Virgo New Moon Sept 17th, 2020 4amPT/7amET Out of the Wheel and into the Dance

by | Sep 17, 2020

Alchemy- by Serpent Fire

Virgo reminds us that we are Children of Earth.  That there is a Divine Order in all things.  And of the deep gratitude we can tap for all that this beautiful planet provides each of us through sacred service. 

If we feel overwhelmed, we can look to create more order in our lives.  If we are stuck in resentment or judgement, we can offer selfless service to whomever we are frustrated with, and if this is not available to the Earth, which benefits us all. 

Service comes in many forms- and through Virgo it is in the offering our Sacred Work. All of us have experienced a shift in our plans for the future- has it provided you the space for some new desire or soul urge? Some gift within you that you have always wanted to share with the world? Seeds of this may be planted in this New Moon with supreme potency.

There may be tendencies towards criticism and judgement when in the Virgo essence- because she is seeking always to find divine order and spot what is out of place within that.  This is why she makes such a beautiful healer. 

But if this sense of analysis is out of balance, to heal this, we move into the opposite sign of Pisces- where we remember that chaos both precedes and follows order, it is the birth place of it and where it is always going. 

It is from chaos that new things are born, and it is from Order that we return to peace again.  It is in the imaginal realms that we dream new realities into being and order maintains these realities so long as they still serve. Evolution requires both and all of the stages of the dance. And they are all a part of the Divine Order, if we have eyes to see.

These Virgoan themes of discernment vs. criticism may likely show up in our relationships with Mercury in Libra as we are learning collectively what equality and balance feels like as a species. 

There is much to heal before all of the pain is moved and soothed by love- but Venus is square to Uranus reminding us that when we move out of self-centered perspectives and into honoring the entirety of the planet, the magic of the age of Grace can transcend us into a more beautiful and equal world in but an instant.

With the New Moon in square to the Nodes of Fate, we are collectively making choices to honor the many perspectives, instead of holding to religiously held beliefs that no longer serve the highest good for all. 

Moving towards the South Node, this Moon asks us to actively analyze what old programs are running that keep us from being able to connect with those around in an authentic way.  Surrender them to the Earth, scatter them to the Wind- they know how to transform them.

These old beliefs, when we analyze them through the Virgo lens, are revealed as wounds, and will be highlighted for healing in the coming Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron.  We are in an age that celebrates individuality, but there is a shadow to this. 

It is loneliness. 

If we are seeking to differentiate ourselves and our gifts so much that we feel isolated or without a sense of belonging or service, we have fallen out of balance. 

This Moon asks we offer to the darkness that which keeps us separate, so that we can be wholly ourselves, but not totally alone in it.  That our beautiful unique light may still serve the collective, drenched in luscious meaning within the soul.

The age of the karmic hamster wheel and the entrenchment of spirit in matter is transforming via the Gods in the sign of Capricorn.  The Age of Grace is upon us.  Anchored in love, the values of the heart and with clear aim of new and fluid morals; we can co-create this new world that honors all equally.

This Virgo Moon is about healing, feeling our pain, identifying it and, just maybe, surrendering some of our self-centered perspective in order to rise up and out into Eagle Vision with Jupiter who has just stationed direct. 

This signals to me that true social responsibility must include a set of clearly defined values that move beyond ourselves, and into the sacred.  Ask the darkness to reveal to you the sacred within your own heart tonight. Perhaps it grows up out of the Earth and into your body.

Virgo clearly views the sacred order knowing there is magic at work that is inside her, but that is far greater than her simultaneously.  In this truth, she offers her humble service to the highest good of all beings. 

If we are stuck in resentment, judgment, frustration or anger with the Aries retrograde planets, may we remember the power of selfless service in honor of the Divine. 

May we leave gifts for the birds and the squirrels.  May we thank the Sun for shining and the rain for cleansing.  May we remember the power of ritual as focused intent that is real magic and alchemy.

In Humble Service,

Zoey Wind

Planetary Positions

Sun 28° Libra 58' 55"
Moon 16° Taurus 16' 17"
Mercury 11° Libra 14' 04"
Venus 15° Sagittarius 44' 35"
Mars 24° Libra 22' 20"
Jupiter 22° Aquarius 21' 20"
Saturn 06° Aquarius 58' 54"
Uranus 13° Taurus 20' 48" R
Neptune 20° Pisces 50' 14" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 22' 23"
Chiron 09° Aries 50' 08" R
TrueNode 01° Gemini 55' 08" R

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Zoey Wind is an Astrologer, Ceremonialist and Quantum Coach.  She has lead celestial ceremonies, taught classes and supported others in their spiritual transformation through the art and wisdom of the Heavens for 7 years.