Full Moon in Sagittarius -The Channel of Knowing: Monday June 17th at 1:31 am PT/4:31am ET

by | Jun 16, 2019

Artwork: Deep Dreaming by Stuart Griggs

As I write this Jupiter, the ruler of this lunation is perfecting his square to Neptune.  Mercury is opposing Saturn and Moon is with Jupiter who will also square Neptune as her last aspect before reaching full opposition, or full illumination by the Sun.  This is the apex of the Gemini New Moon cycle that began two weeks ago, and with Mercury on the North Node, conjunct Mars and opposing Saturn there is a conversation being stimulated. 

Where do we want to go anyways? In order to hit the mark the archer must first take aim.  Old concepts of control, authority and regulation are readily dissolved right now with Saturn on the South node, spiritualizing once concrete, material things.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even the sensitive ones, but remember the power of maturity, respect and discipline in our speech.  As things dissolve new things crystalize in order to keep the flow of life going.  Fiery new plans and ideas rooted in community, unity and tribe can rise now.

Jupiter in Sag, currently retrograde, who rules the Full Moon in Sagittarius, beckons expansion into our higher minds, the visionary, intuitive and mystical realms, especially with his square to Neptune in Pisces.  The square aspect is one of productivity, seeking to form the corner-pivot point in life where two seemingly incongruent lines join at a single point.  Dreams are certainly heightened and there is a strong sense of reverie, playfulness and freedom at hand.

The Gemini New Moon catalyzed busy, complex movement, now the Sag Moon pulls us up into Eagle Vision to see the “why”.  Both of these signs remind us to ask and explore the regions of whyWhy do we believe what we believe? Why are we here? What is our purpose?  In square to Neptune there is copious access to the metaphysical, the great beyond, the vast ocean of consciousness from which we all emerge to explore these questions and do a bit of our own personal exploration to embody the union between the mortal and the immortal, the animal and the Goddess/God that each of us are a perfect union of.

In honor of the Sagittarian archetype may we each be afforded the opportunity to explore our wildness, our playfulness, our reverie in that which lights our eyes a fire as we gallop, consciousness drawing us into presence for the adventure that is life, love and the beautiful Earth we call home. 

Reminder to the wild beast in all of us, we must cultivate discipline and practice to manage the animal urges that seem incongruent to the higher spiritual aims we adopt, but let there be an honoring of each desire’s source, which, like all that is, stems from the One source which is neither good nor bad.  Hint- the understanding lies in overstanding the Tree of Life. 

Gemini asks, while standing beneath the tree “what are these branches and leaves? Let me study them and understand.”  Sagittarius climbs the tree to sit in her bows and take in the whole being through overstanding.  Together they offer the center-point, neither under nor over-standing, but aligned to the center in true knowing.

Blessed knowing- and may you claim it as your own, and no one’s simultaneously,

Zoey Wind

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 54' 23"
Moon 15° Taurus 21' 49"
Mercury 11° Libra 11' 20"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 39' 51"
Mars 24° Libra 19' 18"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 16"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 49"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 59" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 19" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 21"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 19" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 18" R

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Zoey Wind is an Astrologer, Ceremonialist and Quantum Coach.  She has lead celestial ceremonies, taught classes and supported others in their spiritual transformation through the art and wisdom of the Heavens for 7 years.