I had the pleasure of a 2 hr reading with Zoey and it gave me so much clarity and insight. There is so much depth to this work and Zoey is a truly gifted storyteller, passionate, clear, and eloquent in how she translates the stars into digestible/relatable content for your everyday life. There were so many “aha!” Moments that made me understand why I am the way I am and understand the timeline of my life. I really love Zoey’s passion and enthusiasm for her work, it was very inspiring and the entire session felt magical! I highly recommend!
M. G.

Zoey is seriously GIFTED & magical! She holds such profound ancient wisdom within her, and delivers her messages in a precise & illuminating way. You are promised to receive an in-depth, authentic, activating, and awakening reading. I highly recommend working with Zoey if you are looking to gain clarity around how you can utilize your birth chart in everyday life, best show up in the world, heal through past/ancestral wounds, and really begin to shine your light. She is HIGHLY knowledgeable, and I left our session with a beacon of new information, insight & tools that I still continue to reference to this day. Thank you Zoey for your beautiful gifts you share so generously with us!
R. B.

Zoey combines her incredible knowledge of Astrology with her highly intuitive sense of knowing. She is able to bring light to different aspects of the Self as a means for an integrative session that you can walk away understanding more about the inner workings of who you are and what makes you tick. Not only does she shine light on the aspects of your own Self but can shine it on those around you (romantic partner, family, friends, etc) to understand those influences and relationships to better navigate communication and understanding of your social environment. If you’re looking to explore yourself through the Astrological lense, Awakened Astrology will not disappoint!
J. T.

I have found Zoey’s Awakened Astrology to truly be a beautiful synthesis of an invested study of the esoteric and a genuinely warm and personal touch. She manages to shed light on some of the deepest and most intimate aspects of one’s natal chart, while maintaining an insightful spin on what actually is lurking below the surface in one’s own psyche and soul. As well, her charisma and personal engagement is top notch. There is very little, if not, no astrologer I would recommend more. Her fine tuned gifts of insight and laborious knowledge are truly a blessing for anyone to invest in.
M. A.

Zoey was the facilitator of a women’s circle I attended. I was impressed with the way she held the space with her strong and gentle nature. We also talked afterwards and I felt safe and heard. She talked about the astrological happenings at that time and her knowledge was vast and she delivered it in a way I could understand. I would highly recommend her!
C. S.

Zoey Wind is a powerhouse of information & a phenomenal astrologer. Do not miss an opportunity to experience a reading with her, she is like none other!

To be clear, I hold camps in both parties: a natural believer & a natural skeptic. While my soul knows to believe my brain insists on it all being logical making sense being scientific. I’ve dabbled in astrology, numerology, tarot & though I’ve found great truths in these escapades I’ve always insisted those great truths were found in self reflection more than in actuality.

This is not the case with Zoey Wind. Her innate ability to read charts revealed more to me about myself in just 90 minutes than decades worth of other experiences with (and self reflection about) divine energy & information. Zoey’s energy is spectacular: clean & luminous, her character lovely & compelling.

The time flew by with so many details & so much relevant information. Zoey is simply THAT knowledgeable & thorough. She is intuitive & dialed in, affable & passionate; I could feel her drive to share as much of her vision from the chart as she could and I experienced a gentle warmth as she spoke with me about the darker pieces of my chart & my history. The experience was absolutely spectacular & undoubtedly life changing.

In the time since my reading I’ve shifted focus a bit, re-prioritized & begun to capitalize on previously neglected strengths – I find myself more enthusiastic & hopeful about my future, now brightly lit with confidence in myself, my path, that I previously lacked. Thank you Zoey, you are a gift!

S. C.

Zoey offers deeply grounded and naturally expressive insights into both the micro and macro aspects of one’s life journey, as reflected in a personal chart reading. I found her remarkably easy to engage with, and appreciated the ease and grace with which she approaches both the material at hand and the way in which she shares her understanding of the astrological arts with her clients. Her natural, authoritative command of her subject quickly puts one in an open and receptive state to integrate the substantial perspectives involved.

I came away from my chart reading with Zoe feeling that I had been gifted with a highly useful and revealing map of both my psyche and my dharmic path in this lifetime. I would recommend her services to anyone in search of greater clarity in their lives.

R. C.

Zoey is incredible! I’m so grateful I was able to get a reading with her earlier this fall. I never had someone read my chart before and it was so amazing how much everything she said resonated with me. Zoey definitely has a beautiful gift with astrology. I got to join Zoey in one of her women’s circles which was profound. It was intimate, meaningful and I know we all felt closer to each other by the end. Zoey is great at creating a safe space for being and helping you see your truth. I highly recommend that anyone who wants a powerful and accurate reading come to her. I have so much love and gratitude for Zoey.
A. A.

Wow! Zoey’s knowledge and passion for astrology along with her intuitive and caring nature shine through in her work. I had a reading for my birthday and had a tremendous experience. I’ve had my chart read before but have never felt so seen. Whether you’re new to astrology or want to go deeper into your chart, I can’t recommend Zoey highly enough. Looking forward to making this annual birthday gift to myself!
D. E.

I’m incredibly impressed with Zoey’s astrological insights. She presents information in a way that is both accessible and empowering. Personal readings I’ve had with her have always shed light into the places in my life I needed a better look at and inspired me to make informed choices in my life. Her forecasts enable me to be more aware of the world internally and externally. I would highly recommend her interpretations of natal charts in particular. Her insight is a true gift.
S. A.