“There is so much depth to this work and Zoey is a truly gifted storyteller, passionate, clear, and eloquent in how she translates the stars into digestible/relatable content for your everyday life.”

– M.G.

“She holds such profound ancient wisdom within her, and delivers her messages in a precise & illuminating way. You are promised to receive an in-depth, authentic, activating, and awakening reading.”

– R.B.

“In the time since my reading I’ve shifted focus a bit, re-prioritized & begun to capitalize on previously neglected strengths – I find myself more enthusiastic & hopeful about my future, now brightly lit with confidence in myself, my path, that I previously lacked. Thank you Zoey, you are a gift!”

– S.C.


Zoey’s Readings

Choose which reading you would like below and click Schedule to set up a reading.  All readings are held via Zoom.  A link will be sent to you prior to the meeting time.

All readings include a recording of the session that is yours to keep! Birthday, location and time are needed to do a full reading.  Birth times can be added later and located either on the birth certificate or by contacting your mother.  If you do not know your birth time we can still proceed, but some information will be limited. 

,New Clients- Astrology Reading

   During this 90 minute session we explore the awakened interpretation of your personal StarMap.  We can explore any question form life purpose, partnership, career etc.  I offer relocation charts and Astrocartography as well as year ahead forecasts, all centered around an awakened and transformational approach to the chart as a blueprint of the soul.  


Returning Clients


In this 60 minute session we can forecast your year ahead, answer timing questions and see what stage certain cycles in your life are unfolding at.  Deepening our understanding of Time as a Spiral and gaining perspective on life themes, hopes and dreams through the grander sacred geometric framework of your chart.


Quantum Coaching

One 90 minute and three 60 minute sessions to catalyze you into living your highest and best life. Zoey coaches through compassion and encouragement of the realization of your highest self through intuitive guidance and the direction of the natal chart.  She incorporates a holistic approach intended to transform your life through the clues we find and practices like daily meditation, celestial ceremony, journaling, health coaching and deepening our relationship to the living Sky and Earth.

Sun, Moon, Ascendant

A 30 minute exploration of the top three placements in the natal chart.  Here we take a quick dive into the essence of your being.


 Synastry/Partner readings

In this 90 minute session we overlay  two charts and explore the themes, stories and potentials within their alignments and aspects.  Synastry readings can reveal key aspects of two souls journeys together and illuminate higher awakened states we can reach together!