Integration & Fruition: How to Soak up the magic of this Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon in Libra

by | Mar 19, 2019

The New Moon on March 6th was at the 16th degree of Pisces, conjunct its modern ruler Neptune and occurring at the degree where Mercury will station direct next week.  The seeds planted during that New Moon will receive a special “go ahead” from Mercury when he stations there next week, and will come to fruition in the Libra Full Moon on Wednesday, March 20th 2019.  Be on the look-out for what becomes visible and bright in your relationships, creative endeavors and the sensitive places you seek healing in your life. Now is the time for integration of those insights into fruition of something more beautiful.

Mercury Retrograde marks a special time in the ongoing spiraling of Cosmic Consciousness when Mercury is closest to Earth and the signal to the Divine is strongest.  It naturally does not favor things on the mundane, physical realm going all with the flow and such, as the Divine intent is often beyond just regular daily tasks, but asking us to look past the physical, into the deeper, richness of what it means to be eternal Spirits embodied.  In a way, the quirks and mishaps typical of this period offer us a chance to learn about our own Divinity, gently or not. 

Libra is an air sign and seeks to integrate understanding of all they see and experience into a harmonious artful masterpiece.  Her Queen, Venus is in Aquarius, engaging eagle visions and seeking the most intelligent plan for the benefit of all of humanity.  This is a beautiful opportunity to take a step back from the emotional waters and integrate our understanding of all that has been revealed these past two weeks.  Here are some ways to take full advantage of the promises offered by the seeds planted in the Pisces New Moon, and the opportunities to move forward with them through this Libra Full Moon of Integration tomorrow.

Comprehend the Vastness of our Interconnectedness:

Libra sees all things in balance, and seeks to bring harmony and beauty to the design she sees.  Pisces effects the unseen things like emotions.  Deep in the waters of this ocean things work a little differently that in the realm of air and earth.  If I move, even just slightly, a ripple of water will be set into motion that will eventually reach or affect you in some way.  If I move suddenly and dramatically, depending on how close you are, you will feel it more powerfully.  This analogy helps teach how emotional and psychic energy works.  If someone near you is feeling something, even if you are not aware of it, it will affect you. This is a powerful time to noticing empathic currents in our lives.  But, always in balance.  If it’s yours, own it, if it’s not, don’t.  Learning to differentiate and decipher energies is a powerful lesson for this retrograde time.  Setting boundaries is a key lesson for Pisces, allowing others their own emotions is Libra’s balance point.

Tap into your Sensitivity and Healing Potential:

Humans have varying levels of sensitivity, but ultimately, we are all deep in the Piscean waters right now and learning to navigate better in a world that is undeniably interconnected yet intentionally disconnected is not easy.  We have the opportunity to intentionally engage with our hearts through opening up to genuine connections with those around us, while practicing having healthy boundaries around that.   Perhaps how we treat others will become more important. Maybe we will be able to feel how what have said affects them. Perhaps we will notice how another is feeling and seek to help or hold space in some way. 

We can be naturally compassionate when we are naturally more aware of how the other is feeling.  Pisces can heal in the invisible realms-Libra integrates this into our consciousness.  If you have been drawn to energy healing of any type, heed the call.  If you already practice it, now is the time to re-vise gaps in your learning and understanding. 

Give and Forgive:

In the realms of recognition of Oneness we find the grace of forgiveness. This retrograde offers us the power of forgiveness- how deeply can you tap into yours? Everything everyone does, they do for a reason.  If someone hurts you, it is likely because they are trying to ensure one of their basic needs without knowing a better way.  Likely they have been hurt in the same way, or feel so desperately that they need something. 

You may find that you are naturally more in tune with the reasons why people are acting how they act.  This is the same for ourselves.  Embrace this gift. This world and culture are not the most sound along the lines of kindness, forgiveness and giving at this time.  Let Mercury and the Moon grace you with the deep resounding echo of understanding.  The soul heals when we forgive ourselves, the heart heals when we forgive others.

Crystalize Visions from the Imaginal Realms:

Deep in sleep, our subconscious reveals things to us that are magical, fantastical, strange, alarming and just plain incomprehensible.  It is a place of visions and other-worlds, it is a home of fears and repressed memories.  It is fraught with anxiety about missing the bus or meeting people we have never known.  It is elusive and contains things we have never seen before. 

Any yet, how is all of this possible?  How can our minds conjure something that it has never seen or thought about in waking hours?  What is this strange place that has a mind of its own and yet is contained within us?  Carl Jung called it the subconscious, others have called it the imaginal realms, astrologers might say its represented by the sign Pisces, the planet Neptune or the 12th house in our charts. It contains the collective memory of every human that has ever lived. One thing is for certain- this is the place where new ideas are born, inspiration is found and all things are possible.  This Libra Moon can crystalize how you can birth this idea into being.  If we can face our fears in these spaces, we may become the midwives of something new to be born through us.

Connect with the Divine through Creative Expression:

Venus ruled Libra want to make everything more beautiful, and Mercury in Pisces draws inspiration from the Divine.  Allow yourself time today to sit in meditation, draw or paint, sculpt or sing, dance or write.  Make a visions board for your intentions for this Astrological new Year. Whatever takes you out of the mind and into the state of “flow”.  The more we practice entering this state the more available it becomes for us.  It is not a time of doing more, but of being so deeply present in the moment that each thing completed floats by effortlessly.   It is not a time of striving and forcing, the fish never forces, it slips and glides through all of its endeavors.  Even if it requires great effort, the fish’s body is not designed for force but for maximum efficiency. The name of the game is decreasing resistance to increase speed.

Blessings and a Graceful Integration

Zoey Wind

Artwork: Miles Toland-Integration

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