Pisces Full Moon Control and Escape or Allow and Heal Tuesday Sep 1st/2nd, 2020 10:22pmPT/1:22amET

by | Sep 1, 2020

Abdo Hassan


Go forth into the mystic

What dreams do you dream?

Weigh the proportions of symbols

And wipe the lens clean


For it’s now or never

The child does cry

That we must learn to dream

Or else we die


But be not so morbid

Or sad or forlorn

For it is this space

From which life is born


For to live is to die

And to die is to live again

And the Ouroboros turns


Without end


There seems to be no truly “easy” lunation of 2020.  A year that is beyond transformative, beyond words to describe it, as we are yet inside of it.  But there is always the Pisces Moon- the one where poetry and dreaming brings healing again, if we choose it.  If we choose to become conscious dreamers, where the dreamer and the dream become one. Where we can touch upon the true magic of our eternal selves.


Emotions are high with a Piscean Moon, but the waters are rich and fragrant.  What will you place in your stew?  Is it the stewing anger and frustration of a soon to be retrograde Aries Mars?  The deep relational underworld Persephone torture of Venus opposing the Capricorn stellium?  Where does the tortured soul get to be birthed bearing a golden egg?


Jupiter, ruler of the expansive waters of the Fishes lies in the Realms of Saturn close to Pallas Athena- Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy and healing.  Uranus joins the Wise Goddess, Sun and Moon to liberate us from the heavy, material based work we have been entrenched in this year.  Sun in Virgo offers us lift when in our liberation, we maintain reverence for the Earthly realm of the Mother, the Earth and our body as home and temple.


It is said nothing can exist in the imagination that is not real.  Interdimensional reality is but reality.  Reality is but a being we can sit and have a cup of tea with.  Negotiate terms, write new story lines, hold each other and cry and dream a new world with.  How will you dream your new reality asking to be born now?


Whatever addiction, illusions and delusions that have weighed us down this past year- be it in the form of control or escape, this Lunation illuminates and offers propulsion out of them through deep forgiveness of ourselves.  For this world can be harsh, and our souls are sensitive.  For all is one and one is all and we can be in compassion for ourselves and others to heal it.  Here we create change through allowing and dreaming, not forcing or avoiding.


Pisces is the realm of vibrational frequencies.  Just as in the ocean the fish feels the presence of other beings through the currents of the waters, in this Moon we can feel and sense more than just the material realm.  We swim with heightened awareness of the potency of healing modalities that are seemingly “invisible”.  Song, sound, energy, light, water, reiki and communication with other realms are all heightened under Pisces.


As Mars prepares to station retrograde Sept. 9th, the Warrior’s quest for space to swing his sword will be turned inward- into the vast expanses of the inner Self.  What will he find there?  What demons to slay?  What goddesses to serve and protect? What dreams to liberate?


The intentions set to know ourselves more deeply in the Leo New Moon two weeks ago gain vision now. This vision may be held as the grail we seek through our inner Martian realms in the coming months. The seed of our own potential is awaiting, pulsing through our veins.  Like all seeds, it must die for the sprout to be born.


As we are collectively rewriting everything that is structure, power and control in 2020 it’s easy to see on the macro scale- but has your gaze turned inward?  The Virgo priestess Sun discriminates- but Pisces breeds compassion.  Healing cannot happen if we are only approaching it on the physical plane.  Soul work for now, is the name of the game, and bless Pisces for making the possibility of healing more palpable.


However you choose to engage with this lunation, may you be offered a moment to stare into this Moon’s light, let your vision soften and open to the Mystic Vision awaiting you.  Perhaps she sings you a song, channels a poem or opens your extra-senses to new vibrations.


May we surrender sweetly into the strategic dreaming that allows propulsion out of escape/control patterns- both within and without.  The propulsion out of whatever “stuckness” we have been feeding into may be fueled with tears, cries, songs or rage. It is all OK.   Find the hearts that will courageously and sweetly hold the vision with you, of which beautiful New World you wish to land in.  Hope to see you there.



Dream Sweet,

Zoey Wind


Planetary Positions

Sun 02° Aquarius 05' 57"
Moon 20° Virgo 18' 32"
Mercury 04° Aquarius 58' 36" R
Venus 12° Capricorn 08' 53" R
Mars 28° Sagittarius 17' 16"
Jupiter 04° Pisces 59' 12"
Saturn 14° Aquarius 18' 50"
Uranus 10° Taurus 49' 26"
Neptune 21° Pisces 08' 41"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 37' 45"
Chiron 08° Aries 56' 31"
TrueNode 29° Taurus 23' 56" R

About Zoey

Zoey Wind is an Astrologer, Ceremonialist and Quantum Coach.  She has lead celestial ceremonies, taught classes and supported others in their spiritual transformation through the art and wisdom of the Heavens for 7 years.