Lion’s Gate Portal and the Leo New Moon Sunday, 8.8.21 at 6:50amPT/8:50amCT

by | Aug 7, 2021

Lions Gate Portal = Sirius’s Heliacal rise from the Sun approx: 8.10-8.11.2021 for North America

The Leo New Moon falls on 8.8 this year which has become a New Age phenomenon sweeping the interwebs of human New Age culture.  Every now and then old things re-emerge with fresh names and faces.  As humanity it is our nature to evolve.  Evolution is considered a primary principle of life, and as humans we seek to evolve ideas, philosophies and concepts through the active participation with the archetypal forms of the universe.  

Archetypes are like well worn grooves in the tapestry of creation, the sacred geometric framework of time space that allows us to flow in material form. Our consciousness, according to Quantum theory, has a direct influence on the manifestation of these patterns.  They ebb and flow like the path of a river through sand.  

Like the Nile, the position of the stars moves with celestial seasons above which reflect the seasons below.  Our consciousness is inextricable from reality, and so how we place our attention through intention will determine the flow of energy into matter.  This means that something as old and at the same time new as the Lions Gate Portal is in a unique position within the mind of humanity to cultivate it as we wish at this time.

The Lions Gate portal seems to be determined by the rise of the star Sirius from the perspective of the pyramids at Giza along with the energy of the number 8 doubled- which is the symbol for infinity and abundance.  We can see how the the parallels continue to unfold as dive deeper into the symbolism contained within this moment in time.

Further, it was pointed out to me by a friend and astrologer that 8.8 is also the date of Regulus’s heliacal set into the Sun- a potentially more significant fact considering Regulus is the heart of the Lion constellation.  This means that this date signals the set of the Regulus- the star associated with the king, and the rise of Sirius-Isis, the star of the Goddess. Perhaps this portal is opening to allow the shadows of the kings of old to return to the underworld to be transformed, while the transformed Goddess who has spent millennia underground is being reborn into collective consciousness.  

The star Regulus also progressed out of the sign of Leo and into the sign of Virgo in 2011- signaling that the star of kings had entered the sign of the Priestess. This is just some of the symbolism pointing to this time and portal as aligned to the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine again into human consciousness, lets look at some more.

Sirius held special significance in ancient Egypt and its rise marked the New Year in the Egyptian calendar, signaling the flooding of the Nile was nigh soon to bring the rich and fertile silt deposits graces of the living river system.  Sirius was associated with Isis- the All Mother, Queen of Heaven and consort of Osiris whom the Egyptians identified the constellation Orion with. 

The name Sirius comes from the Greek Seirios for scorching or sparkling.  In ancient Egypt Sirius was personified as the Goddess Sopdet or Isis who represented fertility, healing, the Divine Mother and guided the souls of Pharaohs to the Afterlife back to the constellation Orion where they were said to come from.  

Sirius’ heliacal rise from the Sun is after the Sun passes close enough to the star for 70 days making it “invisible ” or indiscernible next to the light of the Sun.  So the star’s rise from the Sun is actually the Sun passing far enough past it that it becomes visible again just before dawn in early August.  The exact date depends on your latitude from Earth, but it is happening approximately on August 8 in our day and age at the pyramids of Giza.  

Sirius seems to have been closely studied and even worshiped in cultures the world over.  There are several pyramids in Egypt that are aligned to the stars rising.  In Bernadette Brady’s book of Fixed stars she sites the qualities of Sirius as those of Jupiter primarily, and also Mars.  Jupiter brings abundance, joy, wealth, prosperity and success.  Mars brings vigor, passion, drive and heat.  Together we have a powerful star that is said to bring such great success and fame, that it can literally burn the person standing in the lime- light.

But I think that there is a deeper significance to the star Sirius- one that is found is the combination of all of these ideas and modern astronomy.  There is a scientific theory that we are in a binary star system with Sirius A (or rather a trinary system as Sirius A already had a companion not visible to the eye, SiriusB).  Those who channel in the Sirian beings say that they are an advanced race whose star is linked to our star, and therefore we are inextricably linked in a dance of coevolution.  

Sirius is called the “spiritual sun” or the “sun behind the sun” in different cultures around the world.  The Dogon tribe in Africa, living a seemingly simple indigenous life to this day, have known about Sirius B for thousands of years, and say that they come from there.  The ancient Pharaohs in Egypt were said to be descendants of beings from the Sirius and/or Orion systems.  The symbol of the King is deeply connected to the symbol of the Sun, our star, and of divinity.

Perhaps the Lions Gate portal and the power it is holding in our consciousness right now represents our awakening to our own divinity and the Divine Feminine again.  For we cannot realize our complete power until we allow the feminine to fully re-emerge from the shadows again.  The symbolism of Isis, the Great Mother, the feminine as guide for the soul, the richness of the loving energy and fierce pride of the Lioness is present with us at any moment we choose to awaken to it.

Leo is about igniting the creative potential within and shining your hearts light bright into the world.  Aligned to the Lions Gate portal which is associated with the Goddess Isis this New Moon is charged with her energy.  She is the celestial mother, the guide of the pharaohs in the afterlife, the symbol of fertility, grace, abundance and passion for herself and her creations.

This Moon asks that we step up to the offer for radical self-assessment in order to ascend to the highest timeline of yourself and life possible.  This portal connects us to the star Sirius, the “Sun behind the Sun” to the ancients.  If the Sun is guardian of the sign of Leo and represents the Heart, then Sirius is the Heart of Hearts, pointing us to the higher evolution of our hearts.  This is so profoundly resonant with the energy of the Divine Mother- the Heart that beat your heart before yours could beat itself.

Can we engage with the courage in spite of collective and personal ideals to go within our heart of hearts and meet every person as an individual worthy of total love and respect.  Can we meet ourselves that way?  

As the Moon joins the Sun it illuminates the darkness around the greater tensions within society as they exist in the heart of each individual at this time.  Liberation begins in the body, mind, soul and heart of every individual.  If we want to see a freer world with less suffering, we must begin by freeing ourselves from the internal chains that bond.  

Mercury is with the New Moon serving as psychopomp for the radical awakening of our heart’s inner authority into the mind- asking that we not just paint by numbers, but by the creative, expressive, emotive center of our beings!

The practice is heart truth cultivation.  Each new day offers myriad opportunities for relating with our heart truth.  Notice how each interaction you have with people, places and institutions makes you feel.  Uranus in T-square with this New Moon opposite Saturn calls for the radical awakening of our senses!  Let your body and heart be your guide!  When we move alongside what makes us feel bright, seen and honored the potentials for our life expand infinitely.

The Sabian symbol for 17’ Leo where the Sun and Moon kiss is “a volunteer church choir singing.”  It speaks to the celebration of togetherness and the power of how we sing our collective song together.  It is about the stability of singing with one voice.  The New Moon occurring here asks that we pause and look inward before jumping on the bandwagon of popularity.  It is a greater thing to stand true to yourself, in integrity and honoring your heart truth than to gain popularity for the sake of feeling good right now.  Le asks we do so brightly, bravely and with pure, unconditional love.

Uranus is squaring the New Moon at 15’ Taurus, whose symbol is, “a man in a silken hat braves a storm.”  It speaks to the courage of the individual to face any challenge with courage and surmount all that we may face.  It also speaks to the fact that in spite of all the silk hats we may have, no one is exempt from crisis, loss or hardship.  Though we may have abundant family, community and support in our lives during hard times, we will all inevitably have to face some great challenges alone, and these are the moments that we learn of our true strength.

These two symbols squaring off feels like the tension between our desires to feel united as one human race in the face of the challenges that may be present at this time, yet it is in some way utterly dependent on each individual’s ability to summon their own strength and fortitude from within.  In order to show up for others strong, we must already know something of our own strength.

Strength can only be fully realized in the face of adversity.  Just like courage can only exist when there is fear.  No matter what challenges arise, we will be given nothing we cannot handle.  And in each moment of fear, there is an opportunity for courage.  Each moment of challenge is an opportunity for strength.  Each human being, an opportunity for love.

Saturn is at the 10th degree of Aquarius opposing this New Moon, whose symbol is “a man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal”.  It speaks to the power of the practice of self-reevaluation when we may be confusing something with the archetype it represents to us. 

Everyone is confronted with this realization in their life.  Realizing a parent isn’t perfect, that the person we fell madly in love with is actually just a projection of an ideal that we called in through our longing for it, or that the love someone had for us was based on a projection of some ideal they were calling in.  We all must come at some point in our lives to the realization that any person, place or institution we have perceived through archetypal reality is still just a person, place or thing.  A living breathing human with their own set of humanity.  Reality is at some level, just reality.  

And yet it is so much more.  With Mercury as Guardian of this New Moon we are invited to play with our perspective.  Not just to move it around for the sake of it, but through conscious intention in order to arise into our power as creators of our own lives.  Through the lion’s Gate portal we are asked to awaken to the truth of 5D reality- that everything is both utterly real and unreal.  And that consciousness and heart are our greatest tools in the Age of Aquarius.

If you have a moment to journal, I invite you to look at the things in your life that you most idealize and notice which archetypal energy it represents to you.  There are seemingly infinite systems of archetypal frameworks of reality to play with from Astrology to Psychology to Kabbalah.  Or perhaps you have noticed some of your own.  

Then see if you can wash clean the projections of your own mind and concept of reality for a moment, and seek to see that person or thing for exactly what it is.  Perhaps the Shaman is just as flawed and in need of healing as you, the educated doctor is just guessing in the dark, a parent is just a wounded child that grew up.  No matter what ideal we may embody to others, we are utterly all the same- all fallible, all wound-able and all worthy of unconditional love and healing.

This symbolism is so potent for Leo-Aquarius energies- where we can get caught up in the projection or the desires of others or popular opinion, and forget to think for or just be ourselves. Saturn asks us to use our critical faculties for the advancement of stability and endurance for all of life on Earth.  Retrograde and opposite this new moon he is asking us not to shirk the responsibility we each have for the conscious cultivation of our mind, perspective, ideals, beliefs and how we project them into the world.  

May you open to the highest timelines and frequencies available for you and all the Universe in this powerful Portal.  Release the olds concepts of self and need to please others for approval wherever they may be showing up for you right now.  And call upon the beauty of the light of Sirius to be your guidess towards living from your truth, your joy and your heart of hearts.

Blessed Activation,

Zoey Wind

Planetary Positions

Sun 02° Aquarius 05' 40"
Moon 20° Virgo 14' 00"
Mercury 04° Aquarius 58' 56" R
Venus 12° Capricorn 08' 57" R
Mars 28° Sagittarius 17' 04"
Jupiter 04° Pisces 59' 09"
Saturn 14° Aquarius 18' 48"
Uranus 10° Taurus 49' 26"
Neptune 21° Pisces 08' 41"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 37' 45"
Chiron 08° Aries 56' 31"
TrueNode 29° Taurus 23' 58" R

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