The Saturn- Uranus Cycle- “Don’t Go Back to Sleep” Closing Square Wednesday, February 17, 2021

by | Feb 17, 2021

Gyuri Lohmuller

‘The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.’

Jalal-ud-din Rumi

In the past month, we have been building slowly towards the first of three hits of the Saturn-Uranus square this year. The first one is on February 17th, followed by the second on June 14th and the third on December 24th 2021.  These three passings are a part of the closing square, or rather the fourth episode in a four-book series that began in 1988.  That chapter, interestingly enough, began at Galactic Center- where the major alignments of the Mayan Calendar for 2012 were, and where our Winter Solstices are still aligning to.  Meaning, this cycle’s impact is not just historical, it is epochal.

The Sabian Symbol for the 29th degree of Sagittarius is “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street.”  Well, it doesn’t take much to understand how this image represents so many of the problems of modern living as defined by the western world, the American Dream have gone sadly awry.  Here we have the maintenance of appearance, the ‘keeping up with the jones’s,’ the presentation of ‘social respectability’ as a representation of good moral conduct.  But if we look deeper, and with what we know now about the woes created by such a dream, there is quite a lot to this image. 

The young boy is overweight, his health is in question, but it is sure he has more than enough financially to attain it.  The lawn is a symbol of presentation to the community that they keep up appearances. However, there is no true sustenance in the lawn.  It does not produce food, medicine or floral beauty.  It does not feed livestock that gives back to the community. It has no trees to produce oxygen.  Instead, it requires unnatural amounts of water to produce something that may or may not be in its natural habitat.  It is actually a stressor on the community.  And nothing in this image actually promotes the true sustainable wellbeing of the people. It is a symbol of each person’s autonomy to provide for themselves, needing nothing from each other or the earth.  But it is in fact a lie.  This is a symbol of constructed reality that is detached from both its greater environment, culture and cosmos, but creates a façade to keep the society happy. 

For in the reality outside of this image, there are people farming the Earth for the food that boy eats.  There are people working in factories to make the lawnmower he is using.  There is a total lack of symbolism marking from where that boy came- the cultural roots and traditions which gave his family the ability to buy such an elegant, suburban home, the greater environmental context that bred him, the values his ancestors held, other than perhaps progress. 

This image neither progresses us forward, nor holds onto what is rich in heritage.  It is profoundly related to this Saturn-Uranus dance between the old and the new.  The 1980’s were the height of the manifestation the American, capitalist dream.  Where the new standard was set from the old vision of progress, and it was also the beginning of the decline.  Only the illusion of the success of that dream was short lived, for it was lacking in moral compass and a resonance with natural law as the seeding of the Saturn-Uranus cycle in the sign of Sagittarius was a sign of.

We know this because also in 1988, three days before first Saturn-Uranus cycle began that we are in the final stretch of now, Climate change first made front page news.  On June 23 of that year the Greenhouse Effect was officially presented to the US Senate as having clear cause and effect relationship with the burning of fossil fuels.   Now we are at the third quarter square and wrap up finale of this image.  One where we must ask- what has this dream of modernism really given us?  Where and how MUST we re-vision the values and ideals that set this ball in motion? Or perhaps, the lack thereof.

The power of this transit is to illuminate exactly that.  To look to the archetype of Sagittarius which represents the Earth, natural law, philosophy, education, our beliefs and seeking the meaning of life, adventure and truth now lensed through the signs of Aquarius and Taurus where the two gas giants now reside.  We are now integrating this lesson along the lines of technology, human rights, elitism, our food systems, how we relate to our body and our senses, our self-worth and creating a space in this world for all of these things in greater balance and harmony.

This is an absolute crucial time in history.  One where we are tasked as a civilization to truly examine the depth of our beliefs- on all levels.  From where we are too rigid and stuck, to where we are too quick to forget the lessons of the past.  To truly witness ourselves and our decisions with keen, analytical minds that are open to something so radically new, it might frighten us at first.  We are asked to be both pioneering, and wise.  Radical and discerning.  Human and God-like.  To review history in the name of progress.

This is a time of reconciliation for humanity- on so many levels.  As the species of the planet die off at mass, our food sources compromised by scientific experimentation without moral regard or consideration, the mass corporatization of health care and the human genome, the capitalization of the human psyche and desire body; now it is the human race that is experiencing the threat of extinction.  The seed set at the 29th degree of Sagittarius is evident everywhere we look- are we simply presenting as good moral citizens, or have we tended our own inner gardens in context with the greater whole of the cosmos enough to be prepared to find new solutions held in a truly holistic vision for the future of humanity and the planet?

As we progress the planets urge that we MUST ask “is this morally sound?” “Have we considered how this will affect the collective, the earth, all species, future generations, future planets?” Perhaps it is wise to go slowly and truly observe what the potential outcomes of our actions will be before making huge decisions from which we cannot turn back.  Uranus is progress, technology and breakthrough, and Saturn is the consequences of our actions.  If our decisions have been sound, wise and responsibly made, then the consequences are usually more like rewards.  If not, they can be devastating.

A square is always a time for a decision or action and the closing square is time for psychological integration.  With a Saturn in Aquarius we are looking specifically at our decisions around technology, flight, humanitarian concerns, larger groups and the elite, progress, revolution and that which is alien.  It is time to look at who we are considering heroes and who we consider lost to the past.  If the world leaders have allowed the destruction of the majority of the species on Earth and lost touch with how to care for our bodies and each other in the face of a pandemic for example, is it truly responsible to be taking their advice on how to solve these problems? Or looking to colonize other planets? 

There is no clear right or wrong answer, but there is a great cosmic calling to use our wisdom, discernment and visionary intuition to truly integrate the conundrum of the modern world and all of its woes.  One thing is for sure, science has not given us the dream life it promised.  Perhaps we need to consider why more deeply.

This is not to say that we have completely lost how to care for each other.  There are so many communities whose hearts still beat strong, who have not forgotten how to heal with plants and food, how to regenerate the soil and soul simultaneously, how to heal a broken heart or reconnect to meaning and purpose in life.  How to make innovative change that is wise and just.

These are the beating hearts of Uranus in Taurus and the strong social structures of Saturn in Aquarius.  Of the awakening that comes from within the beating heart of humanity.  Of our ancient future.  Of the remembering that the future generations are just us being reborn.  Of the beauty of embodiment and its sacredness worth fighting for.  Of the awakening potential within each human, each stone, each flower and sunset.  Of the power of sharing a meal with another, connecting with the very thing that we all share- our humanness and its tie to our bodies.   Of remembering the most innovate solutions are simple ones.

The seed of this Saturn Uranus cycle being at the final degree of Sagittarius says that the meta-theme of this alignment, which will be the defining major aspect for all of 2021, is our overall philosophy on the meaning of this whole thing we call life.  If, perhaps we consider this life to be a one-time shot, devoid of higher or deeper meaning, without soul or consequence, then perhaps the current trajectory of mankind is just fine.  But, if we believe there is some greater meaning, some more profound illumination to be had after this flesh is gone, that our actions send out ripples into space time that bounce and merge and undulate into further energies throughout the multiverse, then perhaps this year will produce real change.

In past Saturn-Uranus alignments, this change has come about in the form of riots, civil wars, revolutions, reformations and new world orders.  We are in the midst of 4 major outer planetary alignments that have signaled whole shifts in the world stage of power, prosperity and philosophy and we are certainly in the midst of a great transition in this time.  It may not be for another 11 years that we see the full outcome of these changes when we begin a new Saturn-Uranus cycle in 2032.

This particular alignment asks that we thoroughly assess- what is truly of value from our past?  What can we learn from our elders before they go?  What can they teach us about our humanity?  They are the last of the generations on this planet who grew up without technology.  Certainly, they hold codes of humanity that are precious beyond our knowing.

And we must be ready to step forward as the next generation of elders.  Seeking to finish the work our ancestors did not complete.  Every generation will leave behind work for the next, and we will be included in this.  May we pick up that work with dignity and honor.  May we choose to progress forward while declaring to do our best not to repeat the mistakes of the past.  May we find and choose leaders who have done the inner work to know what is of true value in this world.  May we study and learn from the wisdom of natural law and ourselves as a part of it once more, that our next phase of advancement can be in accordance with it and thus lead to true miracles of science and spirit.  And may we see this as the highest form of advancement our species can take at this time.

Each one of us holds a shining key of this next stage in our evolution.  What door will your key unlock?

Blessed Turning,

Zoey Wind

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