Pisces New Moon March 13th 23’03 PISCES at 2:21amPT/3:21amMT- Venusian Dreams

by | Mar 12, 2021

Tuco Amalfi- The Invisible Path

Pisces is the vast collective subconscious.  The mysterious 5th element of Ether.  The great Cosmic Void, Womb of creation.  The numinous space between Dawn and Dusk, when the veil to the Spirit realms is thin and blurred.  Pisces is the veil itself.  The substrate upon which sound and light move like waves.  It is the undulating current of the ethers that all of creation forms upon.  And while it is numinous, we can still affect it, and even tune it through the frequency we cast with our hearts.

Imagine a vast 3D array of points equally spaced throughout all of the Universe and Multiverse, like the points on a piece of graph paper, extended in all directions.  This is the field of Pisces.  Each of the other signs are a sacred geometric pattern within this vast field, but Pisces is the field itself into which all else dissolves.  The thing is, we can tune this field to a particular frequency which then helps define the channels that open to flow of the myriad possibilities of frequency.  The trick is accessing our collective subconscious, and making the unconscious, conscious, actively reshaping and reworking it with the frequency of the heart, and releasing it back to the field.

When we work with Piscean dreamwork, we are accessing realms across time and space.  Therefore, work we do through this archetype can influence many other lifetimes, dimensions and timelines.  It’s no wonder this sign can create overwhelm within this dimension which has been densely attached to the mechanistic, cause and affect based method of understanding. But this overwhelm serves to show us where we need better boundaries, new perspectives and greater mystical perspective on this life.

The ancients remembered the field of Pisces, and the modern physicists working in the Meta and Quantum realms are re-remembering once again.  As we embrace the Mysteries of Pisces, we unlock the very mysteries of the Universe as held within the collective unconscious.  We also are reminded of the lessons of deep letting go of what we do not understand, of deep, deep surrender to what we cannot control, and are called into a cultivation of faith in the Natural Order of the Cosmos.

To access this realm we must access our inner knowing through our emotional bodies as a channel to the higher realms.  Pisces is the realm of the Akashic records, where all information and events are stored.  To move through the numinous waters of the fishes, we must have streamlined focus, intention and clarity of that which we are seeking, coupled with a surrender to the flow of the current we find ourselves in.  This is why it requires us to become intensely intimate with our emotional waters until they settle enough for us to see clearly the island ahead we are seeking.

We attain this focus and clarity by balancing the Piscean frequencies with consciously directed thought of the mind, our consciousness as it channels through our material bodies held within the sign of Virgo.  This past Virgo full moon illuminated so much of where we want to work harder, do better, be of greater service and cultivate mastery within ourselves, our lives and our crafts. Keeping our space and bodies clean, detoxing, exercise, dreamwork, traversing natural altered states instead of substance induced ones can be balanced paths to accessing Piscean magic.

This new moon opens the channels to recognize that the work is not only in the physical, but also in the unseen realms of emotions, the heart and our understanding of ourselves within the greater Cosmic Whole.  This New Moon is so much about love, relationships, relating with others and opening our hearts and minds to others.  Venus is deep in the underworld, at the midpoint in her great cycle with the Sun and Earth where she is in full surrender and abandon to the greater cosmic forces transmuting her according to grand cycles.

What is the new Venusian Dream evolving at this time within you?  Where are you feeling a deep release of old values, relationships, ways of relating to others, your body, addictions, escapism, codependence, avoidance, overwhelm, toxic emotional patterns? Where is your world view or perspective on a situation needing a shift?  Where are you needing more structure and healthy boundaries?  Where do you need to release old beliefs and ideas that are holding you back from breaking through into living your best life?

 Divination is especially charged under a Pisces Moon. If you want to get more in touch with your muse or your intuition, I encourage you to spend at least 20 minutes each morning this week with a cup of tea or coffee, a pen and paper or an oracle deck, the I Ching or any other divination method that speaks to you.  And just be present with your emotions.  Open to write, be present with yourself, draw cards and contemplate your emotions, meditate and journey through them.  Refrain from drawing too hard of conclusions until the 20th and then the Full Moon on the 28th, but if there are clear boundaries or things to be released, offer them to this New Moon, and then let them go.  We can use this time as opportunity to practice being in flow with, surrender to and honoring of your emotional state.

The modern world keeps trying to rush us towards some great mountain upon which we are sold lies the illusion of success, happiness or accomplishment.  The truth is, behind that mountain is another one, and another one, and another one.  Instead, Pisces reminds us that in sitting still, closing our outer eyes and opening the inner, we can climb all of those mountains, and gain a perspective far more vast and timeless than with our eyes open.

The Goddess is in a great transformation, dreaming a new dream, deep in the cosmos, aligning with Neptune, channeling the higher essences of Agape Universal Love and upgrading her frequency.  Let her metamorphosis happen within you and learn to identify it without this month to understand better. 

How we do relationships is getting a much needed seeding into its next phase of evolution at this time.  And collectively we can certainly see the need for it. Let us truly release what is no longer serving us from the Old Earth in terms of our values, emotions, love, relationship woundings, our psychic abilities, our interconnectedness and emotional bodies as we step into the New Earth.

You may shock and surprise yourself with upgrades in how you relate to others- especially looking for the ability to create healthier boundaries while being more open, available emotionally and heart centered than ever before.  These upgrades have been long coming, so they may trickle in in sequence with work you’ve been doing, or flash in like lightning if we have been resisting them.

So this Pisces New Moon, we consciously tune our frequencies to that of love, compassion and understanding for ourselves and others.  Creating boundaries and healthy decisions of who, what and where we place ourselves, knowing that we will be more easily tuned to the vibrations around us, and that is ok.  It is ok to be affected by the world, it means we are in tune with it.  It is also ok to feel overwhelmed by what is around us, for this teaches us where we need to create boundaries and new ways of relating with life.

May we refrain from blaming those around us for how we feel, but still recognize that we can shift our frequency by shifting our environment and where we put our energy.  Also remembering that others’ feelings cannot permeate us unless we have well worn grooves in that frequency, and there is no need to judge.  We can simply focus on shifting our frequency by bringing in sound, music, art, song, color, creativity, movement and joy.  Perspective shift and avoiding stagnation and toxic buildup are keys to success in the Piscean realms.  

Blessings and Venusian Dreams,

Zoey Wind

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