The New Moon in Capricorn and Uranus Stationing Direct- Forward Motion and Mind-Fire

by | Jan 2, 2019

Cosmic Weekly: Wednesday January 2nd – 9th 2019

1/2 -Sun conjunct Saturn

1/3 -Mercury square Chiron

1/4 -Mercury trine Uranus

        Venus trine N node

        Sun sextile Neptune

        Mercury wnters Capricorn

1/5- New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

        Venus trines Chiron

1/6 -Uranus stations Direct

1/7 -Venus enters Sagittarius

1/8- Mercury squares Mars

Happy new Year Blessings to you all! This year has a lot in store for us in the realms of releasing old structures of power and catapulting us into new communities beckoning a return to our tribal roots. This week’s theme is igniting heart-mind fire and calling in the tribe to start making provisions for a year that will surely see major shake ups of the current structural framework of the New World Order (or should we say Old World Order). 

The only sustainable solutions to global problems are local ones.  This week is full of fiery and inspirational aspects that can jump start us into proactive communal collaboration if we use the grounding energy of this Capricorn Moon to channel it.  Venus is in service to the Libra agenda all year of social justice, harmony and balance.  This combined with the N node in Cancer call upon Women and those serving the Divine Feminine are called to start standing in their power, facing their fears and showing up for their communities in new ways, but don’t worry, we don’t have to do it alone <3

 The Sun conjuncts Saturn just past midnight on the East Coast Wednesday morning– you may be feeling the imperious urge to be productive and create order and structure your life to channel the new energy brought in by Mars entering Aries. Fabulous for getting things done, the down-side of Saturn can be feeling restricted or overly critical.  Don’t let the need for accomplishment or approval keep you from starting what you want.  This is a signal for us to get moving as this year will be full of work to reconnect our communities and Saturn is the great teacher of how to create the structure to make this happen.

Mercury at Galactic Center squares Chiron January 3rd moving the recent cleansing of the masculine (Mars with Chiron) who has been healing from the wounds placed on our deep sensitive and emotional selves.   Mercury wants to talk about it, raising those lessons into our conscious mind for analysis.  Just after, the winged messenger trines Uranus who is stationing direct.  A powerful aspect beckoning our innate genius to the working mind for fiery transformation. Imagine lightning striking in a volcano.  Stay calm and centered, place feet on the Earth to ground.

Mercury here beckons us to expand our consciousness as his waning square with Mars is helping us reorganize our beliefs around healing, the healer and the healed.  Is it possible that we are all three at once? Is it possible that there is no difference between them all?  Transcendence is ours when we fearlessly break with restricting and depressing beliefs that hold us back from living in our true genius.  Mercury receives this boost from the Higher Mind Uranus early Thursday morning to rise us into our brilliance.  Perspectives shifting, mind illuminating and shocking new journeys sparked by unexpected information may begin.  The teacher and student may appear simultaneously within or without.  You are the Astrologer and the student of it at the same time.  In fact, could it ever be any other way?

Friday Venus trines the North node, a prelude to the eclipse this July when she joins the North node giving us clues as how to bring more love and beauty into our family, home and tribal connection.  In so doing she is completing the Grand Water trine between herself, Chiron and the Node of Destiny.  Our collective destiny point is in Cancer right now- this is the call to tribal and ancestral  healing and gives our hearts a cleansing that contains information on how to move into a New Earth paradigm that cares for and nurtures all beings on all levels.  Venus shows us the grace and ease available to the Shamanic journey, abandoning materialism and manipulation as forms of gaining security and embracing meaningful tribal connections and mentorship as a part of the new way.

Later Friday the Sun sextiles Neptune illuminating the imaginal realms from which pour the waters of creation.   After learning something about structure from Saturn together in Capricorn, the Sun’s brilliance shines through the ambition to share its gifts with the world to create a better state for humanity’s future.  This aspect checks our goals and ambitions and asks if they are truly rooted in the love and compassion of all beings.  It also asks us not to take it too seriously.  Capricorn is the one who has to make some of the hardest decisions as the chief of the tribe, because sometimes the best choice can not honor every single individual, but is the best for everyone in the long term.  Before making a judgement, Neptune helps Capricorn see the bigger picture to make the most whole-hearted and compassionate decision we can.

Saturday’s New Moon in Capricorn sees a partial Solar eclipse with Moon and Sun right in between Pluto and Saturn.  There is so much to say about how profound this is for the state of the government, ruling bodies, those in positions of political and financial power and the very structures of power and control in this world today that I will illuminate further in the piece I’m writing about this year’s eclipses.  For now, it is not news to say that these very issues have been the reigning theme on the world stage for the past year, and this year’s eclipses will certainly ensure there are shifts, for better or for worse.  The choice is ours. 

With this eclipse being on the South Node it is draining source power from those entities that govern and dominate and seeding a new way.  Within and without. The eclipse later this month will usher the movement of that power into the hands of the mothers of all kinds- the nurturers of communities, children, our psyches and collective memories as a species.  In order to shift things, we must look at the demons of the past, the scary and powerful limitations we face in modern life in order to see them for what they are and actively choose to create something different.  This is the courage and strength of the Mother who fearlessly stands up in the face of thousands of years of oppression for the sake of the innocence still bright in childrens eyes.  Cancer creates from the belly, from the womb space of the cosmic mother’s milk seeking to feed her children, her tribe and her home.  Feed what feeds you.

Sink into your roots a little bit this New Moon as you reevaluate how you build your adult self, don’t abandon your inner child.    Cancer is profoundly nostalgic, remembering the good old days, what it felt like to be a child, held and joyful in the arms of a warm and nurturing family.  She draws upon this as her fuel for action in proliferating the sweet comfort of deep roots and watery tendrils between us and our loves ones.   We may not have all had this in our own biological family, but we must break down our grown-up personas and the walls they sometimes require if we want to cultivate that in our adult lives.

What rules, regulations and restriction have you placed on yourself and your life that hold you back from true emotional connection?  If we are working endlessly to generate income, profit, power, control, order, perfection and approval from society and our elders have we forgotten how to love? How to sing to the Moon? How much it means when someone thinks of us and remembers our birthday, or to call and see how we are? When we remember to invest in our relationships, the deep emotional connections of friendship, family and loved ones can then extend deep into our hearts providing security when the outer world seems to be falling apart.  In the end, they say people think of their relationships as the most important part of their life.  This is a year we can begin to heal and nurture those that matter most to us.

 Mercury is at Galactic Center trining Uranus (stationed) and opposing the Pleiades during this New Moon.  There are powerful revelations of wisdom and knowledge flowing in about how to begin this great undertaking.  Luckily these plans have been in the works for some time and this year promises potential for great strides in laying groundwork for its development.  As the Divine Mother (Cancer) and the Earthly father (Capricorn) team up to do their inner shadow work, the young bright with inspiration in their eyes are activated to lead the way.  No matter what age you are you have something valuable to communicate, teach and manifest in this world.  Find those who will listen and support you.

Uranus stations direct and this marks two whole months of all planets direct.  Its full steam ahead with technological and genius manifestation of the self and the summing up of the lessons of the Uranus’s past seven years in whatever house contains Aries in your chart.  Overall, we begin moving forward with the individual expression of the self that is not interested in being accepted or approved of, yet who certainly needs like-minded others to collaborate with for the ultimate awakening of humanity to its freedom.  Point of Uranus in Aries- that freedom lies within.  Lots this week is pointing to getting out there and connecting with others on the mission. 

Venus enters Sagittarius Monday the 7th, lightening up our love lives, sending our feelers out into the mythic realms of possibility, exploration and adventure.  Allow yourself to explore new lands of the Heart and new social scenes.  Check out some new art exhibit or pick up a new book.  The Goddess will be catching up to Jupiter and trining Mars mid-month bringing opportunities to explore new love within ourselves, our learning and with others.  Venus in Sagittarius needs excitement and new experiences to stay engaged, the trick is keeping this balanced with all of the Capricorn energy right now.  Remember, the muse must be fed to keep the inspiration flowing for our ambitions.

Mercury squares Mars on January 8th igniting mind-fire further.  Like I said, seek out those who listen to and support you in cultivating your own brilliance.  Both in fire signs, this is a recipe for confrontation and anger if we are without the proper channels for expression.  Properly channeled, we focus that mind-fire into places we can be productive and express our unique and individual genius.  Time in nature and vision quests and solo-missions are supported.

Overall this week leads to activations that are very telling for the remainder of this year’s astrology.  Stay grounded, don’t neglect the needs of the body, mind or spirit.  Don’t forget to get outside and listen to the birds.  Dreams have been highly active among those I am talking to, keep a pen and paper close by as you sleep and take notes.  Inspiration comes in strangest hours, in the funniest moments.  The access is universal, the action is in how we ground the energy.

Blessed Mind-Fire,

Zoey Wind

Artwork: Emily Kell- “Uniter of Opposites”

Planetary Positions

Sun 02° Aquarius 05' 55"
Moon 20° Virgo 18' 12"
Mercury 04° Aquarius 58' 38" R
Venus 12° Capricorn 08' 53" R
Mars 28° Sagittarius 17' 15"
Jupiter 04° Pisces 59' 12"
Saturn 14° Aquarius 18' 50"
Uranus 10° Taurus 49' 26"
Neptune 21° Pisces 08' 41"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 37' 45"
Chiron 08° Aries 56' 31"
TrueNode 29° Taurus 23' 56" R

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