intertwined.  It only makes sense that they can merge, remerge and separate more easily during their intermingling.  In perfect alignment, they are in in essence interchangeable, dissolving and birthing simultaneously.  This opens up possibilities for us to work consciously with these powers, but also points out the inherent powerlessness in the process.

If Mind (consciousness), Body (Earth) and Soul (psyche) are linked uncontrollably for a period of time then the transference of energy between the two is both possible and inherently flowing between our conscious, unconscious and physical bodies.  The very nature of the unconscious is that it is just that.  Therefore, these eclipses are powerful portals through which we can work with consciously and physically but there must be an aspect of surrender to that which will emerge from the unconscious realms to achieve Life’s desire for evolution.

Evolution has commonly replaced the word progress an even the word growth in pop-spiritual culture I believe, because it does not imply good or bad inherently.  I do believe that we can direct the pulse of evolution with our conscious creative powers represented by the mind, Sun and Spirit, and so perhaps it is on Lunar Eclipses that we pull forth information from the subconscious (Lunar) psyche to be played with.  In Solar eclipses then we are perhaps channeling conscious information into our psyches for integration here on Earth either now or for future generations, as the Lunar psyche also taps the collective ancestral memory of all.

A Lunar eclipse sees the Earth in between the Sun and the Moon, literally having our bodies as the center point for the conscious creative principle of Spirit and the Souls symbolic and subjective experience.  The shadow of the Earth is cast upon the Moon, the shadow of the physical dimension imprinted upon the psyche powerfully severing the tie from Source upon the Moon.  That which we are walking in our physical lives must now be reckoned with subconsciously.  Our control lies in our choices of how we live our lives and decisions made at these times have profound effects on the subconscious that govern our actions in the future. 

It may serve well to engage in physical offerings and displays of honor on the physical plane during these events to cast the most positive and intentional shadow possible, for what is lodged in the subconscious remains there with power until we hope to raise it once again into the conscious mind.  At the same time, the will of Spirit rays directly onto the Earth, opening channels to align our actions to the will of spirit.  We may feel caught in a see-saw of fate as a result.  Ancient practices of ritual and preparation were instated as sacred tools to find stillness of intention and the power of physical action at these times.

Solar eclipses feature the Moon passing between the Sun and the Earth.  Metaphorically, it is lensing the subconscious stirrings of Soul onto the Earth once again, bringing the symbolic psyche our subjective experiences back into our bodies and the physical plane.  These are powerful initiations and there is good reason that they have held great lore and fear over time as whenever we raise something from the depths of our subconscious we are literally bringing something out of the darkness to be illuminated.  This implies the unknown, and humans have feared the unknown it seems since we forgot the ways to work with the realms of darkness and shadow.

So how can we prepare for such transitions? In the case of the Solar eclipse, perhaps we can be doing work on the psychological level in order to more deeply engage with our deepest desires, hopes, dreams and fears.  We can’t always control what arises from the subconscious, but we can begin to understand it for what it is, a world of symbol and form meant to help us understand ourselves in our own evolutionary journey.  There is an aspect of otherworldliness, magic and elusiveness to this realm which requires surrender to the collective well of memory of all humans as holding sway over our lives.  In a sense, it begs us learn the transient nature of existence through non-attachment to meaning as we explore that very thing.

In Lunar eclipses, we are offered the chance to honor the sacred in the physical, as our bodies are literally made up of light and stardust containing information beyond measure.  DNA is the sacred manifestation of light spiraling.  Light literally contains the information to become matter, and this truth is activated as the Earth is directly between the Sun and the Moon.  We see here how the Soul (Moon) is sort of left out of the light transference and we are reminded of the connection between light and matter.  It opens a portal to receive light transmittance from the Sun that circumvents the desires of the Soul.  The opportunity is to align our will with the higher will of Spirit.

Here we see where we have power and powerlessness.  We can consciously choose what energetic light we bask in, what energy we allow to be imprinted upon us or affect us here by choosing our friends and where and how we spend our time but we cannot yet choose another Sun to live by.  We can however seek to align our will with the will of Spirit.  It seems today there are two main camps of what that will is- Good or Evil.  And so, we even have choice here.  I believe it works reciprocally, that the will of Spirit is the collective will of all of creation just as much as we are subject to the will of Spirit.  The proportionate measures of how much our will affects others is still a mystery, but even as humans are often seen as the most conscious forms on Earth I am not so sure this is true, and furthermore, the Earth herself and all of the planets each contain evolutionary keys awaiting understanding for our own awakening to occur.  It is certain though, as we make choices to align to Goodness, Love, Truth and Justice we build this evolutionary fate for all of creation. 

 Awakening to the will of higher dimensions however serves nothing if we have not done work in the subconscious of our souls for we cannot control the subconscious well of archetypal information stored by all of humanity.  If we have strong wills and clear goals but are not familiar with that which arises from within us in the form of desires and impulses we are still asleep to half of reality.   Conversely, the Soul/psyche receive imprints from our experiences in our daily lives creating a feedback loop.  The intermediary between the two is Mind- in a waking state that allows us to assimilate information consciously.  When we are “awake” we can choose how we respond to that which arises from our subconscious, creating different experiences not based on impulse and in turn effecting how that information is stored and played back to us in the future.  This is not to say this is easy as the world we are living in has not well equipped us to use the power we hold.  As a result, it requires degrees of learning and unlearning which I propose Eclipses intend to do.

There is much focus on the will in modern society, but much has been abandoned of the arts of cultivating the psychic and dream realms we have access to.  The Jewish, Buddhist and Islamic traditions held and still do strongly emphasize the value of dreams, but somewhere along the way dreams were something left behind in the Western Christian-dominated world-view.  They were revisited by modern psychology through the work of Sigmund Freud and more profoundly by Carl. G Jung, and have become something largely reserved for therapy sessions until the recent spiritual awakening.

For many, dreams are a scary place where anything can happen, but for ancient peoples they were a vital tool for spiritual growth, information and evolution.  If we do not have a relationship with our dreams we are missing a huge part of existence, exactly 1/3 interestingly if we calculate average sleep time to be roughly 8 hours per day, correlating perfectly with one third of a trifecta.  And so one-third of reality, one third of the sacred triad of Life is not being reflected upon, no pun intended. But actually yes- a Lunar eclipse may reflect exactly that- the parts of our Life that we are refusing to reflect upon.

Dream-work can be done through simple practices like journaling and reflecting on the meaning and symbolism in our dreams.   More advanced dream work comes in the form of lucid dreaming, but there are ways to enter the imaginal realms while awake or in more lucid states like meditation, trance, dance and musical rapture.  Sleep is an allegory for a state of consciousness and is not limited to the physical resting state of consciousness.  Shamanic drum journeying is an excellent way to help us travel between the realms and there are plenty of free guided meditations on Youtube and other sources for those who are interested in better cultivating a relationship with the subconscious realms. 

The imaginal realms are the places we learn to relinquish control and enter flow states, the vital other part of the equation of will-based manifestation.  In the realms of the subconscious we find things beyond our control, beyond our understanding and so they require education and guidance.  It is where we access things not beyond ourselves but not actually ourselves.  Once awake to this reality and with gained skills we can then make a choice.  If we choose to incorporate or work with something from this realm we are accessing the awakened state where we allow that things to emerge through us.  If we are not conscious or refuse to look at something encountered here, it may emerge through us against our conscious will.

 If we are adepts at this we can help things to emerge that are incredible and may make us appear to be wizards. It is not something to be played with lightly, and certainly somewhere that guidance is encouraged if we have not entered before, for these are realms that have been long abandoned in recent times with power beyond what many can remember.  There are three factors that seem to be key- soul intent, collective evolutionary intent and physical necessity.  Astrology offers guidance about the collective evolutionary intent based on the Nodes sign and whether it is a North or South Node eclipse.  Personally, we look to the birth chart for house location and aspect to further illuminate to our conscious mind what is asking to be awakened in the individual, physical necessity comes from the needs of Gaia and the elementals.

To work actively with a Solar eclipse, we can ask that whatever is most needed to arise from our subconscious at this time for our awakening.  If it is a North Node eclipse that information may be what we need to know to move forward, if it is a South Node Eclipse it may be information about what needs to integrated and released.  For all eclipses, we may want to ask for the information that is ready to be actively worked with at this time regarding those matters to be made clear.  In reality, eclipses will do this without our asking, the ritual of asking is a surrendering to the call for evolution and imprints the subconscious with courage and willingness to show up in the evolutionary process, which in turn empowers us to show up for life as active participants, not sleeping monkeys.

For a lunar eclipse, we surrender back the parts of our subconscious to be burned out of the physical plane and return to the Moon to be reorganized disseminated through the phases, particularly if it is a South Node eclipse.  Along the North Node it brings up new dreams from the subconscious awaiting to emerge.  Our job is to try and be as ready as possible in alignment within ourselves to receive it and do something with it.  Lunar eclipses hold an element of mystery and will often rapidly usher out dreams that no longer serve or bring them in depending on if it is a North or South Node eclipse.

We can take a moment to organize ourselves along these lines.  As a ritual and journaling suggestion, I like to make three columns of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Then at the top of the page I place the themes of the sign of the eclipse and the house it affects in my chart.  Then I list the aspects of life that pertain to each under each column.  It’s not always easy to divide things in this way, but some things are really easy, while others blend and merge, do your best.  Sometimes we may find it is easy to feed the mind or body primarily but there is a lack of ways to touch Spirit.  Wherever there is imbalance, we can then explore how to bring more focus into that area.

 For example, if an eclipse is happening in the 4th and 10th houses and I see that I have a lot of ways to focus and feed my nurturing in my home through the body and mind but not enough spiritual practice, I can reference ways to make the home a spiritual sanctuary.  Or if I am looking at my career and public life and I see that I have a strong self-care routine and know my highest desire and destiny but I am not organized in the physical plane or in my health then I am not able to manifest this into reality.  I can then see where I can ask Sun and Moon to illuminate for me what I need to know in order to shift this.

Inherent in the very nature of the triple alignment of the three primary physical bodies of Sun, Moon and Earth is the lesson of cycles rhythmically harmonizing, aligning and then separating to undulate in further more complex rhythmic pattern until they meet again.  We can remember that in the moments of an eclipse is a still point, a coming together of Body, Mind and Soul that is not every day, but does in fact happen every year, usually 6 time per year.

 The alignment of the triplicate of reality is meant to occur naturally and regularly offering us moments in time to integrate the 6 levels of initiation through the twelve houses and signs.  This is added to the one representing source as self and making 7 gates of initiation found throughout many traditions including the Mithraic and Hermetic.  Eclipses are the portals we are offered to channel in congruent energies and channel out outdated information in order bring that alignment into harmony.  With practice, we become synthesized beings who are able to transcend the state of sleeping and awaken to the celestial realms of being in their proper relation and governance to the physical plane of existence to which we are bound in the Earthly walk.  We do not have to remain sleeping monkeys on a train, we can awaken to the Amrita, that sweet nectar of Immortality.

Artowok: Lomuller Gyuri -“Time”

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