Uranus Entering Taurus- Tuesday, May 15th 2018

by | May 13, 2018

Radical Presence, Radical Pleasure and Earth Revelations

In this time of great change and revelation let us take a moment to pause and give thanks for that which is beautiful in this world. Why beauty? For it is Beauty which brings pleasure and joy, and these are things that make life worth living. These are things of Taurus. If we have not been in tune with this now is the time to do so, for there are great Earth changes underway and that which we hold dear may change at any moment. Security is as fleeting as it ever was and largely due to our placement of such a precious illusion in a “system” created to control and dominate.

If these words do not ring true and this view of reality has yet to breach your consciousness, then it’s time to pay attention. If not, Uranus is here to help.

Called by many names- the Great Game Changer, Revelation, Prometheus, Lord of Lightning and Thunder, the Great Equalizer, Revolutionary, Great Awakener to Higher Consciousness and just plain doesn’t give a F*&%$ because when it’s time for tension to release lightning strikes and doesn’t ask for permission. Its function is to equalize the positive and negative charges and bring us back into equilibrium.

As the Great Awakener prepares to Leave Aries and enter Taurus he asks us to integrate the lessons learned during his stay in the sign of the Warrior. Take a look back at 2010-2011 when he entered Aries and recep what lessons were seeded then which have been coming back around now for integration? Take a look at which house contains the sign of Aries in your birth chart to gain greater clarity if it is elusive. If you dont know how, consult your trusted astrologer.

Uranus is not the gentlest of teachers but lightning serves its purpose, and it is wondrous to behold. In the sign of Taurus, we have the archetypal expression of Earth Beauty, pleasure, intimacy, receiving, security, all things of material and sensual value like beauty, arts, dance, song, money, clay, jewelry.

All the things that make this life rich in a physical and experiential way including beautiful vistas, music, food, love-making, fine foods, the warmth of the sun on our skin. We can expect to see radical shifts to the stability of such things, our values and ideals around these and our personal relationship to them.

There are already current events teaching us what this shift may be about. The current spike in activity of the volcano of Pele is a potent and literal example of Uranus in Taurus energy- here we have Earth (Taurus) erupting lava (Uranus will square Mars as he moves into Taurus) and literally breaking apart the Earth. Uranus is associated with breaking apart existing structures. We all hope and pray for the safety of the people whose homes and lives are threatened by this Earth activity. And yet can we be angry at the volcano for doing what a volcano does?

The volcano serves a vital function for the Earth’s renewal of itself- she erupts her molten rock from deep within the Earth- fresh minerals- the building blocks and foundation of all Life on Earth. In a way, she is like the Star of the Earth- the generating principle of our very existence on the Earthly plane. When She erupts, we have fresh, rich volcanic ash and rock which become some of the most prized soils on the planet. The archetype alive here, one that shows how destruction and renewal are interwoven in the Earthly realms is priceless for our entrance into this next 7 year cycle, and can be a gift if we chose to utilize it as such.

So, we have looked at some of the ways the Earth is teaching us about this new change, but we can also see it in Humanity. Themes that are already very much alive and indicated by Uranus coming into the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus are sudden shifts in structures we believed to completely sound and secure like financial systems, nuclear deals and the safety of our schools and communities.

Cryptocurrency and its rise in popularity is certainly a prime example- showing the “electrification” of currency. Uranus is also associated with revolution and breaking apart old structures of power- thus we see humanity seeking to regain its authority to control its own systems of currency and value.

Radical Re-valuation as I have been calling, seems to be a central theme at this time. Take a deep look at what you value in your life. Have you felt a stirring to re-vise your value systems? Now is certainly time for shifts in perspective for all of humanity. Perhaps we will value the security of the land, our relations, our bodies and clean air and water more. Perhaps we will begin to measure quiality of life by our freedom to enjoy it, and not by an accumulation of money and things.

One of the darker manifestations of Uranus is shock and trauma. What if this shift offers the potential for us to release trauma from the body? Trauma resolution and release therapies have been a much needed and active point of research and innovation lately. Studies showing how our nervous systems store and program our bodies according to our experiences have revolutionized how we are able to treat people with PTSD, particularly veterans of war.

Maybe we will be asked to look at the traumas the collective choices of humanity have inflicted upon both the Earth and our bodies? Perhaps we will see that they are one? And perhaps new innovations on how to remediate and renew both will ensue. Shaking Therapy is one of my favorite trauma release practices- search and check it out if you are interested. The Earth uses it too- we call it Earthquakes.

On a practical level Radical Presence has been the most useful tool I can find for how to be aware of the changes happening all around us that I may respond in the most high way. Taurus is associated with the deep presence available around the senses and the body- Radical Embodiment is a practical tool for engaging these energies and dance is my personal favorite.

If there are great changes in the physical structures of reality we will need to be radically embodied. Ecstatic dance, song circles like Singing Alive, musical instruments made of organic materials, massage, body work- these are all beautiful tools. I hope to write pieces on these themes and publish soon with lists of practical tools- but I too am in a re-structuring of how I support myself financially. Perhaps it is time for a Patreon.

For your own journaling and self-work journey here a list of key expressions that have been coming through around this archetype. Think unpredictable, unexpected and beyond what was previously ever considered as possible.

Radical Presence
Radical Sensuality
Radical Re-Valuation
Radical awakened Embodiment
Radical Nourishment
Revolutionized Security systems
Awakened Intimacy
Revolutionary Art- Song and dance particularly
Re-invention of the Wheel- all energy systems
Earth Energy and Technology
Revolutionized Currency
Revolutionized Community with all Earth beings
Awakened Productivity- shifts in how we view work ethic, efficiency and our personal energy
Radical Non-Attachment
Radical Earthing
Radical Earth Technology
Readical Re-Earthing
Advanced Earth Based Therapies

Radical Non-Attachment: How deeply can we open to new ideas, possibilities and opportunities for growth, change and revelation at this time while still maintaining our sense of security? Perhaps we can’t- and perhaps that is exactly the point. Therefore we have to ask- how strong are our practices of letting go? Non-attachment? At first thought it may seem this threatens our security, but we must be open to letting go of the old if the new is to manifest.

Watching the Sunset and Sunrise have been proven to help unwind trauma in the body by building trust. Observing and grounding into nature helps remind us of the flow of all of life. Uranus can bring sudden awakenings in consciousness and by working actively with its energy we can open up to the channels of energy as related to our own personal frequency programming, istead of lodging it as trauma in the body. The point of Uranus is that we have the freedom to break any limits that bind us- unequivocally.

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius which is associated with our Community of friends and associates. Perhaps the key to Radical Security will be in re-connecting with our communities. Perhaps this will include communities that we had not considered before- both human and animal, plant and insect, mineral and star-dust. Maybe in this new age will learn something of how to cultivate community as the activation of the Earth sparks electrical pulsing into the veins of our interconnectedness. And arguably, the only place to truly dive into this is the present moment. And that is what I call Radical Presence.

There is a secret revealed by lightning- for just a moment we can see the energy lines in the atmosphere, bridging heaven and Earth. But it is only there for a flash and then it is gone. If we close our eyes however, we can still its imprint upon our consciousness. May we remember to close our eyes and turn our gaze inward to receive the imprints of the secrets of the Universe as revealed by Nature.

A Blessed and Revitalized Body, Mind and Spirit to you,
Zoey Wind
– Daughter of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Lightning

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