Taurus New Moon- The Storm and the Beauty Way May 11, 2021 11amPT/2pmET

by | May 10, 2021

Art- Luis Tamani

The Jungle quakes in the stillness

The Great Tailed Grackle cries in anticipation

And I, I stand like ancient Stone

Amidst flourishing life

If we were to cry a moment

For our ancestors, for our mothers

Would the tears run red or golden hue?

I- I cry for every mothers love that has lived and never died

The heavens rumbles vibrate every body

Every stone, animal and wing

And the quaking is a promising

Of the coming of the Beauty Way

And I, I am the rich, fertile Soil

From which New Worlds are born

With all of the rotting that gives way to richness

Oh sweet reverence of the beauty that springs forth

In the dark of this New Moon there is a soul stirring.  The churning may produce a variety of experiences, sensations, emotions and/or fears.  It may also stimulate your desire for beauty and pleasure, your innate knowing of your worthiness to receive all that your heart desires. And just maybe, we can marry that joy and pleasure and abundance with the gratitude for the wounds that have caused us to grow stronger, become more flexible and stretch ourselves into new levels of awakening than we previously held possible.

The beauty of the way the lunations are playing out this year is that we get to work the signs in the opposite order than we typically do.  For example, typically a Taurus New Moon precedes a Scorpio Full Moon.  But this year we are receiving the illumination of how our inner world is manifesting followed by the opportunity to clear it out and refresh it.

Look back to the Scorpio Full Moon two weeks ago to examine the fears and shadow work that were viscerally apparent for you to work with.  Now examine where you are resistant to that work, perhaps denying yourself the breakthrough, the help, the freedom to reach out and seek resources for the support you need.  Taurus is about both what we can resource within ourselves and, when we need to dig deep within to find the courage to ask for what we need in the form of relationships, intimacy, guidance and healing- the Scorpio side of the polarity.

The Taurus New Moon is a celebration of fertility and abundance that comes from composting and shadow work that then gives birth to the deep, luscious beauty of the present moment.  She asks if we are living in dedication to walking the Beauty Way- hearts held high and standing firm in dedication to creating more beauty in every moment, every aspect, every layer of our being.  

Conjunct Black Moon Lilith and with aspects between Mars, Uranus and Chiron there is a deeper provocation in this lunation.  It is asking us to examine our traumas, wounds, rage and where we have felt specifically cast out or repressed in regard to our experience of embodiment that still stands in the way of us living a more beautiful life.  Any time the body is dishonored, disrespected or treated less than sacred there is an incongruence of truth within our bodies that creates a wound.  This may bring up deep and tender emotions, feelings, pain and rage.  Until we pause and acknowledge this wound and put some sweet salve on it, it may not be able to heal.

The salve in this case is a Venus in Gemini asking that we communicate from our hearts something important about our self-worth.  It could even be in communicating to ourselves something powerful by rewriting the story of our pains, our failures and our resentments.  Let forgiveness flow through you- let yourself be the hero or heroine in your own story.  Let the unconditional love of the Divine completely fill your being with the knowing that you deserve to heal, and in doing so you help heal the world.

We can sometimes get caught between what our personal heart truth requires, and what the tribe is telling or requiring us to do.  Where we want to run naked in the rain, and how our mothers raised us to feel about our nakedness.  How we feel about our sexuality, and how that is policed by laws and governments who dictate to us the freedoms we are allowed to have and those we should be ashamed of.  Sometimes we choose to sacrifice for the tribe, and other times we must walk a different path. 

 Perhaps the right and wrong are less important in the light of Jupiter in Aquarius squaring this New Moon whose most important question is that we be damn sure where our perspective comes from and why.  That we feel it deep within our bodies as well as connecting the stream of inspiration from the heavens, allowing the Above and the Below to inform us of our center.  Then, set the intentions of how you wish to move forward expressing your truth- can we do so in a way that continues to build stability, respect and honor for all?

The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on the 26th will reveal something from the unconscious that is ready to either go or come in to be worked with.  Some new perspective is asking to be seen and integrated.  This lunation offers a space for us to cleans the hurt, open wounds yet inflamed and possibly ignored that need to be cleared for this new vision to arise.  How can we create a sacred nest to heal, or activate our warriors’ fire for self-improvement because, well, you are worth it damnit! And it is not up to anyone but you to decide that you are worth the investment, care, tenderness and effort to heal.  And within that pledge, lies the space where new visions of life are born and miracles occur.

The key in flexing our Taurus strength is to activate the tools that bring stability to our lives, bodies, hearts and mind. This includes being with the stones, nature, embodiment practices, self-love, knowing deeply that we are worthy and deserving of all that our heart desires!   This includes letting our boats be rocked, accepting when we feel the shores of predictability shaking and knowing that the storm is here to cleanse and recalibrate.  We can engage our ability to transform as a tool for stabilizing.  And if we are in the throws of constant transformation then we can slow waaaaaay down and savor every luscious bite of every moment, seeking the stillness and beauty within the eye of the storm.

Set your intentions for unblocking, unsticking and releasing where you have become too rigid to allow healing, love and abundance into your life.  What are the stories you have adopted, had modeled or inherited that are keeping you from living your highest and best life?  Our need for love and secure relationships is directly related to our financial and material security.  

In the tribe we must be able to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships in order to facilitate the transactions that keep the supply of resources flowing between groups and individuals.  Opening our hearts and minds to others’ experiences, pausing to listen when someone needs to be heard, honoring our own needs and their communication are all integral to healthy community flow.  

There is profound healing and awakening activating in our lives right now.  It may require us to make some potentially difficult decisions and adjustments in our lives around our attachments, values, philosophies, how we activate our abundance in accordance with our ideals and the value systems that inform the relationships we choose to cultivate and those we are ready to release.  The primary relationship is to ourselves, our soul and its connection to our Higher Self as pure Source.  The stillness that leads to the profound and unwavering connection to that Source within is a powerful intention, fertile and awaiting you as its lover this New Moon.

Whatever needs to move out of the way for the abundance to flow let it go! And let the gratitude for all the beauty, good things, loving people in your life fill you to the brim! For after all isn’t that why we do the work?

Blessed Beauty Walking,

Zoey Wind

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 59' 29"
Moon 16° Taurus 23' 09"
Mercury 11° Libra 14' 25"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 45' 11"
Mars 24° Libra 22' 43"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 20"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 55"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 47" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 13" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 23"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 06" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 07" R

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