The Full Moon, Winter Solstice and the Visionary Presence

by | Dec 18, 2018

The Winter Solstice occurs on December 21st, 2018 at 2:23pmPST/5:23pmEST.  This marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  Sacred to all ancient cultures of the world, it was celebrated as the beginning of the new year and the start of a new Solar cycle (which is what the year traces).  During our lifetimes, the Sun aligns exactly with the center of the Milky Way galaxy on the Winter Solstice, an event that only happens every 26,000 years! This is the event that the 2012 Solstice and theMayan Calendar were pointing to, but it wasn’t just one year that this alignment takes place.  We are still in the midst of the transitional and awakening energy that this alignment entails, and most strongly at the Winter Solstice.

Many have focused on this being an ending, without reminding us that in every ending is a new beginning. Have you noticed major shifts in the world since this time? How about in your own personal life?  Many I know have found it impossible to live inside of previously conceived formalities and have had to have major breaks with the status-quo. Many have had to leave relationships that do not support some mission that they feel they must dedicate themselves to, even if that relationship was otherwise wonderful.  We have seen collectively what may appear to be the greatest darkness overtaking the light,while the light is growing in power and number, ready to tip the scales.

The Solstice points have been marked and recorded in ancient sights all over the world, from Chitchen Itza Mexico to NewGrange Ireland.  Many of these sights also mark alignments toGalactic Center, a point in the sky that occupies a set portion of the zodiac depending on what period of time we are in. Currently this point is at 27º Sagittarius, where the Sun aligns near the winter Solstice currently.  This is a point in the sky that is a portal through which new information vital to the evolution of humanity comes through.  We can tap into this energy collectively at this time.

But why is this period in time so important?  As we and our solar system slowly churn in the sea of the Milky Way galaxy, the ancients recorded the movement of the stars and planets taking special note of the seasonal points on Earth- the Solstices and the Equinoxes, and also noting where the Sun was at that time.  The Winter Solstice is considered to be the starting point of the year, as it marks the movement out of darkness into light, similar to when a child is born.  This discounts the experience for our Southern Hemisphere friends, but as the North Pole is pointing in the direction that the Earth and Sun are actually moving through space, it is considered “forward” or “future” if you will. 

According to the studies of great minds throughout the ages we find that symbolism is the language of the Universe or God, Goddess, Spirit, Nature,what have you.  This symbolism is also reflected through the four dimensions of above, below, within and without.  These spiritual truths, recorded in manifold fashion help us to see why this point in time was marked as so profound.  It marries the birthplace of our Galaxy with the birthplace of the Sun.  In other words, it aligns the Earth’s Birthday to the Sun’s birthplace.  Result- SuperBirth! And specifically, the birth out of darkness into light once again.

Astrologically, Galactic Center (as 27º Sag) is said to be a point where information about the evolutionary future of humanity is downloaded.  It makes sense that we are seeing an uprising of consciousness at this time- from evolutionary focused spiritual trends such as yoga, meditation and astrology, to whole new categories of healers and visionaries exploding out of everywhere! We have life coaches,somatic healers, trauma resolution therapists, past life regressionists and more.  The collective has been responding to the call from Galactic Center, even if unconscious.

The information that downloads through the GC is inherently challenging to share because it challenges the status-quo and preconceived beliefs of society,something that is necessary in bringing change. Many of us who are tapped into this energy may receive intuitive information that we want to share with others to help them, only to find they reject it and sometimes are even offended by it.  There are ways to work with this energy,particularly by writing down what we receive and seeking communities where we can work out the ideas without potentially shocking others with them.  These downloads are about the future, and sometimes that future requires something to change in the present first, and we all know how humans are with change.

The rise in the conscious festival scene, spiritual groups likeLight-workers and tribal gatherings all over the world are examples of how visionaries are seeking to come together in support now.  We need one another because the visions will be many, not one.  I have been sharing my visions slowly with those around me and finding it is astonishing how many others have received similar missions. They are similar, but not exactly the same in their manifestation, and this is key. 

When working with visionary states we must remember that they are given to us in the symbolism that our own mind understands, but that comes with our own biases and programming.  Our visions will also emphasize our own particular role to play, focusing on the gifts that we personally have to offer the world. 

This is great! But its not always the whole picture.  As we share our visions together we begin to see the big picture emerge. A New Earth that supports freedom and equality for all to live happy, healthy, fulfilled and prosperous lives will not be just one thing, it must by its very nature be varied and adaptable, like an energetic template that can then grow organically the native values of each place it blossoms in to meet the needs of the people and natural world there.

This year’s solstice is particularly charged for visionary work as the Sun trines Uranus on the 20th, igniting the GC with the access to brilliance of the higher mind.  You may find courage to start sharing your own visions with the world, we are all hereto play a part in the transformation if we choose.  The 20th-22nd are all three power days where this portal will be super open.  If you feel overwhelmed take some time to ground, put your bare feet on the cold earth,get into your body by dancing and singing and soak in some water but also channel that inspiration into whatever way you like to create!

This 21st sees Mercury conjunct Jupiter- expanding our visions and communication. I believe this is a time to start seeking out like-minds and sharing the downloads we have been receiving. Typically, we want to guard against too much sharing when there are a lot of planets in Sagittarius, especially regarding the GC because the information coming through can be jolting to those around us if they are not ready for it and it can leave the messenger disheartened and potentially lead to them abandoning mission.  If you feel you want to guard the tender seed you hold take some time to write it out.  Reach out to like-minded groups and observe how others are doing it.  You might be amazed at how widespread this phenomenon is right now!

If you are seeking to engage ceremonially with the Solstice this is traditionally done at sunrise or sunset. Sit and face the sun, sun-gazing is safe only when the Sun is just above the horizon.  Bring a drum or sage or setup a crystal grid to charge it in the winter sun.  If you have a practice for meditation to receive visions engage it with full open luminosity of the mind. 

If this feels unavailable to you try automatic writing or free-writing.  Simply place the pen to the paper and start writing whatever comes to mind, don’t think, just write.  And keep writing until the light is gone or your hand is too tired to go on. You will be surprised at what can come through, often it feels like another voice inside of me that is also me but not my mind begins dictating tome.

This helps us open our channels to receive the stream of consciousness that is constantly downloading from the massive black hole that is the birthplace of stars. We can all tap into these places of cosmic information and open ourselves to the electric evolutionary downloads streaming in.

Build altars, sing songs and know that we are in a time of profound change and spiritualization of the dense energies of the planet.  Begin to see the light of spirit within yourself, measure all truths against that light and let no one else tell you what is your truth.  We are divinely ignited on this sacred day, may your journey to wholeness be blessed and caressed.

This Full Moon at 0º Cancer with Venus trine Neptune on the 22nd of December is beautiful for any creative endeavors or psychic journeying we want to do.  Cancer is the child-like nature in all of us.  It craves nurturing and warmth and comfort.  It is a beautiful time to be coming together with family if we can engage our Capricorn senses of personal responsibility and maturity finding the balance to be both vulnerable and grounded.  Venus andNeptune encourage enjoyment and relaxation from the grind that we all need and give support to any musical and artistic enjoyment.

A powerful week, I send many blessings to you all in whatever form you celebrate.

Blessed Awakenings,

Zoey Wind

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